• Krishna Janmashtami Holiday 2018

    Krishna Janmashtami or Gokulashtami or Janmashtami is a yearly festival for Hindus and celebrates the birth of Lord Krishna. It is a precious festival to the Vaishnavism culture of Hinduism. The festival will be perceived as per the Hindu luni-solar calendar.

    Krishna Janmashtami 2018-2028

    Year Date Day Festival Name Type of Holiday States
    2018 02 September Sunday Krishna Janmashtami Regional Holiday Across India
    2019 14 August Saturday Krishna Janmashtami Regional Holiday Across India
    2020 11 August Tuesday Krishna Janmashtami Regional Holiday Across India
    2021 30 August Monday Krishna Janmashtami Regional Holiday Across India
    2022 18 August Thursday Krishna Janmashtami Regional Holiday Across India
    2023 06 September Wednesday Krishna Janmashtami Regional Holiday Across India
    2024 26 August Monday Krishna Janmashtami Regional Holiday Across India
    2025 15 August Friday Krishna Janmashtami Regional Holiday Across India
    2026 04 September Friday Krishna Janmashtami Regional Holiday Across India
    2027 25 August Wednesday Krishna Janmashtami Regional Holiday Across India
    2028 13 August Sunday Krishna Janmashtami Regional Holiday Across India

    Description Of Krishna Janmashtami

    Gokulashtami is a global festival. It is celebrated in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, the USA, Fiji etc. Gokul is the name of the destination where Lord Krishna spent his childhood. Lord Krishna is the eighth avtar of Lord Vishnu. The name Krishna has been derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Karsh’ that means ‘to pull.’ According to Adi Shankara, Lord Vishnu’s 57 name is Krishna. The meaning of Krishna is the “Presence of happiness and knowledge.’’ The festival normally befalls on the 8 day after Avami Avittam ceremony.

    Celebrations Of Krishna Janmashtami

    Hindus paint and decorate their houses. The footprints of kids are imprinted from the entrance to the pooja room rectifying the arrival of Lord Krishna. Special sweets are prepared and offered to the Lord. Butter, which is entrusted to the most favorite food item of the Lord, is also offered. Devotees perceive fast on the festival day. They break the fast at midnight and sing devotional songs on the Lord. In the evening, devotees will worship the Lord and offer delightful foods such as appam, coconut seedai, fruits, thattai etc.

    Significance Of Gokulashtami

    Gokulashtami is one of the popular festivals of Hindus and is celebrated by Hindus across the country with eagerness. If you understand the significance of this great festival, you can perform Gokulashtami poojas enthusiastically. The significance of the festival correlates to the birth of the Lord. It is believed that Lord Krishna was born to relax the people from all types of evils and was titled to destroy the whizzes on the earth. According to mythology, the celebration of Krishna Janmashtami simbolises the influx of prosperity and spreads the message of ‘relationship.’

    Why Do People Celebrate Dahi Handi?

    Dahi Handi is a pot of curd. It befalls on the second day of Gokulashtami. During his childhood, the Lord used to love butter the most. He used to steal butter made by young ladies in Gokul. His mother decided to punish him when she got a complaint from gopis. She scolded and advised him not to repeat the same mistake again. Therefore, Dahi Handi is celebrated on the festival day to copycat the thieving of butter by the Lord. Dahi Handi signifies the relevance of teamwork according to mythology.

    Great Ways To Celebrate Krishna Janmashtami 2018

    The following are a few great ways to celebrate Krishna Janmashtami 2018:

    • Prepare an individualised electronic card on this auspicious occasion and share it with your friends and families.
    • Consider teaching Gokulashtami mantras to your children. Tell them a story of Lord Krishna to make them aware of your traditions.
    • Consider visiting the nearest temples and offer special prayers with your loved ones.

    Top 5 Destinations To Visit During Gokulashtami

    • Mathura: Mathura is the birthplace of Lord Krishna. The city is decorated attractively to mark his birth. The visitors can witness the rituals of this festival at ISKCON Temple, Bankey Bihari Temple and Dwarkadhish Temple.
    • Dwarka: Dwarka is a holy city in the country. Krishna Janmashtami is remarked by bhajanas, garba and talks in the night.
    • Mumbai: Mumbai, the capital city of Maharashtra, attracts many people across the nation on this auspicious occasion. Dahi Handi is arranged in several regions in the city.
    • Puri: The festival is celebrated with great vehemence at Puri Jagannath Temple. The city organises special events on the festival day.
    • Udupi: Udupi, a city in Karnataka, also attracts many tourists on this occasion and celebrates the festival in a different style.
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