Passport Office Delhi

The Delhi RPO (Regional Passport Office) was established in the year 1954 and is one of the five primary passports in India. It is situated at Bhikaji Cama Place and offers passport services to the residents of Delhi and nine other districts of Haryana, which are:

  • Faridabad
  • Jajjar
  • Sonipat
  • Mahendragarh
  • Palwal
  • Gurgaon
  • Rewari
  • Rohtak
  • Mewat Nuh

It is open on from Monday to Friday but is closed on all weekends and state/public holidays. The Delhi Passport Office remains open until 6:00 p.m.

Historical Background Of The Delhi RPO

The MEA (Ministry of External Affairs) takes care of the issuance and renewal of Passports in India. The Delhi Regional Passport Office was inaugurated as one of the primary subordinate offices under the administration of CPO (Central Passport Organization). Besides Delhi, the other main and initial passport offices are Chennai, Mumbai, Nagpur, and Kolkata.

The Delhi RPO has four PSKs (Passport Seva Kendras) functioning under them, which are as follows:

  • Bhikaji Kama Place
  • Shalimar Place
  • ITO
  • Gurgaon

Hierarchical Structure Of The Organization

The Delhi Passport Office has a total strength of 106 staffs and 30 officers. The hierarchy of the office is categorized into the following stages:

  • Regional Passport Officer (RPO)
  • Deputy Passport Officer (DPO)
  • Assistant Passport Officer (APO)
  • Senior Superintendent
  • Superintendent

Functions And Responsibilities Of Delhi RPO

As said earlier, the Delhi RPO only deals with renewal and issuance of passports/travel documents to the residents living in Delhi and nine other districts in Haryana. The Regional Passport Officers are designated as the Office Heads and for better operations, a few important financial powers are given to them.

For deciding the issuance of new passports, the Delhi Passport Office follows the guidelines as mentioned in the 2010 Passport Manual. From Regional Passport officers to superintendents, all are designated as PIAs (Passport Issuing Authority), who are completely responsible for taking decisions or actions for passport issuance, in accordance with the Passport Rules, Passport Manual, and Passport Act.

The Delhi RPO discharges its operations as per the rules set by the MEA and CPV (Consular, Passport, and Visa) division. All the files are checked thoroughly and processed within the specified time frame.

Apart from the passport appointments, the administrative office also maintains the following:

  • Passport-related circulars
  • Service book and leave accounts of the employees
  • Curt-based litigation files
  • Water and electricity bills
  • Continuation of provisional posts
  • Procurement of furniture and stationery
  • Distribution and purchase of stationeries
  • Confidential annual report maintenance
  • Miscellaneous matters

The Delhi office also holds the following documents:

  • Statements of councils, boards, committees, and a few other bodies
  • India International Passport Booklets

Work Flow Of The Delhi RPO

The services are offered based on the appointments and time slots booked online in prior. Besides this, the applicants can also arrive with their respective ARN sheets for the purpose of PCC (Police Clearance Certificate) issuance.

Once an applicant arrives the office, he/she will be accompanied by the following steps:

  1. Counter A
    • A TCS (Tata Consultancy services) staff will examine the passport application.
    • A TCS staff verifies the attached documents, checks the data, and scans them. Once the verification process is successful, the applicant pays a fee and is issued a receipt.
    • A TCS staff will then get the applicant’s fingerprints and photo.
  2. Counter B
    • A Verifying Officer (or a Government Official) further checks the application and attached documents to verify from his/her end.
  3. Counter C
    • A granting officer (Assistant Passport Officer/Superintendent/Senior Superintendent/Deputy Passport Officer) checks the application internally.
    • If the application requires additional documents for proof or for any other clarification purpose, then it will be kept on hold until proper confirmation is received from the issuing authorities.
  4. Police Verification
    • As soon as an applicant successfully clears the above three counters, a request for police verification is sent to the respective district electronically.
    • After a police verifies the applicant’s documents and other details, a notification is sent back electronically.
  5. Passport Printing
    • Once the police verification completes and the records are good, the file is processed for printing and lamination. The passport will have an authorized signature.
  6. Passport Dispatch
    • The passport is finally dispatched to the mentioned address through speed post.

    However, in the cases where an applicant’s police verification process is unsuccessful or there is an administrative matter involved, a Dealing Assistant submits the file the Superintendent, who rechecks the file deeply and submits to the Passport Officer. In a few cases, the file is submitted to the MEA and CPV division for a final approval.

Staff Information Of The Delhi Passport Office

The office has an official Language Implementation Committee (Rajbhasha Kriyanvayan Smiti), which consists of 6 members and is constituted to the progress of Rajbhasha Hindi for day-to-day work. The names of these 6 members are:

Name of the Member Designation
Hitesh J. Rajpal Regional Passport Officer (RPO)
Narendra Singh Deputy Passport Officer (DPO)
P.K. Mamgain Assistant Passport Officer (APO)
S.K. Awasthi Assistant Passport Officer (APO)
Udey Bhan Hindi Translator – Hindi
Bagesh Nath Assistant Superintendent

The names and designations of employees and officers working at the Delhi Passport Office, as of November 2016 are as follows:

Name of the Staff Designation
Hitesh J. Rajpal Regional Passport Officer (RPO)
Narendra Singh Deputy Passport Officer (DPO)
B.K. Srivastava Deputy Passport Officer (DPO)
Subir Narayan Deputy Passport Officer (DPO)
Aujendra Singh Deputy Passport Officer (DPO)
Sahib Singh Deputy Passport Officer (DPO)
Arvind Gaur Deputy Passport Officer (DPO)
Ghanshyam Kansra Assistant Passport Officer (APO)
Surender Kumar Assistant Passport Officer (APO)
S.K. Awasthi Assistant Passport Officer (APO)
P.K. Mamgain Assistant Passport Officer (APO)
Prem Singh Assistant Passport Officer (APO)
Govind Lal Assistant Passport Officer (APO)
S.K. Sehgal Assistant Passport Officer (APO)
Pawan Kumar Gupta Assistant Passport Officer (APO)
Usha Mehta Assistant Passport Officer (APO)
Usha Saxena Senior Superintendent
Javed Ahmed Senior Superintendent
Satish Kumar Senior Superintendent
Anita Bhatnagar Senior Superintendent
Jai Kishan Senior Superintendent
Naved Mustajab Sheikh Senior Superintendent
Suresh Yadav Superintendent
Madan Mohan Mahapatra Superintendent
Krishan Kumar Superintendent
Naresh Kumar Superintendent
Veer Singh Assistant Superintendent
Dhanesh Chandra Baloni Assistant Superintendent
Rajesh Kumar Assistant Superintendent
Naman Rastogi Assistant Superintendent
Jimmy Simon Assistant Superintendent
Sunil Kumar Assistant Superintendent
Gajraj Meena Assistant Superintendent
Atul Dobrial Assistant Superintendent
Anuj Kumar Assistant Superintendent
Neeraj Dahiya Assistant Superintendent
Krati Garg Assistant Superintendent
Rajni Buddhi Assistant Superintendent
Shalini Nelli Assistant Superintendent
Ankit Goel Assistant Superintendent
Ankit Kaushik Assistant Superintendent
Vikas Assistant Superintendent
Aayush Sikhar Tyagi Assistant Superintendent
Gaurav Kumar Maan Assistant Superintendent
Avinash Kumar Assistant Superintendent
Bagesh Nath Assistant Superintendent
Aarti Bhoria Assistant Superintendent
Rahul Kumar Assistant Superintendent
Curie Topno Assistant Superintendent
Om Dutt Sharma Stenographer
Udey Bhan Hindi Translator – Junior
Gobind Ram Senior Passport Assistant (SPA)
Puran Chander Senior Passport Assistant (SPA)
Ravi Kant Senior Passport Assistant (SPA)
Vijay Kumar Senior Passport Assistant (SPA)
Rajkumar Senior Passport Assistant (SPA)
Ramesh Singh Senior Passport Assistant (SPA)
Rajpal Udar Senior Passport Assistant (SPA)
Mansi Grover Senior Passport Assistant (SPA)
Ritesh Chander Senior Passport Assistant (SPA)
Jyoti Kapoor Senior Passport Assistant (SPA)
Gopal Junior Passport Assistant (JPA)
Ashok Kumar Junior Passport Assistant (JPA)
Giriraj Sharma Junior Passport Assistant (JPA)
Raj Kumar Gularia Junior Passport Assistant (JPA)
Krishna Gopal Junior Passport Assistant (JPA)
Jeewan Singh Junior Passport Assistant (JPA)
Birender Singh Junior Passport Assistant (JPA)
Sunil Kumar Phadke Junior Passport Assistant (JPA)
Arun Kumar Singh Junior Passport Assistant (JPA)
Laxman Singh Junior Passport Assistant (JPA)
Om Prakash Junior Passport Assistant (JPA)
Vinay Kumar Junior Passport Assistant (JPA)
Shashi Gupta Junior Passport Assistant (JPA)
Shyam Junior Passport Assistant (JPA)
Dhan Singh Junior Passport Assistant (JPA)
Vishamber Datt Junior Passport Assistant (JPA)
Tara Datt Junior Passport Assistant (JPA)
Praveen Sharma Junior Passport Assistant (JPA)
Rajinder Singh Chauhan Junior Passport Assistant (JPA)
Harish Kumar Gehlot Junior Passport Assistant (JPA)
Ravi Junior Passport Assistant (JPA)
Rohtas Kumar Junior Passport Assistant (JPA)
Yogesh Sharma Junior Passport Assistant (JPA)
Ram Kishore Kalsan Junior Passport Assistant (JPA)
Pradeep Junior Passport Assistant (JPA)
Gulzari Lal Junior Passport Assistant (JPA)
Amit Kumar Junior Passport Assistant (JPA)
Avinash Junior Passport Assistant (JPA)
Ashok Kumar Junior Passport Assistant (JPA)
Jyoti Singh Junior Passport Assistant (JPA)
Nitin Kumar Junior Passport Assistant (JPA)
Srishti Chander Junior Passport Assistant (JPA)
Sakshi Garg Junior Passport Assistant (JPA)
Kiran Junior Passport Assistant (JPA)
Preeti Junior Passport Assistant (JPA)
Varsha Yadav Junior Passport Assistant (JPA)
Vineet Kumar Junior Passport Assistant (JPA)
Nitin Kumar Junior Passport Assistant (JPA)
Prashant Junior Passport Assistant (JPA)
Ajay Kumar Junior Passport Assistant (JPA)
Manish Junior Passport Assistant (JPA)
Mohit Rana Junior Passport Assistant (JPA)
Rakesh Kumar Junior Passport Assistant (JPA)
Prince Raushan Junior Passport Assistant (JPA)
Rakesh Kumar Junior Passport Assistant (JPA)
Rav Rana Junior Passport Assistant (JPA)
Vivek Junior Passport Assistant (JPA)
Harsh Mehta Junior Passport Assistant (JPA)
Narender Singh Junior Passport Assistant (JPA)
Ravi Junior Passport Assistant (JPA)
Deepak Sharma Junior Passport Assistant (JPA)
Yogesh Junior Passport Assistant (JPA)
Rahul Kumar Junior Passport Assistant (JPA)
Mohit Kumar Junior Passport Assistant (JPA)
Parveen Kumar Junior Passport Assistant (JPA)
Munish Vats Junior Passport Assistant (JPA)
Raju Singh Junior Passport Assistant (JPA)
Mohit Sikka Junior Passport Assistant (JPA)
Naveen Kumar Sharma Junior Passport Assistant (JPA)
Jitender Kumar Jangid Junior Passport Assistant (JPA)
Bhupender Junior Passport Assistant (JPA)
Dheeraj Shrivastav Junior Passport Assistant (JPA)
Manish Kumar Junior Passport Assistant (JPA)
Pushpender Junior Passport Assistant (JPA)
Satpal Office Assistant (OA)
Shesh Mani Dubey Office Assistant (OA)
Ram Avadh Pandey Office Assistant (OA)
Ashok Kumar Office Assistant (OA)
Mukesh Kumar Office Assistant (OA)
Shiv Kumar Office Assistant (OA)
Sunil Kumar Bhushan Office Assistant (OA)
Nihaal Singh Office Assistant (OA)
Girdhari Lal Office Assistant (OA)
Bhawan Singh Office Assistant (OA)
Nand Kishore Driver

Pay Scale Of Various Designations In Delhi Passport Office

Designation Grade Pay + Pay Scale (in Rupees)
Regional Passport Officer (RPO) GP 7,600 + 15,600 to 39,100
Deputy Passport Officer (DPO) GP 6,600 + 15,600 to 39,100
Assistant Passport Officer (APO) GP 5,400 + 15,600 to 39,100
Senior Superintendent GP 4,800 + 9,300 to 34,800
Superintendent GP 4,600 + 9,300 to 34,800
Assistant Superintendent GP 4,200 + 9,300 to 34,800
Hindi Translator – Junior GP 4,200 + 9,300 to 34,800
Stenographer GR.D GP 2,400 + 5,200 to 20,200
Passport Assistant – Senior GP 2,400 + 5,200 to 20,200
Passport Assistant – Junior GP 1,900 + 5,200 to 20,200
Driver GP 1,900 + 5,200 to 20,200
Office Assistant GP 1,800 + 5,200 to 20,200

Addresses Of All The Delhi Passport Offices

  1. Appellate Authority:
  2. Hitesh J. Rajpal (Regional Passport Officer),

    Hudco Trikoot- 3,

    Bhikaji Cama Place, R.K.Puram,

    New Delhi-110066

    Phone Number: 011-26187073, 26187074, 26187072

    E-mail: and Fax: 011-26165870

    Subir Narayan (Deputy Passport Officer)

    Hudco Trikoot- 3,

    Bhikaji Cama Place, R.K.Puram,

    New Delhi-110066

    Phone Number: 011-26174285

  3. Nodal Officer of Grievances
  4. Subir Narayan (Deputy Passport Officer)

    Hudco Trikoot- 3,

    Bhikaji Cama Place, R.K.Puram,

    New Delhi-110066

    Phone Number: 011-26174285


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