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Prepaid Cards

Prepaid cards have radically changed the way individuals pay for their purchases on a daily basis. Most individuals tend to pay by using their card rather than cash. Prepaid cards are very similar to debit cards and credit cards in the way it looks. It even comes with a signature strip, the name of the company that has issued the card, and a card number.

However, prepaid cards are very different from a debit card as they are not linked to any bank account, therefore, you will not be able to avail overdraft facilities. Prepaid cards are different from credit cards as the money must be pre-loaded in a prepaid card and only the available money can be spent. Similar to debit cards and credit cards, prepaid cards come with the same convenience of use. Prepaid cards are also accepted in all places where debit cards and credit cards are accepted.

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Features of Prepaid Cards

Some of the main features of prepaid cards are mentioned below:

  • Goods and services can be bought without the need of cash transactions.
  • Prepaid cards help in controlling spending. You will be able to set a budget and reload the card so that you can spend within the budget.
  • Individuals who have a bad credit score can also opt for a prepaid card.
  • It is very easy to apply for a prepaid card. Individuals can visit the respective bank website and apply for the card. The maintenance of the card is also very simple as no repayments will also have to be made.
  • A gift card can be given to individuals. Individuals can use the pre-loaded amount to buy anything they like.
  • Most prepaid cards can be used to withdraw money at ATMs.
  • In case employees do not have a bank account, employers can directly transfer their salary to the prepaid card.
  • In case you are travelling abroad, you can carry a prepaid traveller's card instead of carrying cash.
  • Prepaid cards are very secure. They are similar to cash but come with an extra layer of security. In case there are any fraudulent charges, it can be reported, and the money will be refunded back to the account.

To give you a comprehensive notion of where the prepaid card market stands in the Indian Economy, here the details of prepaid cash cards offered by top 5 banks in our country.

Top 5 Banks for Prepaid Cards in India

  • SBI Prepaid Cards
  • ICICI Bank Prepaid Cards
  • HDFC Bank Prepaid Cards
  • Axis BankPrepaid Cards
  • Yes Bank Prepaid Cards
  • SBI Prepaid Cards

    Overview of SBI Prepaid Cards

    Prepaid cards function on the principle of ‘using what you have at your convenience’, meted out in partnership with VISA. It is literally like your mobile recharge prepaid card in which you load a certain amount and use it for various payments before the specified expiry date. One does not need to own an SBI or any other bank account to avail a card of this kind. Prepaid plastic is expedient substitutes to hard cash or cheques and is beneficial in terms of utility, security, easy money management, accessibility and a no-nonsense tracking system.

    Based on the needs of the customers, SBI offers three types of tailor-made prepaid cash cards:

    1. SBI Smart Payout Prepaid Card
    2. SBI Xpress Money Card
    3. SBI Achiever Prepaid Card

    SBI Smart Payout Card:

    Features & Benefits of Prepaid Smart Payout Cards:

    • It is a perfect for performing recurring (weekly, monthly or quarterly) payments like remunerations, daily wages, incentives, rewards and commission.
    • The account user can also request for a supplementary card for the use of his/ her family. You may even get the card personalized.
    • The card is endowed with a validity period of ten years. Minimum upload value of card be INR 100 at all times and the maximum is no more than INR 10,000 (with a ceiling of INR 25,000 per month).
    • You cannot transact more than INR 10,000 per day, be it for personal use, purchase or commercial use.

    Eligibility Criteria:

    • For Enterprises: To be given out to employees, labourers, contractual workers, clients, partners and others.
    • For Individuals: To every primary account user in compliance with the KYC criteria for definitive use by recipients (dependents).
    • A person can have only three cards in his/ her name. But there is no such limit for corporates.

    Documentation Process:

    • For Individual Applicants, there is no need for any distinct KYC for SBI Smart Payout Cards.
    • For Corporates: An introductory letter from the company clients, passport sized photos of the staffs and the account details and proofs of the company’s bank account. If it is a new Corporate, MCG or SME client, another account user (active at least for the last six months) should recommend them.

    SBI Xpress Money Prepaid Card:

    • The Xpress Money Prepaid Card from SBI is a partnered innovation that can be recharged with up to INR 50,000.
    • It is mainly used for recharging Inward Remittances availed under Money Transfer Service Scheme (MTSS) introduced by RBI via UAE Exchange and Financial Services Limited.
    • This prepaid card is expected to augment the reach of SBI’s banking services, facilities and products to several recipients of inward remittance from overseas. This is particularly beneficial if they are from rural or unbanked areas.
    • SBI Prepaid Xpress Money Card can be utilized for drawing money from ATMs, for shopping at any VISA-powered mercantile (retail or online).
    • Minimum upload value of card be INR 100 at all times and the maximum amount in the card should not be more than INR 50,000 at any point of time.
    • The card has a validity period of ten years. You cannot reload the card more than 30 times in one financial year. One cannot personalize this card.
    • You can get this card for free from any regional office of UAE Exchange and Financial Services Limited in Delhi, UP, Punjab, Tamil Nadu or Delhi. SBI is working towards establishing this service across the nation.
    • You can withdraw from INR 100 to INR 40,000 per day while daily PoS transaction limit is INR 50,000.

    Documentation Process:

    The recipient must provide a duly filled and photo-affixed State Bank Xpress Money Card Application Form as well as ID proofs and Residence proofs (duplicate copies of Passport, Aadhar Card, Voters ID Card, Driving Licence or PAN Card etc.

    SBI Prepaid Achiever Card

    Overview of SBI Achiever Prepaid Card:

    Corporates always need fresh reward ideas for their top performers and esteemed clients or partners to keep up the motivation levels. And they cannot be in the form of cash all the times as predictability seeps in soon, taking out the excitement of it all. As the name denotes, Prepaid SBI Achiever Card ‘achieves’ exactly that.

    Features & Benefits of Achiever Prepaid Card from SBI:

    • The State Bank Achiever Prepaid Card produced in partnership with VISA is idyllic for regular commission or incentives that are not of cash-nature.
    • It promises instant loading and can be done from a single account, preferably the company’s current account.
    • There is no limit to the number of times one can recharge the card, but the amount in it should not exceed the specified limit of INR 1 lakh at any time.
    • The only hitch here is that you can use it for shopping transactions at any VISA-enabled PoS (online or retail), but cannot take out cash from ATMs.
    • And yes, you may opt to have your card personalized either with the beneficiary’s name or the company’s name.

    Eligibility Criteria

    • Organizations and enterprises can apply for this card to present their staffs, partners or agents with incentives or commissions or gift for exceptional performance.
    • The card is valid for ten years.
    • You must upload a minimum of INR 100 and a maximum of INR 1 lakh. Please note that the limit for SBI staffs is increased up to INR 2 lacs.
    • Even though you can use it for a number of Mercantile transactions, you cannot withdraw the cash in it from any ATM.
    • It can be availed from all State Bank Group offices.

    Documentation Procedure:

    • Registered Enterprises can collect the KYC papers from the recipients or staffs and then submit the same at the nearest SBI branch to get the card(s) activated.
    • Companies that are unlisted must submit complete KYC of every individual card user.

    ICICI Bank Prepaid Card

    Overview of ICICI Bank Prepaid Cards:

    Forget hard cash. It is not easy or safe to carry around, especially in bulk. ICICI Bank has introduced prepaid cards a few years ago with this mind. And it was widely acclaimed for its utility and ease of use. The simpler and quicker paperwork was something that bowled over almost everybody. Later the bank started developing more prepaid cards for various customer types. Now ICICI boasts of seven prepaid cards introduced for youth, corporates, women, elderly, blue collar workers and more.

    At present ICICI Bank offers the following Prepaid Cards, which are:

    1. PayDirect Card
    2. Pockets, the Digital Bank
    3. Meal Card
    4. Gift Card
    5. Indian Rupee Travel Card
    6. Saral Money Prepaid Card
    7. Reimbursement Card

    ICICI Prepaid PayDirect Card

    Overview of ICICI PayDirect Card:

    ICICI Bank provides an all-inclusive payroll solution to your organization in the form of its employee-friendly PayDirect Card. The PayDirect Card is a rechargeable Prepaid Card with magnetic strip and takes care of all the needs of a firm for disbursement of remunerations, refunds, incentives and commissions to its staffs and partners.

    Using this card, the user can draw money from ATMs as well as swipe it at any mercantile with PoS device. You are free to modify certain features as you deem fit at the discretion of the bank. The PayDirect Card is a perfect substitute to conventional salary cheques as the convenience of it can lead to augmented business productivity as well as ensure staff allegiance.

    How is the ICICI PayDirect Prepaid Card operated?

    The ICICI Bank PayDirect Card is a dependable and expedient choice for making regular payments to your company partners. As the card is loaded by your company way in advance, the PayDirect Cash Card also allows you to authorize payment by card rather than paying by cash or cheque to workers. For every pay term, the staff’s earned money is routinely charged into the prepaid card and he/ she can start using it from the first day. Workers shall then utilize the card to purchase products and services in person or from online shopping portals, pay off utility bills or withdraw money from any ATM. PayDirect is also endowed with added safety measures for the firm as well as the individual user.

    How to buy an ICICI Bank PayDirect Card

    Features of PayDirect Card:

    • Facility to upload and reload limitlessly: You may upload and reload umpteen number of prepaid cards at any time, which is not the case with cheques as they have to be signed, verified and then circulated to every staff individually.
    • Online-based MIS: You shall track every fund transaction and expenses, big or small, online from the comfort of your home or office. No doubt, this will inculcate better money management skills in the user.
    • Prompt SMS notifications: PayDirect comes with a reliable feature where the user gets an immediate SMS alert on his/ her phone every time a card transaction is made.
    • Round the clock Customer Service: ICICI Bank has formed a committed helpline number that can be accessed at any time for simple things like balance enquiry and activation to more serious matter such as reporting a lost or stolen card.
    • Recognition at over five lacs mercantile: PayDirect shall be made use of to take out money from any ICICI Bank ATM and to make your purchases at over five lacs retail stores and PoS. ICICI is always up-to-date in updating seasonal offers and rebates on its websites.

    Benefits of ICICI PayDirect Card:

    Benefits to Corporates Benefits to Individual Prepaid Card User
    Prompt Payment: The PayDirect card fully removes the hassle of waiting in a long queue at the counter to deposit paper cheques or money. The card can be used from the time it is activated. No minimum balance criteria: Your staffs are not mandated to sustain a specific minimum balance on their PayDirect cards. Yes, they are free to spend to their hearts content until the balance hits zilch.
    Less Admin Expenses: Issuing PayDirect Cards to employers brings down the expenses otherwise related to delivering salary cheques, cheque replacement and halting payments of lost/misplaced cheques. It also lessens the chances of cheque cons. To block or replace the lost/ stolen/ misplaced card: If your business partner loses his PayDirect Card, all he/ she must do is to notify the ICICI Customer Care Centre and follow the instructions and the card will be blocked instantly. You can initiate the request for a duplicate card soon after.
    No more use of cash or cheque-based salary payments and documentation related to it with the introduction of Corporate PayDirect. This is a blessing as cheques are hard to manage, approve and settle while it is the complete opposite for PayDirect Prepaid Cards not to mention the super-prompt transaction time. Uncompromised Safety & Protection: The PayDirect Card not only enhances safety thanks to the liability restriction, but also gives a sense of liberation as everything is handled by the user with immediate results.
    More Output: Your PayDirect Card relieves the organization staff from meting out cheques while workers don't need to go through the added hassle of cashing the cheques. The same card shall be utilized to streamline employee outlays related to your organization. User’s Flexibility & Convenience: One need not use up the whole sum in one go or at a single store. You will get ample time until expiry date to use the resources as you please.
    Shopping Online: The ICICI Bank Gift Card has been facilitated for online payment when you do internet shopping. For added security on the web, you must register for “Verified by Visa” before entering the sensitive card details.
    Value-for-money offers and surprise rebates: Being a gift cardholder, you shall receive unbelievable cut rates when you shop, dine out or travel. Details are regularly updated on the bank website.

    Fees & Charges:

    Type of Transaction Charges Levied
    Joining Fee INR 250 plus GST
    Yearly Fee INR 250 plus GST
    To replace the lost/ stolen/ misplaced prepaid card INR 199 plus GST
    To withdraw money from any ICICI Bank ATM Free
    To withdraw money from other banks’ ATMs INR 20 for each transaction plus GST
    To check the card balance from any ICICI Bank ATM Free
    To check the card balance from other banks’ ATMs INR 8 for each inquiry excluding GST as applied

    Pockets, the Digital Bank of ICICI

    Overview of ICICI Prepaid Pockets:

    Pockets Wallet is an innovative and a VISA-stamped wallet that anybody with a bank account can utilize and no, you needn’t be an ICICI account holder for this. It is essentially used for recharging mobile phones, fund transactions, shopping (online or retail) and bill payment among others. Pockets card is also endowed with an exclusive and physical shopping card.

    Features & Benefits of ICICI Pockets:

    • Immediate & Ubiquitous: You may download the Pockets app and make your own wallet in seconds and it can be used wherever you go only if you load it from any of your savings account.
    • Universal Shopping: With the VISA-approved Pockets app, you have the convenience of online purchasing at any domestic website or apply for a Pockets Physical Card to use it at retail outlets. You shall also pay at shops straight from your smartphone with the help of the special mVisa aspect.
    • Transfer to and Receive from Anyone: Pockets app enables you to transact funds anyone with a bank account. You can also do the same to mobile phone number, email id, Whatsapp contacts, social media IDs like Google+ or Facebook. Yes, ‘tap and pay’ culture has gained immense popularity in a short time.
    • Lucrative Deals: Pockets can shower you with surprising bonuses and treats too. You can easily browse a great many offers from your preferred brands with this app.
    • One World One App: Technology has certainly shrunk our world to such an extent that all it takes is one tap to recharge phone, reserve entertainment tickets (while bagging a discount), pay off utility bills and get online gift coupons for loved ones. The app is also helpful in splitting expenses when you go for a group outing with friends.
    • Help within reach: This app has a customer care chat feature built in it. No more dialing any toll free numbers and listening to a horde of directions. Just tap and ask what you want. If this isn’t working out for you, you can also email to the Pockets management to resolve your issues.

    Start a Pockets Savings Account whenever you want:

    It seems that Pockets features is never-ending. You shall discover advanced facilities by applying to open a Pockets savings account INR 5000 (with effect from 1 December 2015) as minimum balance. All this straight from the app and you only need to keep the required papers ready. The bank will soon get it done using their super-quick Tab Banking feature. You can earn interest on your balance amount in the account, make deposits or iWish targets as well as enjoy a bigger transaction and withdrawal limits with the account.

    Pockets Wallet to access Internet Banking

    Pockets wallet is now incorporated with ICICI Internet Banking. You may use the ICICI Bank Internet Banking platform to settle all your bills or recharge your prepaid mobile recharge using the funds in wallet. You may also fill your wallet via ICICI Internet Banking and get transaction statements of Pockets.

    Steps to sign up for Pockets with the ICICI Bank Internet Banking platform:

    • Log in to your ICICI Bank Internet Banking Account with your unique user name & password.
    • Select the Pockets Account tab given under ‘Pockets’ segment from the menu and complete the given form with your required personal info such as name, email id, contact details and age.
    • A One Time Password (OTP) will be sent to your phone for verification.
    • On successful OTP authentication, your digital wallet will be created.
    • You can then download the Pockets app and use the same login info to access your Pockets digital wallet.

    ICICI Meal Prepaid Card

    Overview of Prepaid Meal Card from ICICI:

    ICICI Bank has recently launched the ICICI Bank Meal Card much to the popular approval. This card can be meted out to the staffs of an organization for easy and convenient distribution of their rightful meal allowance. The ICICI Bank Meal Card provides access to over 50,000 dining establishments throughout the country. There is no need to carry more cash, store loose change or even deal with the situation of having to buy more to match the amount printed on traditional meal coupons. The card is just like a credit or debit card you can swipe at any Food & Beverage point-of-sale platform, where Visa cards are taken.

    The ICICI Meal Card Programme, supported by the global repute and far-reaching network of Visa, is a manageable and suitable mode of distributing meal grants to workers every month. It not only dispense meal allowances without a glitch, but also with an easy-to-use Internet-based question-and-reporting opportunity. Moreover, it facilitates proficient tracking of expenditures and logistics management.

    Being a member of this card, one can use this only to buy or order food, drinks and ready-to-eat items at partnered food joints, bistros and hotels. The organization can get hold of apposite information and acquaint itself with the related risks and the terms and conditions relevant to ICICI Bank services before applying for this card for its employees.

    Features of ICICI Meal Prepaid Card:

    • Universal Acceptance: The Meal Card is accepted at over 50,000 Food & Beverages Mercantile.
    • Round the clock customer care: ICICI Bank has a team of committed Customer Service Centers to attend to your grievances.
    • Card Safety: As the card is signature-based for every PoS transactions, security is nothing to fret about.
    • Values: the user has the complete liberty to settle bill in any denomination of his/ her choice.
    • Reload/ recharge: The card will be reloaded or recharged as per the instructions from the enterprise.
    • Instant Alerts: Card users will be notified instantly of every transaction through SMS and email.

    Why is ICICI Meal Card a better choice than common meal coupons:

    ICICI Meal Prepaid Card Regular Food Coupons
    It needs to be distributed only once. It has to be dispensed to each employee separately every month.
    It is easy to reload it in a few clicks Sorting and reprinting is a huge hassle.
    One can access thousands of food joints with the card. The access is limited to a few food joints as such vouchers are often localized.
    It is easier to carry around and one swipe is all it takes to transact money. It is normally given as a bulk of coupons stapled together.
    There is no lost card accountability if you report it instantly. Once the coupon is lost, the money in it will not be refunded. Same in the case of damaged coupon.
    No restrictions on denomination. You need to count and buy/ order food to the exact amount mentioned on the vouchers.

    Benefits of ICICI Meal Card:

    Benefits to Organizations Benefits to Individual Users
    Can be procured without much hassle: The Meal Card is given to every staff in the organization, which will be activated the moment is meted out to the individual. Convenient and user-friendly: One can use the ICICI Prepaid Meal Card like a credit or debit card at any visa-powered mercantile.
    Easy to load and reload: All you have to do to load the meal card is to enter the upload info and put in a request to fund the cards in bulk by deducting from the company’s Current Account. Broader Acceptance: compared to traditional paper meal coupons, the prepaid card can be used at around 50,000 mercantile and outlets.
    Easy to Track Usage: The company can use the easily accessible to keep a track of the loading and spending status of all cards dispensed them. No accountability for lost/ stolen card: As soon as you report to the bank of your card loss, the card will be deactivated by the bank until further notice. The user can also request the bank to transfer the balance on the old card to the new one he gets for free.

    Fees & Charges:

    Type of Transactions Fee Levied Per Transaction
    Joining Fee INR 100 plus GST as applied
    Yearly Fee INR 100 plus applied GST
    Fee to replace lost/ stolen/ misplaced card INR 199 excluding applicable GST

    ICICI Bank Gift Card

    Overview of ICICI Gift Card:

    Gift-giving doesn’t warrant an occasion. But not everybody is easy to gift to. ICICI Bank’s Gift Prepaid Card is an idyllic choice for even the toughest-to-please people on your friends list. Yes, it is all about making the occasion, be it birthday, festival, anniversary or sendoff, a tad extra special by giving a person something he really wants. An ultimate time-saving gift solution, this card simply oozes out all stress of thinking out, hunting for a gift and buying it on time, leaving only the good side behind. As this card is Visa-powered, it can be used at thousands of stores, where the giftee will be spoiled for choice. You can also reload the card at any occasion. Gift card users can use this as a regular ATM card and check balance or withdraw from any ATM.

    ICICI also offers Corporate Gift Card option to organizations so they can use this facility to gift their employees or corporate partners as the occasion demands. This can be a perfect choice unless you are not into buying Xerox machine for the employee of the month knowing that nobody will take a Xerox machine home and will be ultimately put to the organization’s use. This card is definitely apt for giving as incentives or rewards for exceptional performance or to thank clients or partners for their unwavering support. There is no need for getting to know the person’s likes and dislikes, and going through the choices. Let the person get what he/ she wants. The beneficiary can also avail unique and attractive offers from time to time.

    Features of ICICI Prepaid Gift Card:

    • Freedom of Choice: A preloaded gift card with at least 12 months of legitimacy that can be swiped to shop, dine, pay bills and shop online at more than eight lacs visa-powered outlets throughout the nation.
    • Precise Customization: The Gift Card is endowed with great flexibility and you can put in any amount that ranges from INR 500 to INR 50,000 as per your needs.
    • What the Beneficiary can Save: ICICI frequently springs delightful surprises to the gift card user in the form of incredible offers and rebates while eating out, shopping or travelling.
    • Ideal for gifting when you are in different cities: You can order a prepaid Gift Card from ICICI by using your internet or mobile banking account, which will be sent to the receiver.

    Benefits of Prepaid ICICI Gift Card:

    Benefits to Organizations Benefits to Individual Users
    Takes less time & effort: Every Gift Card distributed by your company can be uploaded using one debit instruction. This way, there is lesser amount of menial account calculations. The time thus saved can be translated to improved productivity. Flexible utility: One can spend the money in the card anywhere anytime as long as it is done before the card expires. The worth and position of the product is at the choice & convenience of the user.
    Advantage over ordinary paper meal coupons: ICICI Prepaid Gift Card is more resilient, handy and impressive compared to carrying around a bunch of stapled vouchers. You also have the option of personalizing the card by stamping your organization name (and your name) on it. Easier and safer to take around than currency or paper coupons: Gift Card user gets immediate SMS notification every time he/ she transacts. Security of the money in it is sealed with the facility to block and deactivate lost card.
    Widespread acceptance: ICICI Bank Gift Card is recognized at more than eight lacs mercantile (online and retail). Choice of picking the desired gift: ICICI Gift Card permits the beneficiary choose how to use the money in the card, be it to shop, eat out, travel or party.
    To make the most of every opportunity: Unique and attractive gifting options, apt for any event of giving incentives, commissions, bonus etc. to your employees, partners or business associates Fabulous discounts, cash back offers and other perks: Gift Card user can be entitled to attractive rebates as they shop, dine or tour around. These limited season offers are frequently flashed on the ICICI website.
    Shopping Online: The prepaid gift card of ICICI Bank has been facilitated to pay for online shopping too. Sign up for ‘Verified by Visa’ before using the card for added safety.

    ICICI Bank Prepaid Indian Rupee Travel Card

    Overview of ICICI Indian Rupee Travel Card:

    ICICI Indian Rupee Travel Prepaid Card seems to have made keeping in mind the sizable NRI customer base and foreign nationals from United Kingdom, who wish to travel to India and you can avail this even before you reach the country. You have the option of loading Indian rupees on your card at reasonable exchange rates, which can be used most safely and tracked anytime. With this you also have an added benefit of having a secondary card to be used in the event of any contingency.

    Features & Benefits of Indian Rupee Travel Card from ICICI:

    • Even if you cannot buy (exchange) Indian Money from abroad, you can always load up your Indian Rupee Travel Card, thereby saving all the money that would have lost on exchange. This can perfectly compliment if you had already snagged a good deal.
    • It is an ideal way to track and manage your expenses while here with no transaction charges and instant alerts on your mobile and email.
    • You can recharge the card at reasonable exchange rates without any charge.
    • You may avail the current exchange rates when you load or reload money on your prepaid travel card.
    • Take out cash from any of the 6000 plus ICICI ATM in India for no added charge.
    • You can request for an additional card for emergency card.
    • If you are lucky you might chance upon some terrific offers and rebates for prepaid travel card users.
    • You will receive your card immediately after verification.
    • You shall recharge your ICICI travel card while in UK and recharge in the country.
    • Utilize your card at any mercantile that recognizes Visa throughout India.
    • While shopping online, please make sure that they are ‘Verified by Visa’ (VBV).
    • Load or reload your card for up to INR 50,000 at any time with your chosen UK bank account.
    • If your both your Primary and Supplementary Prepaid Cards are lost or stolen you may apply for extra cards by getting in touch with the ICICI Customer Care.
    • It is easy to monitor all your expenditures with internet access to your travel card info, e-statements and remaining amount in the card as you will get instant notifications via SMS or email.
    • You can change your PIN at any of the 6000 ICICI ATMs in India.
    • Your ICICI travel prepaid card will expire after 170 days from the day of the first credit and any remaining sum will be transferred back to your overseas bank account.
    • Your ICICI Bank Prepaid Indian Rupee Travel Card, as the name suggests, can be utilized only at visa-powered mercantile in India.
    • This prepaid travel card doesn’t mandate any minimum balance but the amount loaded should not be more than INR 50,000, which is equal to 10,000 USD. If you attempt to recharge the card with more, it will be rejected automatically.
    • Recharging and unloading money to and from card is quick and easy via internet banking or any ICICI branch.
    • Once the trip is over (if the trip is less than 170 days), you can close the card by getting in touch with the bank’s customer service center.

    Eligibility Criteria:

    • Any UK resident/ citizen who is aged 18 and above and wants to travel in India is eligible to apply for this card.

    Documentation Procedure:

    • A duly filled application form affixed with your passport sized photograph.
    • Submit an identity and residence proof. It could be any utility bill, driving licence or a bank statement.
    • Submit copy of your passport, which has to be valid at least for the coming six months.

    Fees & Charges:

    Fee Type Amount
    Fee levied to issue the card INR 350
    Fee levied to load, reload or reimburse the card Zero
    Charges to replace lost/ stolen card INR 150
    To generate duplicate ATM PIN, Net Banking Password or PIN for verification over phone Zero
    Charges for withdrawing money from ICICI Bank ATMs Zero
    Money withdrawal charges at non-ICICI Bank (other banks) ATMs INR 25
    To check balance from ICICI Bank Ltd ATMs Zero
    To check balance from non-ICICI Bank ATMs INR 25
    Email transaction notification charges Zero
    Transaction notifications via SMS and onetime charges for availing this service INR 25

    ICICI Saral Money Prepaid Card

    Features & Benefits of Prepaid Saral Money Card:

    • ICICI Bank’s Saral Money Card is an all-purpose prepaid card that can be recharged at any time. As it is linked to your unique Adhaar ID number, it is as secure as it can be.
    • Funds can be recharged into the card from all Business Correspondent outlet of ICICI as it is authenticated by your Aadhaar code. You shall draw money from all ATMs.
    • Funds Transfer Facility: Net Banking using the Saral Money Card enables cash to be sent and received from one card to another with your Aadhaar ID. It can also be used to recharge mobile phones or pay off utility bills.
    • Saral Prepaid card offers a simple and quick way of booking rail tickets from IRCTC website.
    • The card allows transactions at any VISA-enabled mercantile, online or retail.

    Eligibility Criteria:

    • You must be of age 18 and above.
    • You must be an Indian citizen with a valid Aadhaar Card.

    Fees & Charges:

    Transaction Type Bank Channel Business Correspondent Channel
    Depositing Funds Zero Zero
    To withdraw money:
    A ICICI Bank Channel Zero 2.5 percent (Minimum INR 10 & Maximum INR 50)
    B Other Bank Channel INR 20 2.5 percent (Minimum INR 10 & Maximum INR 50)
    Person to Person remittance One percent One percent (Minimum INR 10)
    Reissuance of Card/ PIN INR 100 INR 100
    Fee levied for inactive card Zero Zero

    ICICI Reimbursement Prepaid Card

    Overview of ICICI Prepaid Reimbursement Card:

    If an employee of a company has to go for a national conference, the company is expected to take care of all the expenditures that can arise out of this such as stay, accommodation, transport and food. It is not possible to gauge the expenses beforehand and give the entire cash to employers for such events. Some unforeseen expense is bound to occur such as recharging the dongle, if there is a change of plans etc. that will have to be refunded later. This is the reason why reimbursement is a part and parcel of any organizational transactions. ICICI had the foresight to cash in on this trend and come up with their own prepaid reimbursement card. The employer can directly credit the card upon receiving the required bills.

    Features & Benefits of Prepaid Reimbursement Card from ICICI:

    • ICICI Bank’s Reimbursement Card is a Prepaid Card specially fashioned to take care of all disbursements associated with refunding the expenses employees, agents, partners or clients of an organization.
    • The employee can get a secret PIN generated once the card is issued and start using it immediately.

    HDFC Bank Prepaid Cards

    Overview of HDFC Bank Prepaid Cards:

    HDFC prepaid card is a solid promise in plastic of ease of use as well as better financial discipline without the added stress of carrying around cash, especially when travelling. The rate differences can also make it a tad difficult when you try to limit all transactions in cash in a foreign country. Recognized at thousands and thousands of mercantile worldwide, HDFC Prepaid Cards can be your travel companion, a personal financial watchdog along with being a perfect corporate solution for handling employees’ accounts in the form of payroll card, meal coupon card and so on. HDFC remains to be the bank that offers the maximum number of prepaid cards for a variety of clients in India.

    There are – HDFC prepaid cards in the market as of now, namely:

    1. ForexPlus Card
    2. Multicurrency Platinum ForexPlus Chip Card
    3. ISIC Student ID ForexPlus Chip Card
    4. ForexPlus Chip Card
    5. ForexPlus Platinum Card
    6. GiftPlus Card
    7. FoodPlus Card
    8. MoneyPlus Card
    9. Apollo Medical Benefit Card
    10. Hajj Umrah Card

    HDFC ForexPlus Prepaid Card

    Features & Benefits of ForexPlus Card from HDFC:

    • The main highlight of this card is that it offers unwavering protection against overseas exchange rate variations with the security of storing cash on a card while on the move globally.
    • It is recognized and accepted at all MasterCard and/ or VISA powered mercantile, both retail and online.
    • ForexPlus card is accessible in USD, CAD, AUD, Swedish Krona, GBP, Swiss Franc, CHF, Dirhams, JPY, SEK, SGD Sterling Pound, and Euro currencies as well as any other currency that uses ForexPlus card.
    • Insurance Cover Protection of up to INR 5 lacs against fraudulence if lost, misplaced or stolen as long as you notify the bank at the earliest upon loss.
    • The card can be reloaded at any HDFC Bank office or via Mobile Banking or Internet Banking.
    • You can apply for a backup card which serves as a replacement card in case of emergency, which is an optional facility.

    Fee & Charges:

    Fee Type AUD Fee CAD Fee Euro Fee GBP Fee JPY Fee SGD Fee USD Fee CHF Fee AED Fee SEK Fee
    Fee levied to issue card INR 125 INR 125 INR 125 INR 125 INR 125 INR 125 INR 125 INR 125 INR 125 INR 125
    Fee per reload INR 75 INR 75 INR 75 INR 75 INR 75 INR75 INR 75 INR 75 INR 75 INR 75
    Fee to re-generate PIN 1 AUD 1 CAD 1 Eu per PIN 1 GBP per PIN 125 JPY 1.25 SGD 1 USD per PIN 1.50 CHF 3.50 AED 7 SEK
    To withdraw money from ATM 2 AUD 2 CAD 1.50 Eu 1 GBP 250 JPY 2.70 SGD 2 USD 2.50 CHF 7 AED 15 SEK
    To check balance 0.50 AUD 0.50 CAD 0.50 Eu 0.50 GBP 60 JPY 0.75 SGD 0.50 USD 0.60 CHF 2 AED 3.50 SEK
    Charge slip Retrieval 3 AUD 3 CAD 2.50 Eu 1.5 GBP 375 JPY 4 SGD 3 USD 3.50 CHF 10.5 AED 22.50 SEK

    HDFC Bank Hajj Umrah Prepaid Card

    Overview of Prepaid Haj Umrah Card from HDFC:

    HDFC Bank Hajj Umrah ForexPlus Card is solely targeted for Pilgrims for Hajj & Umrah. Not only is it endowed with numerous discounts and perks, it also offers solid protection against varying exchange rates. As a need-based card, it can be blocked until you need to use it at no additional charge.

    Eligibility and documentation to avail Hajj Umrah Prepaid Card:

    • You are not required to have an HDFC Bank Accountholder to get this card.
    • Forms to be submitted are: A duly filled ForexPlus Card Application Form, Form A2 and relevant ID & Residence Proofs. You must also submit a copy of your valid passport and a self-attested photocopy of the Hajj receipt.

    Fees & Charges:

    • Fee levied to issue card – INR 200 for each card.
    • Fee levied per reload – INR 75 each time.
    • Fee to get the card re-issued – INR 100 for each card.
    • Fee to convert currency: 2 percent.

    Transactional Charges:

    Currency To Withdraw cash from ATM To Check Balance To Retrieve Chargeslip
    Saudi Arabia Riyal 7.50 SAR 2 SAR 11.25 SAR
    US Dollars 2 USD 0.50 USD 3 USD

    AXIS Bank Prepaid Cards

    Axis Bank My Money Prepaid Card:

    Overview of Axis Bank Prepaid My Money Card:

    Axis Bank presents their sizable clientele with their uber-cool, My Money Prepaid Card, which is considered as a solution to every financial requirements imaginable for today’s youth. More than a solution, My Money Prepaid card is a solid reminder that money finite resource. While it gives young generation the liberty to spend, it is also different ball game when one has to take manage their own finances. Nothing but a sense of ownership of finances can instill some spending-literacy and accountability. Also, they are much safer than carrying around cash as it is all held in a secure place.

    Features of My Money Card:

    • Use it any time anywhere and is much safer than carrying money.
    • Quick, flexible and stress-free payment mode.
    • You can utilize it at more than four lacs Visa-powered mercantile (online and retail).
    • You can draw money using this card from any ATM. Other functions include availing mini-statement and balance checking. Card transactions from Axis Bank ATMs are free of cost.
    • Online shopping is as safe as it comes as you first have to sign up at Verified by VISA before initiating payments.
    • The card is designed to inculcate pragmatic money management skills and financial discipline.
    • You can avail parental guidance for any and every transaction.
    • You are also entitled to Lost Card Insurance Cover up to INR 50,000 if you alert the bank immediately.
    • Axis Bank My Money Card will acquaint you with a new world of electronic banking and a myriad of seasonal offers and rebates at a number of places solely shortlisted for you.
    • The card can be personalized with your name embossed (only up to 14 characters) on it and can be reloaded up to the specified limit. You can also choose any other name and an image for your card.
    • As a Rupee-denominated Prepaid Card based on VISA platform, they work just like credit or debit card, only the money has to be charged in the card for spending. There is no hunting for loose change or counting, only swiping.
    • Anybody (parents, relatives) can load your card by depositing it directly from an Axis Bank branch or submitting cheques or Demand Drafts in your name at any branch or ATM. Loading of the Card
    • The card can be used for incessantly for five years after which you shall opt to renew it.
    • You are eligible for insurance in case you lose your card for up to INR 50,000 provided you report the loss immediately. The onus of transactions occurred after notifying the bank will not be on you.
    • Parents have voted this as a convenient and structured way of giving pocket money to their charges. This card can be given to a child (aged below 18) by parents for this purpose.
    • You can also avail Internet Banking Facility with this card at no extra charge using the login credentials provided to you.

    Fees & Charges:

    Fee Type Amount
    Fee levied to issue the card INR 250 plus GST
    Fee to reload the card INR 25 plus GST
    Yearly Fee INR 100 excluding GST at the year end
    Fee levied to replace lost/ stolen card INR 150 plus GST as applied
    Fee to get Physical Statements INR 50 plus GST as applied
    Fee levied to retrieve Duplicate ATM PIN, Internet Banking Password or IVR PIN INR 50 plus GST as applied
    Fee levied for redemption per card INR 100 and GST
    To withdraw money from non-Axis Bank ATMs INR 20

    Axis Bank Prepaid Meal Card

    Overview of Prepaid Axis Bank Meal Card:

    For many salaried employees today, marginal perks they can hope for were a good medical cover and a functional coffeemaker. Many enterprises have upped their ante in this regard and offer subsidized and tax-free meal cards now. Axis Bank wasted no time in leveraging on this trend. Their Prepaid Meal Cards take care of the requirements of an organization to mete out meal allowance to their staffs. It is an absolutely safe and secure electronic magnetic strip that the company can use to deliver consumer-friendly and tax free meal coupons, supported by VISA.

    Features of Prepaid Corporate Meal Card from Axis Bank:

    • User-friendly and convenient: Axis Bank’s Corporate Meal Cards can be swiped at any Visa powered Food & Beverage Mercantile entailing hotels, bistros, cafes, and sweet & confectionary outlets etc.
    • Easy Issuance: Meal Prepaid Cards do not just facilitate cost savings, but also result in better functional efficiency for your company.
    • Unrestricted Denomination: You can load any sum between INR 500 and INR 10,000 in your card and use it as per your need. There is no need to spend needlessly to fit into any denomination.
    • Account Balance Check: Axis Bank Meal Cards are endowed with a unique feature with which you can check balance via net banking or telebanking.
    • Unused Card Balance: The money remaining in the card at the time of expiry date will automatically lapse to the bank.

    Benefits of Axis Bank’s Meal Card:

    • Expediency & Utility: Prepaid Meal Cards are simple enough to use in day to day life and do away with the difficulty related to paper coupons. Axis Bank Meal Cards may also be financed through numerous channels.
    • Money Management: With Axis Bank meal cards, the whole payment procedure is streamlined and brings down the admin expenses considerably.
    • Wide Acceptance: The card is accepted at any Visa-marked Food & Beverage Mercantile (including supermarkets and pharma), meaning you can use it across India.
    • Safety: Meal Cards offer a much better security compared to the ordinary paper coupons as you can immediately block it in case of loss or theft.

    Fees and Charges

    • Fee Levied for Card Issuance: This fee is estimated based on factors such as number of cards ordered by the firm, average monthly upload for each card, replacement charges (INR 100 per Card and GST) and Redemption Card (INR 100 and applied GST).

    Axis Bank Prepaid Gift Card

    Overview of Prepaid Axis Bank Gift Card:

    Axis Bank’s introduction of Gift Card and E-Gift Card was nothing short of revolutionary. An idyllic gift for your loved ones, it opens up a Pandora’s Box of diverse options and possibilities to the beneficiary when it comes to choosing a gift for herself/ himself. With Axis Bank Gift Cards, you enjoy an exemplary gifting experience that is not strenuous or complicated. Axis Bank Gift Cards and E-Gift Cards are delivered in partnership with providers, VISA International, MasterCard and RuPay.

    Features of Gift Card from Axis Bank:

    • The Axis Bank Gift Card is a pre-loaded magnetic stripe card, valid for 12 months and cannot be reloaded. It is greatly recognized at all mercantile and PoS (powered by VISA, MasterCard and Rupay).
    • You can opt to have a Virtual Gift Card (E-Gift Cards) as this is not just provided as physical cards. E-Gift Cards, as they are known, make present-giving swift and simple for the customer and the gift card is promptly delivered to the beneficiary’s inbox. The E-Gift Card may be utilized at any VISA-enabled Indian online mercantile.
    • Globally Accepted: Axis Bank Gift Cards can be utilized at all merchant outlets as well as online platforms opening up a host of diverse options to person to choose his/ her gifts from.
    • Great Flexibility: You can load your Gift Card with any denomination ranging from INR 500 to INR 50,000. The Card can be initiated in a matter of hours after issuing. And it it is an E-Gift Card you are getting, it will be activated immediately.
    • Absolute Security: The Axis Bank Gift Cards are endowed with a unique PIN that delivers comprehensive security when you use it for any online purchase or while swiping at any PoS.
    • Organizational Gifting: Axis Bank’s Gift Cards are a first-rate choice of gift for business incentive programs as well as Rewards & Recognition Programs within the firm as the cards can be customized accordingly. This can also serve the purpose of gifting to partners and special clients as token of appreciation.
    • Gift Cards are easy to carry around and used as per convenience with no denomination restriction as compared to gift coupons, which can get damaged easily.

    Benefits of Prepaid Gift Cards from Axis Bank:

    Axis Bank Gift Cards gives a fresh and gratifying gifting experience to both the sender and the beneficiary as seen in the box below.

    For the Sender For the Recipient
    Simple: There is no hassle of thinking of a perfect gift for days, find where it is available and then buying it. All you need to do is buy this card with enough credit with fast online fulfilment. Prompt Gifting: The E-Gift card is immediately delivered to their phone as well as email inbox.
    Convenient: You shall gift from the comfort of your home or office or merely present the card on the go via your smartphone. Freedom to choose one’s own gift: The Axis Bank Gift Card offers the beneficiary a chance to purchase what he/ she really desires. This card can be used to shop from any VISA-powered portal.
    The Gift Card is something that can be treasured for life even after it is used. Axis Bank has some tough competition from other banks in the field of prepaid cards. Hence there is always something or the other on the offer platter like discounts and cashbacks from partnered sites.
    You don’t have to go to a huge length to get this card. The application is a simple enough process and can be done in a few minutes.
    Worried about getting the gift to your loved one overseas on time? Prepaid Gift Card eradicates that as well. And you will be saving on courier charges too.

    Fees and Charges:

    • Issuance Fee levied for Gift cards: INR 100 plus GST for each card Card
    • Issuance Fee levied for E-Gift Cards: INR 20 not counting the GST per card
    • Feel levied to replace card: INR 100 and GST per Card.

    Axis Bank Prepaid Smart Pay Card

    Overview of Axis Bank Smart Pay Prepaid Card:

    These days it is a race among enterprises to come up with the most convenient payroll system with jazzy rewards. They want to be every job seeker’s envy. Axis Bank’s Smart Pay Card is a ground-breaking and customized means to distribute monthly remunerations, incentives, rewards and refunds to your blue collar staffs. Smart Pay is a rupee denominated prepaid card for paying your workers’ wages in a more streamlined and structured way. Now there is no added bother of getting cheques issued, distributing to individual employee and them going to the bank to cash the cheques. Now all it takes is one loading command to the bank. Job done.

    Features of Prepaid Smart Pay Card from Axis Bank:

    • Utility: The Smart Pay may be utilized at any Axis Bank ATM in the country along with countless VISA Mercantile for shopping transactions (online and retail).
    • One do not need an Axis Bank or any other bank account to avail this card. There is no mandate of maintaining an average quarterly balance.
    • Transaction Limits:
    • Money withdrawal limit per day at any Axis Bank ATM: INR 20,000
    • PoS transaction limit per day: INR 50,000
    • No Lost Card Accountability: The Smart Pay Card is endowed with a zero lost card accountability if you report it lost or stolen to the bank’s customer care center. You will not be held responsible for any false fund transactions done with the card after notifying them.
    • All the unused balance in the card will be automatically lapsed to the Axis Bank once the expiry date is crossed.

    Benefits of Prepaid Smart Pay Card from Axis Bank:

    • Convenient Yet Foolproof: With secure and convenient electronic payments it ensures instant pay outs and empowers your employees with anywhere-anytime money.
    • Unparalleled Features: Smart Pay Prepaid Card enables money withdrawal and PoS transactions at countless mercantile.
    • Easy Utility: The Smart Pay takes away the requirement for a different salary account for each worker.

    Fees and Charges:

    • Smart Pay Card Issuance Card: It depends on the number of card requested by the enterprise and the average monthly upload per card from the company’s current account.
    • Charges levied to replace if the card is lost or stolen: INR 100 and GST for each card.
    • Redemption Fee Levied: INR 100 plus applied GST for each card.

    Axis Bank Prepaid Rewards Card

    Overview of Axis Bank Rewards Prepaid Cards:

    The Axis Bank Rewards Card provides enterprises, businesses and organizations a unique and operative way to encourage clients, staffs, marketing teams and suppliers to amp up their game. Quite different from conventional paper cheques, trophies, and products as reward options, this is a perfect award-solution to give top performers their due recognition. It is an ideal alternative to traditional paper checks and merchandise awards.

    YES Bank Prepaid Cards

    Overview of YES Bank Prepaid Cards:

    YES BANK Prepaid Cards offer a secure and user-friendly payment solutions to handle every big and small fund transactions with a click or swipe. There is no question of carrying wads of currency on your person when you have this multipurpose card, which has to be recharged with cash. Prepaid cards from YES Bank are strategically customized and idyllic for travelling, remunerating and giving as gift, which can be applied to and availed from any YES Bank branch close to you. These cards are endowed with a host of perks and offers and guess what, you don’t even need to have an account with the bank to get this service.

    How to apply for a YES Bank Prepaid Card:

    If you want to avail any YES Bank Prepaid Card, you simply have to get in touch with your nearest YES Bank branch via phone, email or in person. A Relationship Manager will contact you at the earliest to take the application forward.

    Documentation required to apply for any Prepaid Card from YES Bank:

    • ID and Resident Proofs as mandated by the bank.
    • A duly filled application form
    • If you already have a YES Bank Savings Account, you do not need to submit any KYC document.

    YES Bank offers the following prepaid cards:

    1. Multi Currency Travel Card
    2. Gift Card
    3. Jewellery Gift Card
    4. Corporate Gift Card
    5. Payroll Card
    6. Incredible India Domestic Travel Card

    YES Bank Multi Currency Travel Prepaid Card

    Overview of Multi Currency Travel Prepaid Card:

    A YES Bank Multi Currency Travel Chip Card is fashioned to present you with an unforgettable overseas vacation. As a wholly safe, simple and stress free means to handle manifold currencies in a single travel card, it can make disbursements abroad at reasonable exchange rates. Your trip purpose might vary from sightseeing, business conference, living an epicurean life and so on. But it is all made effortless without any hassle if you are a multiple currency travel card user of YES Bank. And what is more, using the card at any mercantile is free of charge.

    Features & Benefits of Prepaid Multi Currency Travel Card from YES Bank:

    • It carries numerous currencies such as US Dollars (USD), Euros (EUR), Singaporean Dollars (SGD), Australian Dollars (AUD), British Pounds (GBP), Arab Emirati Dirham (AED), Japanese Yen (JPY), Canadian Dollars (CAD), Hong Kong Dollars (HKD), Swiss Franc (CHF) etc. in a single card.
    • Global acceptance at any MasterCard-powered mercantile (online or retail).
    • You can reload or unload your travel card at any YES Bank branch.
    • The embossed chip ensures added security against cons and misappropriation.
    • If there is money remaining in your card, you can use it for your next trip or get it reimbursed back to your bank account.
    • You can manage the card dealings and transactions online as well.
    • This card is valid for five years.
    • There is a dedicated team of customer support round the clock.
    • You will get a notification via SMS and email every time the card is used.

    Fees & Charges:

    Expense Details for Overseas ATMs
    Currency Cash Withdrawal at Overseas ATM Balance Enquiry at Overseas ATM To get a new ATM PIN
    USD 2 USD .5 USD .50 USD
    EURO 1.5 EU .50 EU .40 EU
    GBP 1 GBP .50 GBP .30 GBP
    AUD 2 AUD .5 AUD .50 AUD
    SGD 2.70 SGD .75 SGD .6 SGD
    AED 7 AED 1.75 AED 1.84 AED
    JPY 204 JPY 51 JPY 51 JPY
    CAD 2.15 CAD .55 CAD .55 CAD
    HKD 15.50 HKD 3.90 HKD 3.90 HKD
    CHF CHF 1.80 .45 CHF .45 CHF

    YES Gift Prepaid Card from YES BANK

    Overview of YES Bank Prepaid Gift Card:

    It is common to be quite clueless about what to gift to your loved one on any occasion, unless you know exactly what he/ she wants. They may insist that they don’t need gift. But you know this is far from true. You have the option of asking them what they want and if they choose to tell you, you can get that. But that somehow takes away the charm of it. It is precisely for this reason why YES gift card is a great gift idea as it can be personalized and used as the recipient desires. It is tailor made to suit every occasion or event, be it festivals like Christmas or occasions like anniversary, Mother’s Day etc.

    Features & Benefits of Prepaid YES Gift Card:

    • Getting this card as a gift for a loved one can be a onetime effort as you can recharge the card for every occasion.
    • You shall reload the card for up to INR 50,000.
    • It is easy to handle as it functions just like a credit or debit card when you shop, dine out or travel.
    • To check your card balance, all you have to do is to access the bank’s Telebanking feature and use the advanced online account management system.
    • The YES Gift Card is essentially a MasterCard-powered signature card, which warrants a widespread recognition. It is accepted at more than five lacs MasterCard-embossed mercantile across India.

    Fees & Charges:

    Fee Type Amount
    Issuance Fee (per card) INR 100
    Issuance Fee (500 Qty numbers with load worth of INR 2000 & more) Zero
    Fee levied to replace the card INR 100
    Fee charged to regenerate PIN (per unit) INR 50

    YES Bank Prepaid Jewellery Gift Card

    Overview of Prepaid Jewellery Gift Card from YES Bank:

    The YES Bank Jewellery Gift Prepaid Card is a pre-stored cash card, powered with MasterCard portal which can be gifted to your loved one on any celebratory or family events or meted out by enterprises to their staffs or any business associates or customer(s). As the name clearly indicates, this card can be used only to buy ornaments. Jewellery is always a timeless gift. The joy of giving and receiving is as permanent as the object itself, not to mention that it is a safe investment.

    Features & Benefits:

    • There is no denomination and you can recharge the card for up to a limit of INR 50,000.
    • It is easy and convenient as you only need to choose a desired gift from any MasterCard powered, Gold or Jewellery Mercantile for POS & website transactions throughout India and swipe.
    • Since it is accepted at more than five lacs Jewellery outlets in the country, there is no fear for utility.
    • You can easily keep track of the card balance by making your enquiries from YES Bank ATMs (free of charge) via the bank’s YES Touch phone banking feature as well as through your internet banking account.

    Fees & Charges:

    Fee Type Amount
    Fee for issuing the YES Bank Jewellery Gift Prepaid card INR 100
    Issuance Fee (500 Qty numbers with load worth of INR 2000 & more) Zero
    Fee levied to replace the card INR 100
    Fee charged to regenerate PIN (per unit) INR 50

    YES Bank Corporate Gift Prepaid Card

    Overview of YES Bank’s Prepaid Corporate Gift Card:

    The YES Bank Prepaid Corporate Gift Card is a pre-charged card, powered by MasterCard, specially made as a kind of corporate incentive or appreciation token. It can be handed out by companies to their workers, partners, clients or other business associates. It can be given as Employee Benefits (for festivals), Incentives, Performance Awards, Gratuity, Bonus, and Group Rewards among others.

    Features and benefits of Prepaid Corporate Gift Card from YES Bank:

    • There is no denomination restriction to use this card and the card be loaded with any amount not exceeding INR 50,000.
    • Easily Manageable: It functions just as an ordinary credit or debit card when you shop at any mercantile including eateries, hotels, supermarkets etc.
    • It is widely accepted across more than six lacs mercantile (both online and retail) that accepts MasterCard in India.
    • You can check and enquire your card balance any time using the special feature, YES TOUCH Phone Banking and your prepaid internet banking account. You can also check balance at any YES Bank ATM, free of charge.

    Fees & Charges:

    Fee Type Amount
    Issuance Fee (per card) INR 100
    Issuance Fee (500 Qty numbers with load worth of INR 2000 & more) Zero
    Fee levied to replace the card INR 100
    Fee charged to regenerate PIN (per unit) INR 50

    YES Bank Payroll Prepaid Card

    Overview of Prepaid Payroll Card from YES Bank:

    These days most corporates are looking for ways to handle monthly expenses and salary payment in a quickly yet efficiently. The YES Bank Payroll Card is a rupee-based prepaid card for shelling out your staff’s remunerations in a structured and less hassle-free way. The company has to load the cards in advance from the company’s current account. Then the YES Bank Payroll Card allows the organization commence payment using card rather than distributing cash or cheques to staffs. By enabling money withdrawal at any ATM in the country and PoS transactions at every mercantile that supports MasterCard fund transactions, the Payroll Prepaid Card takes away the requirement for a distinct salary bank account.

    Features and Benefits of Yes Bank Payroll Card:

    • Card Type: YES Bank Payroll Prepaid Card is essentially a rupee-denominated and rechargeable MasterCard Card, which is valid up to a period of five years.
    • Utility: The YES Bank Corporate Payroll Card can be used at any YES Bank ATM in the country as well as at any online shopping portal or physical retail outlet (Maestro and MasterCard enabled) in India.
    • Eligibility Criteria: You need not have a bank account with YES Bank or any other bank or maintain a specific quarterly balance.
    • Transaction Limits:
    • Money withdrawal limit from ATM per day – INR 10,000
    • Transaction limit at any PoS per day – INR 20,000
    • Unlike normal bank accounts, only the company owner with whom YES Bank has signed the agreement can load a corporate prepaid card with money.
    • You can only load up to INR 50,000 in a card. For instance if the current balance on the card is INR 30,000, you can only load INR 20,000 into it.

    Fees & Charges:

    Fee Type Amount
    Fee for issuing the corporate prepaid card INR 200
    Fee levied to replace the lost/ stolen card INR 100
    Fee to withdraw money from any non-YES Bank ATM INR 20
    Fee to enquire card balance from a non-YES Bank ATM INR 8
    Fee to regenerate ATM PIN INR 25

    YES Bank Incredible India Prepaid Travel Card

    Overview of Incredible India Travel Card from YES Bank:

    Looking for a new travel prepaid card is similar to browsing for a new vehicle. It is easy to find one but not so easy to stumble upon the right card for you. If you love travelling and are looking for a myriad of travel perks, YES Bank’s travel prepaid card can be a good option as it is as convenient as it is lucrative.

    YES Bank Incredible India Prepaid Card may be utilized for every travel requirements like reservations of air and train ticket reservations, not to mention waiver in fuel surcharge and other payments. You can access any ATM in the country for urgent money requirement while you are on the move.

    Features & Benefits of Incredible India Travel Card:

    • Get it issued instantly as you can buy it over the counter at any branch of YES Bank in India.
    • You may recharge or reload the card from any YES Bank regional offices.
    • Enjoy the flexibility of loading money up to INR 50,000, which can be accessed from any ATM (MasterCard-enabled) throughout the country.
    • With a nationwide acceptance of the card at all MasterCard-powered mercantile and PoS, accessibility will be least of your worries.
    • You can do all your travel related reservations and payments online using this card.
    • The documentation procedure is simple and do not take much time.
    • Every time the card is used, you will be alerted via SMS and emails, making it easy to manage as well as stop fraudulence.
    • You can request for a Secondary Prepaid Travel Card to keep it for emergency.
    • The card is endowed with a host of perks, offers and rebated from time to time, which you can check on the bank’s official website.
    • Customer support is available at all times, which you can access using their YES TOUCH Phone Banking feature.

    Fees & Charges:

    Fee In Detail Amount
    Funding to issue the card INR 250
    Reload/ recharging the card Zero
    Yearly fee INR 100
    Money withdrawal charges from YES Bank ATMs Zero
    Withdrawing from other bank ATMs INR 20
    Fee levied to replace the card INR 100
    Fee levied to check balance from other bank ATMs INR 8

    GST of 18% is applicable on all banking products and services from July 1, 2017 onwards.

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    Prepaid Cards Reviews

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    • Kotak
      "Worst bank ever"
      0.5 0.5/5 "Unacceptable"
      Itâ??s not even worth one star rating. This is the second time I had applied and got an atm card and itâ??s again showing itâ??s various way to not trust again. After few months the card will start declining wherever I have to pay, will say that the mpin is wrong even if itâ??s right, if you want to pay through google or paytm also it wonâ??t work. This was the last time I got any card from this bank.
      Was this review helpful? 194
      , bangalore
      Reviewed on Mar 15, 2020
    • YES Bank
      YES Bank
      YES BANK
      0.5 4.0/5 "Great!"
      I think its nice to apply, it has been very fast and easy let's see what happens next if its open means I'll be very much happy person, pleas let me no soon that I can be a customer of this bank I had pan card permanent account number and I didn't have addar card though.
      Was this review helpful? 207
      , hyderabad
      Reviewed on Mar 20, 2019
    • Kotak
      0.5 4.0/5 "Great!"
      I am having a Platinum Debit card from Kotak Mahindra Bank. The daily withdrawal limit is sufficient. I don't get any benefits on the card but its easily accessible everywhere. I got a hidden charges of 150 rupees which was debited from my account. There is no charges for other ATM swipes and there is no limitation.
      Was this review helpful? 238
      , mumbai
      Reviewed on Jan 28, 2019
    • Kotak
      "Worst Kotak 811 services"
      0.5 0.5/5 "Unacceptable"
      Opened an account in December 2018 not received any call from customer care for document completion till yet also visited the nearest branch and no action has been taken . Worst services of this bank . Even the executive and staff has not been responsible and their behavior is also very rude.
      Was this review helpful? 242
      , new delhi
      Reviewed on Jan 16, 2019
    • YES Bank
      YES BANK
      0.5 4.0/5 "Great!"
      I think its nice to apply, it has been very fast and easy let's see what happens next if its open means I'll be very much happy person, pleas let me no soon that I can be a customer of this bank I had pan card permanent account number and I didn't have addar card though.
      Was this review helpful? 156
      , bangalore
      Reviewed on Oct 03, 2018
    • YES Bank
      "SUPER BANK"
      YES BANK
      0.5 5.0/5 "Blown Away!"
      I've been using the YES BANK Edge credit card for a while. The Value of the points are really good. I've already accumulated more than 15000 reward points. I am really impressed with the card and their services. I never had any issues with them.
      Was this review helpful? 125
      , hyderabad
      Reviewed on Sep 19, 2018
    • YES Bank
      "What to write? You can write a review about any Loan produc"
      YES BANK
      0.5 5.0/5 "Blown Away!"
      awesome great job i like your services i feel happy u provided help to need a urgent way tnq so much tnq bankbazar first time i am online visitor i cant explain how much i m happy bankbazar i would like too u say thnku bankbazaar your service is too much fast rapid
      Was this review helpful? 95
      , bangalore
      Reviewed on Mar 11, 2018
    • Kotak
      "Good Bank"
      0.5 4.0/5 "Great!"
      I have a Kotak Bank i opened through Online portal. It is Very Easy to Open .Zero Rupees Charges.I ordered for a Debit card of kotak bank i got it delivered.Kotak App is Very User Friendly to Everyone.Zero balance maintain No Extra Charges..Quite Good App
      Was this review helpful? 156
      , bangalore
      Reviewed on Feb 16, 2018
    • Kotak
      "Decent Credit Card"
      0.5 4.0/5 "Great!"
      I have a Salary account with them and the bank has offered a complimentary Credit card on the basis of this account. They have given me a Credit Limit of Rs.2.5 Lakhs, which I felt is quite a good one to have. One thing which let me down over here is their high interest rate. Also an added advantage is, they have good reward points system available with them.
      Was this review helpful? 105
      , chennai
      Reviewed on Jan 23, 2018
    • Kotak
      0.5 4.0/5 "Great!"
      I am using domestic debit card of Kotak Mahindra Bank. The daily withdrawal limit was 25,000 rupees which was satisfactory. I am using this debit card for the last six months. There is no charge for other ATM swipe. ATM facilities are good and enough.
      Was this review helpful? 104
      , navi mumbai
      Reviewed on Jan 04, 2018
    • Kotak
      "Good service"
      0.5 4.0/5 "Great!"
      Within 4days of time I got the car loan from Kotak Mahindra bank. The customer support is good with Kotak mahindra bank. The rate of interest which they have offered was low, when compared with other banks. The required loan amount has been disbursed and I am happy with it.
      Was this review helpful? 104
      , hyderabad
      Reviewed on Oct 16, 2017
    • RBL Bank
      "Ratnakar Bank Debit card "
      RBL BANK
      0.5 5.0/5 "Blown Away!"
      Ratnakar Bank debit card facility is too good. Very useful options for using debit cards at different pos and online payment system. Bank customers care facilities are also prompt in service with customer. RBL is rising bank in all villages.
      Was this review helpful? 228
      , pune
      Reviewed on Aug 21, 2017
    • Kotak
      "Kotak Mahindra Bank Fraud Services"
      0.5 0.5/5 "Unacceptable"
      Kotak Mahindra Bank has **fraud banking services**. Rs. 800+ charge for other ATM Withdraws. 10000+ Charge for not maintaining minimum balance. 1000+ for delayed credit card payments. One Purchase = Service Tax+Conversion Charge+Interest Charge+Actual MRPâ?¦. **Close all your accounts** of Kotak Mahindra Bankâ?¦
      Was this review helpful? 234
      , bangalore
      Reviewed on Apr 06, 2017
    • Kotak
      0.5 5.0/5 "Blown Away!"
      Was this review helpful? 86
      , vadodara
      Reviewed on Mar 26, 2017
    • Kotak
      "Share a experience with Kotak Mahindra Bank on line service"
      0.5 4.0/5 "Great!"
      I like Kotak Mahindra Bank because this bank replied fast comparing with another bank.The process was comleted process on line with in a five minute.its pleasant experience when compared with other bank services I like Kotak than another private sector banks.
      Was this review helpful? 46
      , ahmedabad
      Reviewed on Mar 25, 2017
    • Kotak
      "zero use for kotak rupay debit card"
      0.5 0.5/5 "Unacceptable"
      i applied for a kotak mahindra rupay debit card after surrendering my existing visa debit card. firstly for some strange reason kotak doesnt allow rupay debit card as a addon card to my existing visa card. hence they automatically blocked my visa debit card on applying for rupay card. next i tried using the kotak rupay debit card on various POS terminals and online transactions. but it was declined everytime. later i got to know that they mention that it cant be used online. but there is no mention of non usage at POS too. after i tried it at around 20-30 machines i wrote them an email. to which they replied that there rupay card is not enabled for POS yet. and its not happening anytime soon. WHILE OTHER BANKS' RUPAY CARD WORKS EASILY ONLINE AS WELL AS AT POS, KOTAK CHOSES NOT TO ENABLE THESE. this card is only usefull for taking out cash from atm and that too only 10000. i was left bitterly dissapointed and have finally blocked it for reissue of visa debit card.
      Was this review helpful? 76
      , new delhi
      Reviewed on Mar 09, 2017
    • YES Bank
      "Average Experience"
      YES BANK
      0.5 4.0/5 "Great!"
      At present, I dont have an interest to take YES Bank debit card, Because I am an existing customer of HDFC and SBI bank, So I thought not to process with new bank. YES bank service was good and prompt. I hope YES Bank saving account processing fee would be Rs.15,000 to Rs.20,000.
      Was this review helpful? 20
      , warangal
      Reviewed on Dec 16, 2016
    • Kotak
      "Very Poor service - Dont go for it - i am frustrated ."
      0.5 0.5/5 "Unacceptable"
      Deducted money, I tried to communicate with them, but I didnt get any response. having many features of KOTAK bank is not good when it comes to customer service. Do not open your account in Kotak bank they will not give you service. I am frustrated with Kotak bank. Very bad feelings.
      Was this review helpful? 74
      , pune
      Reviewed on Dec 15, 2016
    • Kotak
      "Make False Offer"
      0.5 0.5/5 "Unacceptable"
      I'm a Kotak Platina Salary account holder which comes with a Kotak Platinum Debit Card. The Platinum Card holders has no withdrawal limit from Kotak and Non-Kotak ATM in india. Everything was going fine for last 1.5 year. I have been happily withdrawing cash around 10-15 times a month from Non-Kotak ATM. Suddenly they charged me with some CW Fee. Querying on that, I get to know that they downgraded my account upto five ATM transaction/Month. The reason of downgrading my account is many number of withdrawal of 300-400 INR. But still they are showing in the charges page the same unlimited Kotak and non-Kotak transaction. The link of the charges page is : http://www.kotak.com/service-charges.html
      Was this review helpful? 56
      , bangalore
      Reviewed on Dec 10, 2016
    • Kotak
      "Good overall"
      0.5 5.0/5 "Blown Away!"
      I am happy with the services and response I received from Kotak Mahindra Bank for the debit card application. They contacted me and informed me all the details and the procedure as well. Since I went ahead with another bank, I cancelled my application with them. I do not wish to comment on the charges.
      Was this review helpful? 32
      , mumbai
      Reviewed on Dec 05, 2016
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