Todays LPG Gas Price in India

Oil marketing companies that are run by the state determine LPG prices in India. The prices are revised every month and stands at Rs. 769 in New Delhi and Mumbai today. An LPG connection is present in almost every household. LPG cylinders in the country are mainly used for cooking.

The two main factors that determine the prices of LPG cylinders in India are the exchange rate of the rupee against the dollar and the global benchmark rate. In a year, every household can get up to 12 cylinders (14.2 kg each) at subsidised rates. In the case of more cylinders, the market price must be paid. LPG prices in India are determined by the previous month’s international market price.

Current LPG Gas Price List for 14.2 KG Cylinder (03 Mar 2021)

City Price Today
New Delhi ₹769.00
Mumbai ₹769.00
Gurgaon ₹778.00
Bengaluru ₹772.00
Chandigarh ₹778.50
Jaipur ₹773.00
Patna ₹859.00
Kolkata ₹795.50
Chennai ₹785.00
Noida ₹767.00
Bhubaneshwar ₹795.50
Hyderabad ₹821.50
Lucknow ₹807.00
Trivandrum ₹778.50
What is LPG?

Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) constitutes of butane and propane and is mainly used for powering vehicles, cooking, and heating. As LPG is a fossil fuel, it is made from gas wells and oil. The manufacturing process of LPG includes the crude oil refinery process and natural gas processing.

Top Gas Connection Providers in India

Some of the top gas connection providers in India are mentioned below:

  • HP Gas: Run by the Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited, HP Gas provides gas connections to its customers across India. The government provides its customers LPG cylinders at a subsidy price under its scheme. However, in order to receive the subsidy amount, the eligibility can be checked by submitting the required documents. If you are already an existing HP Gas customer, you can transfer the connection from one place to another across India. The required documents must be submitted in order to apply for a new connection.
  • Indane Gas: Indian Oil Corporation runs Indane Gas and provides LPG cylinders across India. In order to apply for a new connection, you must submit the relevant documents at the nearest Indane Gas distributor. The documents will be verified to check if you are eligible for any subsidy under the government scheme. You have the option to apply for a new connection on the official website of Indane Oil Corporation. The connection can be transferred at any place across India.
  • Bharat Gas: Bharat Petroleum Gas runs Bharat Gas and provides gas connections across India for domestic consumption. A web portal is provided by the company for individuals to access various services. However, a new cylinder cannot be booked online. The relevant documents must be submitted in order to apply for a new connection. Based on documents that have been submitted, eligibility for the subsidy will be determined. Bharat Gas allows its customers to transfer the connection from one place to another across India.

Domestic LPG vs Commercial LPG

Domestic LPG Commercial LPG
Mainly used for domestic household purposes. Used for non-domestic purposes such as agricultural usage, electricity generation, transportation, poultry, eatery joints, industries, restaurants, and hotels.
The prices are determined by oil marketing companies that are run by the state and depend on the crude oil prices in the international markets and the currency exchange rate. The prices are determined by oil marketing companies that are run by the state and depend on the crude oil prices in the international markets and the currency exchange rate.
The prices are revised at the beginning of every month. The prices are revised on a regular basis.
Eligible for subsidy. Not eligible for subsidy.
The prices are cheaper when compared to commercial LPG cylinders. The prices are more expensive when compared to domestic LPG cylinders.
Painted in red colour for easy identification. Painted in blue colour for easy identification.
Available in 5 kgs and 14.2 kgs Available in 5 kgs, 19 kgs, and 47.5 kgs

Latest Updates on Gas Price in India

  • LPG Cylinder Rates Remain Unchanged in August

    On Saturday, the monthly revision of the prices for LPG cylinder was made and the state-owned oil prices had been unchanged for the month of August. The rates are always revised at the beginning of every month. This is based on the changes in the international oil rates and also the value of the Indian Rupee against the U.S. Dollar.

    03 August 2020

  • LPG cylinder prices to increase in July

    According to the Indian Oil Corporation, the price of LPG cylinder was increased from 1 July and the market price of 14.2 kg domestic LPG cylinder was increased to Rs.594 from 1 July in the national capital region compare to its previous price of Rs.593.

    LPG prices have been increased for the second consecutive month and the price of the cylinder was increased by Rs.11.50 per cylinder in Delhi. The price of LPG cylinders has been increased in Kolkata, Mumbai and Chennai by Rs.4.5 to Rs.620.50 in Kolkata, by Rs.3.50 to Rs.594 in Mumbai and Rs.4 in Chennai to be priced at Rs.610.50 in Chennai.

    The price of 19kg cylinders which are used in hotels has been made cheaper by Rs.4 in the National Capital Region and its prices increased in Kolkata, Mumbai and Chennai. In New Delhi, the price has reduced to Rs.1,135.50 from Rs.1,139.50.

    02 July 2020

  • Cooking gas prices increase due to global factors

    Even though the prices of oil in the international markets, the prices of cooking gas have increased in India. The cost of crude imports in terms of the rupee has increased by 69% over the last two months.

    The prices have cooking gas have been increased by Rs.11.50 for a cylinder. According to a statement given by Indian Oil Corporation, for the month of June 2020, there has been an increase in the prices of LPG in the international markets. Therefore, the prices of LPG in Delhi have been increased by Rs.11.50 for a cylinder. Therefore, the prices of cooking gas in Delhi has been increased to Rs.593 for a 14.2 kg. The prices of cooking gas in other states will vary depending on the taxes that are being levied. Last month the prices of cooking gas were reduced by Rs.162.50 and were at Rs.581.50 due to a decline in prices in the international markets. The benchmark of Brent crude oil prices reduced from $51.90 for a barrel to below $20 for a barrel between 2 March 2020 and 21 April 2020.

    03 June 2020

  • Sale of petrol and diesel down during lockdown while LPG sales witness a surge

    In the country, amidst the lockdown due to COVID-19, the sale of petrol and diesel has dropped extensively by 61% and 56.5% respectively. In April, the price of fuel has come down to a great extent but showed an improvement in demand in the latter half of the month with lockdown restrictions being eased in a few states. 

    With the lockdown in effect, the sale of fuel has slipped with people remaining indoors and vehicles not being allowed on the roads. Not only so, but the work in factories have also come to a halt along with the aviation industry at a standstill. With the partial easing of the ongoing lockdown in a few states has marginally improved the demand for fuel.

    The sale of petrol saw a 61% drop for the month of April and was considerably better than the drop in the first half of the month at 64%. Diesel sales also slumped by 56.5% compared to a 61% dip in the first half of April.

    However, on the other hand, the demand for LPG has seen a massive surge increasing by 21% in the first half of April with many people resorting to panic buying. With the lockdown in place, the demand for LPG has increased heavily once the lockdown was announced. However, the sales growth is back to normal with the country getting accustomed to lockdown protocol.

    07 May 2020

  • Price of non-subsidised LPG dips by Rs.162

    The government of India, amidst the lockdown due to COVID-19, has provided relief to the people of the country by reducing the price of non-subsidised LPG cylinders by Rs.162.50 per cylinder. This price will be applicable in the metro cities of Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata. The price of LPG has gone down in light of the recent dip in international crude prices.

    This reduction will mark the third consecutive time where the price of LPG cylinders has been reduced for non-subsidised cylinders. With the outbreak of COVID-19 affecting the world, the demand for fuel has gone down extensively with little to no vehicles operating on the roads along with factories at a halt. Brent crude oil prices dipped to hit its lowest in 20 years at $15.98 a barrel. However, it soon recovered and was priced at $26.43 a barrel.

    Non-subsidised LPG cylinders will be sold at Rs.581.50 per cylinder of 14.2kg in Delhi compared to its previous selling price of Rs.744. According to the statement issued by the state-owned oil firms stating the prices, this will be the steepest reduction in the price of non-subsidised gas ever in the country beating the rate cut which occurred in January 2019 where there was a price drop of Rs.150.5 per cylinder.

    07 May 2020

  • Prices of LPG cylinders reduced for the second time in two months

    Following a decline in prices in the international markets, the prices of non-subsidised cooking gas in the Indian market have been reduced by Rs.61.50 for a cylinder. The new prices came into effect from 1 April 2020. The 14.2-kg cylinder in Chennai, Kolkata, Mumbai, and Delhi will cost for Rs.761.50, Rs.774.50, Rs.714.50, and Rs.774, respectively. The new prices will be applicable to about 1.5 crore customers who are not eligible for subsidy. Cooking gas prices have been raised for customers who are eligible for subsidy by Rs.4 per month for the last six months.

    17 April 2020

  • LPG cylinder prices increased by Rs.35.55 over 5 months

    According to the Oil Minister, Dharmendra Pradhan, subsidised cooking gas prices have been increased by Rs.35.55 for a cylinder over the last five months. As per the government policy, LPG prices are available at the market price all over the country. Every household can purchase up to 12 cylinders, 14.2 kg each, in a year at a subsidised rate. The subsidy amount will be deposited into the bank account of the beneficiary by the government. Since October, the prices of LPG have increased by Rs.35.55. The prices of LPG in Delhi have increased from Rs.538.95 for a cylinder on 1 October 2019 to Rs.574.50. The Oil Minister did not give any reason for the increase in prices.

    17 April 2020

  • LPG supplies ensured by Indian Oil during coronavirus lockdown

    According to Indian Oil, cooking gas will be supplied during the COVID-19 lockdown in India. The company further added that the demand for LPG has increased. According to a statement made by Indian Oil, the demand for LPG cooking gas has increased even though there has been a reduction in demand for petrol products. In order to meet the demand, Indian Oil has taken several steps to increase production. The statement further added that the Emergency Service number (1096) will continue to remain operational. Adequate LPG stocks are available as well to ensure no panic-booking is needed.

    17 April 2020

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