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  • Honda Two Wheeler Insurance

    Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India (HMSI), a subsidiary of the Honda motor Company, Japan, is undoubtedly one of the most trusted names in two wheelers in India. No matter where you go, you can spot a Honda two wheeler around you. Ever since its launch in India, Honda has been one of the major players which holds a majority of the two wheeler market in India, for the simple reason that they deliver the highest quality vehicles at reasonable prices. To do their bit to reduce the carbon emissions and resultant pollution, Honda has tried to successfully incorporated fuel efficient and environment friendly technology in their two wheelers which it retails in the Indian market.

    As unfortunate as the driving situation is in the country, two wheeler insurance has become nothing less of a necessity. Also, according to the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, it is compulsory for all two wheelers to be insured before they can be taken out on the road. So, if you have purchased a Honda two wheeler, scooter or motor bike, it is in the best interest of the vehicle that you get it insured. Best Two wheeler insurance helps protect your vehicle against a variety of on-road and other perils and risks. Not only does the insurance provide financial assistance in case the vehicle has undergone any damage but also helps protect you from any third party liability which may arise following the mishap.

    Features and Benefits of Honda Bike Insurance:

    • Network of Garages with Cashless Settlement Facility – For your Honda two wheeler, you can avail the facility of cashless settlement at any garage that are a part of your insurance provider’s network. Bajaj Allianz and HDFC Ergo have a well distributed network of garages located across the country where you can avail the cashless settlement facility. Cashless settlement essentially saves you from paying from your own pocket, the expenses or costs incurred towards the repair of your vehicle following a mishap. The payment will be made by your insurance provider.
    • Road Side Assistance – The unexpected can happen anywhere, leaving you stranded with no help. This is when Roadside Assistance can be your savior. Road side Assistance is designed to provide you any assistance that you may need, like a fuel refill, spare key service, relaying important messages to your family or friends, mechanical assistance, locating a network garage for vehicle repair, etc.
    • Third Party Liability Coverage – As per the motor Vehicles Act of 1988, the minimum insurance requirement for any vehicle is to be covered by a Third Party Liability Insurance cover. Third party liability insurance is designed to protect you from any legal liability which may arise if the insured vehicle has caused any damage to any third party individual, resulting in their permanent disablement or death, or damage to any third party property.
    • Personal Accident Cover– Another important part of a two wheeler insurance policy is Personal Accident Cover. While it may be a standard part of some policies, in some other policies it is a feature which can be availed at the payment of a nominal premium. Under Personal Accident cover, in case of the permanent disablement or death of the owner of the insured vehicle, the insurance company shall provide a compensation of a pre-fixed amount to the immediate family of the deceased. Personal Accident Cover for each policy is subject to terms and conditions.
    • Engine Protection Coverage – The engine of any vehicle is its heart. Though Honda vehicles are built to last, any major damage caused to the engine of the vehicle can affect the vehicle’s performance and also compromise your safety. Engine Protection Cover is a standard part of most two wheeler insurance policies which offer protection toward any damage which may be caused to the engine, as per pre-specified policy wordings.

    How To Ensure You Get The Best Insurance For Your Honda Two Wheeler:

    Two wheeler insurance, like any other type of insurance, is dependent on a number of factors. The coverage that you require for your Honda scooter or motor bike will depend on various factors like the model of the vehicle, it’s price, the city it has been registered in, the class of the vehicle, your own driving record, etc., among various other factors. The amount of coverage you need for your Honda bike or scooter depends on the class, model and the price of the vehicle. Also, the external aspects of the vehicle like the engine capacity, body parts, usage purpose are also some factors which determine the type of insurance cover you need. As a consequence, these factors combined will affect the premium you will be charged, the Insured Declared Value of the vehicle, the voluntary Deductible amount and the coverage provided. The amount of premium may go up or down depending on the above mentioned factors.

    Before purchasing a two wheeler insurance policy for your Honda vehicle, it is necessary to do some research to ensure that you get the best deal on the policy. It helps to be informed about the market to make an informed decision. Before you set out to do your research, evaluate the amount of coverage you require for your vehicle and then proceed to carry out your own research about the various companies which provide two wheeler insurance. Compare the coverage that different providers are offering and at what premiums. Also look for any add-ons that you think will be beneficial for you. Also, while you are at it, do enquire about any discounts that you may get on your premium. Often insurance providers provide discounts to individuals who may be members of an automobile association or have installed an approved anti-theft device or alarm in their vehicle.

    Insurance companies offering Two Wheeler Insurance For Honda Two Wheelers:

    Currently, HDFC Ergo and Bajaj Allianz, two of India’s leading insurance providers offer two wheeler insurance for Honda scooters and motor bikes.


    Bajaj Allianz

    HDFC Ergo

    Electrical Accessories



    Non-electrical Accessories



    Bi Fuel Kit



    Personal Accident Cover



    Zero Depreciation Cover






    Voluntary Deductible



    Automobile Association



    Professional Discount



    Different Models of Honda Two Wheelers are:

    • Scooters - Honda Activa, Honda Aviator & Honda Dio
    • Sport Bikes / Super Bikes -, Honda VFR, Honda CBF Stunner, Honda Goldwing, Honda CBR & Honda VT.
    • General Purpose Bikes - Honda Stunner, Honda Dream, Honda CB Unicorn, Honda Shine, Honda CB Twister & Honda CB Trigger

    Honda Bike Insurance FAQs:

    1. Q: Can I purchase my Bajaj Allianz Two wheeler Policy online?

      A: Yes, you can easily purchase a Bajaj Allianz Two Wheeler policy online by following only a few simple steps.

    2. Q: Can i renew my HDFC Ergo Two Wheeler Policy online?

      A: Yes, you an easily renew your two wheeler insurance policy online by visiting the HDFC website and following the steps. Do keep your policy related details handy for the purpose.

    News About Honda Two Wheeler Insurance

    • Hero MotoCorp Toppled by Honda Motorcycle & Scooter in 11 States

      According to recent reports HMSI(Honda Motorcycle & Scooter) has gone ahead of Hero MotoCorp in the market. The market share has increased from 24% last year to 27% this year. On the other hand, in case of Hero MotoCorp, the market share has decreased from 41.3% to 40%. This has led to HMSI to become number one brand in almost 11 states in India. However, in spite of its growing market share in all these states, TVS Motor still leads the market in Tamil Nadu. According to Yadvinder Singh Guleria(Senior Vice-President for sales and marketing, HMSI), there are many factors that have contributed to its rise in market share such as increasing usage of scooters and capacity addition. However he also admits that they still have a lot of catching up to do with Mujnal firm.

      23rd October 2016

    • HMSI Sales Rise by 32% To 5,69,011 units in September 2016

      Following its lucky streak, Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India (HMSI) announced another victory for the month of September. The two-wheeler manufacturer announced a 32.1% rise in their sales for the month of September 2016, registering record sales of 5,69,011 units. For the corresponding month last year, the sales figures stood at 4,30,724 units. There was a 31% rise in domestic sales which stood at 5,39,662 units , as against 4,11,635 units sold in the corresponding month last year.

      Motorbike sales have risen by 25% and stood at 1,84,007 units in September 2016 as compared to 1,47,227 units in the same month last year. Scooter sales have also gone up to by 35% and were recorded at 3,55,655 units as against 2,64,408 in September 2015.

      3rd October 2016

    • Honda Targeting Rural Markets To Drive Scooter Sales

      Honda is looking to use the upcoming festive season to push their scooters in the rural market. While scooters have generally been associated with the urban market, Honda wants to drive growth from the rural sector and have increased production in anticipation of a hike in demand.

      The favourable monsoon is also a factor that the company hopes will drives two wheeler sales in this sector, which is lagging behind. According to reports, scooter sales fell from 35,000 in September 2015 to less than 18,000 this year.

      Another problem faced by the rural sector was the long wait period due to high demand from urban sectors. To address this, the company have opened a scooter-only manufacturing plant.

      The company aims to achieve 20% growth over the festive season, with two wheeler insurance providers also likely to benefit.

      19th September, 2016

    • Honda bikes rule the roost in 160cc segment

      Intense competition in the motorcycle segment has seen companies launch an array of products designed to cater to multiple needs. While the market for commuter bikes remains the biggest, motorcycles which offer the benefits of both performance and convenience are sought after by the younger generation. It is for this reason that manufacturers are focussing on bikes in the 160cc range, which are affordable and offer a higher degree of performance. A step-away from the 150cc segment, these bikes are trying to create a niche market for themselves.

      A recent report indicates that Honda is the biggest player in this segment, followed by TVS. The Honda CB Hornet 160R is perhaps the leader of this pack, thanks to its aggressive styling and muscular design. The bike, which has a 162cc engine packs sufficient power for both city and highway riding, making it a good choice for someone looking to spend around Rs. 85,000 for a bike.

      The Honda Unicorn 160 comes across as a more balanced bike, offering practical solutions to individuals. At a price tag of around Rs. 72,000, it is more suited to those looking to ride the legacy established by the old Unicorn. The third player in this league is the TVS Apache RTR 160, a bike which has been lauded for its performance. At a price of just under Rs. 74,000 (ex-showroom, New Delhi), it offers great specs and riding comfort to buyers.

      9th August 2016

    • Honda Navi Reports a Boost in Sales

      Honda has recently reported a boost in sales of its Honda Navi model in the domestic market. The sales mark of 10,000 units has been crossed by the Honda Navi in a span of 2 months. This hybrid model is offered in 3 variants: the Navi Adventure, the Navi Off-road and the Navi Street. It is available in the following colors: Hooper Green, Navi Street, Shasta White, Black and Sparky Orange. Get a two wheeler insurance cover for this model from any leading general insurance provider.

      9th June 2016

    • Honda sales through the roof, manufacturing at full capacity.

      All four manufacturing plants of the Honda Motorcycle and Scooter Company (HMSI) are currently running at full capacity, churning out thousands of vehicles, and accounting for over half the sales of two-wheelers in the entire country in May. The company beat out the other big players like Hero, Yamaha, TVS, and Royal Enfield in terms of total number of vehicles sold.

      Motor vehicle manufacturing companies pride themselves on sales, but blind to the fact that the traffic situation in the cities is just getting worse, as around 1,500 new vehicles (two and four wheelers) are being jammed onto the same roads, every day. It’s only a matter of time until the major cities exist in a condition of perpetual gridlock.

      While the sales of new vehicles is soaring, the Indian consumer also does not see the lakhs of second-hand two-wheeler options available, as purchasing a vehicle has been advertised as a symbol of status rather than a medium of transportation. These are cheaper alternatives that run just as well, and do not add more traffic on already congested roads. Two wheeler insurance and two wheeler loans are available even for second-hand vehicles.

      7th June 2016

    • Honda Contributes To Half of Overall Two-wheeler Sales in May

      Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India (HMSI), India’s prominent two wheeler manufacturer recently registered 19 percent boost in their sales volumes which accounts for nearly a half of the overall two-wheeler sales which have taken place in the country in the month of May. HMSI also recorded a 2% growth in its domestic market share, which now sits at 27.5 %.

      Overall two wheeler sales by manufacturers like TVS, Bajaj, Hero Honda, Yamaha and Royal Enfield have risen by 1,47,411 units alone in the month of May. Out of the total sales of 17,22,265 two-wheelers in May, Honda Motor’s standalone contribution stood at 47% , with a sale of 69,191 units.

      Y. S. Guleria, Senior VP for Sales and Marketing, HMSI said that this boost can be attributed primarily to the sale of models like the CB Hornet 160R, CB Shine and Livo. Also, the rise in demand is mainly coming from the urban and semi-urban sectors. However, with the prediction of a moderate to heavy monsoon, an upswing in sales is expected from the rural sector also.

      Speaking of the scooter category, Honda continues to lead the industry growth in the automatic model group with its flagship Activa model. The Activa continues to remain one of the biggest selling two-wheeler, which recorded the maximum sales in the period between January to April in 2016 owing to the additional units of the two-wheeler sent from its Gujarat plant.

      5th June 2016

    • Honda Two-Wheelers Witness Astounding Growth in Export

      Reports show that, during the financial year 2015 – 2016, Honda two wheeler segment has witnessed astounding growth in exports from India. 89,668 units of Honda Dio was exported to international markets, marking it as the highest exported scooter of the year. 2740 units of the Honda CBF Stunner/Fi was also exported during this period. Other Honda exports are – Honda Activa, Honda Dream, CB Unicorn 160, CB Shine, etc. Two Wheeler Insurance for these models are easily available within India and abroad as well.

      30th May 2016

    • Honda to Boost Sales with new Activa-i

      Since its launch, the Honda Activa has been one of the most popular brands to be rolled out by Honda. In an effort to boost sales for its Activa brand, Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India (HMSI) has recently launched the 2016 version of the Activa-i.

      This model of the Activa-i comes with Honda’s popular air cooled, 4-stroke, single-cylinder, 110cc engine (with patented HET Technology) which a power output of 8bhp with a maximum torque of 8.74Nm.

      With an intention to reach out and appeal to the rapidly growing population of young urban buyers, Honda has launched the Activa-i in a range of vibrant colors like yellow and blue, beside the standard black and white. The scooter itself features a trendy design and updated styling.

      The Activa-I will be available in 2 variants – standard and deluxe - priced at Rs 50,255 and Rs 50,769 (ex-showroom, Mumbai) respectively.

      24th May 2016

    • Honda sees increased demand for Navi

      The Indian two-wheeler market has seen tremendous growth over the last few years, with manufacturers rolling out new models to cater to increased demand. One of Honda’s latest offering, the Navi has been getting rave reviews from customers, with Honda selling over 5,000 units of this crossover bike. Priced at Rs 39,500, the Navi occupies a unique position in the market, combining practicality with style. Navi currently has a waiting period of 2-3 months, with the market abuzz by this one of a kind bike. Honda currently has plans to launch the bike in other cities, looking at both rural and semi-urban markets.

      24th May 2016

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