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Updated on - 27 Oct 2021

Indian Oil Corporation Limited has started one uniform or common number for Indane LPG refill booking across India. In a tweet, Indian Oil Corporation stated that the Indane IVRS number has been changed to one uniform number for customer convenience. The new IVRS number for Indane refill booking is 7718955555.

There are many ways you can book your Indane Gas. Some of them are as follows:

  • You can visit and book your refill online using your login credentials. If you are a new user, you will be asked to register. This is one of the most famous Indane Gas online booking methods.
  • You can send an SMS from your registered phone number to book your Indane Gas. Please visit the official Indane Gas website for the SMS format and the state-wise phone numbers to use this service or scroll down.
  • You can also book your gas cylinder using the Indane Gas IVRS service. Scroll down to see the steps.
  • Indane Gas online booking is now easy as the LPG provider offers a mobile application. You can download the Indane Gas app from the Store and book your gas online.

Indane Gas Booking Online

Customers can book an Indane Gas cylinder refill easily through the web portal. Payment for gas bookings can be done using debit cards, credit cards, and net banking. Just follow the steps given below to know more about how to book an Indane Gas cylinder online.

  • To be able to book an Indane cylinder online, you should be a registered customer. If you are not registered, you can register online by providing details like consumer number, 17 digit LPG ID, PAN number, ration card number, mobile number and contact address.
  • After you have registered, you can log on to the Indane Gas online portal using the password and user id provided to you,
  • Once you have logged in, you will be able to book an Indane Gas Cylinder online easily. All you have to do is just enter the required details and submit the form to place an order.
  • The order will be sent to the concerned distributor and you will able to pay to the distributor directly on delivery. Also, you will be able to track the status of your booking online.

Indane Gas Booking Through SMS

No active internet connection to book Indane LPG Online? No worries, you can book a refill LPG cylinder without any hassles using the SMS facility offered by Indane, Just follow the easy steps given below to book Indane Gas through SMS.

How to Register for Indane Gas SMS Service?

  • If you are going to use the SMS facility for the first time, SMS the following to the IVRS number for your city -IOC to the IVRS number for your area.
  • For example, if you are customer from Chennai and the distributor's phone number is 25022890 and the customer ID is AX00867C, SMS as given below - IOC 044 25022890 AX00867C
  • For subsequent bookings, you can just SMS IOC to the concerned area number through the registered mobile number.

Indane Gas Online Booking Number - SMS/IVRS

State City IVRS Number
Andhra Pradesh Vizag Universal IVRS number for Indane gas booking 7718955555.
Gujarat Ahmedabad
Jharkhand Chaibasa
Haryana Faridabad
Karnataka Bengaluru
Kaiwara Village
Maharashtra Mumbai
Kerala Kochi
Madhya Pradesh Bhopal
Rajasthan Jaipur
Orissa Baliguda
Kabisurya Nagar
Punjab Ludhiana
Union Territories Chandigarh
Tamil Nadu Chennai
Telangana Hyderabad
Uttar Pradesh Noida
West Bengal Amta

Indane Gas Booking Through IVRS

For the benefit of LPG customers, Indane Gas has introduced IVRS system in three language options through which customers can request a LPG cylinder refill online. Indane IVRS has three language options - the corresponding local language, Hindi and English. The customer can opt for one language and after selecting the language options, follow the steps given to book an Indane Gas refill through IVRS.

  • After the language code is selected, the customer will have to provide the STD code and the telephone number of the distributor. For example, a customer in chennai will have to give the STD code of 044 followed by the distributor number.
  • Once the distributor is identified, the caller will have to provide the consumer number. The consumer will have to just provide the numerical part by excluding any alphabets. For example, if the customer ID is A12345, the customer must dial 12345.
  • Customers can refer the last refill cash memo or contact the distributor directly to find out their consumer number.
  • The IVR system will also ask the user to input suffix or prefix of the alphabets of two same numerical customer number exists with the same distributor.
  • Once your customer number is validated by the IVRS, the system will ask for the option for booking a refill and other related services. You can choose from options like refill booking, enquiry of last booking and complaint.
  • Once you have selected the option for booking refill, the request will be filed and and booking reference number will be generated and sent to your registered mobile number.

The Indane Gas IVRS number applicable for each area and state is the same as the numbers for SMS given above.

Indane Gas Booking using Mobile App

Indane LPG customers can book a cylinder without any hassles right from their smartphones. Indane Gas Mobile App works on both Android phones and iPhones and customers can download the app from Playstore for Android phones. Indane Gas Mobile App can be used to register a refill cylinder request, place a request for a second cylinder, log a complaint, to check the history of refill supplies and to surrender connection. Customers can also rate the distributor using the mobile app.

To request for a refill cylinder using Indane Gas Mobile App, the customer just has to enter the necessary details like consumer number, distributor details and contact information. Once all the details are submitted, the request will be registered.

Process to Transfer an Indane LPG Connection in Case of the Death of the Holder?

You can transfer the LPG connection to your name in case of the death of the holder only if you can submit documents proving you are the legal heir. You will have to submit the following documents:

  • Declaration by legal heir.
  • Copy of death certificate.
  • Roof of address and proof of identity of legal heir.
  • KYC of legal heir.
  • Original subscription voucher in the name of the deceased.

On verification of the KYC and other documents, the LPG connection will be transferred in your name.

About Indane Gas

Indian Oil Corporation Limited is the country's largest commercial enterprise specializing in fuels, petrochemicals and lubricants. In the 1970s, Indian Oil was a trailblazer in the introduction of Indane LPGs in India and eventually, contributed in a major way by taking clean, safe and efficient fuel in the form of LPGs across all Indian household. Indane Gas is now a very trusted brand known for safety, convenience and reliability.

Indane Gas now caters to the requirements of over 5.8 million customers across the country and every second LPG cooking gas connection is got in India which is Indane Gas. With over 45 Indane Area offices, Indane Sales network is duly equipped to cater to needs of customers. One of the largest LPG Gas manufacturers in India, it comes as no surprise that the Indane distributors delivers over 1.20 million cylinders every day. Also, out of the 57.41 families who are Indane Gas customers, 27% are in rural and semi urban markets. If you are an existing Indane Gas customer and want to know more about Indane Gas Online Booking, read on.

FAQs on Indane Gas

  1. What are the tariff rates for a standard Indane gas cylinder?

    The standard tariff rates for Indane gas cylinders would depend on the current price of LPG, and would also depend on whether the customer has applied for the LPG subsidy.

  2. What are the documents required to apply for a new Indane LPG connection?

    When applying for a new Indane LPG connection, the following documents have to be submitted:

    • Proof of address documents- duplicate copy of either Aadhaar card/passport/voter ID card/driving licence/rent agreement/ration card/recent utility bills.
    • Proof of identity- duplicate copy of either aadhaar card/passport/driving licence.
  3. Do I have to buy a hotplate/gas stove from Indane only?

    No, there is no need to buy a new hotplate/gas stove from Indane. A company representative will check if your existing gas stove/hotplate is safe for use with an Indane LPG cylinder. If it is not safe, you can choose to buy a new stove from Indane or elsewhere.

  4. What should I check when receiving my Indane cylinder refill?
  5. When receiving your cylinder refill, you should check the following:

    • The safety cap should not have any cracks.
    • The seal should be present.
    • The safety cap should be removed and checked for any leakage.
    • The cylinder should be connected to the gas stove and checked for any leakage.
  6. Where can I find a list of Indane LPG distributors in my vicinity?
  7. You can find a list of Indane LPG distributors in your vicinity by checking the distributor addresses on the Indane website. A comprehensive list of distributors is provided based on geographical area.

  8. What is the standard cylinder size for an Indane LPG cylinder?
  9. An Indane LPG cylinder comes in 5 kg and 14.2 kg variants for domestic use. For industrial use, it is available in a 19 kg variant as well.

  10. Can I receive my LPG subsidy without linking my Aadhaar card?
  11. No, as per new directives from the Government of India, it is mandatory to link your Aadhaar card to your LPG connection and to your bank account to continue receiving the LPG subsidy. The money will be transferred directly into your linked account.

News About Indane Gas Booking

  • Non-subsidised LPG cylinder is now dearer by Rs.25

    The rates of the non-subsidised liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) cylinders have increased by Rs.25 by India’s oil marketing companies (OMCs). Now, the price of a non-subsidised 14.2 kg LPG cylinder is Rs.884.50 in Delhi. This is the second hike within two weeks. Before this week's hike price, the rate of non-subsidised LPG gas cylinder had been increased by Rs.25. It was also increased by Rs.25.50 per cylinder in July.

    2 September 2021

  • IOC to increase LPG imports; money transferred for free LPG

    Indian Oil Corporation has been trying to import additional cooking gas, and this is around 50% over its usual imports. This is being done for April and May to ensure an uninterrupted supply as the coronavirus continues to spread.

    India sources almost half of its LPG needs from a lot of global suppliers, like the Middle East. IOC has now undertaken a lot of steps to increase its LPG output in major refineries. This has been done by improving LPG yield, optimising operations, and also the bottling plants working at extended hours for meeting the growing demand. The increase in imports will make sure that there is availability of LPG for the bottling plants.

    IOC representatives had said that while they had been assuring its customers that there are adequate supplies of LPG, and they had appealed to them to not resort to panic-booking.

    IOC has delivered more than 3.38 crore LPG cylinders to its customers over the past 15 days (26 lakh cylinders every day).

    The company has also asked all the distributors to give priority refill deliveries to all customers who come under the Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana (PMUY). For these people, the government has provided three LPG refills free of cost for April, May and June. IOC had added that it has started to transfer the retail selling price for the very first LPG refill to the bank accounts that have been linked by their PMUY customers for all direct subsidy payments.

    A total amount of Rs.2,780 crore has been transferred to the bank accounts of around 3.7 crore PMUY customers. The IOC has added that people in the supply chain are now practising high hygiene standards and sanitisation. In spite of the lockdown, IndianOil’s LPG distributors are delivering LPG cylinders in a safe way.

    21 April 2020

  • IOC to provide gas to residents of Salem and Coimbatore

    Indian Oil Corporation will supply gas to Salem and Coimbatore via a pipeline. The decision was made after IOC bagged the contract to supply gas. R Sitharthan, the executive director of Indian Oil made the announcement regarding the same on the occasion of an event promoting the 5 kg Indane cylinders that can be operated via iron boxes. He also said that the project would approximately take 3 weeks to be completed. The project would be initiated after surveying in the two cities is completed. This is not the first time that Indane Gas is planning on distributing 5 kg cylinders along with iron boxes as it has already distributed them in Trichy, Chennai and Hosur. IOC has already distributed 450 kg cylinders and now is planning to distribute 5 kg cylinders. The demand for 5kg cylinders has increased to 8000 per month.

    5 September 2018

  • LPG Coverage of 40% in Odisha

    In Odisha, the LPG coverage has gone up to 43% at present from 20% in 2014. This happened after PMUY or Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana was launched in India. G Swaminathan, the manager of IOCL stated that in June 2014, the LPG coverage stood at 20%. However it has increased by a great extent now. He added that the coverage increased from 31.9% on May 1, 2016. After the Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana was launched, 10,89,686 connections were given the women who fall under the poverty line. He also said that 1,73,276 people in Odisha surrendered the LPG subsidy.

    Pritish Bharat, the General Manager of IOCL stated that all the oil marketing organisations are appointing new distributors for LPG so that they have distributors ready at all parts of the state. He added that 30 lakh connections will be offered in Odisha before 2019, as per the directions of Union Petroleum Minister Dharmendra Pradhan.

    10 May 2017

  • Cooking Gas from Indane Can be Bought via Cashless Transactions

    From 1st January, 2017 onwards, LPG from the Indane gas company can be bought through cashless transactions in Tamil Nadu. All LPG agents will be provided with a card-swiping machine, so that customers can make payments using debit cards or credit cards on home delivery. The gas company has placed an order for card-swiping machines with the banks. With the prevalent shortage of cash, post demonetisation, this is a welcome initiative taken by Indane Gas and the Tamil Nadu government.

    27 December 2016

  • Indian Oil Corporation Launches Pre Booking Service At Gas Stations

    The largest fuel retailer in India, Indian Oil Corporation has announced a series of new convenient features for its customers including an opportunity to pre book slots at a gas stations in order to avoid queues.Customers will be able to book a slot as they drive to the filling station through a technology platform.Once at the station, the vacant slot will be displayed and the driver will be guided towards it. Vehicles will be handed radio frequency identification (RFID) tags to be automatically identified and allowed payment.

    29 July 2016

  • Muzaffarpur, Bihar, To Get Gas Via New Pipeline

    The district of Muzaffarpur in Bihar is the site of the inauguration of the second pipeline that will feed the bottling plant for Indane. The new LPG pipeline that will come from Lucknow and is expected to be completed in the next 3 years. The entire length of the pipeline will extend from Haldia and end in Lucknow while passing through Barauni and Gorakhpur. In his address while inaugurating the new pipeline, Dharmendra Pradhan, the Union Minister for Petroleum and Natural Gas said that Bihar had the lowest penetration of LPG as compared to the rest of the country and that this move was just one step towards correcting this imbalance. While the country as a whole has covered about 60% of the residents when it comes to providing gas, Bihar has managed only about 32%. The new pipeline will also mean that the Indane plant, which used to supply to about 43 markets, will now be able to add 20 more markets through about 144 distributors.

    11 June 2016

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