ECNR Passport

ECR (Emigration Check Required) Passports are required by Indians who wish to travel to certain countries for employment. As per the Emigration Act of 1983, certain passport holders will have to procure an Emigration Clearance from the office of POE or Protector of Emigrants prior to travelling to certain countries.

For those passports issued prior to January of 2007, if there is no notation in the passport, it means that it is an ECR passport. For those passports that have been issued after January 2007, if there is no notation, it means that the passport is an ECNR or Emigration Certificate Not Required Passport.

ECR Criteria

  • Passports that were issued before 2007, will be endorsed with ECR Check from the Protector of Emigration office.
  • Passports that were issued after 2007, there won't be any ECR Check from the Protector of Emigration office.

Documents Required for ECNR in Passport

Non-ECR Category of Passport Documents Required for Application
Diplomatic passport holders or official passport holders Other than diplomatic passport, no other document is required
Gazetted government employees, their spouses and children
  1. For Gazetted Government employees:(Any one)
    • Identity Certificate according to Annexure A
    • NOC according to Annexure M
    • PI letter according to Annexure N
  2. For children of Gazetted Government employees: (Any one)
    • Identity Certificate according to Annexure B
    • Birth certificate
    • Certificate of school leaving
    • Copy of the passport of the government employee
  3. For spouses of the Gazetted Government employees: (Any one)
    • Identity Certificate according to Annexure B
    • Joint Affidavit according to Annexure D
    • Photocopy of marriage certificate (attested) issued by the Registrar
All individuals with matriculation or higher qualifications Pass certificates of matriculation and higher education
All individuals above the age of 50 years
  1. For 50 year old people: (Any one)
    • Birth certificate
    • Certificate of school leaving
    • Place and date of birth according to the specimen provided in Annexure A
All the children up to 18 years of age. In case of re-issue of passport, after they reach the age of 18 years Certificate of school leaving
Income Tax Payers in their capacity, their dependent below 18 years of age children and spouses
  1. For income tax payers:
    • Assessment proof of income tax and actual income tax payment for past one year
    • IT return statement for past one year stamped by the IT authorities and a photocopy of the PAN card.
  2. For the spouses of the income tax payers:
    • Photocopy of marriage certificate (attested)
  3. For dependent children:
    • Birth certificate
    • Certificate of school leaving
All the professional degree holders, their dependent children and their spouses
  1. Certificate of professional degree
  2. For spouses of professional degree holders: (Any one)
    • Photocopy of marriage certificate (attested)
    • Joint Affidavit according to Annexure D
  3. For dependent children: (Any one)
    • Birth certificate
    • Certificate of school leaving
All individuals who have stayed overseas for a span of three years or more along with their spouses
  1. Photocopy of the passport including the page with ECR / ECNR
  2. For the spouses:
    • Photocopy of marriage certificate (attested)
    • Joint Affidavit according to Annexure D
  3. Applicant must submit a statement with all the details of entry and exit dates along with the passport for verification
Seamen who have their CDC (Continuous Discharge Certificate), Deck Cadets and Sea Cadets Continuous Discharge Certificate
People with permanent immigration visa. Photocopy of the immigration visa or Permanent Resident card of nation in which the individual stays at present

ECNR Exemption List

The following people will not be subject to Emigration Check Required passport even if they travel to the above-mentioned nations:

  • Official and Diplomatic passport holders
  • Gazetted officers
  • Income tax payers
  • Professional degree holders such as engineers, doctors, etc.
  • Dependent children and spouse of professional degree holders
  • People who have passed 10th standard and above
  • Sea cadets and seamen having CDS who have passed the finals of Nautical Sciences (3 year course) from the institutes mentioned below:
    • S. Rehman
    • S. Chanakya
    • S. Jawahar
    • NIPM, Chennai
    • MTI, Chennai
  • People who hold visas for permanent immigration like visas for the US, the UK and Australia
  • People holding degree or diploma in Polytechnic
  • Individuals who hold diploma in nursing under the Indian Nursing Council Act of 1947
  • People who are above the age of 50 years
  • Individuals who have spent three years overseas with their spouses
  • Children below the age of 18 years with one or both parents

Documents to be Submitted to Check ECNR Status

The following needs to be submitted to get ECNR status:

  • Filled Form EAP-2
  • A fee of Rs.300 in cash or through Demand Draft.
  • Original passport
  • Address proof
  • 2 attested copies of any of the eligibility criteria mentioned above
  • 2 copies each of first 4 and last 4 pages of the passport

Procedure to Remove ECR Stamp from Passport

Removing the ECR stamp from the passport is of utmost importance for people who wish to travel abroad. If the ECR has not been removed, the passport holder will be questioned which can land him/her into troubles. Below are the procedures to remove it:

  1. Log on to and go to miscellaneous service to download the application
  2. State the deletion request of Emigration Check Required
  3. Two photocopies of college, 12th and 10th passing certificates
  4. Ensure that you attach attested certificates only
  5. Attach an address proof like Voter ID, Ration card, electricity bill, employer ID, phone bill, lease agreement, etc.
  6. PAN card might be needed
  7. The fee that you have to pay is Rs.300
  8. Submit the current passport that you have along with two photocopies for last four pages and first four pages
  9. Go to the nearest passport office and submit the form and the required documents

Emigration Clearance for Passports with ECR Status

In case your passport does not have ECNR status, you need to get Emigration Check Stamp before proceeding to the list of specified countries for employment purposes. The passport in question will be stamped with a specially printed adhesive stamp and duly signed by the Protector of Emigrants. Emigration clearances are provided for a period of 6 months to workers applying through recognized recruiting agents and who have a valid work visa. This is a temporary clearance and will cease to be in effect after the first journey.

You may also apply for suspension of ECR status if you are traveling to one of the ECR countries for any purpose other than employment. You need to submit the following documents for the same:

  • Filled in application form
  • Fee of Rs.400
  • Visa copy
  • Original passport and one copy
  • Copy of return tickets
  • Attested sponsorship declaration from Indian Consulate/Mission
  • FTS
  • Address proof

The government also allows emergency clearance for ECR endorsed passports in international airports. This clearance helps in avoiding the process of suspension of ECR as described above. The following cases are considered for emergency ECNR status while traveling to ECR countries:

  • Persons travelling abroad on sudden death of relatives.
  • Persons travelling abroad for treatment of accidental injury to self or relatives.
  • Sportspersons travelling abroad to represent India in international training/coaching/competitions subject to approval from the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports.
  • Students traveling abroad for higher studies subject to submission of admission proof from a university.
  • VIPs including central/state ministers, MPs, MLAs and so on, as well as accompanying family members.
  • Central/state government officers with official/diplomatic passports and accompanying family members.

Countries Which Require ECR

  • Yemen
  • Saudi Arab
  • Thailand
  • UAE
  • Syria
  • Sudan
  • Qatar
  • Malaysia
  • Lebanon
  • Jordan
  • Iraq
  • Indonesia
  • Brunei
  • Bahrain
  • Afghanistan
  • Oman
  • Kuwait
  • Libya

Emigrants Offices in India

  1. Jaisalmer House, Canteen Block, Man Singh Road, New Delhi
  2. Building ' Khira Nagar, S.V. Road, SantaCruz (West), Mumbai
  3. Room No.116 A Wing, 3rd MSO Building, DF Block, Salt Lake, Kolkata
  4. Tamil Nadu Housing Board Complex, Ashok Nagar, Chennai
  5. Chandra Vihar Complex, M.J. Road, Hyderabad
  6. Putherickal Buildings, Market Road, Cochin
  7. Suganth, 24/846 (I), Thycaud, Trivandrum
  8. Kendriya Sadan, 5th Block, Sector 9-A, Chandigarh
  9. Hall no.3, RIICO CFC Building, Sitapura Industrial Area, Jaipur
  10. Rudra Plaza, Hospital Road, Rae Bareilly


1. In case Indian passport holders wish to travel to the above countries for leisure or a purpose other than employment, is an ECR stamp required?

Effective from 1 October, 2007, Indian passport holders who wish to travel to the above countries for a purpose other than employment will not have to procure an ECR stamp.

2. In case an Indian passport holder is travelling to a country other than the ones mentioned above, will he/she have to get an emigration clearance?

No, passport holders travelling to other countries need not get emigration clearance. They will have to provide a valid passport, return ticket and valid visa at immigration counters of international airports in India.

3. If a child has the ECR status on his passport, what will parents have to do to change this?

In case a child has an ECR stamped passport, their parents will have to apply for a re-issue of passport from the Passport Seva Kendra's website or by visiting one of the centres.

4. How can an individual receive ECR suspension?

In order to receive an ECR suspension, the following documents will have to be provided

  • Application form for ECR suspension
  • Fee of Rs.400
  • Original and copy of current passport
  • Copy of visa
  • Copy of confirmed return tickets
  • Sponsorship declaration that has been attested by the Indian Consulate/Mission(for Middle-East countries)
  • FTS for countries other than the ones in the Middle-East.
  • Address proof

5. Can an emergency ECNR be procured?

Yes, immigration officers at airports are allowed to provide exemption in cases of emergency. Individuals can avail a one-time exemption if they provide documents such as attested copies of educational qualifications, attested copy of most recent income tax return, among others to the immigration officer.

6. What documents will a salaried individual need to be provide for a Non-ECR status assuming that tax is deducted from his salary?

In order to receive a Non-ECR status, applicant will have to submit the following -

  • Proof of actual payment of income tax for the previous year and proof of assessment of income tax
  • Income tax returns for the previous one year stamped by Income tax authorities
  • Copy of PAN card

7. In case an individual wishes to avail a non-ECR status at a Passport Seva Kendra that is different from the one that issued the original passport, what documents are needed?

  • Self-attested copy of the passport along with the original
  • Documentary proof of any of the Non-ECR categories in case the individual is eligible to receive this status
  • Address proof


  • Only ECR passport holders and nurses travelling to 18 countries need to obtain emigration clearance

    The Indian government said that nurses travelling to 18 designated countries for work and who hold an ECR passport are allowed to obtain emigration clearance.

    The External Ministry of India said that there were incorrect media reports which said that the government of India has made it mandatory for registration of all emigrants to register at before travelling to any one of the 18 designated countries.

    As of now there is no change in the existing policy.

    The 18 countries for which emigration clearance is required are Afghanistan, Bahrain, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, Yemen, Indonesia, Iraq, Oman, Qatar, Sudan, South Sudan, Syria, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Oman, and Malaysia.

    10 January 2020

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