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  • Paperwork Required When You Buy a Used Motorcycle

    Buying A Used Motorcycle Paperwork

    While buying a used two-wheeler, a buyer has to keep certain things in mind like the condition of the vehicle, authenticity of the seller, etc. One of the most important part is the paperwork involved in the process, which finalizes the purchase.

    The paperwork requires the following -

    1. RC (Registration Certificate) Book- It is mandatory for the seller to provide the RC book of the concerned vehicle to the buyer. The purchaser should check that the details of the vehicle match the details on the book. For example, the vehicle number and stamp proving the payment of tax. The name of the owner (seller) should be correct on the book. This book has to be submitted by the buyer in the RTO (Regional Transport Office) where the owner’s name will be changed to the new one.

      If the RC book has a bank seal stamped on it which denotes bank loan, the purchaser should get form 35 stamped, signed and a NOC letter from the bank mentioning the clearance of loans. The RTO charges a fee to cancel the loan entry.

    2. Insurance Certificate- It is mandatory for any vehicle to have an insurance policy. Without insurance, a vehicle will not be registered by the RTO. In case of buying a used motorcycle, the vendor has to provide the purchaser with the two wheeler insurance certificate of the vehicle. The bank which has provided this insurance policy will transfer the ownership from the seller to the buyer if the policy is active at the time of purchase. If it is not active he (the buyer) has to apply for a new two wheeler insurance policy.

      He can apply for a two wheeler insurance policy with any bank which provides the same. In case of buying a new policy he has to check his own requirements and then take up something which is beneficial.

    3. The seller should have form 28, form 29 and form 30 which the buyer has to submit at the RTO.
      1. Form 28 is a No Objection Certificate (NOC). Three copies of the same is required if the buyer is willing to take the motorcycle out of state. If not, the form is not important.
      2. Form 29 is the Notice of Transfer of Ownership. 2 copies of the same is required.
      3. Form 30 is Report of Transfer of Ownership of a Motor Vehicle. 1 copy of the same is required.
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    4. The seller should also provide the buyer with the road tax card which has the tax payment information which has to be submitted to the RTO.

    5. Pollution under Control (PUC) Certificate is mandatory for vehicles which are older than six months. If the previous owner does not have the same, the new one has to get the same once he gets the possession.

    6. The buyer also needs to provide the address proof and two passport size photographs.

    7. The buyer should take a sales receipt from the vendor to avoid any complications.

    All the above mentioned documents are to be submitted to the RTO to get the ownership of the two-wheeler being purchased.

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