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  • PAN Card Status

    A PAN (Permanent Account Number) card is one of THE most important documents in India, with all eligible taxpayers expected to have it. A PAN card has simplified and streamlined the taxation system for the government, providing sufficient information and bringing about transparency in financial transactions. A PAN is mandatory for anyone who hopes to be part of the booming Indian economy, thereby putting additional emphasis on the PAN application.

    Ways to track your PAN application status

    It typically takes around 15 working days for an individual to receive his/her PAN after applying for it. The government, on its part makes it easy for an applicant to track the application status, keeping him/her abreast of current happenings, providing a 15 digit acknowledgment number to each applicant. An applicant can choose between three modes to track his/her PAN application, as mentioned below.

    • SMS facility – Applicants can track their application status through their phone, using a specialised SMS service. An individual can do this by SMSing NSDLPAN followed by their 15 digit acknowledgment number to 57575. They will receive an SMS indicating their current application status.
    • Telephone call – An applicant can call the TIN call centre to receive an update on the current application status. One can reach this call centre on 020-27218080, and will be required to provide his/her application acknowledgement number.
    • Online tracking – Applicants can choose to track their application online, through the official website of TIN-NSDL.

    Note: An applicant can track his/her PAN application status 3 days after an application has been submitted. Tracking within 3 days might not provide accurate updates.

    Validity of PAN Card

    If you have been issued a Permanent Account Number (PAN) in India, it will be valid for your entire lifetime. The PAN Card is not affected by the change in your address, change of assessing officer, etc. However, if there are changes in the details that you had provided at the time of obtaining the PAN, you should notify the Income Tax Department of the same. You can also opt for a change of photograph on your PAN Card.

    While informing the Income Tax Department of the changes you require, you should furnish all relevant details in the form, ‘Request For New PAN Card Or/ And Changes or Correction in PAN Data’, which is available at the Income Tax Department’s website.

    Tracking your PAN application status online

    Online tracking of a PAN application is perhaps the most popular and fastest modes of tracking, with applicants expected to follow a few simple steps to stay abreast of any changes in their application status.

    • An applicant should log on to the official website for PAN, TIN-NSDL and navigate to the PAN section of the website. Once on this page, they have an option to check the status of their application.
    • An applicant will then be required to choose the application type (New PAN/updated information) and provide a few details including the 15 digit acknowledgement number, his/her full name and date of birth.
    • On successfully providing the necessary information, he/she will be directed to a page which shows the current status of the application.

    Note: Online tracking of a PAN application is possible only 24 hours after an application is submitted online.

    How to Check Your UTI PAN Application Status?

    In order to track your PAN card application status, you must have your application number. Make note of the number from your application form. To track your PAN Card status, you can follow the steps below:

    • Access the UTIITSL’s PAN Online Portal.
    • Visit Official UTI Pan Card Page
    • Select “Track PAN Card Application Status”.
    • Select “Click here to check status online”.
    • Enter your Application coupon number.
    • Click on submit to find out your application status.
    Utiistl Pan Card Status

    Track your NSDL PAN Status

    On the NSDL website, you can track your application status as well as your payment status.

    • To track your PAN Card application, you can click on “Track your PAN/TAN Application Status” under PAN cards.
    • Visit Official NSDL Pan Card Page
    • Select your application type.
    • Enter your acknowledgment number.
    • Enter your name and date of birth.
    • Click on submit to view your status.

    Find out the status of your payment, by clicking on “Know Status of Your Credit Card Transaction for Online Application”.

    • Enter either your Transaction number or Acknowledgment number.
    • Enter your name.
    • Enter your date of birth.
    • Click on “Show status” to view your transaction status.

    Your transaction number will be displayed on the screen when you pay through Credit Card, Debit card or Net banking.

    Nsdl Pan Card Status

    PAN Transaction Status

    Individuals who apply for a PAN can pay either through internet banking, credit/debit card or through demand drafts. The transaction status is meant for those who pay through credit/debit cards or internet banking and this can be tracked online. Applicants need to log on to the official website of TIN-NSDL and navigate to the “Transaction Status” page, wherein they get a current update on their PAN application. An applicant will be required to enter the Transaction Number which he/she got after making the payment, his/her name and the date of birth in order to check the status of their application.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) On PAN Card Status

    1. Your application is under process at Income Tax Department, If this message appears when checking PAN card status, is there any chance of failure?
    2. By looking at this message, it is hard to tell whether the application will be accepted or rejected. It is not necessary that if one sees the above mentioned message for a considerable amount time, it will result in their application being rejected. There can be other reasons like sometimes it takes time for the officials to scrutinize every application or because there was a delay in updating the status of the application on the website.

    3. Pan Card status is showing as ‘Application is inwarded’. What is the meaning of this status?
    4. This message indicates that the application has been received and is in process.

    5. When I check for my PAN card status online it shows no matching record found. What should I do?
    6. If one sees this message while checking the status of their application, there is a high possibility that the application was not received by the issuing authority due to some reason.

    7. How can I check my PAN card status without an acknowledgement number?
    8. You can check the status of the PAN card application using your Name and Date of Birth on NSDL, if you misplaced or lost the acknowledgement number.

    9. My PAN card status is showing that my application is being withheld from processing due to incomplete details/documentary proof. What should I do now?
    10. The best thing to do if such a situation arises is to contact the authority at the earliest and clear the doubt. Doing this will help you to get the issue sorted within the specific time-frame that the authority might offer you. If not done, you will be required to apply again.

    11. My PAN card status is showing as ‘deleted’. What should I do?
    12. It is better to get in touch with the officials of the department when one sees this message.

    13. After how many days can I track my PAN card status?
    14. You can usually track the status of the PAN card applications after 5 days of submitting your application.  The number of days can vary as well due to unforeseen circumstances.

    15. Can I open a savings account with a printout of my PAN card status?
    16. Yes, you can open a savings account by providing a printout of the PAN card status. You can also provide a copy of the acknowledgement slip that quotes the 15-digit acknowledgement number after the application is submitted.  

    17. The status shows pan card is under printing, in how many days will I get my pan card?
    18. Usually it takes 21 days for an individual to get his/her PAN card after the application is submitted. However, the number of days may vary.

    19. What is the possible way to track the postal status of the PAN card after it dispatched?
    20. After the PAN card is dispatched, the individual who had applied for the card can track it with the help of the tracking number that is displayed on the screen when the status is checked.

    21. Why is the government deactivating the PAN card? How do you check the status?
    22. The government is deactivating PAN cards as according to law it is illegal to possess more than one PAN card.

      To check the status, individuals can visit the Income Tax e-filing website and click on ‘Know your PAN’.

    23. How many type of modes are available for checking PAN card status?
    24. There are three types of modes available to applicants for checking PAN card status. They are:

      • Online tracking
      • Through Telephone call
      • Through SMS facility
    25. How to check PAN card application status using the SMS facility?
    26. To track PAN card application status using the SMS facility, the applicant needs to SMS NSDLPAN followed by the 15 digit acknowledgement number to 57575.

    27. How to check PAN card application status using the telephone call facility?
    28. To check PAN application status by using the telephone call facility, the applicant needs to call on 020-27218080 and provide the 15-digit acknowledgement number.


    29. How can I check my UTI PAN application status?

    To check the UTI PAN application status, the applicant first needs to visit the official UTI PAN card page. Following that, the applicant needs to key-in the application coupon number  and click ‘Submit’. The status of the application is displayed on the screen.


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    News Related to PAN Card Status

    • Gold and Jewellery Federation wants better treatment

      On the back of demonetisation and its subsequent drop in sales, GJF has come together to urge the government to increase the PAN limit from Rs.2 lakh to Rs.5 lakh.

      During the first week after currency demonetisation, the central government had announced that any jewellery purchase of more than Rs.2 lakh should be completed through a PAN Card.

      Besides this, the federation has also urged the government to cut the import duty by at least 5% during the 2017-18 budget.

      Nitin Khandelwal, Chairman of GJF has said that the implementation of PAN card has directly hit the jewellery sales in the country. He suggested that business which was growing at 2% each year has slowed down considerably. Also, he continued saying that, a high interest rate of 10%on imports is further hindering growth of the industry.

      He further said that the government should keep GST at 1.25% for the industry so that it can organise itself well.

      1 February 2017

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