How to Fill Passport Application Form

There are specifications regarding the filling of passport forms , both the main and the supplementary form. Since passport forms are machine readable (by ICR scanners), forms which are not filled properly will not be read properly and can be rejected. Information to be included in your passport will be derived from the form. Therefore, it is important to provide clear and accurate details. It is also a criminal offence to deliberately provide incorrect/incomplete details or withhold information required

How to Fill Passport Form Offline?

  • Fill all details in the form in Capital's, with one letter to each box
  • Use ball-point pen in blue or black only and not ink pen.
  • When you have to choose from different options e.g. gender, use an to mark the appropriate box. Don't use tick marks or other symbols.
  • Fill in only those details that are required of you and leave the remaining blank. Don't strike out or mark as not applicable or NA' if a field doesn't apply to you.
  • Don't fold or dirty or smudge the form

Passport Photograph Requirements

Do not paste a photograph if the form is to be submitted at a PSK or a mini - PSK. If the form is to be submitted at other centers viz. DPCs, SPCs or CSCs (click here to know more about applying through these centers) you will have to paste a photograph of the following dimensions and particulars.

  • Unsigned photograph; don't sign over it once pasted
  • Only one photograph to be pasted, fitting in the space provided, neither bigger nor smaller
  • Latest photograph in color printed in one continuous tone
  • Frontal view of candidate, head centred and both ears and facial edges visible, eyes open, neutral facial expression
  • White background, dark outfit/dress (uniforms not permitted)
  • Dimensions - 4.5 cms X 3.5 cms
  • Good quality paper to be used for the photo, computer prints are not permitted, damaged/torn photos are not permitted
  • Sign under the passport in the box provided. In case of minor applicants, the signature/thumb impression will have to be of the minor only. Parents/guardians should not sign, under the photo, on behalf of the minor. Ensure your signature/thumb impression is well within the box to be accurately scanned.

How To Fill The Passport Application Form

Note: For more info, click on this link

Column 1. Service Required

1.1 Applying for:

  • Fresh Passport OR Re-issue of Passport

1.2 If re-issue, specify reason(s) :

  • Validity Expired within 3 years/ Due to Expire
  • Exhaustion of Pages
  • Validity Expired more than 3 years ago
  • Lost Passport
  • Change in Existing Personal Particulars
  • Damaged Passport

1.3 If change in existing personal particulars, specify reason(s)

  • Appearance, Signature, Given Name, Surname, DOB, Spouse Name, Address, Delete ECR, Others, Please Specify

1.4 Type of Application: Normal OR Tatkaal

1.5 Type of Passport Booklet: 36 pages OR 60 Pages

1.6 Validity Required: (For minors between 15 and 18 years) 10 Years OR Upto age 18

Column 2. Applicant Details

2.1 Applicant's Given Name

2.2 Are you known by any other names (aliases)? YES OR NO

2.3 Have you ever changed your name? YES OR NO

2.4 Date of Birth (DD-MM-YYYY)

2.5 Place of Birth (Village or Town or City) Includes District, State And Country Details

2.6 Gender: Male, Female, Transgender

2.7 Marital Status: Single, Married, Divorced, Widow/ Widower, Separated

2.8 Citizenship of India by: Birth, Descent, Registration/ Naturalization

2.9 PAN

2.10 Voter ID

2.11 Employment Type:

  • PSU, Government, Statutory Body, Retired Government Servant, Self Employed, Private, Homemaker, Not Employed, Retired-Private Service, Student, Others, Owners, Partners & Directors of companies which are members of CII, FICCI & ASSOCHAM

2.12 If employed in Government/ Statutory Body/ PSU, specify organization name

2.13 Is either of your parent (in case of minor)/ spouse, a government servant? Yes OR No

2.14 Educational Qualification

2.15 Are you eligible for Non-ECR category

2.16 Visible Distinguishing Mark

2.17 Aadhaar Number

Column 3. Family Details

3.1 Father's Given Name

3.2 Mother's Given Name

3.3 Legal Guardian's Given Name

3.4 Spouse's Given Name

3.5 If applicant is minor, provide following details:

  • Parent's Passport Details: Father/ Legal Guardian's File/ Passport Number, Father/ Legal Guardian's Nationality, if not Indian , Mother/ Legal Guardian's File/ Passport Number, Mother/ Legal Guardian's Nationality, if not Indian

Column 4. Present Residential Address Details

4.1 Enter the year and month since which you have been residing at your current address

4.2 House No. and Street Name: Village/Town/City, District, Police Station, State, PIN, Mobile Number, Email ID

4.3 Is permanent address same as present address? YES OR NO

Column 5. Emergency Contact Detail

It Includes Name and Address, Mobile Number, Email ID

Column 6. Details of applicant's references

6.1 - Name your first reference along with his/her address and phone numbers.

6.2 Name your second reference along with his/her address and phone numbers.

Column 7. Previous Passport/ Application Details

7.1 Details of latest held/ existing/ lost/ damaged Ordinary Passport/ Identity Certificate:

  • Passport/ Identity Certificate Number, Date of Issue, Date of Expiry, Place of Issue

7.2 Have you ever applied for passport, but not issued? YES OR NO

Column 8. Other details

8.1 Have you ever been charged with criminal proceedings or any arrest warrant/ summon pending before a court in India? YES OR NO

If yes, fill Column 7.1 of Supplementary Form

8.2 Have you at any time during the period of 5 years immediately preceding the date of this application been convicted by a court in India for any criminal offence & sentenced to imprisonment for two years or more? If yes, fill Column 7.2 of Supplementary Form

8.3 Have you ever been refused or denied passport? If yes, give reason for refusal or denial of Passport in Column 7.3 of Supplementary Form

8.4 Has your Passport ever been Impounded or Revoked?

If yes, provide details in Column 7.4 of Supplementary Form

8.5 Have you ever applied for/ been granted political asylum to/ by any foreign country? If yes, provide details in Column 7.5 of Supplementary Form

8.6 Have you ever returned to India on Emergency Certificate (EC) or were ever deported or repatriated? If yes, provide details in Column 7.6 of Supplementary Form

Column 9. Fee Details

9.1 Fee amount in (Rs)

9.2 If paid by Demand Draft (DD), provide the following details:

  • DD Number, DD Issue Date, DD Expiry Date, Bank Name, Branch

Column 10. Enclosures

Column 11. Self Declaration

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