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  • MCD Property Tax

    Property Tax in Delhi:

    Paying your property tax in Delhi isn’t as cumbersome or annoying as you may think it is. The Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD), has made it really simple to make payments through their online portal. The department has been trifurcated into the North Delhi Municipal Corporation, East Delhi Municipal Corporation and South Delhi Municipal Corporation to ensure smooth and easy transactions, and to lower the burden of administration that falls on just one department.

    Property tax in Delhi is charged by the Delhi Municipal Corporation on all land and property that comes within its purview. Every year, the DMC announces a deadline by which time all taxes must be paid.

    Paying MCD Property Tax Online:

    Given below is a step by step guide to paying your MCD property tax online you will need to have JavaScript enabled on Internet Explorer 7.0 or Mozilla Firefox to access the payment portal.

    • Step 1: This link MCD will take you to a page in which you must select which trifurcated Municipal Corporation department you need to pay your taxes to (North, East or South).
    • Step 2: Select the appropriate department based on your location.
    • Step 3: Find the link that says “Online Services” on the bottom-right of the page.
    • Step 4: Find the “Property Tax” section and select “Online filing of property tax returns”.
    • Step 5: Read the terms and conditions page, check the box confirming you’ve read them and click on the button that says “Click here to file Property Tax (year)”.
    • Step 6: Enter your Property ID in the box provided. You can find your Property ID on older Property Tax Challans/receipts. If you don’t have a Property ID, click on the link at the bottom of the page.
    • Step 7: If you have your property ID, enter it and go on to the next page. If you don’t, fill out the form with all the details relating to your property. It is advisable to keep your property documents handy while filling out the form.
    • Step 8: You will be directed to a page containing information about your property under an “Ownership details” document that’s generated based on the information you’ve input and an automatic calculation will tell you how much you have to pay as tax.
    • Step 9: Choose one of the payment options (cash, cheque, DD). There is an option to take a print out, it’s recommended that you do. You can also edit the “Ownership details” report in case something is wrong.
    • Step 10: Click on “Generate Challan” (but make sure your details have all been entered correctly) and the official challan will be displayed, ready to print.

    The online payment portal was created in order to establish and use a unique property identification code for every property in Delhi. The online tool also monitors and accordingly updates property tax arrears and penalties, in addition to calculating late fees and interest amounts.

    Details about property tax policies, laws, property tax rates, unit area values, taxable property types, exemption and rebate criteria, etc. are available through the link provided above.

    Paying MCD Property Tax Offline:

    If you don’t wish to pay the property tax online, you can pay it at one of 800 strategically placed ITZ cash counters all across Delhi. You will instantly be issued a receipt after your offline payment which will contain a property tax ID which you must use for all future tax payments.

    Please also note that if you do not remember or do not use your previously allotted ID, the system will allot a new one to you and this will create a whole new host of problems for you during future tax payments, and may even attract punitive action.

    News About MCD Property Tax

    • Delhi Municipal Corporation to Charge Not Cleaning Empty Plots or Flats

      In case your home or plot is deserted and not resided for years leading to garbage accumulation in your property, you will be charged a penalty in case you do not have it cleaned. There are many plots and properties that are unused or even abandoned, not only leading to garbage accumulation in east Delhi will face charges but they also have to get dirt or water accumulated in the area cleaned by the corporation and the cost would be incurred to the property tax of plot or land owners. This is majorly to fight the mosquito breeding ground that these areas create.

      27th September, 2016

    • NDMC takes possession of properties of tax defaulters

      The North Delhi Municipal Corporation attached around 450 properties that failed to pay MCD property tax in the last fiscal. Dedicated teams have also been formed to recover all outstanding dues, such as transfer duty and stamp duty.

      Praveen Gupta, NDMC Commissioner stated that more than 125 commercial establishments have failed to pay transfer duty, which has resulted in financial losses to the municipal corporation. Transfer duty is a surcharge on stamp duty at a rate not exceeding 5% of the total amount specified in the DMC Act. It must be paid in the sale or transfer of an immovable property.

      Gupta said that individuals and builders are required to pay the tax owed to the corporation, as this contributes to the development of the municipality and the provision of civic amenities.

      16th September, 2016

    • MCD Exempts Vijay Goel’s Haveli by discounting Rs 25 crore tax for 750 houses

      A tax exemption rule has been passed by North Delhi's municipal body for more than 750 heritage structures to simply to win the goodwill of Union minister & BJP leader Vijay Goel, claims the rival parties. This would cost the municipality Rs 25 crore along with the approximate deficit of over Rs 2,700 crore for the running financial year. The beneficiaries of this rule includes the sports and youth affairs minister's family.

      7th September 2016

    • East Delhi witnesses an increase in Property Tax

      The East Delhi Municipal Corporation (EDMC) had executed every suggestion made by the Third Municipal Valuation Committee including the proposition to escalate property tax in certain residential areas in East Delhi. As EDMC is going through a financial crunch, they say it is one effective way to bring down the burden on the government when it comes to tax. A continuous economic crisis didn’t do much to outdo the political stresses of the upcoming 2017 elections there and hence the tax hike. In the previous week, the civic body explained it had approved orders to formally roll back the decision to carry out the recommendations, and postpone the 15 percent reduction for property tax until further notice.

      4th August 2016

    • SDMC Confident Of Meeting Property Tax Target

      The South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC) said on Thursday that it was confident of achieving a growth in property tax collections for the year, after meeting its target for the year 2015-16. While the SDMC was hopeful of a bigger collection this year, the East and North Delhi Municipal Corporations continue to struggle to meet expectations. An SDMC senior officer stated that although it would take approximately a week to process payments, the corporation would see an increase of 6 to 8 per cent in the first quarter in comparison to the same time last year. This is due to 25,000 more taxpayers making payments this time around as compared to last year. The SDMC also stated that it has targeted a figure of Rs. 715 crore in property tax collections for the financial year.

      4th July 2016

    • South Delhi Farmhouses Evading Property Tax

      South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC) has found that 1,400 out of 1,900 farmhouses have not been paying property tax. The amount owed by them range between Rs.50 lakh and Rs.3 crore.

      SDMC has issued notices on the property tax dues to 1,140 of the errant farmhouses. It has also started the process of auctioning 100 of the defaulters’ farmhouses.

      The survey of farmhouses revealed that many farmhouse owners falsely claimed that their land was being put to agricultural use to escape tax payment. Both commercially used farmhouses and rented out farmhouses have to pay property tax. While the tax is 4 times the normal amount in case of the former, it is 2 times the normal amount in case of the latter.

      SDMC gets about 6 percent of their revenue from property tax.

      22nd June 2016

    • EMCD to Relook at Recommendations of Municipal Valuation Committee Report

      East MCD has decided to constitute a committee that would consider all aspects related to the implementation of the third MVC’s recommendations. The report will be present to the house. Satya Sharma, East Delhi Mayor said that the MVC report states that the factors on which the property taxes of industrial and commercial areas depend are not the same anymore.

      The category of industries and commercial areas have gone higher raising the rates of property taxes in return, thereby bringing about protests from market and industry associations of East Delhi. This is the reason why EDMC decided to relook into the report’s recommendations.

      10th June 2016

    • MSMEs protesting against hike in Property Tax in Delhi

      Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise (MSMEs) in New Delhi are set to appeal in the court against municipal corporations over the increase of around 10 times in property tax. A notification was recently issued by the Commissioner of the Municipal Corporation on the increase in property tax. The Patparganj Functional Industrial Estate Entrepreneurs Association is among the organisations that have requested the East Delhi Municipal Corporation and other corporations to roll back the property tax hikes.

      The tax category of Patparganj industrial area was improved from G to B recently.

      26th May 2016

    • MCDs unable to derive full revenue from Property Tax

      One of the major source of revenues for the Municipal Corporations is the property tax from property holders. However, the Delhi High Court noted that this revenue is not being generated fully due to the non-payment of property tax by most taxpayers. Only one-fourth or even less number of property owners are paying property tax for their dwellings.

      Municipal Corporations can fill up a huge finance deficit if all pending property tax is received from relevant taxpayers. Special bench constituted to look into the issue remarked that if all property owners are brought under the ambit of property tax then the quantum of tax being imposed can also be reduced.

      17th May 2016

    • Parking Revenue to be Transferred to Municipal Corporations by DDA

      In a bid to improve efficiency, operation and maintenance of market complexes, the DDA has taken the decision to move its revenue stream from parking to the municipal corporations. The DDA took the decision at the authority meeting convened at the Raj Niwas. The urban body stated that land ownership would however remain with the DDA, which it could repossess as anytime for the purpose of development. The DDA also stated that the decision would aid in boosting corporation revenue due to the high cost of expenditure of the services transferred to them. The DDA also took the decision to utilise a rationalised procedure for the levy of charges on the misuse of its plots. However, according to the urban body, the MCD will only be able to utilise the land for parking and no other purpose, while no property tax will be paid by the DDA to the MCD with regards to the transfer of parking sites.

      4th May 2016


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