How to Check PPF Account Balance

In order to check your PPF account balance you have to go to your nearest bank branch. Before that, you are required to link your PPF account to your existing savings account and need to apply for online access to the account.

Check PPF Balance

  1. Checking PPF Account Balance at Bank
  2. Checking PPF Account Balance at Post Office
  3. Checking PPF account balance online
  4. Other methods to check PPF account balance

Although we contribute to the PPF scheme every year, we don't make it a habit to check our PPF account balance often. Public Provident Fund, a government offered savings scheme, offers tax benefits and good returns on investments. It is a long-term savings scheme, hence it is imperative that you check your PPF account balance on a monthly basis.

Ways to check PPF balance

There are two ways by which you can check your PPF account balance:

  1. Offline method: Visit the nearest bank branch at which you have opened PPF account.
  2. Online method: By logging in to your bank account you will have access to all the details. The present balance, the interest that has been earned, and the deposits that have been made can be checked by using net banking.

Checking PPF Account Balance at Bank

You can usually go to the bank branch closest to you to check the same using the account passbook. Have the passbook printed with the last few transactions to know the account balance. This is the traditional method of checking PPF account balance.

However, there are a few things that you need to ensure:

  • You will need to have a Savings Account in the same bank with which you at which you own a PPF account.
  • You need to link your PPF account to your savings account in the bank to be able to check account details.
  • You also have to make sure that your savings account is accessible online. Hence, you need to get your net banking username and password from the bank.
  • In certain cases, you also need to acquire a PIN.
  • Some banks even allow you to link your PPF accounts to your savings bank in another bank account such as ICICI Bank PPF account.
  • You would also need to ensure that you have online access to your account as well the facility to transfer funds to your PPF account, from your savings account.

In case you go to the bank to gain access to your PPF account online or acquire the above requisites, you might have to fill out some PPF Forms or address a letter to the bank.

Checking PPF Account Balance at Post Office

In the case of a post office, everything functions almost similarly, but here is some information that will help you to check PPF account balance online on the bank portal or get information on your PPF account at post office:

  • For Public Provident Fund balance online, you need a to have your establishment code, your PF account number and the information gets displayed on the page. For example, if your PF number is KR/KK/126B/496 then the Establishment Code is 126 and the establishment extension is B.
  • PPF accounts can be opened only at a head post office or sub post office where PPF facilities are available.

Checking PPF account balance online

Here are the conditions you should fulfill in order to check your PPF account balance online:

  • In order to check your PPF account balance online, you have to link your PPF account with your bank savings account and also apply for internet banking facility for the same.
  • In order to link the accounts, the savings bank account and PPF account might have to be from the same bank.
  • Transfer of funds is also possible from the savings bank account to the PPF account. Standing instructions can also be given to the bank for the transfer of funds to the PPF account to make sure that no payments are missed.
  • The registration process for net banking is simple. You will need to request the bank for a username and password. Various other facilities such as payment of bills, applying for loans, viewing the statement, and transfer of funds is also possible by registering for net banking. Apart from minimising the paperwork, registering for net banking helps in saving time and can be used from office or home.

Here is the step-by-step guide to check your PPF account balance with State Bank of India (the procedure is the same for most banks):

  • Log in to the SBI PPF account portal using your username and password under the 'personal banking' tab.
  • Upon logging in, you can see your savings account and your PPF account on the dashboard.
  • Click on your PPF account to check for PPF balance. The balance amount will appear when you click on 'Click Here For Balance' tab.
  • You have the option to check the last 10 transactions made using your PPF account.
  • You can also view the details of old/closed/matured/inactive PPF accounts with the same bank by clicking on 'Click here to view the details of Matured/Closed Accounts'.
  • You can see balances of all the accounts by clicking on 'View All Balance'.

Other methods to check PPF account balance

  • Check PPF balance through the SBI mobile app, YONO: Download it from the Android 'Play Store'. Install the app on your smartphone. Get access from the bank for mobile banking facility. You will be given an mPIN to log in to the app. The username will be the same as your net banking username. After logging in for the first time, using the mPIN and the OTP that is sent to your registered mobile number, you can set a new password. You can check your PPF account details including the balance under the 'My Deposits' section.
  • Check PPF balance through missed call or SMS: Give a missed call to 9223766666 or send an SMS 'BAL' to the same number to get the balance.

Why is it important to check your PPF account balance

  • It is important to keep track of the balance in your PPF account in order to find out how much interest your investment will earn each year. The PPF interest rate changes every quarter, hence the earnings will vary as well. The interest earned is credited to the account at the end of each financial year.
  • By keeping track of your PPF account balance, you can find out how much you will receive at the time of PPF maturity.
  • If you want to make partial PPF withdrawals from 7th year onwards, you will have to know how much you can withdraw from the available PPF balance.
  • If you want to obtain a loan against your PPF account, you will have to know how much you can get against your available PPF balance.


  1. Is it possible to open a joint PPF account?
  2. No, it is not possible to open a joint PPF account. An individual can have only one account.

  3. Is it mandatory to submit the PAN number when opening a PPF account?
  4. No, submission of PAN number is not compulsory when opening a PPF account.

  5. Is it possible to open a PPF account on behalf of a minor?
  6. Yes, parents and legal guardians can open a PPF account on behalf of a minor. However, relevant documents must be submitted at the time of opening the account.

  7. Is it possible to close the PPF account before maturity?
  8. No, it is not possible to close PPF account before it matures. However, if the account holder dies before the account matures, it can be closed. If the account holder is unable to make payments due to medical or financial troubles for a period of 5 years, premature closure of the account is considered.

  9. What is the procedure to change the nomination on the PPF account?
  10. Yes, change in nomination can be done under a PPF account. Form F will need to be filled and submitted for change of nomination.

  11. Is it possible for the nominee to operate the PPF account if the account holder passes away?
  12. No, the nominee will not be able to operate the account if the account holder passes away.

  13. Can Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) open a PPF account?
  14. No, NRIs cannot open a PPF account.

  15. Is it possible to avail a loan against the PPF account?
  16. Individuals will be able to avail a loan between the third and sixth financial year, after opening the account.

  17. Are there any fines levied if the payments are not made towards the PPF account?
  18. Rs.50 is levied as fine if the account holder does not make a minimum contribution of Rs.500 per financial year.

  19. Why is my PPF balance less?
  20. There various reasons for why your PPF account balance may be less, such as:

    • The interest is calculated only at the end of the year which is March 31.
    • The interest rate changes every quarter.
    • There could be a deduction for a loan that you had taken against the PPF balance.
    • If a deposit is made after the 5th of a month, then the amount earns interest only from the following month.
  21. How to build a good corpus in my PPF account?
    • To increase your PPF account balance, invest regularly. You can opt for the auto-debit facility to regularly transfer funds from your savings account to your PPF account.
    • Deposits should be made at the beginning of the financial year to build a good corpus through interest earnings.

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