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    Reliance Two Wheeler Insurance
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    Owing to a population dominated by the middle class, the volume of two wheelers in India is one of the highest in the world. On the contrary, the number of vehicles with an active insurance coverage is dismal. The general awareness surrounding the need for insurance is bleak. For the owner, it is considered a burden on the wallet as they fail to realise the future indemnity it provides.

    Backed by prowess in the general insurance sector, Reliance General provides comprehensive coverage for your two wheeler with a host of new age benefits backed by round the clock claims assistance and a massive network of garages for repair work. Plus, a host of add on covers are available to enhance the benefits of the two wheeler insurance policy.

    Features & Benefits of Reliance General Bike Insurance

    Comprehensive coverage for the vehicle and third party

    This comprehensive insurance policy covers a wide range of damages or loss caused to the insured vehicle which also includes damages caused to third party person or property. Damage or loss to the insured two wheeler due to the following is covered.

    • Self Ignition
    • Accident
    • Transit by Rail, Road, Air & Elevator
    • Flood
    • Cyclone
    • Fire
    • Lightening
    • Theft
    • Earthquake
    • Inundation
    • Explosion
    • Terrorism
    • Riot & Strikes and / or Malicious Acts

    Pleasing Discounts on Premium Payments

    Get discounts on your next premium payment in the form of NCB(No claim Bonus) and Voluntary Deductible. Plus, you also have an advantage of transferring the NCB to your new vehicle.

    Details of the discounts on premium payment has been provided in the table below.

    No Claim Bonus

    A discount you’re entitled to for making no claims during the policy period. The discount is applicable on the premium amount during renewal of the policy.

    Claim Free Years Discount on your Next Premium
    One 20%
    Two 25%
    Three 35%
    Four 45%
    Five 50%
    Voluntary Deductible

    An amount which the insured chooses to copay in the claim amount with the insurer. Higher your contribution in form of Voluntary Deductible, lower the premium.

    Voluntary Deductible Discount on OD Premium of the Two Wheeler
    Rs.500 5%( maximum of Rs.50)
    Rs.750 10%( maximum of Rs.75)
    Rs.1,000 15%(maximum of Rs.125)
    Rs.1,500 20%(maximum of Rs.200)

    Add On Cover Options

    As an enhancement to the features of the standard two wheeler policy, Add on Cover options are available to help you customise the policy as per personal preference. Reliance General offers two optional covers. They are

    Nil Depreciation Cover

    By adding a nominal amount to the premium, you can be eligible to avail this cover which offers “Zero Deduction” based on deprecation, which simply means that your claim is fully reimbursed without deductions. In case of a major claim, this cover helps in reducing the financial burden on you.

    Personal Accident Bundle Cover

    The cover provides monetary compensation for Accidental Death and Permanent Total Disablement. A sum assured is at disposal by means of a cover against accidents anywhere in the world, no matter who was driving at the time of accident.

    Reliance Two Wheeler Insurance Personal Accident Cover

    Reliance General Insurance offers Add on Cover options to enhance the policy coverage for Two Wheelers.

    The Personal Accident Bundle Cover can be availed at a nominal addition to the premium amount. It covers accidents anywhere in the world and provides monetary compensation in case of Accidental Death and Permanent Total Disablement. Details of benefits are provided below.


    Capital Sum Insured

    Max. Compensation Amount

    Death and Permanent Total Disablement



    Loss of sight in both eyes or Loss of limbs



    Loss of sight in one eye and and loss of one limb



    Loss of sight in one eye or loss of one limb



    This Add On cover is highly recommended as it provides compensation for disablement which otherwise, is not available in the basic cover. This can be added to the policy at the time of annual renewal.

    Exclusions in the Reliance Two Wheeler Policy(Not Covered)

    • Routine wear and tear
    • The two wheeler used for purposes other than what it is accorded for
    • Electrical and mechanical breakdown
    • Damage caused to to the vehicle or third party by a person riding the vehicle without a valid Driving License
    • Damage or loss to the caused to the vehicle or third party while riding under the influence of alcohol or any other intoxicating substance.
    • Loss or damage due to depreciation of the vehicle's value
    • Consequential loss and Compulsory deductibles

    Reliance 2 Wheeler Claims Process

    • Call toll free on 1800 3009 to register the claim as soon as the claim occurs
    • Visit the nearest authorised garage with the vehicle for assessment and repair.
    • Provide the required documents to the surveyor as requested.
    • Upon confirmation of the claim, the required repair/replacement work can be carried out at the garage.
    • If the insured opts for cashless facility, Reliance General settles the bills directly with the garage after completion of the repair work.
    • If the customer is willing to pay for repairs upfront, bills can be submitted to the surveyor for settlement by means of reimbursement.

    Reliance Bike Insurance Renewal Online

    Two wheelers are way more vulnerable to road accidents than other vehicles. To ensure continued protection of your bike/scooter from accidents and other dangers, it is very important to not only buy a comprehensive insurance cover, but also renew it on time.

    Reliance General two wheeler insurance protects your vehicle from accidents, damages, loss, natural calamities, theft, etc. Cashless facility is also available at across a network of 159 chosen garages. Every two wheeler insured with the company is covered against any damage/loss, faced by a third party, caused due to the insured vehicle. The third party is compensated by the insurer, for the same. The insurance policy can be booked and renewed online through a very quick and hassle-free process. Just go on the official website of Reliance General Insurance, select the two wheeler icon and enter your existing policy number in the policy renewal tab. Click on ‘Renew My Policy’ and you will be directed to the two wheeler insurance policy renewal page. The website will guide you through the process thereafter, and you will have a renewed two wheeler insurance policy in no time. Give your vehicle the deserved protection and care with Reliance General two wheeler insurance renewal.

    Reliance 2 Wheeler Insurance Discount

    Reliance General Insurance Company provides insurance cover for both Cars and Motorcycles. When you renew the two wheeler insurance, you can be eligible for discounts on the premium, based on two different components as described below.

    No Claim Bonus(NCB)

    Attractive discounts follow if you do not make any claims during throughout the year. Plus, the accumulated bonus can also be transferred over to a new vehicle or retained for the existing two wheeler. A breakup of the discount has been provided in the table below.

    One Year without claims


    Two Consecutive Years Without Claims


    Three Consecutive Years Without Claims


    Four Consecutive Years Without Claims


    Five Consecutive Years Without Claims


    Voluntary Deductible

    You can also get a discount on the premium payable by increasing your stake in the Voluntary Deductible. This is the minimum amount you are required to pay in the claim amount, while the larger chunk is paid by insurer. The table below provides a breakup.

    Voluntary Deductible

    Discount Provided on Premium


    5% on the OD Premium. Maximum - Rs.50


    10% on the OD Premium. Maximum - Rs.75


    15% on the OD Premium. Maximum - Rs.125


    20% on the OD Premium. Maximum - Rs.200

    Reliance Bike Insurance FAQs

    1. I am planning to buy Reliance two wheeler insurance policy online. What details do I have to provide?

      You will be required to provide details like registration number, chassis number, engine number, previous policy number, date & place of purchase, contact details and vehicle manufacturing date. Also, you need to have a copy of your vehicle’s RC book.

    2. What is No Claim Bonus (NCB)?

      Policyholders get a discount on the premium if they have not claimed anything the previous term, this discount is referred to as NCB. No Claim Bonus can also be accumulated on a monthly basis starting at 20% for the first year of claim free renewal and 25% for the next year and so on.

    3. How is the IDV calculated?

      IDV or the Insured Declared Value is calculated by adjusting the manufacturer’s listed selling price against the depreciation percentage which is based on the age of vehicle.

    4. I recently got a new leather seat cover. Can I get it insured at the middle of my policy term?

      Of Course! Send a written request to Reliance and share all the details about the accessory. Also, since leather cover is a non-electrical accessory, you will have to pay an extra premium to get it covered.

    5. How is the premium for my two-wheeler vehicle decided?

      The premium is decided based on factors like the cubic capacity, insured declared value of the vehicle, age and model, place of registration of the vehicle, add-on covers opted for and the type of cover selected by you.

    6. Can I pay my two-wheeler insurance premium online?

      Yes, you can make an online payment using credit cards, Debit cards using ATM Pin or 3D secure code and also using Net Banking.

    7. In case of a theft of vehicle, what should I do?

      You should report the theft to the nearest police station as soon as possible and register a claim by contacting the nearest Reliance office or through the online portal.

    8. When can I make a personal accident claim?

      You can make a PA claim if the policy is in your name and you are the registered owner of the two-wheeler. Also, if the motor insurance policy includes an owner-driver, paid-driver or unnamed passenger, you can make a personal accident claim.

    9. What is the extra premium that will be charged for insuring the electrical accessories?

      An extra premium of 4% of the cost of accessory has to be paid for insuring it.

    10. What is the cashless garage facility?

      In case of an emergency, you can reach out to any of the 159 network garages where you can get your two-wheeler serviced free of cost.

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