How To Track Passport Status In India?

After you have completed the passport application procedure, there will be a waiting period until your passport is issued. During this period, you can tracking passport application status to keep yourself updated.

There may be other reasons why you need to check your passport status e.g. you may want to track changes, corrections, updates or modifications made to your passport. This might pertain to change of name, address.

How To Check Passport Status Online?

To do this you have to visit the PSP portal i.e. the passport website and on the home page you will have the option to ‘Track Your Application Status’. Clicking this link will redirect you to a page where you will have to key in the following information -

  • You will have to select from 3 different options viz.
  • Application Status
  • Diplomatic/Official Application Status
  • RTI Status
  • If it is not pertaining to diplomatic passport or RTI applications, choose the first option i.e. application status.
  • You will then have to key in your file number. The file number contains 15 alphanumeric characters and is mentioned on the Acknowledgement Letter. This letter is issued at the end of the application process at the PSK i.e. at the exit counter. It is also issued at the end of the manual application process at the DPC, SPC, CSC.You can check passport status by reference file number.
  • The last field will require you to fill in your date of birth. You can also check passport application status by date of birth.
  • If you have submitted this information correctly, you will move to the ‘Status Tracker’ page. Here, you can view the following details
  • Your file number
  • Your first and last name
  • The application submission date
  • The passport current status
  • This will tell you at which stage of the procedure your passport application is in and you can await delivery of your passport or take action in case of a delay, accordingly.

Passport Tracking By National Call Centre

For passport tracking enquiry / related services enquiries (or information you cannot find on the website), you can contact the passport national call center using a toll-free number. You can either key in your file number directly through IVR or speak to customer representative to whom you will have to provide your file number as well as your birth date.

Tracking Passport Status By Helpdesk

Alternatively, you can also find information in the grievances and feedback section of the passport portal. Passport Seva Kendras (PSKs) have a helpdesk which can help with Indian passport inquiries on application status or updates. The passport portal also hosts a helpdesk that deals only with email inquiries. If you wish to you can reach out to your passport office via e-mail or by placing a call to the PO.

Check Passport Status Through SMS

Through your mobile phone you can opt for the Premium SMS service through which you will receive status updates on your passport application (up to 9 status updates). This comes at a charge of Rs.30 that is payable only once at the time of enrollment. You can pay and enroll for this service at the PSK when you go there to submit your application. Besides receiving automatic application progress notifications, you can use this service to make your own text enquiries to track your application. To do so send a text message (SMS) by typing in STATUS, then leave a space and enter the 15 digit alphanumeric file number to 9704100100. E.g. STATUS ABC1234567891011.

Passport Status Tracking by mPassport Seva app

The mPassport Seva app is another way to access information on your passport status. This app runs on all leading platforms viz. Android, BlackBerry, IOS and Windows. It can be downloaded via Google Play, BlackBerry World, App Store and Windows Phone. To track applications via the app, you will have to key in your file number and birth date. Additionally, you can use this app to track the passport delivery status as well.

Indian Passport Application Status Types

Your passport status is constantly updated as it moves through the entire passport application to delivery chain. When tracking your passport application you may come across these statuses messages indicating its progress through the system.

  • Application submitted
  • Application under review or under review with reason
  • Police Verification initiated or pending
  • Police Verification report submitted or under review or not clear
  • Passport granted or printed or dispatched or returned undelivered
  • PCC application forwarded or granted

You can take action, if required, according to the status displayed.

Application submitted:

This indicates the application form and fees has been submitted and paid.

Application under review or under review with reason:

This indicates the application is being processed or is being reviewed for want of documentation or modification of details. You may have to visit the PSK to sort this out.

Police Verification Initiated or Pending:

This is when the PV request has been raised by the PO with the relevant police department or if raised is yet to be carried out.

Police Verification report submitted or under review or not clear:

This is when police verification for passport has been completed. Subsequently the PV report to be submitted by the relevant police department to the passport office has caused a hold-up in two ways.

  • It is under review for want of information or
  • The applicant has not cleared the verification process due to incriminating information that the police have uncovered about the applicant.

If your PV report has been held-up, you may have to rectify this at the police station by providing the police with the required information.

Passport application status granted or printed or dispatched or returned undelivered:

When the passport application has gone through the entire process successfully, your passport will be granted. It will then be printed and dispatched by the RPO. Dispatch is usually done via Speed Post and the same you can be tracked the passport dispatch status on the India Post website. You can also track your passport delivery status by going down to your nearest speed post center. If they are unable to locate your passport, you can contact your Regional Passport Office.

(If you are not present when your passport is delivered or there is no suitable person to take delivery in your absence, it will be taken back, marked undelivered).


News about Passport Application Status

  • Puducherry will have a special passport mela on Saturday

    The Regional Passport Office of Chennai will conduct a special passport mela in Puducherry to facilitate passport application submission for individuals who are fainting issues in obtaining an appointment and other reasons. In order to participate in the passport mela to benefit from it, applicants must carry out the online registration on and obtain the ARN (Application Registration Number) after the payment of applicable fee. Once the appointment is scheduled, the applicants must carry a photocopy of the ARN along with other specified documents. Additionally, applicants are also required to carry a set of self-attested photocopies of the documents. The passport mela will assist the applicants who meets the mentioned criteria. Applications under walk-ins, on-hold or refused tokens are not processed during this special mela. Interested applicants are recommended to visit the official website of the Passport Seva Kendra ( to learn more about the upcoming mela in Puducherry.

    4th January 2018

  • Regional Passport Office resolves passport application issues

    The Regional Passport Office (RPO) in Secunderabad resolves issues pertaining to passport applications for over 100 applicants. Applicants who were facing issues with their passport application have reached out the RPO to get help in processing their applications. Most application have been pending due to insufficient documents and incorrect details. The RPO is equipped to assist applicants with their pending passport applications.

    7 November 2017

  • App for police verification to issue passports launched by Puducherry

    Puducherry Chief Minister V. Narayanaswamy on Thursday launched the 'Mobile App Scheme' for police verification of applications for passport issuance, stating that, around 5,000 applications were being received by the Passport Seva Kendra for passports every month, the sole reason being the broad based link Puducherry has with several countries.

    The app shall help the field-level verification officers to get access to the police verification reports directly and feed it into the system digitally.

    The release stated that with the need to download and print the forms, and the questionnaire being eliminated, it would result in a paperless and an all-through digital flow of the verification process and cut down the completion time for the police verification process.

    20 September 2017

  • Immigration authorities withdraw the requirement for embarkation cards

    Earlier, people traveling abroad were required to fill in the embarkation cards provided by their respective airlines, however, the government has decided to withdraw the necessity of an embarkation card since the data is already available with the airlines at the airports. The embarkation cards included details such as the name of the traveler, D.O.B., passport and flight number, date of travel, contact information, etc. for the immigration check. This initiative is expected to provide a hassle-free travel experience while offering transparency through the new digitalized process. Considering the increasing number of flights and travelers, this change will certainly facilitate efficiency in the services offered by airline companies and the government as well.

    27 July 2017

  • New passport office in Kathua

    A new passport centre was inaugurated here in Kathua in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. An official order was issued in this regard by Sushma Swaraj, the Minister of External Affairs.

    Recently, another Passport Seva Kendra was opened in Udhampur to cater to the rising demand of passport applicants. As per reports, the government is planning to open more such passport centres in Jammu and Kashmir.

    3 July 2017

  • Passports will soon be issued by the Post Office Department

    The Post Office in India has signed a MoU with the External Ministry for issuing passports in India. Under the MoU, the Postal Department will be issuing passports to citizens. The Head Post Office has plans to issue an average of 100 passports daily. The Post Office has already received a positive response for providing citizen centric services. This move will help the government in processing more passport applications efficiently. The government has already noticed a surge in passport applications compared to last year. The RTO and government have taken many initiatives to make the passport application process easier.

    27 April 2017

  • Three Districts in Haryana to Open Post Office Passport Seva Kendras

    The Ministry of External Affairs has taken a new initiative, under the first phase of which, three districts in the state of Haryana will have Post Office Passport Seva Kendra. Faridabad, Karnal and Hisar are the three districts who will be covered under the scheme. Head post offices will now be used by the Centre to offer passport related services. CM Manohar Lal Khattar received a letter from Sushma Swaraj, the Minister of External Affairs, with regards to the aforementioned programme. Sushma Swaraj also revealed that once the first phase has been completed, the Ministry of External Affairs wishes to start the second phase of the programme, adding that efforts are being made to include some more districts in the state, if the state government suggests the same.

    10 March 2017

  • Germany has the world’s strongest passport whereas India ranks 78th

    India has been ranked 78 in a global ranking of the world’s most powerful passports. Germany was adjudged as having the world’s strongest passport. Germany is ranked as the strongest with a visa-free score of 157 and Singapore has overtaken South Korea and is the highest ranked Asian passport. Singapore has a visa-free score of 156.

    India ranks 78 and has a visa-free score of 46 and is ahead of Pakistan which is ranked 94th. China on the other hand is ranked 58th. Afghanistan is the least powerful passport and has a visa-free score of 23. This latest edition of the world’s most popular Arton Capital’s global ranking ‘Passport Index’ is judged based on cross-border access of national passports.

    23 January 2017

  • The procedure for passport application is simplified for students in Odisha

    Ministry of External Affair (MEA) has decided to simplify the passport application process for the students in Orissa. The students will be able to take advantage of special camps set up at their educational institution for passport services. Under this scheme, the educational institutions in many states of India will provide the student the option to apply for a passport within the institute's premises. The students will no longer be required to visit the RPO, knowing that the original certificates are deposited at their respective educational institutions. This step will help the government in processing more passport application each year. Earlier, MEA has taken many interesting steps to reduce the processing and waiting time for a passport.

    27 December 2016

  • RPO in Pune region organized a ‘Passport adalat’ this month

    The Regional Passport Office in Pune had a courtroom-like justice served to applicants whose applications have been pending for a while called the 'passport adalat'. The people who submitted their passport applications before September 15, were eligible for this drive. The event was held between 10am to 1pm at the passport office, with prior appointment, on Senapati Bapat Road. Applicants had to email or write an application for an appointment at the event, to the RPO with the last day of application having been November 21, 2016.

    28 November 2016

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