RTO Rules For Vehicle Transfer From One State To Another

Transfer of Vehicle Registration From One State to Another
NOC for Vehicle Transfer to Other State

The steps involved in moving a two-wheeler between states is as described below:

  • Procure an NOC if the vehicle was bought through a two-wheeler loan
  • Transportation of the vehicle through a carrier or self
  • Re-registration of the two-wheeler if the move is permanent
  • Cancellation of NOC in case the move to a different state does not happen

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A lot of people who move from one state to another are clueless about how to transfer their vehicles and register their cars or two-wheelers in a new state. Since people don’t transfer their vehicles frequently, they lack the knowledge pertaining to the procedure and documentation required for inter-state vehicle transfer. The most important part of the procedure is obtaining the No Objection Certificate (NOC from the RTO where the vehicle is registered and re-register the vehicle in the state you are moving to. It is also to be noted that the NOC has an expiry date and you must re-register your vehicle before the due date failing to which you may need to get the NOC again or get the validity extended.

For example, if you wish to move from New Delhi to Bengaluru and transfer your vehicle registration, the first step would be to obtain the NOC from the RTO office in New Delhi. After you get the NOC, you can get the vehicle physically transferred to Bengaluru and apply for a vehicle re-registration in Bengaluru.

However, there are different factors that you must know while you transfer your vehicle registration from one state to another. For instance, the registration charges and the road taxes vary from state to state. Hence, you may be entitled for a refund if the charges paid by you in your current state of residence are more than what you are supposed to pay in the state you are moving to. Or you may need to pay in excess to what you have already paid. Whatever be the case, it is pertinent to know how to go about the whole process and get the inter-state registration done.

Getting an NOC If You have purchased your vehicle On loan:

If your two-wheeler is financed by any financing agency or a bank, you would also require a state transfer NOC from the bank. To do the same, you will be required to submit an application to the respective bank with the supporting documents such as the address proof, letter of job transfer (offer letter/ appointment letter) and others as prescribed by the bank. The bank will then process your request and the credit and finance department will do the required verification before providing you with the letter of consent or the No Objection Certificate (NOC).

Step 1: Obtain an NOC From the RTO Where Your Vehicle Is Registered

Taking the previous example, if you are moving from New Delhi to Bangalore, you will be required to submit Form 27 and Form 28 to the local RTO along with the photocopies of the NOC obtained from the bank and other vehicle-related documents such as:

  • Registration Certificate (RC) of the vehicle
  • Car Insurance or Bike Insurance paper
  • Pollution Under Control (PUC) certificate/ Emission Test Certificate
  • Genuine chassis imprint of the vehicle
  • 3-4 photocopies of Form 28
  • Application requesting NOC for interstate transfer.

To speed up the whole process, you may also submit an NOC from the police as in some cases, the RTO may give you a clearance form to get attested by the police department of your city. Also, you may need to submit an NOC from the traffic police stating that there are no dues to be paid from your end for any traffic violations.

Get Your Vehicle Transported to the New City:

Once you obtain the NOC from the RTO where your two-wheeler or car is currently registered, you may get your vehicle transported via a carrier, train, or you can self-drive your vehicle to the new city if it’s feasible to you.

Re-Registration of the Vehicle:

Once, you are done relocating your bike or car, you can approach the RTO in the city you have moved to for re-registration of the vehicle. For instance, if you had a DL number, you will have to get a KA registration number to be able to use your vehicle in Karnataka. You will need to submit an application in the Bangalore RTO office and submit an application along with the documents mentioned below:

  • Form 29 and 30 for re-registration of the vehicle
  • Original Registration Certificate (RC)
  • Copy of the insurance certificate of the vehicle
  • Copy of the NOC obtained from the RTO office where your vehicle was registered earlier.
  • Pollution Under Control (PUC) certificate/Emission Test Certificate
  • Chassis Imprint of the vehicle.
  • Local address proof and id proof of the applicant.
  • Applicable charges such as road tax, octroi, and more.

Note: Octroi charges or road taxes will be calculated based on the depreciated value of the bike or car. Once you submit all the required documents, you can get the new number issued. The whole process should not consume a lot of time but you may approach the RTI if the new number is not issued to you within a few weeks.

Do You Need Re-Registration If You Move Your Vehicle Temporarily?

Vehicle re-registration is not required if you are moving the vehicle temporarily to a different state. For instance, if you are going to from Mumbai to New Delhi for a period of 10-12 months, you do not require to get your vehicle registered. You can ride with no hassles for a period of up to one year.

Refund of Road Tax:

Just like income tax returns, you may also apply for tax refunds. Suppose you are currently living in Bangalore and decide to move to Bhopal, you can apply for road tax refunds as the taxes you paid in Bangalore are more than the taxes in Bhopal. In such a case, you are entitled to receive the refunds.

Below are the documents to be submitted to apply for the refund from the RTO where your vehicle was previously registered:

  • Application requesting a refund of road tax.
  • RTO Form No.16 (Duly filled and self-attested).
  • The copy of RC with new registration number.
  • The copy of RC with previous registration number.
  • Insurance policy document with the new vehicle registration number.
  • Proof of address and photo ID.

For example, if you are moving from Bangalore to Bhopal, you will need to submit the above-mentioned documents along with the application seeking refund of road tax (form 16) to the RTO in Bangalore, they will authenticate the new registration number from the RTO in Bhopal. On receiving the CRTI from Bhopal RTO authorities, they will process your refund application. The whole process may take up to 6 months.

NOC Cancellation in Case The Vehicle Is Not Moved to a New State:

Sometimes, you may have received the NOC from your local RTO but for some reason, there is a change in the plan or you no longer want to shift to another state. In such cases, you have to get your NOC cancelled. The process of NOC cancellation could be a bit tricky, but there is no other easy way to get it done. The process will require you to obtain a Non Utilisation Certificate (NUC) from the RTO where the vehicle was supposed to get the new registration number from. The NUC establishes the fact that the NOC was not utilised and the vehicle was not registered with the RTO in the new city. You may approach the RTO to know the right process for NOC cancellation as there is no uniform process that works across India.

Once you get the NUC from the RTO for whom the NOC was issued, you can get an affidavit mentioning the reason for cancellation and that the NOC was not misused for any other purpose.


Inter-state vehicle transfer can get really complicated if you are not aware of the process involved in the . A lot of people turn to agents and brokers and spend their money in order to get the whole thing done. With the correct knowledge of the process, you need not spend a single penny from your pocket. However, you must understand that the whole process may take up a few weeks and you may have to obtain clearance from multiple departments such as the RTO, police department, traffic department, bank, and others. In case you are running busy and have no time to devote to the process, you may take help from professional agents who are well aware of the process and can get the job done for you with a certain amount of fee.


  1. Do I need to re-register my vehicle if I am moving to a different state temporarily?
  2. No, you don’t have to do vehicle re-registration if you are moving to a different state temporarily.

  3. What will happen if I drive a vehicle without RC transfer?
  4. If you drive a vehicle without RC transfer, your vehicle will be detained and you will have to pay a fine.

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