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  • Equivalent Ranks of Commissioned Officers in Army, Navy and Air Force

    Here is a table showing the equivalent ranks of commissioned officers in the three defence services in India:

    Air Force Army Navy
    Air Marshall (AOC-in-C / VCAS) Lieutenant General (Army Commodore / VCOAS) Vice Admiral / FOC-in-C / VCNS)
    Air Marshall Lieutenant General Vice Admiral
    AVM Major General Rear Admiral
    Air Commodore Brigadier Captain
    Group Captain Colonel Captain
    Wing Commander (S) Lieutenant Colonel (S) Commander (S)
    Wing Commander (TS) Lieutenant Colonel (TS) Commander (TS)
    Squadron Leader Major Lieutenant Commander
    Flight Lieutenant Captain Lieutenant
    Flying Officer Lieutenant Sub Lieutenant

    Equivalent Ranks of Personnel Below Officer Rank in Army, Navy and Air Force

    Air Force Army Navy
    NCs (E), Tindal, Head Tindal NCs (E)  
    MWO Subedar Major Master Chief Petty Officer Artificer I and II
    WO Subedar Chief Artificer / Chief Mech I and II
    JWO Naig Subedar CPO / Mech III / Artificer III / Artificer II / Mech II / Artificer I / Mech I
    Sergeant Havaldar Petty Officer / Mech IV / Artificer IV
    Corporal Naik Leading Seaman and equivalent
    AC / LAC Sepoy Seaman I and equivalent

    Equivalent Honorary Ranks

    Air Force Army Navy
    MCPO I / Honorary Lieutenant Subedar Major / Honorary Captain MWO / Honorary Flight Lieutenant
    MCPO II / Honorary Lieutenant Subedar / Honorary Captain WO / Honorary Flight Lieutenant
    MCPO I / Sub Lieutenant Subedar Major / Honorary Lieutenant MWO / Honorary Flight Officer
    MCPO II / Sub Lieutenant Subedar / Honorary Lieutenant WO / Honorary Flight Officer
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