How to Check for LPG Subsidy Enrollment Status Online

DBTL or Direct Benefit Transfer for LPG was introduced by M Veerappa Moily who was the then Minister of Petroleum and Natural Gas in order facilitate easy transfer of subsidies directly to the beneficiary’s account. This scheme was launched in 20 districts with high Aadhaar coverage. This is an offshoot of the Direct Benefit Transfer Scheme. DBTL, also known as Pratyaksh Hanstantrit Labh (PAHAL) scheme will ensure that the subsidy for all LPG cylinders will be provided directly to the Aadhaar linked bank accounts of the customer. These customers will also receive an advance on their account as soon as they book the first subsidized gas cylinder. These subsidies are available for twelve cylinders per year.

Certain modified schemes also allow customers without Aadhaar cards to receive this subsidy. However, according to a recent government ruling, those families with an income of over Rs. 10 lakhs per year will not be eligible to receive gas subsidies.

Latest Updates on LPG Subsidy

Government increases subsidy prices for LPG by 60%

The government has increased subsidy amount for LPG used for cooking gas by 60% in the last two months to keep in line with the rising international LPG prices. Under the scheme introduced by the government, 12 subsidised cylinders of 14.2 kg each is distributed to each household. This is done by transferring the subsidy amount directly in the bank account of the beneficiary of the scheme. This subsidiary amount that is transferred by the government directly in the bank account has been increased by 60% to Rs.257.74 per cylinder. The subsidy for LPG was Rs.159.29 per cylinder in May and Rs.204.95 in June.

The tax to be paid in addition to the price of the LPG will remain same for both subsidised and non-subsidised LPGs. The Goods and Services Tax (GST) to be paid will always be calculated based on the international market price of LPG.

How to get LPG Subsidy?

Recently, the central government has initiated the facility of transferring the subsidy amount directly to the bank account of the beneficiary of the PAHAL DBTL scheme. There are two different ways in which the subsidy amount is transferred into the bank account of the beneficiary. When a beneficiary receives the subsidy amount from the government directly into the bank account, it is known as Cash Transfer Compliment (CTC). The two different ways in which a beneficiary can receive the subsidy amount from the government are as follows:

  1. Via the Aadhar card.
  2. Without the Aadhar card.

How to get the LPG Subsidy amount via the Aadhar Card?

Any beneficiary of the PAHAL DBTL scheme who has an Aadhaar card that is linked to the bank account can avail it via entering the Aadhar card number. The Aadhar card number should also be linked to the LPG consumer number.

How to get the LPG Subsidy amount if the consumer does not have the Aadhar Card?

If the consumer does not have the Aadhar card, he or she can directly provide the bank account number to the LPG distributor so that the subsidy amount can directly be transferred to his or her bank account. This facility of providing a subsidy to customers who do not have Aadhar card is done so that none of the consumers miss out on the benefits of the scheme. The two different details that can be given by consumers who do not have an Aadhaar card are:

  • Bank account information such as the name of the account holder, bank account number and the IFSC code of the bank branch.
  • LPG consumer information which is a 17 digit LPG consumer ID.

Bharat Gas Subsidy Status

  • If customers procure Bharat Gas, then in order to check their enrollment status, they will have to visit the official website of Bharat Gas.
  • They will then have to click on the tab titled ‘ My LPG’ and then click on the ‘Check PAHAL status’ tab.
  • They will then have to provide details of their Aadhaar card number, 17 digit LPG ID and mobile number.
  • They can also choose another option in case they do not have an Aadhaar number wherein they will need to provide details regarding their state, district, distributor and consumer number.
  • Once they click the ‘proceed’ button, their status will be given.

HP Gas Subsidy Status

  • If customers procure HP Gas then in order to check their status, they will have to visit the official HP gas website.
  • They will then have to click on the link that says ‘Check PAHAL status’.
  • Customers can find out their status through two options.
  • In the first one, they will have to provide the name of the distributor, consumer number or Aadhaar number or their LPG ID and click proceed.
  • In the second option, they will to provide details regarding their state, district, distributor and consumer number and click proceed post which the status will be displayed.

Indane Gas Subsidy Status

  • For customers who purchase Indane gas, finding out their enrollment status is quite simple. They will have to visit the Indane website and click on the link that says ‘Check PAHAL status’.
  • Customers can find out their status through two options.
  • In the first one, they will have to provide the name of the distributor, LPG ID or Aadhaar number or their consumer number and click proceed.
  • In the second option, they will to provide details regarding their district, state, distributor and consumer number and click proceed post which the status will be displayed.

The DBTL/PAHAL subsidy has become one of the biggest in the world and provides a subsidy to millions of Indian citizens. The above methods can be used to check for the DBTL enrollment status online.

LPG Subsidy Helpline

At times, when you have any question or doubt about the LPG subsidy scheme, you can call up on the DBTL Helpline number I.e 18003001947 . A common call centre has been set up by the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas. All the LPG customers of HP Gas, Indane and Bharat Gas can call up on this helpline number for resolving their queries.

What to Do If You Do Not Receive the LPG Subsidy in the Bank Account?

Several consumers of Bharat Gas, Indane and HP Gas have this question. The DBTL PAHAL ensures that the LPG customers get the subsidy credited directly to their bank accounts. In case you have applied successfully for the LPG subsidy but have not received it yet in your account, the following could be the possible reasons behind it:

  • Cylinder delivered but the subsidy was not received – It takes two to three days for the subsidy to get credited to your account after the cylinder is delivered to your house. It is advisable to extend the wait period for 1 or 2 more days and then check the account.
  • The transaction failed – It can happen that the transaction was initiated but it failed so the payment did not get credited. You need to visit the bank branch with your Aadhaar number to get a solution for this situation.
  • Subsidy transferred but bank did not receive it – In this case, you must contact your bank’s branch.
  • Cylinder booked but the subsidy advance not received – In general, it takes 2 to 3 days for the subsidy advance to get credited. However, it is advisable to you wait for a period of 4 days.


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News About Gas Subsidy Enrollment Status

  • Government Gives Grace Time For People To Apply for Aadhar To Get Free LPG

    The Government of India has extended the deadline till the end of September for poor women in rural India to apply for their Aadhar card to avail free LPG connections. Aadhaar is a unique 12-digit biometric identification number that is mandatory to avail free cooking gas connection from the government.

    The Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas yesterday issued a gazette notification extending that deadline to September 30. The ministry has also asked state-owned fuel retailing firms to facilitate enrolment of Aadhar.

    9 August 2017

  • More Than 10 Million Households Renounce LPG Subsidy

    Dharmendra Pradhan, the Union Petroleum Minister, revealed that over 10.5 million households in the country have renounced their LPG subsidy after Prime Minister Narendra Modi made an appeal for the same. According to Pradhan, the people who renounced their subsidy after they were appealed to by Mr Modi were mainly those who could leave their subsidy and afford cooking gas. As a result, the move is expected to help the government offer subsidy to those who need it most but cannot afford it. Mr Pradhan also added that initially, the government was of the belief that subsidy must be for the poor and downtrodden, and that the needy deserve more of the subsidy than those who have the resources to pay for it.

    13 March 2017

  • Rs.86 Extra Charge Applicable per Cylinder for those who Gave Up LPG Subsidy

    People who have renounced their LPG subsidy voluntarily will have to pay an additional Rs.86 per cylinder starting from the 1st of March, 2017. The same applies to individuals whose LPG subsidy was take off under Rs.10 lakh cap. The Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas released a statement according to which the non-subsidised price of LPG cylinders have gone up by Rs.86, and the reason for the increase in prices was justified with worldwide LPG product prices. The statement also said that LPG consumers who receive subsidised refills will not be affected by the new scheme.

    1 March 2017

  • A Whopping 800,000 LPG Customers to Lose Subsidy Benefits

    Oil Marketing Companies have made a list of customers whose annual income overshoots Rs. 10 lakh per annum, the existing threshold to avail the LPG subsidy. With assistance from the Income Tax Department, a staggering 8 lakh LPG customers are expected to lose their LPG subsidy benefits. In response to the government’s #GiveItUp initiative, more than 1 crore Indians had voluntarily given up their LPG subsidies in order to reduce the existing subsidy burden on the government. The list of ineligible customers was prepared after some customers voluntarily gave up their subsidy upon being questioned on their income by the fuel distributor while information on other customers was provided by the tax department.

    11 October 2016

  • Subsidy on LPG and Kerosene to Be There Till The Government Term Ends

    Cash subsidy direct transfer will be continuing for LPG and kerosene till the end of the Government’s tenure. The subsidies are meant for the people who need it the most for supporting their finances. However, misuse of distribution is practised all over the country.

    Dharmendra Pradhan, the Petroleum Minister stated that the subsidies for kerosene and LPG will not be stopped till the tenure of the Government ends. Only the deserving beneficiaries will receive the subsidies. DBT has been taken up as a priority as the focus is on kerosene subsidy. This has been implemented in nine different states in India. These states are Gujarat, Rajasthan, Punjab, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Jharkhand, Himachal Pradesh, Haryana and Chhattisgarh.

    22 September 2016

  • More than 27,000 Give up LPG Subsidy in Mysore

    Mysore has responded well to the ‘GiveItUp’ scheme by the Central Government. This scheme encourages individuals who do not need the subsidy to give it up. According to Deputy Commissioner D.Randeep, 27,784 individuals have given up their subsidy and over 97% of connections in the district have been linked to Aadhaar.

    He also chaired a meeting wherein he addressed complaints regarding distributors who charge extra to distribute LPG cylinders to anganwadis, government hospitals and so on. He warned them against the act saying that strict legal action would be taken. Also, under the Ujwal scheme, women from BPL families will receive free LPG connections.

    12 September 2016

  • Subsidised Gas Cylinder Rates Increased by Rs.2

    The rates of LPG was recently increased by Rs.2 for each cylinder. This is the third time the price has been hiked since July. According to oil companies in the state, the price of a subsidised gas cylinder in Delhi will now be Rs.425.06. To completely eliminate Kerosene and LPG subsidies, the government has planned to use diesel prices. The oil companies have reduced prices of non-subsidised gas cylinders and it now costs Rs.466.5 in Delhi. The companies will be revising the rates on the 1st day of every month and these prices will be based on the foreign exchange rates and oil prices of the previous month.

    1 September 2016

  • LPG Subsidies given up by Maharashtra

    Above 17.05 lakh families in Maharashtra have responded to the appeal made by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and gave up their LPG subsidy. 1.04 Crore families have been a part of this particular scheme of giving up LPG subsidies. Maharashtra alone accounts for 15 percent of this scheme. Pune, in Maharashtra topped the number of families that gave up their subsidy.

    There are 2.37 Crore LPG connections in Maharashtra. They are way ahead of Karnataka and Uttar Pradesh. Karnataka has 7.45 lakh LPG connections and Uttar Pradesh has 12.60 lakh LPG connections. Uttar Pradesh and Karnataka stand second and third respectively in giving up their LPG subsidy. Gujarat, Prime Minister Modi’s home state, has given up 4.55 lakh LPG connections.

    In Maharashtra, Pune has 3.03 families which gave up their LPG subsidies. Thane and Mumbai Suburbs have given up 1.72 lakh and 2.62 lakh LPG subsidies respectively. As per the recent data provided by the department of food and civil supplies, 1.02 families in Nagpur and 63,000 families in the island city have also given up their LPG connections. BJP’s local unit has taken several efforts in encouraging people towards this step.

    17 August 2016

  • Families Need Aadhaar Card to Get LPG Subsidy

    The Central Government of India has requested the OMCs (Oil Marketing Companies) to transfer the LPG subsidy to the bank accounts of the families only if they are seeded with their Aadhaar numbers (unique identification card). The government is determined to make it compulsory for people to have the Aadhaar number. This rule does not apply for Meghalaya and Assam. The Supreme Court had ruled against making Aadhaar compulsory for people to avail benefits from government schemes, but it allowed the same to be used for specific schemes on a voluntary basis. As per the new rules, if customers submit their Aadhaar number after 1st July and before 30th September, then their subsidies will be linked to their bank account.

    5 August 2016

  • Oil Companies to Be Exempted from Contributing to Subsidies

    Crude oil prices have declined drastically resulting in the government needing to take steps regarding this issue. Upstream oil and gas companies will most likely be exempted from contributing towards subsidies for this whole fiscal year. The companies include Oil India Limited, Oil and Natural Gas Corporation and Gail India. The reason behind this move is to help these exploration companies increase their profitability. This will enable them to invest funds in more exploration activities and other productive activities. This will be the much needed relief these companies needed which will help them ease margins. Low crude oil prices have played an important part in bridging the gap between the selling and purchasing price of petroleum products. For this fiscal year, India has budgeted enough to cover the subsidies and does not require the support from the exploration companies.

    26 July, 2016

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