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HDFC Bank Mobile Banking

HDFC’s mobile banking facility allows customers to manage their bank account on the go. The mobile banking service can be activated by downloading the app and entering the customer ID and IPIN. The same ID and pin can be used to access mobile banking, or you can set up Quick Access PIN (QAP). The app also allows customers to set up biometric log in.

The Mobile Banking facility from HDFC Bank offers you an efficient and convenient way in which you can stay connected with the bank. Using the Mobile Banking App from HDFC, you can initiate more than 75 transactions on your smartphone. It is also possible to do this through a mobile browser window. The MobileBanking facility is notable in its security features, as there will be no information stored on your SIM card or mobile phone.

It is possible to make bill payments, pay credit card dues, transfer funds, and check your account balance through this facility. There are separate apps for iPhone, Blackberry, Android, Nokia, Windows phone, and tablets.

Features of HDFC Bank Mobile Banking

Some of the key features of the HDFC Bank MobileBanking facility are as follows:

  • Missed Call Recharge - It is possible to get your phone recharged through a simple missed call to the number, 73 08 08 08 08. You need not visit a store or download any app for mobile phone recharge. You can also connect the phone numbers of your family and friends to your account, after which they can also avail this facility.
    • This is one of the most convenient ways to recharge your phone.
    • The facility is available for all types of devices.
    • Transactions are completely secure, as it happens through the account holder’s registered mobile number.
  • mPassbook - This is a brand new feature introduced by the bank in alliance with the MobileBanking facility. With this feature, you can update your passbook through your mobile phone; hence saving you a visit to the bank branch.
    • With this facility, you can also choose to receive regular transaction updates on your Current and Savings accounts. Additionally, you can get a summary of your fixed and recurring deposits. These details can be viewed on your phone even when you are offline. This feature also enables you to track your expenses and categorise your transactions.
    • The mPassbook facility is only available for iOS and Android users presently.
    • The Interactive Statement feature of mPassbook allows you to tag transactions and view a break-up of your expenses and credits.
  • SMSBanking - In case you do not have a data plan activated on your phone, or if you are not in possession of a smartphone, you can still avail Mobile Banking benefits through SMS banking. This facility allows you to check your account balance, and view account statement and mini-statement by sending an SMS.
  • Toll Free Mobile Banking - Using this facility, customers can dial the bank’s toll-free number from the mobile phone registered with the bank for SMS Banking.

Benefits of using HDFC Bank Mobile Banking

  • The Mobile Banking facility provides you the same level of security as the HDFC Net Banking feature.
  • If you have registered for SMS Banking, you can avail services both in Hindi and English.
  • SMS Banking is offered absolutely free of cost. You do not incur any airtime charges for this service, as you are only using the SMS facility. However, you may have to bear a nominal Value Added Services fee for the SMS.
  • You can initiate an exhaustive set of financial transactions using the Mobile Banking facility. Some of these include placing a request for a cheque book, fixed deposit enquiry, account statement request, request for NetBanking IPIN, etc.
  • If you have international roaming activated on your phone, you can access your bank account through SMS Banking from anywhere in the world.

How to Register to HDFC Mobile Banking Services

To use HDFC’s mobile banking services, you are required to have a net banking customer ID and IPIN provided by the bank. Using these credentials, you can easily log in to the app. HDFC Bank also allows customers to use a 4 digit Quick Access PIN (QAP) to log in to the app. Alternatively, you can also set up biometric log in for the app.

How to Login to HDFC Mobile Banking App

To login with HDFC’s mobile banking services, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Visit the Android or iOS app store and download HDFC’s mobile banking app.
  • Use your net banking customer ID and IPIN to log in to the app.
  • These credentials are provided to you with HDFC’s welcome kit when you open an account with the bank.

How to set up the Quick Access PIN

To set up the Quick Access PIN (QAP), follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Enter your customer ID and mobile number and click on ‘Continue’
  • You will receive a one-time password (OTP)
  • Enter the OTP and provide your debit card details and ATM pin
  • Enter the new PIN and retype it for confirmation

How to change the Quick Access PIN

Customers can easily change the QAP by following these steps:

  • Log in to the app and select ‘Your Profile’ from the menu.
  • Select ‘Security Center’ and tap on ‘Manage Quick Login Method’ from the options.
  • Tap on the ‘Change’ option and enter the current QAP.
  • Enter the new PIN and retype it to confirm the PIN.
  • After successfully completing these steps, you can log in to the app with the new QAP.

How to Reset the IPIN

To change HDFC Bank’s IPIN, customers must follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Log in to HDFC’s mobile banking app.
  • Go to the menu and select ‘Your Profile’ and tap on ‘Security Center’.
  • Select ‘Change Password/PIN’ option.
  • Enter the old IPIN and create a new one.
  • Confirm the new PIN.
  • After completing these steps, you can log in using the new IPIN.

List of HDFC Bank Mobile Apps

App name Features
HDFC Bank Mobile Banking
  • Money transfer
  • Bill payments
  • Check account balance
  • Basic banking services
  • Check demat account balance
HDFC Bank Mobile App
  • Official android app
  • Offers all the basic banking services
HDFC Bank Mobile Banking LITE
  • Works without internet
  • No login ID/ password required
  • Check and manage account
  • Manage cheque payments
  • Generate IPIN
HDFC Bank Tablet
  • Official app for tablets
  • Basic banking services like bill payments, fund transfers, etc.
Pay zapp
  • Complete payment solution
  • Available to customers of all banks
  • Supports mVisa QR, RuPay QR, and MasterPass QR
  • For bill payments, tickets, recharge, etc.
HDFC Perks
  • Offers all year round
  • Apply to HDFC products
  • E-file taxes
  • Car and Personal loan approval within 10 minutes
HDFC Bank SmartHub
  • Provides payment solutions to businesses
  • Bharat QR, UPI, BHIM Aadhar, and SMS based payments
HDFC Trade Finance on Mobile
  • Authorize trade transactions from mobile phones
  • 24x7 access
  • Real time authorization
HDFC Bank Kisan App
  • Aggregates information important for farmers
  • Deals on agro products
  • Agriculture news, updates on government schemes, etc.
HDFC Bank Loan Assist
  • Healps search loans and instant approvals
  • Can be used by non-HDFC customers
  • Manage existing loans
  • EMI calculator
  • Exclusive deals
HDFC Securities Mobile Trading
  • Instant details of stocks
  • Intraday real-time charting
  • Branch locator
  • Latest market updates
HDFC Bank Autopedia
  • Comprehensive information about cars and two-wheelers
  • On-road price, pictures, specifications, etc.
  • EMI calculator, exchange offers, etc.
  • Bank offers

HDFC Bank fund transfer options

If you have an account at HDFC Bank, you can transfer funds through several authorised methods:

  1. e-Monies Electronic Funds Transfer - This is a facility through which you can transfer funds nation-wide, from any bank branch to another. This method of funds transfer is easier, faster (as there is no requirement for cheques or demand drafts), and more convenient than the conventional options.
  2. RTGS Funds Transfer - This method of funds transfer can be performed between banks, and the transaction is done in real-time. Since real-time funds transfer is facilitated, it is faster than other methods. Settlement cycles are also quicker and the facility covers wider boundaries.
  3. Visa CardPay - You can pay a VISA credit card bill using this facility, irrespective of the bank that issued the bill. The service is quick and efficient, and can be conveniently accessed from your office/home. The payments are processed at negligible costs, and is safe and secure.
  4. IMPS - The Immediate Payment Service from HDFC Bank is an instant electronic fund transfer service that happens in real time. This service enables you to send and receive money on Bank Holidays, Sundays, or even late at night. The money that is transferred is credited directly to the beneficiary account.
  5. Unified Payment Interface (UPI) - Through UPI, you can transfer funds in a safer, faster, and hassle-free manner, through a Virtual Payment Address (VPA). You do not need to divulge your personal details such as mobile number, IFSC code, or account number for initiating transactions. Transactions are all secure, as they are authorised through an MPIN, that is known only to the customer. The UPI also allows you to request for fund transfer, unlike other facilities.

HDFC Bank Fund Transfer – Timings, Charges and Limits


Transfer Amount Charges (exclusive of taxes)
Up to Rs.10,000 Rs.2.5 per transaction
Rs.10,001 - Rs.1 lakh Rs.5 per transaction
Rs.1 lakh - Rs.2 lakh Rs.15 per transaction
Above Rs.2 lakh Rs.25 per transaction
Cut-off timing for processing on the same day
Monday to Friday - During branch working hours Monday to Friday - 6 PM
Saturday(excluding 2nd and 4th) - During branch working hours Saturdays, excluding 2nd and 4th - 6 PM

For transaction at the bank, there is no limit on transfer. However, for Net Banking, there is a limit of Re.1 to Rs.10 lakh per day.

  • RTGS
Transfer Amount Charges (exclusive of taxes)
Rs.2 lakh - Rs.5 lakh Rs.25 per transaction
Above Rs.5 lakh Rs.50 per transaction
Cut-off timing for processing on the same day
Monday to Friday 8 AM to 4 PM
Saturday(excluding 2nd and 4th) 8 AM to 4 PM

For transaction at the bank, there is no limit on transfer. However, for Net Banking, there is a limit of Rs.2 lakh to Rs.10 lakh per day.

  • Visa CardPay 

    The limit for Visa CardPay per transaction is Rs.49,999. Also, a fee of Rs.5 (taxes extra) will be applied to each transaction done through Visa CardPay.

  • IMPS 

    You should add a beneficiary for IMPS funds transfer. After the addition, you can initiate transfers as per the limits below:

    • In the first 24 hours - Rs.10,000
    • In the first 48 hours - Rs.25,000
    • Third-party transfer limits will be considered after that time.
    • Charges are as follows:
Slabs Charges (Excluding Taxes)
Up to Rs.10,000 Rs.5
Rs.10,001 - Rs.100,000 Rs.5
Rs.100,001 - Rs.200,000 Rs.15
  • UPI

    The limit for each transaction on UPI is Rs.1 lakh. The daily limit is Rs.1 lakh, as well. Also, there are no charges for UPI transactions.

HDFC Bank Mobile Banking: Security Measures

  • There will not be any information stored on your SIM card or mobile phone. So, in case the phone is stolen or misplaced, your account is completely safe and will not be compromised. Additionally, you can call up customer service and report the theft of your phone. The bank will then deactivate your IPIN and a fresh one will be issued.
  • Only the customer can login to his account with the Customer ID and the Internet PIN (IPIN) that is a confidential field. All account information will be stored in a 128-bit SSL protected format.
  • If the IPIN is entered five times incorrectly in a consecutive manner, the bank blocks the use of the IPIN.

HDFC Mobile Banking: Do’s and Dont’s

Here is a list of pointers that you need to follow when you use HDFC Bank Mobile Banking:


  • Always protect your mobile phone with a secure password. You should also look to set a maximum number of incorrect password submissions to three.
  • When selecting a password, make sure it is strong with alphanumeric and special characters so that your data is safe.
  • You should frequently check your account statements for transactions that are unauthorised.
  • Your IPIN should be changed on a regular basis.
  • If your phone is stolen or lost, report the same to the police and your service provider immediately.


  • You should never share your confidential information or PIN with anyone. Take care not to reveal this over the internet or the phone at any point of time.
  • Do not fall prey to links at social networking sites or in emails that claim to be from the bank.
  • Never transfer funds to a recipient without proper verification. You should be aware that once funds are transferred, the process cannot be reversed.
  • Don’t store critical information like mobile banking password, user ID, credit card details, etc. anywhere on your phone.
  • When your mobile number changes, you should inform the bank of the same, and update your registered number with the bank.
  • Don’t write down PINs or retain any information from the bank that specifies your password or PIN.
  • Be very careful when you accept offers like caller tunes or download attachments from unknown sources.
  • Do not use bluetooth devices in public places, as your confidential information may be compromised.
  • Be cautious when you browse through unfamiliar websites.

HDFC’s Missed Call Mobile Recharge

In March 2016, HDFC Bank launched a service to help customers recharge their prepaid mobile number through a missed call. To activate the service, the HDFC account holder should send the following SMS from the mobile number registered with the bank:

ACT <Name of service provider> <last 5 digits of the HDFC account number>

The SMS should be sent to 73 08 08 08 08.

The default amount set for mobile recharges is set at Rs.50. The customer can also set a specific amount to be recharged. The amount should range between Rs.50 to Rs.250. To change the default recharge amount the customer should send the following SMS:

<FAV> <Recharge amount>

Additionally, customers can add up to 4 mobile numbers under this service. To add a new phone number to the service, the following SMS should be sent to the number mentioned above:

<ACT> <mobile number> <Name of the service provider> < last 5 digits of the HDFC account number>

Once the service has been activated, the customer can give a missed call to the same number. The amount recharged is deducted from the customer’s bank account.

HDFC Bank Customer Care Numbers

  • NRI Phone Banking

Assistance for NRIs opening accounts (Toll Free):

USA 855-207-8106
Canada 855-846-3731
UK 800-756-2993
Singapore 800-101-2798

Queries from existing customers (24x7):

USA 855-999-6061
Canada 855-999-6061
Singapore 800-101-2850
Other countries 91-2267606161
  • Local Phone Banking numbers are as follows:
Location PhoneBanking Number
Ahmedabad / Bengaluru / Chennai / Delhi & NCR / Hyderabad / Kolkata / Mumbai / Pune 6160 6161
West Bengal / Sikkim / Andaman and Nicobar 98310 73333
Andhra Pradesh 99494 93333
Meghalaya / Tripura / Nagaland / Mizoram / Arunachal Pradesh / Manipur 1800 103 9733
Assam 99571 93333
Bihar/Jharkhand/Patna 1860 266 6161
Chandigarh / Kochi / Indore / Jaipur / Lucknow 6160 616
Maharashtra (except Mumbai) and Goa 98906 03333
Gujarat 98982 71111
Haryana 99962 43333
Jammu & Kashmir / Himachal Pradesh (Toll - free from BSNL landline) 1800 180 4333
Karnataka 99458 63333
Kerala 98956 63333
Madhya Pradesh / Chhattisgarh 98936 03333
Maharashtra (except Mumbai) and Goa 98906 03333
Orissa 99379 03333
Tamil Nadu / Pondicherry 98406 73333
Punjab 98153 31111
Rajasthan 98750 03333
Uttar Pradesh / Uttarakhand 99359 03333

GST of 18% is applicable on all banking products and services from July 1, 2017 onwards.

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