GHMC Property Tax(Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation) Last Updated : 24 Oct 2019

In Hyderabad, property tax is paid to the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC). The GHMC has an online portal for residents to make tax payments. The rate of tax is calculated based on the area and the type of occupancy.

How to Pay GHMC Property Tax Online:

Follow simple steps to Pay GHMC Property Tax

Step 1:Visit

Step 2: Click Property Tax Payment from Menu.

Step 3: Enter your PTI number and click submit.

Step 4: On the next page that loads, details of your arrears, taxable amount, interest on arrears, adjustments, etc. are mentioned. Review these to ensure everything is correct.

Step 5: Choose a payment method in the drop-down box at the bottom of the page. You can choose between credit card, debit card or net banking to pay off your property tax.

Learn How to pay Property Tax

GHMC Property Tax Calculator:

There is a GHMC tax calculator at the other end of this link:
GHMC,which will help you calculate your annual tax after considering your Total Plinth Area and Rent in Rs. / sft / month.

GHMC Residential Property Tax Calculation:

To calculate your residential property tax, follow the following steps:

Step 1: Measure your plinth area (PA). The plinth area is the total built-up area, which includes all covered areas including balconies and garages.

Step 2: Determine the current rent-per-square-foot in the market for similar properties in your area if the property is self-occupied. If you’ve rented the property out, you must consider the rent per square foot as stated in the rental agreement. This value is your Monthly Rental Value (MRV) per square foot.

Step 3: Calculate your residential property tax with this formula:

Annual Property Tax for Residential Property = PA x MRV (per sq.ft.) x 12 x (0.17 – 0.30) depending on the monthly rental value in the below table – 10% depreciation + 8% library cess.

Monthly Rental Value General Tax Conservancy Tax Lighting Tax Drainage Tax Total
Up to Rs.50 Exempt Exempt Exempt Exempt Exempt
Rs.51 – Rs.100 2.00% 9.00% 3.00% 3.00% 17.00%
Rs.101 – Rs.200 4.00% 9.00% 3.00% 3.00% 19.00%
Rs.201 – Rs.300 7.00% 9.00% 3.00% 3.00% 22.00%
Rs.300 and above 15.00% 9.00% 3.00% 3.00% 30.00%

GHMC Commercial Property Tax Calculation:

Step 1: Measure your Plinth Area (PA).

Step 2: The MRV for commercial property is mentioned in the notifications distributed by the GHMC for the fixed monthly rent per square foot in different circles in different taxation zones. The MRV can be found at: GHMC Website Proposed Division of Zones

Step 3: Calculate the commercial property tax using this formula:

Annual Property Tax for Commercial Property = 3.5 x PA in sq.ft. x MRV in Rs./sq.ft.

Also note that:

  • ATMs and cellular towers / hoardings are taxed as commercial property at the maximum with monthly rent of Rs.70 and Rs.50 per square foot, respectively.
  • Educational institutions and hospitals are charged at the minimum with a monthly rent of Rs.8 and Rs.9.50 per square foot, respectively.

You can also register for self-assessment of property tax in Hyderabad by filling out the online form which requires the following details:

  1. Owner Details:
    • First name.
    • Last name.
    • Phone number and e-mail ID.
    • Circle.
  2. Property Details:
    • Locality name.
    • Street/Road name.
    • Permission number and permission date for the building in question.
    • PIN code and building type (apartment / independent).
    • Door number.
    • Plinth area and floor usage type.

Taxes can also be paid at e-Seva counters, Citizen Service Centres, State Bank of Hyderabad Branches, Cheques/DDs made in favour of the “Commissioner, GHMC” and to Bill Collectors.

Due date to pay the GHMC Property Tax 

Given below is the due date for the payment of the GHMC Property Tax and the penalties you will incur if you delay the payment: 

  • The last date for the bi-annual payment of GHMC Property Tax is 31st July and 15th October. 
  • An interest of 2% p.m. will be charged if you delay the payment of GHMC Property Tax. 

Rebates and Penalties from GHMC:

  • The GHMC conducts a lucky draw for taxpayers who pay their taxes on time. A lucky draw prize amount of Rs.20,00,000 will be paid to one lucky winner who pays his taxes on time and enters the contest.
  • GHMC has taken the initiative to promote the construction of “green buildings”. The owners of buildings that have rainwater harvesting facilities and generate power using use rooftop solar installations for power back up and heating will receive tax incentives.
  • Late Payment of taxes will invite a penalty amount of 2% extra on their bill, every month.

GHMC Property Tax Exemptions:

All non-agricultural lands, buildings and structures are liable to be taxed. Although the tax rate varies based on how the property is used, but some properties can be wholly exempted from taxation (or at least receive some concessions).

  • Properties owned by military servicemen, or ex-servicemen are 100% exempt from taxation.
  • Places of religious worship are 100% exempt from taxation.
  • Residential buildings, occupied by their owners, whose annual rental value is no more than Rs.600 are 100% exempted from taxation.
  • Recognized educational institutions (up to std. X) are 100% exempted from taxation.
  • Vacant premises will receive 50% concessions as “vacancy remission” after a field report has been generated by the tax inspector.

News About GHMC Property Tax

  • Property Tax hike in Hyderabad sends people into a frenzy

    The latest move by Greater Hyderabad Metropolitan Corporation (GHMC) to hike property taxes has sent residents and commercial property owners alike into a frenzy.

    GHMC supposedly increased the property tax and are levying more taxes without providing any prior notifications. One of the residents said that his taxes were increased from Rs.5,330 to Rs.11,140 despite the fact that his property hadn’t been modified to the slightest bit.

    Due to this issue, the number of complaints too have risen while plenty of people have even resorted to protesting against the municipal body’s actions.

    However, when news agencies contacted GHMC Tax wing regarding the issue and the apparent lack of response for tax hike, the official only chose to answer the latter issue.

    According to him, GHMC is struggling through a manpower shortage and said that this is the reason behind the body being unable to solve the citizens’ issues.

    21 March 2017

  • GHMC Downsizes Budget Estimate for the FY 2016-17

    The municipal corporation of Greater Hyderabad, better known as GHMC, had to revise its budget estimates post the demonetization drive of the central government. The GHMC also revised the draft estimate for the next financial year of 2017-18 with estimated revenue of Rs.5,643 crore and expected expenditure of Rs.5,643 crore.

    The corporation reduced the budget estimate from Rs.5,600 crore to Rs.5,061.74 crore for this year. Considering the actual revenue and expenses sustained in the first 6 months from April, 2016 to September, 2016, the estimate still looks quite high.

    The demonetization has hit the finances of GHMC badly. Although the corporation collected Rs.210 crore in old notes during the window allowed by the government, the revenue from the remaining 4 months in the financial year are going to adversely affect the total collections for the year. The effects will also set to spill over to the next financial year.

    The shortfall in revenue from budget estimates come from fees from building permits, trade license, advertisement and charges for betterment, building development, GHMC's portion in stamps, registration duty, profession tax and entertainment tax.

    On the expenditure side, administrative and establishment expenses have increased, but money allocated for road maintenance, street lighting, storm-water drains etc. have not been spent. All things considered the GHMC budget seems to be in a dire mess.

    19 December 2016

  • GHMC Entices Public towards Online Transaction with Cash Prizes

    The municipal corporation of Greater Hyderabad (GHMC) has collected 100% property taxes and all other dues via online transactions in the past couple days. Online payments made between December 7 and 11 accounts for 45% of its total earnings of Rs 12.76 lakh.

    The GHMC became the first corporation in India to award cash prizes to the tune of Rs 1.25 lakh sponsored by the State Bank of Hyderabad, to boost cashless submission of taxes. The cash prizes are to be given away every week by means of lucky draws, with the first one to be held on the 13th of December.

    18 cash prizes will be given out – Rs 50,000 for the first prize, Rs 20,000 for the second prize, Rs 10,000 each for 2 winners of the third prize, and Rs 2,500 each for 8 people winning the fourth prize. Besides these, 6 trade license payers will also win Rs 2,500 each.

    The municipal commissioner came up with the idea when he noticed revenues dwindling after the corporation stopped accepting 500 and 1000 rupee currency notes as directed by the Finance Ministry. Following on the footsteps of GHMC, the NITI-Aayog has asked other government departments to emulate their model and announce prizes and incentives to persuade people to make cashless payments.

    13 December 2016

  • Notice for Property Tax Payment issued in Greater Hyderabad

    The last day of paying up property tax and getting the trade license has been notified by the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) to be November 14, already. So up to 9 pm, Monday, people who had not paid up had the taxes had the chance to clear their pending taxes. Janardhana Reddy also stated that the collection would start from November 15.

    16 November 2016

  • GHMC runs into major financial trouble

    In latest news making the rounds, it is being said that Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation, the civic authority in charge of Hyderabad has run into financial trouble.

    It is being reported that the civic body, due to being pressured by the government, has run out of cash and will not be able to pay salaries on December 1.

    Currently, the civic body has received Rs. 100 crore in two phases from the government which will them pay the salaries on November 1.

    The civic officials have also claimed that over Rs. 315 crore is yet to be received by the 14th Finance Commission for the year 2015-16, which can help them cover the bases. During the meet, the officials rued the fact that a recent wage hike to the tune of 47% has increased the operational budget by over Rs. 300 crores.

    The measures that GHMC will take to crawl out of this situation remains to be seen.

    25 October, 2016

  • GHMC property tax to be collected from Govt buildings

    The Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation, in an attempt to ease its financial crisis, has targeted government buildings for the collection of property tax. With the new programme, GHMC targets to generate Rs. 500 crore this fiscal. They estimate that government buildings have unpaid property tax dues that amount to Rs. 180 crore.

    B Janardhan Reddy, GHMC Commissioner, stated that they will re-assess properties that were listed with property tax less than Rs. 1200 per annum, and look to enhance the tax rates. This was earlier done in 2002 and 2007, and this year the enhancement is estimated to increase revenues by Rs. 100 crore.

    He also said that the GHMC plans to re-assess several residential complexes and trade license applications, in order to further boost the revenue. Bill collectors will perform all necessary verifications, link PTIN, identify where PTIN is not furnished and revise property tax retrospectively.

    19 September, 2016

  • GHMC All Set To Launch New Integrated Mobile App

    The Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) is going to launch an all new integrated mobile application called ‘My GHMC’. The mobile app will provide services such as payment of trade license fee, property tax, download of birth and death certificates, submission of civic related complaints such as potholes, manholes, streetlights, etc., as well as viewing status of LRS (Layout Regularisation Scheme) applications.

    The mobile app will be launched by KT Rama Rao, Minister for MAUD (Municipal Administration and Urban Development) at the GHMC head office. Citizens will now be able to post their grievances through the app as well as add pictures to support their complaints through their smart phones. The app also enables residents and traders to calculate the property tax and trade license fee.

    3 August 2016

  • GHMC adopts special measures to increase tax collection; it is up by 33 percent

    Hyderabad: Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) has taken up a distinct drive to augment incomes. As part of this drive, GHMC has already begun executing steps such as Tsunami Survey, to identify constructions which stayed unevaluated under tax net and has not paid the property tax completely or partly. Numerous steps are adopted by GHMC are getting good results. The rise in the collection by 33 percent stands testimony to it. Until now, GHMC amassed INR 273 crore as property tax this year compared to the INR 205 crore gathered in the year before.

    13 July 2016

  • Hyderabad Municipal Corporation Records 38 percent Spike in Tax Collections

    The Greater Hyderabad Municipal Municipal Corporation has recorded an aggregate property tax collection of Rs.300 crores between April 1 to June 28. Speaking to the media, GHMC Commissioner made this announcement to the press. It must be noted that the corporation held weekly bumper draws on property tax in association with State Bank of Hyderabad.

    Compared to previous year, the city corporation has seen a hike of Rs.83 crores in tax collection which is 38.2% increase. On the flipside, collection on the Trade and License Fee front has fallen. The collections stood at Rs.23.19 crores this year when compared to Rs.28.48 rounded up in 2015-16. Property taxes paid before June 30 this year will not attract any penalty.

    30 June 2016

  • Hyderabad Received No Tax Compensation From State

    The Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) has not even received 5 percent of its allocated budget during the financial year 2015-16. Of the Rs.378.34 crore bequeathed to GHMC, only Rs. 11.85 crore was released by the TRS government.

    According to CPM Greater Hyderabad Central City Committee Secretary M Srinivas, under the last financial year budget, GHMC was allocated Rs.55 crore from professional tax as compensation, Rs.22 crore as property tax on government buildings, Rs.66 lakh as Motor Vehicle Tax, Rs.3.30 crore as property tax compensation, Rs.155 crore as slum free-SCST and Rs.95 crore as slum free-TSP. None of this money had come to Hyderabad, he said.

    Srinivas slammed the State Government for making false claims of developing Hyderabad as an international city.

    15 June 2016

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