Passport Form

In order to apply for a passport or a passport related service, you will have to provide relevant supporting documents. This includes filling a government-issued form indicating the type of passport application form you wish to make.

Where Do You Get Passport Application Form?

Passport form can either be obtained online or offline.

  • Online passport application forms can be accessed through the passport seva portal at filled in two different ways. One is to fill and submit the e-form online while logged into the portal itself and the other way is to download the e-form, fill it offline and upload it later at the link provided (check the online application process).
  • Offline passport forms can also be accessed in two different ways. One way is to download the form from the passport website and print it to be filled manually. Another way is to buy, fill and submit the form at your passport center i.e. Your passport seva kendra (psk), passport office (po), district passport cell (dpc), speed post centre (spc), citizen service centre (csc).

Getting your passport form online is easier, quicker and more convenient than getting it offline. It should also be noted that going the offline route is only possible for new or fresh passport application forms. This is because the abovementioned centers (except psks) do not process any other type of application.

Where to Submit Indian Passport Application Form?

Passport application form can be filled and submitted either online or offline depending on the application process. Online passport application form are submitted online, print forms are submitted offline. Online submissions are done through the passport website. Offline submissions are done at the psk or other collection centers. Passport application fee payment and document submission will also vary depending on how the forms are submitted.

Passport Application Form Online

Forms for various types of passport forms can be accessed on the passport portal under the section 'forms and affidavits' in the left navigation tab. Here, you will find the following -

  • E-forms for download
  • Application forms for printing
  • Annexures to forms and supporting affidavits
  • Format of statement of undertaking gsr 570(e)

E Form For Passport Application

You either fill and submit them online or download them first, fill them offline then upload them later. You can download the following e-forms from the passport website.

For applications processed at psks or rpos, e-forms have to be submitted online i.e. Printed versions of the same will not be accepted at these centers. Also, applicants must have at least version 9 of the acrobat reader to open any of these e-forms.

Print Forms

While the e-forms are meant for online submission only, the passport portal also provides links to forms that can be downloaded and printed. They can be filled in by writing in the details, offline and submitted, physically, at the relevant passport center. These forms have to be printed on a4 size paper, back-to-back. You can download the following printable forms from the passport website.

  • Main form for new or fresh/ renewal or reissue passport application
  • Supplementary form for new or fresh/ renewal or reissue passport application
  • Instructions booklet for the abovementioned main and supplementary forms
  • Forms (individual) for police clearance certificate, identity certificate and surrender certificate
  • Form for loc permit

As with the e-forms the applicants must have at least version 9 of the acrobat reader to open these forms.

Annexures and Affidavits

Annexures which include affidavits, specific certificates, declarations and specific letters are submitted in addition to, and along with, passport applications, where required. The various types of annexures and/or affidavits that can be accessed, downloaded, printed are

  • Annexure a - this is an affidavit for submission by illiterate applicants supporting their birth date.
  • Annexure b - this is an identity certificate required to be submitted by all employees of the central or state governments, of statutory bodies, of public sector organizations. This also applies to the spouses and children (below 18 years) of such employees.
  • Annexure c - this is an affidavit for submission of passport application by the mother or father a minor child where the parents are separated not divorced.
  • Annexure d - this is an affidavit for submission by a lady applying to change her name in the passport post marriage.
  • Annexure e - this is an affidavit for submission in case of application for change in name or deed or sworn affidavit.
  • Annexure f - this is a verification certificate for passports applied for on tatkal basis. Passport authorities may verify this certificate for authenticity.
  • Annexure g - this is a declaration for submission by a minor's parent or guardian for a minor's passport. This is in cases where only one parent has given consent for the minor to obtain a passport.
  • Annexure h - this is a declaration for submission by a minor's parents or guardians for a minor's passport.
  • Annexure i - this is the standard affidavit in which the applicant states his/her name, his/her parents' and spouse's name (if any). The applicant also states his/her residential address, and that he/she is an indian citizen and free of criminal record among other details.
  • Annexure j - this is a specimen verification certificate which has to be submitted with the standard affidavit mentioned above (annexure i). It given by the chairmen of apex business organizations to its member companies' directors or owners or partners.
  • Annexure k - this is a specimen affidavit for a new passport or renewing a passport, obtained before marriage. It is also for applicants who are married but owing to marital problems can't provide supporting marriage documents viz. The marriage certificate or a joint affidavit with a partner/spouse. It further applies to applicants who are married but are separated and not divorced owing to desertion.
  • Annexure l - this is a specimen affidavit for submission to apply for a passport in place of a damaged or lost passport.
  • Annexure m - this is a no objection certificate issued by a particular ministry or department or office stating that no objection to the applicant getting the passport.
  • Annexure n - this is a prior intimation letter for submission by an applicant who is an employee of a government, public organization or statutory body. The letter is filled out to inform his/her employer that he/she is applying for a passport.
  • Authority letter - this is an authorization letter that an applicant fills out to authorize a person other than himself/herself to submit his/her passport application. It can also be used to authorize another person to collect the passport and related documents.

Undertaking GSR 570 (e)

Submitted on plain paper, this is a statement of undertaking detailing the applicant's name, his/her parents' names and spouse's name (if any). It also includes the applicant's current residential address and the relevant passport file number or arn no. (if any). If the applicant has a criminal record, relevant details for this also should be provided.


Given below are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding passport application forms.

  1. What are the various passport services that are available?

    The various passport services available are -

    • Issue of fresh passport
    • Re-issue of passport - this service can be obtained when individuals are applying for another passport despite having an existing passport, for any of the following reasons-
      • In case the existing passport has expired or is about to expire. Applicants can apply for a re-issue of passport within a year prior to expiry or three years after expiry without the need for another police verification as long as the existing passport has a clear police report and there are no adverse entries.
      • Previous passport has expired over a year ago.
      • Particulars or certain details mentioned in the passport have to be changed.
      • There are no more pages in the existing passport booklet.
      • The passport booklet has been lost.
      • Passport booklet has been damaged.
    • Miscellaneous services such as the PCC or Issue of Police Clearance Certificate.
  2. In case an individual has written his/her full name in the 'Given Name' field but has left the 'Surname' field blank, what is the process to be followed to add a surname?

    In case there are errors in the passport booklet and the application form submitted for the same, it must be returned for relevant verification. Additional fee if any, will have to be paid based on the decision of the Passport Officers or Assistant Passport Officers. In case there is a misrepresentation of facts noticed, penalty could be levied. Hence, the applicant will have to be very careful while providing details for his/her passport and should also ensure that information in the passport is devoid of typographical errors. In case a mistake has been made, then the applicant will have to apply for a re-issue of passport.

  3. Can a PCC or a Police Clearance Certificate be issued for more than one country through a single application form?

    No, a Police Clearance Certificate can be issued for a single country through a single application form.

  4. Is it mandatory for applicants to paste a photograph in the printed copy of an online Official or Diplomatic Passport application form?

    Yes, applicants will have to affix two coloured passport size photographs (4.5 cm x 3.5 cm) taken against a white background on the printed copy of the online filled form. The first photo will have to be pasted on the first page of the application form and must contain no stamp or signature. The second photo will have to be on the third page of the application form. This photo will have to be stamped across with the signature and office stamp of the Head of Office.

  5. Will original documents have to be produced or will certified copies be enough?

    Self-attested copies of necessary documents will have to be attached to the application form and originals must be provided at the counter. The original documents will be given back after verification.

  6. When will Annexure B, M and N have to be given and are these documents mandatory?'

    If Public Sector/Government/Statutory body employees have to be procure a fresh passport, they will have to submit either original Identity Certificate as per Annexure B, a NOC or No Objection Certificate as per Annexure M or PI i.e., Prior Intimation Letter as per Annexure N, along with the application form. IF Annexure B is submitted, passport will be provided without police verification and if Annexure M is given, passport will be provided on a post-police verification basis. On providing Annexure N, passport will be given on a pre police verification basis.

    IF the above individuals wish to apply for a re-issue of passport, a No Objection Certificate will have to be given based on Annexure M and Prior Intimation Letter as per Annexure N along with the application form.

  7. In case an individual is working in a private bank, will they have to provide Identity Certificate?

    No, they need not submit an Identity Certificate while applying for a passport.

  8. In case a government employee wants to apply for major changes in their passport, what documents will they have to be submitted?
    • Gazette Notification changing name
    • Fresh ID Certificate in the new name
    • Deed poll/sworn affidavit as per Annexure E
  9. Is No Police Verification(PV) possible in case Government/PSU/Statutory Body employees changes their name?

    Yes, it is possible and pre-PV will be done. Only in cases of Tatkaal applications, post police verification will be done.

  10. Can dependents of Government/PSU/Statutory Body employees apply for a passport through the normal procedure without the need for affidavits?

    In case Standard Affidavit as per Annexure 'I' is submitted along with Identity Certificate as per A Annexure 'B', passport will be issued without police verification.

  11. Will applicants born prior to 26 January 1989 have to submit a Birth Certificate?

    Yes, these applicants will have to compulsorily submit a Birth Certificate that has been issued by a Municipal Authority or office that is authorised to issue a Birth Certificate.

  12. Will a Birth Certificate have to be submitted in case of reissue of Passport?

    In case of reissue of passport, applicant will have to provide a proof of date of birth if the old passport has been lost or damaged or if he/she wishes to change details in the passport.

  13. What documents should be submitted by a tax paying salaried individual who wishes to avail a Non-ECR status?
    • Proof of income tax assessment and actual payment of income tax for the previous year OR
    • Income Tax return statement for the previous year that has been stamped by income tax authorities and copy of PAN card.
  14. What are the documents needed when there is change in the name of the applicant on account of a divorce?

    Additional documents mentioned below will have to be submitted along with other documents -

    • Sworn Affidavit as per Annexure E or Deed Poll
    • Copy of Divorce decree as certified by the Court or a self-attested copy of Divorce certificate
  15. What are the documents that will have to be submitted by applicants who cannot provide required marriage certificate or joint affidavit due to separation or marital discord and are applying for a passport for the first time?

    An affidavit sworn before a First Class Judicial Magistrate or Executive Magistrate on a Non-Judicial stamp paper as per the specimen provided in Annexure K, will have to be submitted.

  16. What are the documents needed for changing the date of birth in the individual's passport?

    Applicants will have to apply for a reissue of passport and get the necessary change done in personal particulars.

  17. In case an individual who has changed their address the previous month wishes to apply for a passport, what additional documents will have to be provided?
    • Original old passport with a self-attested copy of the first two and last two pages, including ECR and Non-ECR page, page of observation made by the authority issuing Passport and validity of extension page.
    • Proof of current address.
    • In Column 3 of the supplementary form, information regarding previous residence with reference details, will have to be provided.
  18. What additional documents will have to be submitted for change in gender or change in parent's name in the passport?

    Individual will have to apply for reissue of passport and get the necessary changes done in particulars.

  19. In case an applicant who has repatriated from abroad at cost of Government and does not have a proof of refund of repatriation wishes to apply for a new passport, what should be done?

    This applicant will have to confer with the Assistant Passport Officer at the closest Passport Seva Kendra.

  20. In case of Muslims, Christians and Parsis, will a marriage certificate that has been issued by Qazi or Church suffice as proof of marriage?

    The only proof for marriage certificate that can be accepted is an attested copy of marriage certificate. In case an individual has a certificate that has been issued by a religious body, then he/she will have to meet an Assistant Passport Officer.

  21. What should the value of the stamp paper be on which affidavit requirements have to be executed?

    The non-judicial stamp paper will have to be of minimum value.

  22. In case an individual who has recently shifted cities and wishes to apply for a Tatkaal passport without valid address proof, what should he/she do?
    • Proof of address is mandatory. Any of the following will have to be attached to the application-
    • Water bill/Electricity bill/Telephone bill/Statement of running bank account/Income Tax Assessment Order/Voter ID/Gas Connection/Certificate from reputed Employer on letterhead of the company.
    • Passport copy of spouse
    • Passport copy of parents' in case of minors
    • Aadhaar card
    • Registered rent agreement
  23. Can an individual use Bank Statement or Passbook as proof of address?

    No, a Bank Statement cannot be used as proof of address.

  24. What are the most common defects noted at Passport Seva Kendras during scrutiny of application?
    • Incomplete residential information is noted commonly. In case an individual has stayed in more than one address during the previous one year from date of submission of application, all addresses will have to be mentioned. Incomplete residential information during Police Verification will attract penalty and result in delay during application processing. Self-attested copy of all documents will have to be attached with the application form..
    • If there is an addition of name of spouse in the form and it wasn't mentioned in the previous passport of the applicant, required documents will have to be attached.
    • Similarly, in case the spouse's name was mentioned and the couple has divorced since then, required documents will have to be attached.
    • Applicants born after 26 January, 1989 will have to submit Birth Certificate issued by Municipal Authority or an office that has been authorized to issue Birth and Death Certificate by Registrar of Births and Deaths, or School leaving certificate/Certificate of Recognized Boards/Secondary School Leaving Certificate by school last attended by applicant.
    • Photograph is not needed for applications submitted at Passport Seva Kendra.
    • Single parents of child born out of wedlock should provide Annexure C.
    • Blue or Black ball point pen must be used.
    • Self-attested copies of documents will have to be submitted along with application form.
    • Tatkaal applications accompanied by Verification Certificate as per Annexure 'F' should always be in Official Stationary of officer providing certificate and enclose the official and residence telephone number of officer.
  25. In case there is a mistake in the printed online form, how can it be corrected?

    At Passport Seva Kendra, applicant should ask Citizen Service Executive to make required changes in the application form.

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