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    Bharat Gas is a subsidiary of Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL), a Government of India undertaking. BPCL is a Navratna certified company that has been supplying Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) since the 1950's under the erstwhile Burmah Shell Company. This was later nationalised to Bharat Petroleum, which has been the main supplier of the country's petroleum related products, form aviation fuel to household cooking gas.

    Bharat Gas is one of the most trusted names when it comes to LPG due to its diligence and rigorous security procedures. Every stage of the process is checked thoroughly, so only the best and most secure cylinders and apparatus are sent to the consumer.

    Another benefit of Bharat Gas products is the company's vast distribution network, covering every corner of India. Customers can avail facilities from over 4000 distributors and suppliers, making it easy for everyone to gain access to the most essential of household products, cooking gas.

    The company also provides assistance round the clock to all its consumers for any issue related to its products, big or small. The prompt response and quality of service have contributed to helping Bharat Gas claim top spot when it comes to LPG supply and distribution in India.

    How to Book Bharat Gas Online and Offline

    Bharat Gas connections and refills can be booked through a variety of ways and customers can choose depending on their convenience.

    Bharat Gas bookings can be made online, through the ebharatgas portal, or through telephone, SMS, visiting the local distributor as well as a mobile application.

    Online Bharat Gas Booking

    Bharat Gas customers can book their refill cylinders online wherever they are, whenever they wish to. All they have to do is register for the service online. This can be done through the following steps:

    • Log onto www.ebharatgas.com and click on the new user tab and enter the details required (name and mobile number).
    • Users who have not registered their phone numbers with Bharat Gas can download a form and update their details.
    • On entering the details, an SMS will be sent to the registered number with sign in details.
    • Sign in to the account on the website and select the My LPG tab, where you will find options to book a cylinder, register, register for the LPG subsidy etc.
    • Enter the delivery details such as the delivery date and time.
    • You will receive a confirmation of the order.

    Offline Bharat Gas Booking

    Customers can book their Bharat Gas refill cylinders offline as well. There are a number of ways to do so, as listed below:

    Bharat Gas Booking Through IVRS:

    The Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS) can be used by customers to book their refill cylinders in a quick and convenient way. This system can be used 24 X7, throughout the year.

    The risk of an error in booking is also negated thanks to this system, where a booking confirmation and booking number are immediately issued to the customer.

    There are no additional costs associated with it, and customers will receive an order confirmation as soon as the booking is made. For users who have registered for the service through their mobile phone, they will also receive an SMS confirmation.

    • To book through IVRS, you have to register your phone or mobile number with your local LPG distributor.
    • You can do this by printing a form from the ebharatgas.com website. Fill in the details required and hand over the form at the distributor's office.
    • You will receive a call or an SMS confirming your registration.
    • Once you have registered, all you have to do is call the IVRS for your particular state and make your booking. You will receive an order confirmation over the phone, or an SMS if you have registered your mobile number.

    Bharat Gas Online Booking Number

    States IVRS Number
    ANDHRA PRADESH9440156789
    DIU & DAMAN9409056789
    HIMACHAL PRADESH9418856789
    JAMMU & KASHMIR9419256789
    MADHYA PRADESH9407456789
    WEST BENGAL9433056789

    Bharat Gas Booking Through SMS:

    Customers can also book their Bharat Gas refill cylinders through SMS. This service is only available to customers residing in metro cities (Bangalore, Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Pune) and state capitals. Customers can book their refill cylinders through a single SMS wherever they are, making it easy and hassle-free. They will also receive a confirmation SMS with the booking number and another SMS once the cylinder has been delivered.

    To avail this service, customers will have to register their number with their local Bharat Gas distributor.

    To register, either visit your local LPG distributor and fill out the form and submit it. You can also download the form from the ebharatgas.com website and print the same, which is to be submitted to the local Bharat Gas LPG distributor.

    Once you have done so, please follow the below steps to book your refill:

    • Send LPG to 57333. Customers with Airtel, Vodafone, MTNL, Idea and Tata will have to send the SMS to 52725.
    • You will receive a confirmation SMS with the booking reference number.
    • On delivery, you will receive another SMS confirming the delivery, with the date and time of delivery mentioned.

    In this way, customers are assured of delivery and can also keep track of their bookings.

    Bharat Gas Booking Through Mobile Application (for Android and iPhone):

    Customers can also use a mobile application to book a refill. Customers who own an Android or iOS smartphone can download and install the Bharatgas app.

    Once they have downloaded the app, they will have to activate it. The activation process is explained below:

    • The following details have to be entered:
      1. Distributor code
      2. Consumer number
      3. Mobile number
    • On entering these details, click submit.
    • An activation code will be sent via SMS to the registered mobile number. This code is to be entered to activate the app.
    • On activation, every customer will have to choose a security code to be inputted. This code has to be inputted each time the app is used.

    After activation, customers can book a refill, and will receive details such as the reference number on booking.

    Customers can also monitor their bookings and payment history using the app.

    Bharat Gas Booking Through Dealer:

    Customers can also make a refill booking by visiting the dealer and placing an order. To locate your local dealer's address, you can visit the Bharat Gas website, which contains a list of all the distributor sin each state and Union Territory. The customer has to provide his/her Consumer number, name as well as address to the dealer, who will record the booking. The customer will receive a booking number for future reference.

    As given above, there are multiple ways to book a Bharat Gas refill cylinder, all of which are simple and easy to use.


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    News about Bharat Gas Booking

    • Nashik and Pune Face Shortage of One Lakh LPG Cylinders

      During the first week of March, consumers in Nashik and Pune were affected by a shortage of BPCL LPG cylinders. The shortage was almost one lakh cylinders, and Bharatgas distributors revealed that the present shortage could cause a backlog of three weeks so far as the dealers were concerned. According to officials, the shortage was caused due to LPG imports being stuck for a while owing to technical reasons. Moreover, some refineries remained closed to contribute to the problem. It was noted that the incoming supplies were also transferred to UP owing to the LA elections, and all these factors led to a scarcity of supply in other states such as Maharashtra.

      13 March 2017

    • Waiting Period for Gas Refills Go Up

      The waiting period for Bharat gas refills in Nagpur has gone up to 2 weeks from 48 hours. This has happened because of the shortage caused at one of the bottling plants. As per the officials of Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited, supplies are going back to normal but it is going to take a couple of days for clearing the backlog.

      Gas cylinder supply dropped by a massive 70% during the last 2 weeks in Nagpur. Nadkumar Raipure of Vidarbha LPG Dealers Association stated that the situation was pretty tight at the beginning of the month but adequate supplies have started again, since the last week.

      13 February 2017

    • CPM in Kerala Protests Against LPG Price Rise

      The Communist Party in Kerala has called for a protest against the gas price hike that happens frequently. The state secretariat of CPM has pointed out that this hike is definitely an additional burden for all the people who are already suffering due to price rise of other essential commodities.

      Under the subsidised category, there was a hike of Rs.2 for each cylinder. However, the customers who will be availing the non-subsidised rates must pay Rs.38.50 for each gas cylinder. According to the Communist Party, most people will not be able to avail subsidy in the long run.

      4 November 2016

    • Cashless Payments for Bharat Gas Through Paytm

      Bharat Gas has partnered with the largest commerce and mobile payment platform, Paytm to provide subscribers with Payment-on-Delivery, across the country. In the upcoming months, more than 4 crore homes across the country that receive Bharat Gas LPG cylinders will be able to pay for the same through the Paytm Wallet.

      Once their cylinder has been delivered, customers can pay the person who has delivered, sing their Paytm QR Code. This instant and convenient method will ensure that payments are made faster, while saving time as well. Currently,more than 400 dealerships affiliated to Bharat Gas allow Paytm's payment-on-delivery system. This is also beneficial for those who deliver these cylinders.

      This partnership also increases Paytm's stronghold in the O2O or Online -to-Offline space in India. In addition to paying online, Bharat Gas customers can pay at the time of the delivery as well.

      14 September 2016

    • Indian Oil, Bharat Petroleum Acquiring Stake in Russian Oil Fields

      Indian Oil and Bharat Petroleum are looking at raising $2 billion to fund the purchase of a stake in Russian oilfields.

      The sales will be made in the name of Indian Oil, Bharat Petroleum and Oil India. The oil fields, owned by the Russian company OAO Rosneft, are located in the oil rich Siberian region. Of the two, OAO Rosneft owns an 80% stake in Tass-Yuryakh while the rest is owned by British Petroleum.

      Rosneft owns an 85% stake in the Vankorneft oil field, with ONGC holding the rest. The purchase would see the Indian companies owning a 29.9% stake in the Tass-Yuryakh oil field and a 23.9% stake in the Vankorneft oil field.

      The Tass-Yuryakh oilfield, which produces 20,000 barrels a day will be producing over 100,000 barrels per day by 2021.

      According to sources, the deals will be closed by September. The acquisitions will be beneficial to the Indian companies, as they will have access to vast amounts of oil, solidifying their positions through acquisitions overseas.

      6 July 2016

    • Maharashtra Government Earns Rs 520 Crore From Investment In Mahanagar Gas ltd

      The government of Maharashtra had invested Rs 10 crore in Mahanagar Gas ltd for which it got 10% of the shares of the company. When the investment was made, the price of each share was Rs 10 but now that the company announced an IPO (Initial Public Offering) The prices of the shares have risen astronomically. The Maharashtra Government has ended up making a profit of Rs 520 crores from the IPO which puts the value of their shares in the company at Rs 530 crore.

      2 July 2016

    • Telangana To Become Smokeless, Kerosene Less State Using LPG

      The Finance of Telangana has announced that the state will endeavour to become a smokeless and non-kerosene using state. To that end he has announced that the state will have cooking gas delivered to the houses through pipes just as water and electricity is delivered. He also handed out 1,900 gas connections and said that the government will try to ensure that the 100% of the state is on LPG soon. He also said that the government will extend all the support they can to the households, that are poor, in order to ensure that the goals of being a smokeless state are met.

      19 June 2016

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