Bharat Gas

There are numerous LPG Distributors in India, public and private. And many of these providers have a large role in helping the citizens get good deals. In this day and age obtaining a gas connection has become quite a hassle-free process. Majority of these organizations are now endowed with their own official websites, which you can access and apply for a connection. Other functions too can be done the same way.

Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL) is one of the premier government-owned service provider in the nation with Bharat gas as one of their top products and services. BPCL is committed towards serving the country by providing households with the essential resource, LPG. Currently the organization boasts of 7400 outlets peppered throughout India and serves over 2.5 crore consumers. Their ebharat gas is an online initiative of the firm to assist users to book gas cylinders online.

Bharat Gas

Services Provided By Bharat Gas:

Industrial Gas: Bharat gas is utilized in a variety of manufacturing applications such as glass making, steel making, pharmaceutical research, textile industry, poultry, refinery, dyes and many others.

Auto Gas: With CNG gas being utilized in driving the vehicles more and more, Bharat gas was one of the first and foremost company to deliver the required bulk of CNG to clients.

Piped Gas: Bharat gas has commenced distributing piped gas in metro cities in its attempt to revolutionize the LPG conveyance and make sure of round-the-clock supply of gas to families.

Bharat Gas New Connection

To be able to get a new gas connection from Bharat gas you will have to first register with the company. This is something that you will be able to done online as well. You can complete the entire registration procedure online as well as the good old fashioned offline way. In order to get the connection, you will have to follow a certain procedure and fulfill certain formalities like KYC requirements. You will also have to know and abide by the rules of Bharat Gas. If you need to know more about getting a new Bharat Gas connection, just click here: Bharat Gas New Connection

Online Bharat Gas Connection:

To avail a new gas connection from Bharat gas online, please go to the official website, First you have to sign up on the website and make an online account using your email id. This is imperative as you are required to sign in to your account to make a booking for a new LPG connection. Fill up the online gas connection application form and get a print out. You will soon get a call from the agency. Once you get the call, please submit the application form and necessary papers to your nearest dealer. You can get your connection in less than a week.

Offline Bharat Gas Connection:

To avail a Bharat gas new connection offline, you can call at your closest approved Bharat gas supplier of your region and start the process of requesting a connection. After submitting the papers, you will get connection in less than five days.

Documentation Required for Bharat Gas Connection:

  • To obtain a Bharat gas connection, you are requested to submit the required papers as listed below to the accredited Bharat gas dealer.
  • ID Proofs: Duplicate copies of Driving License, Voters ID, Passport or PAN Card.
  • Most recent utility receipts (Electricity, water or telephone bill).
  • Employer’s Certificate.
  • Flat allotment / possession letter (rent receipt).
  • Ration card can also be used as an adequate proof to avail the connection.
  • Aadhaar card is to be linked to the bank account.

List of Forms for Bharat Gas Connection

Applicants can book a Bharat gas connection both online as well as offline, by providing the required documents. Subsidies are available for everyone, although many who come from a higher economic strata have adhered to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s plea and have voluntarily given up their subsidy so that the benefit could reach those who require it more desperately. Individuals will have to provide necessary documents, especially an Aadhaar card as only through this document can customers receive their subsidy through the DBT or Direct Benefit Transfer Scheme. There are a few forms that applicants will have to fill up prior to availing a Bharat Gas Connection. There are numerous forms, based on the customer’s needs, which will have to be filled. Some of these include - the Ujjwala KYC Application Form which is meant for those who wish to avail a Bharat Gas subscription; Ujjwala KYC form for availing a loan, which is meant for those who cannot afford to pay for a gas connection and subsequent costs. Most of these forms can be downloaded in both Hindi and English by clicking here: Bharat Gas Online Form

Rules for Bharat LPG Gas Connection Transfer:

Connection transfer rules and guidelines differ depending on whether you are leaving the current supplier’s zone or moving to another city.

Transferring Connection Within City or Neighboring City:

  • Submit your original Subscription Voucher (SV) to your prevalent provider and get a customer service voucher.
  • Produce both these vouchers to your new distribution office for a new SV.
  • You are not expected to give back the equipment (cylinder and regulator).

Bharat gas connection transfer rules and guidelines if shifting to another city:

  • Notify your supplier that you wish to terminate your gas connection citing reason and ask for a termination voucher.
  • As per the Bharat gas LPG connection transfer rules and guidelines, you are free to claim for reimbursement if you give in your old SV.
  • If you submit the availed termination voucher to the Bharat gas dealer in your current city of residence, you will soon get your connection transferred.

Bharat Gas Booking Procedure

To initiate the procedure of Bharat Gas Booking, you should first register a gas connection in your name. And when the connection is presented, Bharat gas booking shall be done via different offline and online means.

Online Gas Booking
  • The e-Bharat gas online portal facilitates you to perform a booking in the comfort of your home. All you need to do is to go to the website, and login using the given username and password. If you are a first time user, you have to register yourself on the site.
  • Go to the booking section and enter the details requested such as slotted day and time to deliver.
  • Please note that you can put in a request to deliver only after 21 days of the preceding distribution.

Offline LPG Booking

  • You may do Bharat gas LPG cylinder reservation via SMS service as well. To book using SMS means, you must register yourself on
  • Bharat gas cylinder can also be booked by dialing your Bharat gas booking agency and putting in a request directly.
  • Aside from calling on the given Bharat gas booking phone number, you may also call at the Bharat gas distribution office directly and initiate a request for delivery.

Bharat Gas Subsidy

  • You need a bank account to join the Government LPG Subsidy Scheme for Bharat Gas.
  • Customers get a one time but lasting advance in their account before purchasing the first market rated LPG gas cylinder.
  • Subsidy will be given based on the customer’s eligibility.
  • Under this scheme cylinders are offered at subsidized amount with effect from November 2014 till December 2015.
  • Market price for the coming three months. If combined within these three months (till May 2015) they receive their due subsidy.
  • Gas cylinders at market rate with effect from May 2015, from the day of registering they get a one time permanent money up front and funding.
  • If you have the Aadhaar card, you can select Option 1 and if you don’t have Aadhaar, click on Option 2 to join this subsidy scheme.

Option 1:

  • Step 1: Link your unique Aadhaar Number with bank account through Form 1.
  • Step 2: Link your Aadhaar Number and LPG Customer Number in one of the following ways:
  • In Person: Submit Form 2 to the provider
  • By Phone: Call to the customer care (1800-2333-555) to register your Aadhaar Number
  • Online: Click and follow the steps listed there
  • Post: Send duly filled Form 2 alongside the necessary papers to the address mentioned in the Form 2
  • IVRS & SMS: You can get the details and procedures from the website.

Option 2:

Method 1:

  • Give in bank account details (account number, IFSC Code etc.). Please note that only some banks accepts this method. So if your bank doesn’t accept this, you have to open an account with the bank that does.
  • In Person: Submit completed Form 4 to your gas distributor
  • Web: Log in to and type in your bank account details

Method 2:

  • Submit your 17-Digit LPG Gas Consumer ID in Form 3 to your bank

Bharat Gas Connection Transfer

The LPG connection provided by Bharat Gas functions diverse commitments such as for household use, farming, vehicle, drug manufacture, ceramics industry and so on. The clients are required to undergo an explicit process for availing a Bharat gas connection. The circumstances differ while the consumer necessitates to have a relocation of LPG connection. If you are shifting from one city to another, the essential thing is to transfer the gas connection to a gas distributor close to your new house.

It is highly recommended that you initiate this connection transfer at least seven days before you shift from your old place as the processing itself can take a few days. The procedure stays the same if you are moving between towns, districts, cities and states.

Documentation Required for LPG Connection Transfer:

A proof for validating your new location is the primary documentation required (a rental agreement or utility bill in your name).

Steps in Transferring Bharat Gas connection

  • Get in touch with the supplier with a transfer request on white paper and show the book and voucher.
  • The provider can verify the previous papers and then reimburse if necessary.
  • You should also take your domestic gas holder card to the dealer to get the transfer along with your current residential info.
  • You can apply for the same via ebharat website too.
  • The whole procedure will not take more than a week.


News About Bharat Gas Connection

  • Bharat Gas gets a loan from Bank of Baroda worth Rs.3,100 crore for 5 years

    Bharat Gas Resources Limited which is a subsidiary of Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited has signed a 5-year loan agreement with Bank of Baroda worth Rs.3,100 crore. The company will use the funds from the loan to expand its city gas distribution business. Bharat Gas had a board approved borrowing limit of Rs.4,000 crore.

    An official from Bharat Gas Resources Limited mentioned that they had 11 geographical locations where they had won in the latest round of city gas distribution. They had been trying to achieve financial closure for the past 5 years for those areas. Now with the loan from the bank, they will be able to close those 11 locations.

    Bharat Gas had participated in the 9th and 10th round of the CGD bidding by Petroleum and Natural Gas Regulatory Board and won 13 geographical areas. The total investment for these CGD networks is expected to be around Rs.11,750 crores.

    15 October 2019

  • LPG plant in Cherlapalli to be expand storage capacity

    Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL) has decided to expand the storage capacity of the LPG plant in Cherlapalli. Currently the plant can hold 1900 tonnes of LPG with the plan being to add 1200 tonnes more. The construction for the same is expected to be completed by the end of February next year. The plant in Telangana currently fulfills the demand of 22 lakh customers with 2 lakh more customers added in the last fiscal year. The objective of BPCL is to provide LPG to 2.5 additional customers this year.

    17 September 2018

  • BPCL Urges its Customers to Conduct LPG Checks

    Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL) has urged its customers to ask the delivery personnel to conduct checks on the cylinder every time the refill is supplied to the customer. Telangana and Andhra Pradesh LPG head for BPCL, S. Dhanpal said that the customers should do this so as to ensure complete safety. He also added that BPCL does its best to ensure that there is no mishap due to refill leaking although the customers should still ask for checks which will go a long way in ensuring that the cylinder is safe. In addition to all the equipments, electronic weighing scales are provided to the delivery personnel.

    One of the major obstructions in checks being conducted by the delivery personnel before the cylinder being delivered is that the customers do not allow them to do so. There is a common misconception according to which if the seal of the cylinder is broken, the cooking gas will escape. The government has started various programme to clear misconceptions about the usage of LPG, especially in rural areas as they do not have access to this kind of information easily.

    3 September 2018

  • LPG Will Be Imported from Iran to Meet Rising Demand

    India has signed a contract with Iran for importing LPG for the first time. This has been done in order to meet the increasing domestic demand for cooking fuel. The oil firms that are owned by the state will be importing 44,000 tonnes or a large carrier of gas (VLGC) every month for a period of six months. Million tonnes of LPG is imported by India every month for meeting the increasing LPG demand. The demand has also been fuelled by the drive initiated by the Government of India to offer free gas connection to the poverty stricken women in India.

    In 2016-2017, the consumption of LPG increased by 9.8%. Out of the total consumption (21.55 million tonnes), 11 tonnes were imported. India mostly imports the LPG through term contracts from some of the major producers in the Middle East. These include Qatar’s Tasweeq, Saudi Aramco, Kuwait petroleum Corporation and Abu Dhabi National Oil Company. The imports of LPG will increase in the next 3 years. It can rise by 16 to 17 million tonnes as the Indian Government is pushing to supply more clean cooking gas to the poor people.

    10 May 2017

  • Customers of Bharat Gas Subject to New Arrangement

    Bharat Gas customers who live in Sector 1 to Sector 8, Sector 18 to Sector 20, Sector 26 and Kaimbwala in Chandigarh will no longer be served by Sunrise Gas Agency, Sector 7-C as its supply has been suspended, as informed by Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd. Nirmal Gas Agency from Sector 30 will be the new supplier to those who live in the aforementioned sectors. Super Gas Service from Sector 42 will serve the customers residing in Sector 21. Moreover, customers who live in Sectors 9 to 16 as well as Maloya will be served by Sector 38’s Dargan Gas Agency. Bharat Petroleum Corporation, in a notice, informed that these arrangements are only for a short while until a permanent solution is found, and customers who face any issues can contact 1800224344.

    14 April 2017

  • BPCL Declares 2nd Special Interim Dividend

    The state-controlled oil and gas company Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL) has declared its 2nd Special Interim Dividend of Rs.12 per equity share for the financial year 2016-17. The record date set to determine the eligibility of shares for the interim dividend has been set to March 27th, 2017. BPCL’s stocks in the NSE hit an intraday high of Rs.660 per share and an intraday low of Rs.648.10 per share in Thursday’s trade. The stocks gave returns of 50% over the period of 1 year, outperforming the BSE’s Oil & Gas index over the same period. BPCL currently sells motor spirit, high speed diesel, and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), BPCL is also engaged in refining crude oil and marketing of petroleum products. The current market capital of BPCL is Rs.93,220.02 crore.

    23 March 2017

  • Bharat Gas LPG Supply In Pune Back On Track

    Bharatgas has increased the number of shifts at their bottling plant in order to cope with thousands of back orders due to a shortage of LPG cylinders in Pune, an official from the company has revealed.

    The company had released close to 50,000 additional cylinders in a day and plans to keep the momentum going in an effort to bridge the demand-supply gap in the city.

    The company’s Shikrapur plant will be working in three shifts to meet demand, which will increase productivity by 33%, enabling the distributors to meet the current shortage and fulfil all orders by the end of the week.

    The Uran plant will also be working overtime to meet demand, with the surplus being directed to distributors in Pune.

    There had been a shortage of over 1 lakh cylinders in the city earlier, with distributors scrambling to meet the escalating demand.

    9 March 2017

  • Mobile Payment Application Launched by Modi

    Prime Minister Narendra Modi has launched BHIM, a new mobile payment application, at a Digi Dhan programme in New Delhi. BHIM stands for Bharat Interface for Money. According to him, initiatives like DigiDhan Vyapar Yojana and Lucky Grahak Yojana are Christmas gifts for India. He mentioned that BHIM is named after Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar and transactions on this app can be made using fingerprint. The app is very secure and digitalise the economy further. He urged the citizens to make a minimum of 5 transactions per day using the app to promote cashless economy. He said that this app will empower the farmers, poor, tribal people and Dalits.

    30 December 2016

  • Bharat Petroleum to Set up an Ethanol Plant in Bargarh District

    Bharat Petroleum sets up a 2nd generation ethanol plant, an investment of Rs.900 crores in Odisha’s Bargarh district. According to Union Petroleum and Natural Gas Minister, Dharmendra Pradhan, the plant will use agricultural waste such as straw to generate energy. At the ‘Make in Odisha’ conclave in Bhubaneswar, he urged the state government to explore alternatives to traditional mining based industries in a bid to create jobs for 1.25 crore workforce.

    Furthermore, he mentioned meeting the authorities of Paradip Port Trust, Indian Farmers Fertiliser Cooperative and Paradip Phosphates Limited for the purpose of anchoring industries around Indian Oil’s Petroleum, Chemicals and Petrochemicals Investment Region in Paradip. With IOCL investing Rs.35,000 crores for PCPIR project, he advised the state government to develop Paradip on lines of Jurong island of Singapore.

    13 December 2016

  • Bharat Petroleum Making the Most of Demonetization

    The central government’s move to demonetize and nullify the values of Rs.500 and Rs.1000 currency has sent the country into a frenzy.

    However, one company that has seen a business opportunity amidst the chaos is the public sector oil marketing company, Bharat Petroleum (Bharat Gas).

    The company, through its dealerships in Hyderabad, has been running radio campaign and is promoting new memberships for old Rs.500 and Rs.1,000 notes. This campaign is trying to reach out to people who are looking to make use of their devalued currency notes.

    While Hindustan Petroleum and Indian Oil too are accepting old notes, BP has gone one step further and has used a local radio channel to publicise this opportunity.

    The ad, which ends with, “We accept old Rs.500 and Rs.1,000 notes for new gas connections”, is expected to strike a chord with people looking for new LPG connections too.

    With this the company is looking to catch up with HP and Indian Oil, which are the top 2 LPG providing firms in Hyderabad.

    22 November 2016

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