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  • LPG Gas Connection – Precautions & Safety Tips

    Safety of folks will be of greatest concern at any authorized LPG business units, private or public. Most providers regards as their primary priority as their customers are their biggest assets and a slight miscalculation can lead to unimaginable loss and damage to individuals and public.

    Importance of LPG Safety Tips:

    These days we see that LPG is commonly utilized in nearly every industry, households and others for obvious reasons like affordability, utility, eco-friendliness, less perilous than its alternatives and so on. It has certainly ascertained itself to be one of the most reliable and easily manageable fuels. Yet, owing to certain properties of LPG, catastrophes related to it are not unheard of. And they are definitely not sporadic. Surprisingly, these accidents are often the cause of negligent and careless handling rather than the volatile nature of LPG itself.

    LPG must be used in line with protective measures specified by the provider. Flawed use of LPG can end up in blasts, fire hazards, property damage and most vitally deathly injuries or death. Please do not overlook problems like leakages in pipes or cylinders, faulty regulators, wrong way in which the cylinder is stored etc.

    Given below are safety measures to take in any given situation.

    i. About Approval of LPG Appliances:

    • Always go for BIS validated devices
    • Get BIS authorized rubber tubes and LPG regulators from certified suppliers only

    ii. While Getting Your Cylinders:

    • Ensure that the company seal and safety cap is fixed securely on your gas cylinder.
    • If you are in doubt about the procedure, do not hesitate to as the delivery man for a demo.
    • Your LPG cylinder should be fixed at ground level on a plain surface.
    • It is a common practice to drag, roll or drop the cylinder. This is strictly unadvisable.

    iii. Before Usage & After Usage:

    • Make sure that the rubber ‘O’ ring inside the cylinder valve is intact.
    • Be on the alert for any noticeable signs of seepage, be it visual examination or the favourite soap solution test or smell.
    • Never use lit match-sticks or candles to look for leakages.
    • Always store the cylinder in vertical position at plain level at a well aired place.
    • Never keep the LPG cylinder in your cabinet.
    • The LPG stove should always be fitted on kitchenette slab at a position above cylinder.
    • The cylinder should be kept as far as possible other heat sources like induction cooker, lit lamp etc.
    • Turn the regulator knob to ‘OFF’ position once you are done with cooking.
    • If you have empty cylinders, please store them in a cool and airy spot. See that the safety cap is in place.
    • Keep the lighter ready and then turn the knob ‘ON’.
    • Don’t forget to switch off the flame while you change the LPG cylinder .
    • Ideally, you must change the rubber tube once in six months.

    iv. In Case of a Leakage:

    • Do not panic and calm your mind.
    • Do not turn on or turn off any electrical appliances in the kitchen if you think that there is a leak.
    • Put out all flames, lights, incense sticks etc.
    • Shut down the appliance and turn off the LPG regulator.
    • Immediately put on the Safety Cap on the cylinder after the regulator is switched off.
    • Keep all the windows and doors open to ensure ventilation. But do not switch on electric fans or exhaust fans for this purpose.
    • Get in touch with your dealer at the earliest.

    LPG - Precautions and Safety Tips for Hotel and Industries

    LPG or Liquified Petroleum Gas is highly beneficial and popular. As compared to other sources of energy such as fossil fuels or natural gas, LPG is much more energy efficient and versatile. LPG is also convenient to store and procure besides being economical. The Government of India also offers subsidies for LPG to customers with annual taxable income below Rs. 10 lakh. LPG is used in a number of households and also in commercial establishments such as hotels.

    However, it must be noted that despite all the safety features of LPG cylinders, it is still combustible and a source of fuel. Therefore certain safety measures must be taken regarding LP especially in hotels and other commercial establishments.

    Safety Measures for LPG in Hotels and other Commercial Establishments

    Since LPG is combustible, it is imperative for workers to ensure that certain measures, precautions and procedures are maintained so that there are no casualties and issues.


    • In case of accidents, even minor ones it is important for workers to raise an alarm or a siren.
    • In case customers detect leaks they will need to immediately close isolation valves and stop using it.
    • In case there is a valve leakage directly from the cylinder, users will have to ensure that they put the safety cap and then carry the cylinder out to an open space.
    • In case of a fire, customers must only use a D.C.P type of a fire extinguisher or call the fire station.
    • In case leakage cannot be controlled, the fire department must be notified.


    • Customers must ensure that cylinders are always in an upright position. They must also never heat the cylinder indirectly or directly.
    • The cylinder must be checked for leakage from the valve and ‘O’ ring prior to connection.
    • Unconnected cylinders must not be stored and valves should be switched off when the cylinder is not being used.
    • Entry must be restricted to only authorized people and extra material must never be stored in the LPG storage area especially combustible ones.
    • Battery operated instruments must not be used inside the shed along with electrical items that are not flame proof.
    • Smoking and naked flame is not allowed inside the storage area.

    In case of an emergency, customers can dial 100 for the police, 101 for the fire brigade or contact their closest LPG gas service station. Following the above precautions can ensure that LPG does not become harmful or cause damage.

    News about LPG Gas Connection – Precautions & Safety Tips

    • Customers Worried By Cylinder Leakages

      There have been a number of faulty cylinders that have been distributed by numerous LPG companies and this has been raising concerns. These companies have received over a 100 faulty cylinders and regulators so far in Nashik district. 67 complaints have been received regarding cylinders and 42 complaints have been received regarding leaked regulators in the second quarter of the calendar year.

      LPG companies have over 11 lakh gas connections in Nashik district and this number is increasing. Customers are also irritated by the delay in receiving refill cylinders even after having booked one. Individuals have complained that delivery has been unpredictable. Complaints have also been pouring in regarding subsidy not being transferred to the right account or not being given at all and so on.

      31st July 2016

    • Security Test for Gas Cylinders Must be Carried Out Strictly

      The Government of Kerala will be taking steps to ensure that LPG cylinders that are in circulation should undergo compulsory security check up at an interval of every five years. This decision was taken in a meeting of oil company representatives and government officials who agreed upon the decision that no cylinder should reach consumers without undergoing a security check up. This decision has been taken so as to enhance the safety of cylinders.

      This security check would be meticulously carried out and registry of these cylinders will be done using new technology. Suggestions were also passed around regarding the competence of those who deliver gas cylinders with respect to its handling. Quality would also be given utmost priority and inspections would also be carried out regularly.

      6th July 2016

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