• Is Aadhaar Mandatory?

    Is the Aadhar Card mandatory for the citizens of India? Well, no. But it’s mighty handy to have. The reason it has not been made mandatory is to avoid fraud. Since the project is so huge, the chances of fraudulent activity is higher. Aadhaar has been linked to gas connections, Voter ID, PAN card, and bank accounts. Earlier, there was emphasis on Aadhar being mandatory to avail of any service, benefit or subsidy from the government. But this only leads to false representations and duplicate cards. For these reasons, the Supreme Court has ruled against any mandatory requirement of Aadhaar card for availing government-related services and subsidies. However, there are some states that are insisting on the Aadhar being mandatory to avail of benefits from government schemes. To counter this, the government had published widely that the Aadhaar is not mandatory for any welfare scheme. The information was made available through social media platforms and newspapers.

    As of October 2015, an apex court bench of judges removed the mandatory tag from Aadhar and made it known officially that the card was optional.

    The Aadhar Card Project

    The Aadhaar project was handed over by the Indian Government to UIDAI in March 2006. The project was intended to enroll citizens of the country, especially those below poverty line, in a system that helps identify everyone. Under this system, every citizen of India receives a Unique Identification number. Enrolment is voluntary but they are required to pass through a Demographic and Biometrics test in order to qualify for the card. If a resident of the country has already been enrolled in the National Population Register, they are not required to enrol in the Aadhar project.

    So far, more than 92 crore Aadhaar numbers have been allotted. Majority of the cards were issued to those who already have IDs. Reports state that 93% of the adults in India have got their Aadhar card. The government spent over Rs. 56 crores to provide this service for free to its citizens.

    Reasons to get an Aadhar Card

    • Aadhaar card is a widely accepted form of identification.
    • Even though it is not mandatory, an Aadhar card can qualify you instantly, making the process easier and quicker.
    • With the Aadhaar card, you can link your bank accounts for the Direct Benefit Transfer of LPG connections.
    • For the poor people, the direct benefit transfer enables more money to be credited to their accounts directly. This eliminates any other expenditure and cost of middlemen, NGOs, agencies and so on. The scheme is called JAM, Jan-Dhan Aadhar Mobile Yojana.
    • You can use the benefit for subsidies on rations and kerosene from PDS.
    • Aadhaar is also linked to pension schemes which were launched in 2011.
    • With the help of the Aadhar number, funds can be transferred to Aadhaar linked bank accounts though the remittance system launched by NPCI (National Payments Corporation of India) in 2013.
    • In 2014, the link to passports was created.
    • The information of these cards will not be shared with any other authority.


    News Related to Aadhaar Card

    • Aadhaar mandatory for national wrestling championships

      The National Wrestling Federation of India has mandated Aadhaar card for all wrestlers appearing for both state and national level championships. The authorities of NWFI believe that this measure will help prohibit the sportsmen to use fraudulent age proof since the complete data of wrestlers will be accessed through their Aadhaar cards. The decision has been made in the wake of a growing number of wrestlers being suspended for being overage. Also with such mandate, NWFI can curb the practice of producing illegal address proof while not asking for an NOC from the domicile state. It is expected that with the implementation of these mandate, all senior, junior, sub-junior, and cadet players will get a fair chance to portray his/her skill.

      11 March 2018

    • Aadhaar not must for all-India level examinations

      The CBSE was directed to accept other forms of identity proof and not just Aadhaar for all-india level exams such as the NEET. This order has been passed by the Supreme Court recently.

      This is a temporary arrangement that has been made as the decision about Aadhaar linking is still pending with the Supreme Court. In the interim, this decision has been taken to allow more and more people to take such exams without any hassle.

      7 March 2018

    • Aadhaar must for alcohol purchase in Haryana

      Aadhaar card is now a must for purchasing alcohol in any part of Haryana from now on. On the other hand the sale of alcohol will not permitted in and around 200 villages.

      Apart from this, the all retail outlets selling liquor must provide buyers with an invoice, according to information given out by some top officers.

      Meanwhile, the excise duty on alcohol rose by around 57% on all types of country liquor. When it comes to Indian Made Foreign Liquor (IMFL), the increase is by around 10%. Overall, the government has sought an 8% increase in alcohol prices, tentatively.

      5 March 2018

    • Aadhaar card mandatory for B.Ed entrance exam in UP

      The UP State Education Board has made Aadhaar card compulsory for the B.Ed. Joint Entrance Examination application process. UP B.Ed. JEE aspirants will be able to fill in the application form from 15 February 2018 to 15 March 2018. Unlike earlier, applicants for the 2018-2020 B.Ed session will need to upload their Aadhaar details during application. One can only fill in the application form after registering with the Aadhaar number. The exam is scheduled for 10 April 2018, and it will be conducted by the Lucknow University. However, the application fee is not decided yet, but it is expected to increase this time due to GST.

      16 February 2018

    • Aadhaar Cards not mandatory for medical services – Haryana Government confirms

      All the principal medical officers, medical superintendents and civil surgeons in Haryana have been instructed by the Government of Haryana not to delay the medical treatment for the people who do not have either Aadhaar Cards or any other personal identity documents. “In state hospitals, producing Aadhaar Cards is not mandatory to avail medical services,” said Dr Satish Kumar, Director General.

      This decision was taken to ensure the medical services are offered even in the absence of Aadhaar Cards. Prior to this decision, two patients were not treated because of not submitting Aadhaar Cards. In Gurugram hospital, a pregnant lady was denied for the medical assistance for not having the card. Another pregnant lady was denied for the medical assistance in Ambala Civil Hospital. After these two incidents, Anil Vij, Health Minister, said “Submitting Aadhaar Cards is not compulsory for the patients who are in need of any type medical assistance.”

      12 February 2018

    • Government to mandate linking of Aadhaar with driving license

      The government is soon going to mandate the linking of Aadhaar with driving license. In a report to the Supreme Court, the Government of India has said that in order to prohibit the use fake licenses, it is planning to mandate the seeding of driver’s license with Aadhaar card. The government has further added that preparation of a software is under process which will be able to cover all the states and Union Territories of India on a real time basis. This will not only make duplicating or producing fake licenses impossible but also increase road safety considerably.

      8 February 2018

    • Aadhaar card to be mandatory for marriage registration soon

      In a bid to curb the practice of child marriage, polygamy and other gender-related violence, the government might soon make linking of Aadhaar card with marriage registration mandatory. Linking the unique identification number with PAN and other official documents and services has already been made compulsory by the Government of India. It is reported that the plan to make seeding marriage records with Aadhaar details will prevent Indian women falling prey to fraudulent marriages. Compulsory registration will ensure the legal security and societal recognition of women. The planning commission has submitted ‘Compulsory registration of marriages’ plan to the government and also intends to implement it very soon.

      7 February 2018

    • BMC to mandate no Aadhaar, no hawker’s license policy

      The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) is planning to make Aadhaar card mandatory for those who want to get their hawker’s trade license. After the citizens raised questions about the growing hawkers’ menace on the streets of Mumbai, the Corporation decided to register Aadhaar details of the hawkers. According to reports, BMC will collect and store the Aadhaar details of the street vendors in a special software made by the municipality. BMC hopes that this will also help curb irregularities in the 85,891 vending points on 1336 roads in Mumbai.

      30 January 2018

    • UP Board Makes Aadhaar Card Compulsory For Invigilators

      In an effort to curb mass cheating in the 10 and 12 Board exams, UP Board has made Aadhaar card compulsory for the invigilators. The board has always been in the news for mass cheating by students during the exams. It has also been reported that even invigilators are known to encourage such misconduct. Now the UP Board has made it mandatory for invigilators to provide their Aadhaar details. According to the officials, this step will establish the identity of the invigilators and curb the chances of proxy invigilation. District Inspector of School in UP has already collected Aadhaar details of teachers and made lists of invigilators accordingly. The invigilators are also asked to carry their card to the examination centre with them. Also, no student will be permitted to appear for the UP Board examination without Aadhaar card.

      25 January 2018

    • Aadhaar must for BHU entrance exam

      All those appearing for the Banaras Hindu University (BHU) entrance exams for undergraduate and graduate courses will have to mandatorily furnish Aadhaar card details.

      Aadhaar information needs to be submitted by applicants while filling the online admission form for BHU, which will be available on the official website of the University.

      The entrance exams will be held in the month of April and May at different centres across the country.

      Those who are from Jammu and Kashmir, Meghalaya and Assam are exempt from Aadhaar registration for the same exam.

      24 January 2018

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