• Common Problems With Aadhaar And How To Solve Them

    Despite the best efforts of the UIDAI, residents still face grievances from time to time regarding both the enrolment process and with regards to the receipt of their Aadhaar Cards. However, the UIDAI has set up a grievance redressal system to deal with any issues or concerns that residents might face with anything related to Aadhaar. A contact centre has been set up by the UIDAI through which residents can get in touch with the organisation.

    Complaints and grievances can be directed to the Voice Helpline Number: 1800-300-1947 as well as the Email ID: help@uidai.gov.in. Any issues or grievances that require the involvement of the enrolment agency will be directed via a web portal to the registrar appointed nodal officer.

    Common Resident Grievances and Measures That Can Be Taken To Resolve Them

    Outlined below are some of the more common grievances that residents face regarding Aadhaar along with ways to resolve them:

    • When the UIDAI rejects a resident and he or she is the not issued an Aadhaar card

    Should this take place, the reasons for rejecting the resident will be communicated to him or her along with the Registrar. Any steps taken following the rejection will be communicated to both parties as well.

    • When a resident happens to misplace or lose his Aadhaar card or cannot remember his Aadhaar number

    In case a resident misplaces or loses his Aadhaar card or does not have his Aadhaar number he or she can get in touch with the Contact Centre via phone, post or by email. The resident can do this by using his or her Enrolment number and a request can be raised with the centre to send out another Aadhaar card. However, a fee may be charged to avail of this service. If Aadhaar is used by the resident to make use of some kind of service then the resident can get the Aadhaar number by getting in touch with the agency that has offered him or her the service.

    • If the Aadhaar card does not reach the intended Resident or the delivery of the Aadhaar card has failed

    In case there is a failure in delivery of the Aadhaar card to a resident, he or she should get in touch with the UIDAI Contact Centre and provide them with his or her Enrolment number. Alternatively, a resident can login to the UIDAI official website and check the status of their Aadhaar application by filling in the required information on the website.

    • If the Aadhaar card contains mistakes in spelling or any other demographic error

    At the time of enrolment, the resident is expected to enter the correct data. Since the resident can view the entry of the data, he or she is required to check for any mistakes or errors before submitting the information. In case the information provided still contains errors, the resident is given another chance to correct any mistakes in the data entered before it is sent in for finalisation. If errors are not identified and corrected, the Enrolment Acknowledgement letter will be printed as per the information submitted.

    Even if the errors are not spotted and corrected after this stage, the resident may be required to visit the enrolment centre in order to perform a demographic correction. This will have to be done within 2 days after the enrolment and all documents relevant to the corrections as well as the enrolment slip will have to be submitted by the resident at the centre.



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