Passport Grievances and Feedback

The CPV (Consular, Passport, and Visa) office of the Ministry of External Affairs has established an intuitive, user-friendly system through which citizens can have any passport-related grievances addressed online. Waiting in queues to get information that would provide clarity on the applications, status, etc. of one's passport is close to becoming a thing of the past.

There is also a new Appointment Availability Status checking tool online, which gives you a specific time in which to meet officials at the Passport Office, ensuring that no time is wasted by the public, or the Ministry.

The timely and efficient clarification of passport related grievances has been given top priority, and, given the fact that most grievances result from a lack of prior knowledge, a vast knowledge database has been made available online through which citizens can have any questions answered before raising a grievance.

Online Addressing Of Grievances / Submission Of Feedback:

If, however, a grievance (or feedback) about anything passport-related must be submitted online, the online form can be filled out with the instructions given below:

How to fill out the online grievance / feedback registration form for passport related issues:

  1. Passport Reference Details:

    This is the first part of the form in which you will have to provide details which will help the department find and address your particular grievance.

    1. Your Reference Number: This is a drop down menu that contains the following options:
      1. - Application Reference Number.
      2. - File Reference Number.
      3. - Passport Number.
      4. - No Passport Reference Number.

    Choose the reference number you wish to submit the grievance through, or the reference number you've received in previous interactions with the passport office.

  2. Passport Seva Kendra: This is also a drop down menu in which you must select the Passport Seva Kendra (or office) closest to you, or the one through which your previous passport was disbursed.
  • Applicant Details:

    The second part of the form must contain personal details of the applicant, as mentioned below:

    1. Applicant Name: The name, as it appears on the passport, must be entered here. The text field accepts a maximum of 90 characters.
    2. Date of Birth: The date of birth of the applicant, as it appears in the passport, must be entered here in the DD / MM / YYYY format.
    3. Current Address: The mailing address of the applicant's current residence must be entered here. Need not be the permanent address as mentioned in the passport. The text field accepts a maximum of 100 characters.
    4. Mobile / Landline number: This is not a mandatory field, but requires a mobile or landline number to be entered through which the Passport Office can contact you.
    5. E-mail: This is a mandatory field that requires you to furnish your email ID.
  • Application Details:
  • The third and final part of the online grievance submission tool must contain information about the type and nature of grievance / feedback.

    1. Category: This is a drop down selection box that offers the following options of categories under which grievances are usually submitted:
      1. Delay in Application Submission.
      2. Delay in Processing of Passport.
      3. Police Related Issues.
      4. Postal Related Issues.
      5. Appointment Related Issues.
      6. Miscellaneous.
      7. Passport Booklet Related Issues.
      8. Portal Related Issues.
      9. Complaints against call centre.
      10. Feedback.
    2. Sub Category: Each of the main categories above have options under them which further categorize the nature of the problem. This helps the Passport Office find the right solution to your grievance in a faster and more efficient manner. Most sub-categories are self-explanatory, but instructions in italics are given below for some options.
    3. Delay in Application Submission:
      1. Non-acceptance of Passport Application and Documents at PO.
      2. Non-acceptance of Passport Application and Documents at PSK.
      3. Non-acceptance of Passport Application and Documents at Portal.
      4. Any other. Other issues that do not strictly fit into the above categories.
    4. Delay in Processing of Passport:
      1. File lost by PO.
      2. Passport Application not accepted at Verification Counter.
      3. Passport Application not accepted at Granting Counter.
      4. Passport granted but not printed.
      5. PVR Received but Passport not granted.
      6. Others. Other issues that do not strictly fit into the above categories.
    5. Police Related Issues:
      1. PVR Not Completed. In cases where the police verification has not been completed after waiting beyond the stipulated maximum time.
      2. Complaint against a police officer. In case the police officer has misbehaved, or purposefully not performed his duties in relation to passport office related work. General complaints against police officers must not be submitted here.
      3. Others. Other issues that do not strictly fit into the above categories.
    6. Postal Related Issues:
      1. Passport dispatched but not received.
      2. Passport lost in dispatch.
      3. Others.
    7. Appointment Related Issues:
      1. Delay in granting appointment date at PBO / PSK. Grievances submitted here ensure adherence to the appointment system.
      2. Appointment not honoured by the Passport Official. In case the appointment made and honoured by the applicant is not honoured by the passport official without a genuine reason.
      3. Others. Other issues that do not strictly fit into the above categories.
    8. Miscellaneous:
      1. Other issues. Any issue that does not fit into the categories specified by the department can be raised here.
    9. Passport Booklet Related Issues:
      1. Incorrect details present in passport. Incorrect spellings of name, wrong address details, misprints, and / or wrong dates printed.
      2. Quality of booklet received not satisfactory. All passports must be of a standard quality in terms of materials used and number of pages, etc. to be considered as an original passport .
      3. Others. Other issues that do not strictly fit into the above categories.
    10. Portal Related Issues:
      1. Website not updated.
      2. Information sought from website unavailable. Can contain suggestions on information to be added, etc.
      3. Passport Seva Website not working.
      4. Passport Seva Website working slowly.
      5. Problems while uploading form.
      6. Problems while attaching documents.
      7. Problems while retrieving files during second session.
      8. Others. Other issues that do not strictly fit into the above categories.
    11. Complaints Against Call Centre:
      1. Incorrect / Insufficient details provided by the CCE.
      2. CCE unreachable during working hours.
      3. Bad Behaviour by CCE.
      4. IVR Related Issues.
      5. Others.
    12. Feedback:

      Suggestion. Any improvements or suggestions for the same can be raised here.

      Appreciation. The passport office has gone to great lengths to establish and maintain the online tools, information database, etc. and sending appreciation through a formal means such as this will encourage them to consistently perform well.

    13. Description:

      This is a mandatory section that requires you to describe and place a request for the servicing of your grievance. You are allowed to state your case in a descriptive manner using no more than 3,000 words, as there is a word limit in this part of the form.

      The passport office has left no stone unturned when it comes to optimizing the efficiency of delivering knowledge and services to citizens through its online portal.

    National Call Centre To Address Grievances:

    In case the applicant wishes to resolve his / her query offline and over the phone, the Passport Office operates a toll-free National Call Centre.

    • The call centre operates in round the clock 24 hours a day, 7 days a week,
    • Citizens can access the call centre in 17 Indian languages.
    • The call centre number is 1800-258-1800.
    • A vast database of information can be accessed through the IVR facility or directly through a CCE.
    • Doubts can be clarified, and grievances can be addressed.
    • In case there is any problem with the call centre, or the CCE, etc. complaints can be raised through the online portal.

    Mobile application mPassport Seva App:

    The Passport Office has also released a smartphone application across the iOS, Android, Windows OS, and Blackberry OS platforms. Through this application, citizens can find out:

    • Steps involved in applying for a passport.
    • How to address grievances.
    • Information on various passport related services.
    • Locations of Passport Seva Kendra (PSK) and District Passport Cells (DPC).
    • How to track the status and progress of their passport applications.

    The app is an extremely useful tool to find out information to clear doubts about all passport related queries.


    Upon paying a one-time enrolment fee of Rs.30 at the nearest PSK (Passport Seva Kendra), citizens have access to an SMS query responder service. Status of the passport application can be learned by sending an SMS to 9704100100 with the following format:

    < STATUS >< space >< file number >, which would look typically like: STATUS BNG123456789012.

    CPGRAMS Central Public Grievance Redress And Monitoring System:

    Any grievances can also be raised through the CPGRAMS portal, and the status can be tracked online.

    Public Grievance Cell:

    The Chief Passport Officer supervises the Public Grievance Cell in the CPV. All grievances and feedback received over telephone, post, and e-mail are dealt with in this department. An email can be sent to to directly contact this cell.

    Direct Public Interface:

    Between 10:00 am and 1:00 pm, citizens can visit their nearest Passport Office and enquire about the status of their applications, submit their documents, and request clarifications on various aspects of the passport generating process. This is to be done at the Enquiry Counter, or Information Facilitation Centre (IFC) at the Passport Office.

    Passport Adalats:

    Complex cases, and those that have been unresolved for a long period of time can be escalated further at Passport Adalats, which are organized at regular intervals by the Passport Office.

    Tracking The Status Of Your Grievance / Service Request / Feedback:

    Once a service request has been raised, or a grievance raised, the Passport Office will take some time to revert. In order to allow the citizens to track the status of the grievance submitted, there is an online tool which requires at least one of the following information:

    1. Service Request Number: Once you submit your request, you will be assigned a request number which can then be used to track its progress, and identify the case in question when interacting with the Passport Office.
    2. Application Reference Number: If you do not have a Service Request Number, an Application Reference Number will do.
    3. File Number: If you do not know the Service Request Number or the Application Reference Number, you can enter the File Number.
    4. Passport Number: If none of the above reference numbers are available, enter your Passport Number to check the status of all service requests placed through that particular Passport Number.
    5. Date of Birth: In addition to at least one of the above reference numbers, you must also enter your date of birth. Must be entered in the DD / MM / YYYY format.

    In Case The Passport Has Been Lost / Misplaced / Stolen:

    The first step in case your passport has been stolen is to inform the nearest police station, or Passport Office. The Passport Office will immediately register that your passport has been stolen and notify the required authorities to ensure that it is not misused. You can then apply for a new one .

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    News About Passport Grievances and Feedback

    • DCP to Call Passport Applicants for Feedback on Police Experience

      Individuals who have applied for passports can expect a call from a Deputy Commissioner of Police regarding their experience with the local police. Since the passport application process will soon be streamlined, the Pune police commissionerate has begun making phone calls to individuals who have applied for passports, asking them for feedback regarding the conduct of police from the local stations. The calls are expected to be random and will help the DCP to get an idea about how the local cops are going about the verification process, thereby enabling them to improve the process and ensure that applicants have no concerns or problems during any part of the process.

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