How to get VIP number for Two Wheeler in Panaji

Panaji is the capital city of Goa, which is known the world over for its beaches, historically important places, and a fun lifestyle. Panaji is twinned as a sister city with Lisbon in Portugal, which has radically increased the influx of tourism to the place. This is especially significant because Goa was a Portuguese colony for more than 400 years. It is Asia’s oldest civic institutions as well, having been established as a city in 1843.

Panaji is also called Panjim and it is not just world famous beaches that you can find here. Here, there are palaces, churches, cultural centres, the Salim Ali bird sanctuary, science centres, and malls as well. The influx of tourism has significantly increased the income levels of the locals in Panaji, giving them a highly disposable income that they love to flaunt. One of the many ways in which they do this is through two-wheelers.

The two-wheeler craze in Panaji

Even though four-wheelers are common in Panaji, two-wheelers are the preferred mode of transport in the city. The old cobbled-stone pathways that dot the city are perfect for two-wheelers zipping around. For tourists too, renting a two-wheeler is a cost-effective way of getting around the city. The increased fuel efficiency, a wide range of models and styles, and affordable finance options have made two-wheelers a common sight in Panaji.

Locals in Panaji like to go one step further and get a VIP number for their two-wheeler as well. Even households that have a four-wheeler still prefer to go around on their two-wheelers that are a handy standby in case of traffic jams or other times when you have to get to your destination quickly.

Demand for VIP numbers in Panaji

VIP numbers for two-wheelers are popular in Panaji for a variety of reasons. For one, there is nothing like a VIP number to turn heads and elevate one’s prestige in society. Even if expensive accessories are used, they can only distinguish a bike up to a certain level. No matter what modifications or alterations are done to make a bike look different, there is still an unspoken status symbol that a VIP number stands for which draws people into it. This is why they are willing to spend enormous amounts of money to get a VIP number of their choice.

Some people also like VIP numbers because they believe certain numbers are lucky and will bring them untold good fortune and prosperity. This could be because of numerological reasons as well. For others, there are certain numbers that are reminiscent of pop-culture references, such as 007 for James Bond and 8055 for ‘BOSS’. Then there are numbers that are important for religious reasons, such as 786 which is a number that is very sacred to those belonging to the Islamic faith. This is the sum of the Arabic letters that make up the opening phrase of the Quran. This number has attracted bids that go up to lakhs of rupees. For some, repetitive numbers are enough to give them a feeling of exclusivity, such as 1111 or just 1.

Popular VIP numbers for two-wheelers in Panaji

VIP numbers are categorised into different series with a different price tag for each series. These are the numbers that are most popular for two-wheelers in Panaji:

VIP number Price
0001 to 0009 Rs.6,000
0011, 0022, 0033, 0044, 0055, etc. Rs.6,000
0111, 0222, 0333, 0444, 0555, etc. Rs.6,000
1111, 2222, 3333, 4444, 5555, etc. Rs.10,000
1122, 1133, 2233, 9988, 7733, 8800, etc. Rs.50,001
Consecutive ascending order such as 0123, 0345, 1234, 0456, 5678, etc. Rs.3,000
0786 and other special numbers Rs.10,000

Procedure for acquiring two-wheeler VIP numbers in Panaji

In Panaji, VIP numbers for two-wheelers are assigned on a first-come-first-served basis if there is only one applicant for that specific number. If there are more than one applicants, then the Registration Authority of the RTO will initiate a bidding process. The number will be assigned to the highest bidder. If there are any VIP numbers that are not applied for, then after the particular series is over, the unclaimed numbers are offered without any extra payment to the public. To reserve the VIP numbers in advance, it is important to pay the entire fee. If the vehicle is not registered within 90 days of this, then it will not be refunded. So, it is important to not only apply as early as possible for your dream VIP number but also get it registered within 90 days of winning the bid, if it had been won in an auction.

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