How To Get A Fancy Two-Wheeler Number In Chennai

For many people, their motorcycles are not just a mode of transport but a status symbol. While many people may own the same bike brand and model that you own, you can still make your bike make a different appeal by using a vehicle number that sends out a message. Numbers like 001, 007 (James Bond), 8055 (reads like BOSS), and 786 (Islamic number) have always been in demand and people do not mind spending extra cash in claiming the vehicle numbers of their choice.

Fancy Two Wheeler Number In Chennai
How to Get Fancy Two Wheeler Number In Chennai?

A special two-wheeler number plate speaks a lot about you. Not only it gives you a sense of pride but also sends out a strong message about your personality and the appeal you carry. However, getting your favourite number may not be as easy as you think it is. This is primarily because many other people may be interested in the same number that you are interested in. This is why it is important to know the right process of applying for your desired two-wheeler VIP number in Chennai.

In your vehicle registration number, the initial two letters represent the state in India in which the vehicle is registered. For instance, KA for Karnataka, TN for Tamil Nadu, AP for Andhra Pradesh and so on. The two numbers after the state code is the code assigned to a particular Regional Transport Office (RTO) that operates under the state government (For example: Nagercoil - 74, Madurai - 58, and Krishnagiri – 24). The next four numbers collectively represent the registration number of your motorcycle. The registration number can be in the range of 0001 to 9999. Once all the numbers in the range are assigned, an alphabet is attached to the number and the same range continues.

How To Get A Fancy Number In Chennai

The state government has reserved about 100 numbers from the range of 0001 to 9999 as special vehicle numbers. These numbers can’t be registered through usual process as they can be accessed by an applicant only on the payment of a special fee to the Government Home Department – Transport Section.

Government Allotted Special Numbers In All Series

001 0055 0555 1988 3333 6060 8181
002 0066 0567 2000 3456 6666 8448
003 0077 0666 2002 4000 6789 8484
004 0088 0678 2020 4004 7000 8586
0005 0099 0777 2121 4040 7007 8888
0006 0100 0786 2222 4444 7070 9000
0007 0101 0789 2345 4567 7171 9009
0008 0123 0888 2525 4777 7172 9090
0009 0222 0999 2626 5000 7337 9091
0010 0234 1000 2727 5005 7575 9097
0011 0333 1001 2728 5050 7576 9779
0022 0345 1212 3000 5555 7777 9797
0033 0444 1234 3003 6000 8000 9999
0044 0456 1990 3030 6006 8118 ---
Two Wheeler Fancy Number in Chennai
Fancy Number For Two Wheeler in Chennai

How To Apply For A Fancy Two Wheeler Number

Enquire about the latest registered number on a given day and choose a number from the next 1000 numbers in the series. The booking for the number must be done before the next series begins. When the number that comes before your chosen number is registered, you will receive a notice from the RTO to visit the RTO and submit all the necessary documents to claim their special two-wheeler number. The vehicle must also be shown to the RTO at the time of claim. Failing to make the claim within 30 days will lead to cancellation of your application.

After making payment for the special number, the number will be allotted in the name of the applicant. If there are more than one person applying for the same number, the number will be assigned to the person who has paid more in road taxes. For example, if a two-wheeler owner and a four-wheeler owner have both applied for the same two-wheeler number, the number will be assigned to the car owner as they have paid higher road taxes.

Fees And Charges For Fancy Numbers Allotment By The Government

  1. First four series (series running currently and the next three series - Rs.40,000
  2. 5th series to 8th series - Rs.60,000
  3. 9th series to 10th series - Rs.1,00,000
  4. 11th series and 12th series - Rs.2,00,000

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Charges for allotment of advance registration numbers by the RTO

  1. For vehicles below the cubic capacity of 50cc - Rs.1000
  2. For vehicles above 50cc and three-wheelers (auto-rickshaw) - Rs.2,000
  3. For vehicles below the cost of Rs.4 lakh - Rs.10,000
  4. For vehicles above the cost of Rs.4 lakh - Rs.16,000

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