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    LPG or Liquefied Petroleum Gas is the most widely used cooking gas. A safe and environmentally friendly equivalent to wood or kerosene, LPG is now readily available through a comprehensive distributor network. The government of India also subsidizes the cost of a fixed number of cylinders every year, making it affordable for households to use LPG for their fuel needs.

    Booking an LPG gas cylinder used to be a long and tedious process earlier, since the only way to do so was by visiting the LPG dealership in person. This was followed by an anxious wait as a cylinder would be dispatched based on its availability, with LPG cylinders going missing or not reaching the recipient on many occasions. All these woes are a thing of the past now, with the three national LPG suppliers - Bharat Gas, HP Gas and Indane Gas, making their services more consumer-friendly and transparent.

    How to Book LPG Gas Online:

    Booking an LPG cylinder can now be done from the comfort of your home at the click of a button. Indane Gas, HP Gas and Bharat Gas all have their own online LPG booking services, which enable customers to book an LPG cylinder refill without the hassle of calling or going to the gas dealership in person.

    • Advantage of the online gas booking is that consumers can choose to pay via net-banking or credit card.
    • Consumers who are at work and were unable to take delivery of their refill cylinders as they were not home to pay for the cylinders can now just pre-pay at the time of ordering the refill.
    • Once the cylinder is delivered, the consumer will receive an SMS or email notification.
    • This facility was introduced recently and has made booking a cylinder refill a more convenient process.
    • To book a cylinder online, just visit the website of your LPG provider (HP, Bharat Gas or Indane) and register yourself.
    • Once you have done so, you will see an option to book a refill online. Follow the instructions and make your payment online or cash on delivery.

    Benefits of Gas Booking Online:

    • No additional charges for booking online
    • Safe and convenient method of booking an LPG refill
    • No hassle of traveling to gas agency or constant follow-ups with the distributor
    • Refill can be booked anytime, anywhere
    • Easy payment method
    • Delivery tracking service available

    Gas Booking Through IVRS:

    Customers can book a cylinder through the gas company's IVRS (Interactive Voice Response System).

    • A consumer will simply have to call on the designated number for the particular region/state and follow the instructions to book a cylinder.
    • The customer has to provide his/her customer ID after calling from the registered phone number.
    • The order number and estimated delivery date will be communicated to the customer at the time of booking the cylinder, with the payment to be made on delivery.

    Gas Booking Through SMS:

    Customers can also choose to book their LPG refill cylinders through SMS.

    • The customer will have to first register his/her mobile number with the gas provider, after which a particular format is to be followed when sending the SMS.
    • The SMS would have to be sent to a particular number, which can be found on the specific gas company's website.

    Gas Booking Through Mobile App:

    Customers who own smart phones can download the app (for example, the Bharat gas mobile app) from platform like Google Play store and iTunes) and make their refill booking through there.

    • The customer will first have to register on the mobile app by providing their mobile number, email address and entering the OTP which will be sent to their phone to authenticate the registration.
    • Once the app registration is complete, it can be used to book a cylinder, which can be paid for online through credit/debit card as well as net-banking.
    • The gas companies have introduced e-wallet payments for LPG cylinders.
    • The app also contains information such as the booking history, customer ID and other details.

    Gas Booking Through Agency:

    Customers can also choose to book their refill cylinders by visiting the gas agency in person. They can book a cylinder by providing their customer number and can make the payment at the time or on delivery of the cylinder.

    How to Refill an LPG Cylinder

    Booking an LPG cylinder or gas refill booking can now be done in a number of ways.

    • Consumers can book LPG cylinders online through the gas agency online booking website or by SMS.
    • A cylinder can also be booked by calling the gas company (IVRS), as well as by visiting the gas agency that supplies the cylinders in your locality.

    The three gas providers have moved with the times and made it possible to order a cylinder through a mobile application as well. Depending on the service provider, the consumer can download the app and book a cylinder, pay for it as well as manage their information, all from their smart phone.

    Important Note:

    • For all cylinders booked, the market value of the cylinder is to be paid on delivery.
    • Those who have opted for subsidized cylinders will receive the subsidy amount directly in their bank accounts.

    Check Payment Options for LPG Cylinder Refilling:

    Accepted by Bharat Gas, HP Gas and Indane Gas, customers can use any of the below payment options when booking an LPG cylinder refill:

    • Cash on delivery
    • Through net-banking (for online booking or app booking)
    • By credit or debit card (for online or app booking)
    • By e-wallet (for online or app booking)

    Major LPG Gas Booking Providers (State Run Companies)

    HP Gas Booking

    • When it comes to booking a new cylinder with HP, customers of the company have multiple options. They have a provided their customers with a 24/7 IVR service that can be used to book new cylinders.
    • The cylinders can also be booked the good old way through the dealers however, the company also provides more convenient options like booking gas online or through SMS.
    • The services of HP gas require you to be registered with them and there are certain steps that need to be followed when booking HP gas.

    If you wish to know how you can use each of these services, you can read more about them here: HP Gas Booking

    Bharat Gas Booking

    When it comes time to replace an empty cylinder, the options provided by Bharat Gas really come across as convenient and user friendly. The reason for this is that when booking with Bharat Gas, customers get to choose one of four options.

    • The first option is to log onto their website and book a cylinder
    • The second option is to call a dedicated number which then takes the person through an IVR message that helps them book the gas.
    • The third method that can be used is sending the gas company a specific SMS that will be be used to book a gas in your name.
    • The last method is using a mobile application meant for smart phones.

    To be able to use any of these methods, you will need to know how they work and that is exactly what you can learn here: Bharat Gas Booking

    Indane Gas Booking

    You already have a gas connection from Indane, but what happens when the cylinders run out? The simple answer is that you book a new one and what's even better is that Indane allows new cylinders to be booked online or offline. Of course,

    • This facility is available only to registered customers.
    • To make the process even simpler, Indane gas booking can be either done over the phone using an IVR service or through their website, where customers can log into their accounts and book cylinders.
    • The cylinders can even be booked using an application that works with smart phones.

    To be able to ensure that you are able to book your gas without any problems you can follow the steps click here: Indane Gas Booking

    List of Forms for Indane Gas, Bharat Gas and HP Gas Connection

    LPG connections have revolutionized the usage of fuel in every Indian household. Customers have the option of procuring LPG gas connections from either Indane Gas, Bharat Gas or HP Gas providers. Applicants will have to visit the nearest dealer with the necessary documents, such as proof of age and proof of address in order to procure an LPG connection from any of the above providers. However, in addition to KYC documents, applicants will also have to fill in and submit certain forms, based on their requirement.

    For example, if they wish to avail a gas subscription for the first time, then they will have to download the Ujjwala KYC Application form, fill in the details and submit it. Similarly, if individuals do not have KYC documents, they will have to procure, fill and submit the Simplified KYC form. There are a number of other documents that are available for customers, based on their requirements. Most of the documents can be downloaded in both Hindi and English, by clicking here.

    Indane Gas Form Bharat Gas Form HP Gas Form

    Why Use LPG?

    There is no doubt that there are some distinct advantages that you can take advantage of if you switch to LPG at home.

    The advantages such that some states in the country have gone on a drive to ensure that every household in the state has access to LPG and are arming themselves with grants from the state and central government to help with this transition. Some states are identifying houses where there is no LPG and offering them connections, stoves and the first cylinder for free. We even keep hearing about how the government has announced various subsidies for specific income groups, on each cylinder of LPG that they buy.

    So now the question really becomes, What is so great about LPG? The answer is that not only is the fuel cheaper and cleaner than things like kerosene and wood, it is also usable as fuel for cooking and fuel for vehicles. It also comes with the advantage of easy storage and more efficient combustion. However these are not the only advantages to using LPG.

    Read on to find more about Benefits and Advantages of LPG Gas Connection

    News About Gas Booking

    • Goa Government Plans to Make the State Kerosene Free

      The Goa government is planning to make the state free of kerosene. To achieve this goal, the government in its Budget proposed that it would provide LPG gas connections to 12,863 families that are still using kerosene for domestic purposes. The Civil Supplies and Consumer Affairs Department of the state is providing SKO kerosene at a subsidised rate to the non-LPG families. The government has decided to install CCTV cameras in all the Civil Supplies taluka godowns to prevent thefts.

      26th March 2017

    • On Online Payment for LPG Cylinder, Discount of Rs.5 Can Be Availed

      Cooking gas customers can procure a discount of Rs.5 on every refill that is booked for and paid online. Bharat Petroleum, Indian Oil and Hindustan Petroleum have started to offer a price discount to cooking gas customers said the Oil Ministry in a statement. Customers can pay for the same through credit cards, debit cards or net banking at the time of booking online. The discounted amount will be displayed on the customer’s screens as well as the cash memo that accompanies the cylinder.

      There are around 21 crore cooking gas consumers in India and a majority of them pay by cash as of now. According to sources, this incentive will encourage individuals to procure LPG through online methods and opt for cashless transactions. State Oil companies are also offering 0.75% discount on the purchase of diesel and petrol to individuals to pay digitally. These efforts are being made keeping in mind PM Modi’s emphasis on cashless transactions.

      12th January 2017

    • Pay for LPG via e-wallets

      Post demonetisation, the Petroleum and Natural Gas Ministry has asked LPG distributors to provide cashless payment facility for consumers via e-wallet. The ministry has engaged several e-wallet companies such as Airtel Money, Paytm, Razorpay, and Mobikwik for this reason. Earlier, consumers could make online payments for booking LPG cylinders. Now, the ministry has added e-wallet payment to make it easier for the consumers. LPG agents and delivery persons will be trained in the usage of e-wallet payment, and card swipe machines.

      30th December 2016

    • Severe fuel Crisis Due to Fewer Cattle at Pushkar Fair

      Over 100 families from Mirasi, Raigar, and Khateek communities live in the outskirts of Pushkar with no gas connections. They depend primarily on camel and cow dung as sources of cooking fuel. Camel dung is not only economical but also profitable compared to cow dung. Unfortunately, a fall in the number of cattle from 60,000 to around 20,000 at this year’s Pushkar fair has caused a fuel crisis for these families.

      Cattle is gathered in large numbers at the fair ground for 2 weeks. At the end of the fair, the ground becomes a dung yard, providing sufficient fuel source for these families. However, due to less number of cattle at this year’s fair, these people don’t have sufficient fuel to last the winter for either personal use or selling.

      13th December 2016

    • Proposed Strike By Gas Distributors Called Off

      A planned strike by gas distributers in Uttarakhand has been called off – a news that comes as a major relief among a population already reeling from the demonetization move. The strike –which would have gone statewide on November 15 – had been called to protest the criminal liability clause proposed by the central government in case of mishaps under the Ujjawala scheme. The distributors have called off the strike so as to not add to the misery of demonetization on the common man, said the President of the LPG distributor Association Chaman Lal, while also stressing that it is unfair to blame distributors in event of accidents.

      The burden of checking safety standards has to be borne by the customer, he added, citing multiple instances where the police had ended up harassing distributors after untoward instances involving LPG cylinders. The strike, however, has only been postponed and not cancelled. The next date will be announced after a round of discussion with association members. Uttarakhand has 134 distributors who refill an average of 50,000 LPG cylinders in the state. Individuals can hope for some temporary relief regarding this.

      15th November 2016

    • Non-Subsidised LPG Prices Increased

      The Government has increased the price of non-subsidised LPG cylinders by Rs.38.5. The new price will be effective from 12 am. The price of subsidised LPG cylinders have also been increased by Rs.2. After the increase, a non-subsidised LPG cylinder of 14.2 kg will cost Rs.529 in Delhi, Rs.531 in Mumbai and Rs.538 in Kolkata.

      1st November 2016

    • Increase in Prices of Subsidised and Non-Subsidised LPG cylinders

      The OMCs (Oil Marketing Companies) have recently increased the prices of subsidised LPG cylinders by more than Rs.2 per cylinder. This is the sixth time that the price has been increase in the past 4 months. From November 1, 2016, one subsidised LPG cylinder will cost Rs.430.64 in Delhi. The price of non-subsidised LPG cylinders have been increased by 7.6% or Rs.37.5. Each non-subsidised LPG cylinder will cost Rs.529.5 after the price increase.

      31st October 2016

    • Investment in Oil to Reach Over Rs. 1.2 Crore in Andhra Pradesh

      In latest reports hitting the media, it is being said that the oil ministry will invest over Rs. 1.2 lakh crore in Andhra Pradesh over the next four years.

      The main objective of this investment is to make the Vizag-Kakinada the oil hub of India. This event took place at Vangali at Vishakhapatnam and had the Union Minister of State for Petroleum and Natural Gas.

      Speaking at the occasion, the minister said that the proposed Visakhapatnam-Rajahmundry-Kakinada petrochemical complex will come up at a cost of over Rs. 35,000 crore and that foundation stone will be laid during the current financial year.

      During the same event, foundation for a skill development centre was also laid wherein 1400 students would be trained every year and would later be employed by PSU oil and gas companies.

      The minister also suggested that all the villages in the state will get diesel, petrol, and gas supplied with the help of a dedicated pipeline which would be laid in the coming years.

      21st October 2016

    • Kerosene Subsidy Linking to Electricity / LPG Right Policy

      In the past, kerosene supply has been cut sharply in order to give the dues to the previous governments. However, it has been quite erratic and did not turn out to be well planned strategy.

      There has been a fall of 10% in the kerosene consumption in India starting from April 2016 to August 2016. Kerosene supplies went through a cut of 4% in Financial Year 2011, which was 9.3 million tonnes lesser than the previous year. The year next to that witnessed a cut of 8.2 million tonnes and the year after there was a cut of 8.8%.

      15th October 2016

    • Oil Subsidy Plan of the Government Brings Outstanding Results

      The oil subsidy plan of the government presents a detailed picture of how to effectively plan and execute action plans in the country. A well calculated economic and political strategy is the key factor governing the success of this reformer plan. Deregulation of Diesel, bringing back direct cash transfers on LPG and elimination of un-entitled beneficiaries were the main aspects of consideration by the oil ministry. The efforts of government to remove kerosene subsidies without affecting the poor households is what worked wonders. Centre can still afford to raise subsidies even if global prices take a sudden climb.

      13th October 2016

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