• How To Apply For Aadhar Without Any Documents

    The Aadhar card system has been created by the government of India to provide all the residents of India an identity document that is valid across the country. It is aimed at smoothing the process of establishing a person’s identity and helping them avail any and all government subsidies and benefits that they may be entitled to. While the government has made it really easy for residents to apply for, and get, Aadhar cards but there can be instances where you might not be able to apply for one directly. When a person wishes to enrol for Aadhar they are required to provide document that support the information mentioned on the Aadhar enrolment form.

    These documents usually include proof of address, identity, date of birth and relationships. It is mandatory to provide such documents to avail the benefits of Aadhar but there are times where you might not have documents that prove your identity or address. There could also be a case where the applicant is a minor below the age of 5 years. In such cases you can still apply for the card by following this simple procedure.

    Applying for Aadhar without documents

    The application process is almost the same for such cases, in that you still need to apply using the enrolment forms but you will also have to take the help of an introducer. You can even apply for Aadhar with the help of the head of your family, who has already enrolled with Aadhar.

    The verification of your address and identity will then become the responsibility of the introducer who is generally appointed by the government. Once such verification is done and your form has been submitted, the procedure becomes the same as that for applications supported by documents. The introducer will also have to support your application with their biometric data and attest the application alongside your attestation, when required.

    How to find an introducer for Aadhar

    If you don’t have a person who is the head of your family then your other option will be to approach an introducer. They are individuals who will be appointed by the Registrar and will be registered with UIDAI as such. Here is what you need to know about registered introducers.

    • They can be people associated with NGOs, teachers, doctors, local administrators, elected members of local bodies, those employed by the registrar’s office, etc.

    • They will be responsible for establishing the truth of an applicant’s identity and address.

    • They will also be aware of all enrolment activities being performed in their region.

    • Introducers can be associated with a particular region therefore you need to approach introducers for your local Aadhar office only.

    • Introducers of one registrar cannot be used in another registrar’s jurisdiction unless they are registered with the second registrar as well.

    • The introducer’s details will be available at your local Aadhar centre.

    • The services of the introducers are free for you, this means that you are not liable to pay them anything for introducing you.

    • The introducer’s will also be required to attest your application. Such an attestation can be done via a signature or the thumb print of the introducer.

    • Introducers will be available to you during the work hours of the Aadhar Enrolment Centres.

    • If you cannot find any introducers at your Enrolment Centre, you can ask the supervisors of the centre for the relevant information.

    One thing to remember, when using the services of an introducer, is that they are to be used only when you need to enrol for Aadhar and you do not have any documents to submit as proof of identity or address. They cannot be used if you have all the relevant documents present.



    News About Applying Aadhaar Card without Documents

    • Aadhaar enrollment resumes in Kohima

      The Aadhaar enrolment center in DC Kohima has started functioning and accepting enrolments from the local citizens. The center will be opened from 10 A.M to 3:30 PM and won’t charge any fee for enrollment, however, the individuals who require corrections on their Aadhaar will be required to pay the applicable amount. The government employees are directed to visit the center on 2nd and 4th Saturday for Aadhaar related services. The individuals visiting the center will be required to obtain a token in order to access the Aadhaar services. For Aadhaar enrolment, the applicants are required to furnish the filled in Aadhaar form along with a proof of identity and proof of address along with proof of date of birth.

      29 May 2017

    • Aadhaar to be Linked with Doctors Attendance in Uttarakhand

      The Uttarakhand Medical Education Department has decided to link the attendance of doctors will their Aadhaar numbers. This move will be implemented first at the Doon Medical College. To install biometric attendance machines in the college, the doctors there have been asked to provide their Aadhaar details. The decision has been made to stop doctors from leaving the hospital before their working hours are over and will also help in keeping a check on the activities of medical colleges. A MCI team will look over the entire attendance machine installation process in 6 hospitals.

      5 April 2017

    • Aadhar Based Security Cards for All Airport Staff

      Airports across the country are set to become safer with the introduction of Aadhar-based security AEPs (Airport Entry Pass) for all airport staff and workers. From January 1, 2017 onwards, the airport workers will need their Aadhar numbers to enter or exit the airports, declared the Bureau of Civil Aviation Security.

      This move will be implemented by the CISF (Central Industrial Security Force) body responsible for maintaining airport security. The decision comes in face of some security breaches by airport staff who engaged in criminal activities using their AEPs.

      The new AEPs using Aadhar are being prepared and will soon be distributed. The old cards would still be valid untill the 31st of March, 2017.

      2 January 2017

    • Arun Jaitley says Payment Using Aadhar Card is a Unique Indian Concept

      Comparing the work done by the UPA government in their rule of 10 years with the work of the NDA government in the last 2.5 years, the Finance Minister of India, Arun Jaitley pointed out that the previous government did not have any track record of action against corruption and black money.

      At the Digital Economy Forum, Mr. Jaitley emphasized the need to think of novel steps for the government and the bank to take in order to reform the economy.

      About using Aadhar card to make payments, Arun Jaitley observed that this facility is uniquely Indian. For those without mobile phones, credit or debit cards, the mere use of thumb impressions would be enough to make payments directly from bank accounts to the sellers. The Finance Minister said that as 99% of the Indian adult population is already under the Aadhar identification system, the transition to digital method of monetary transaction would not be a problem.

      28 December 2016

    • Some States Still Allowed to Appear for JEE 2017 without Aadhar Card

      The official Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) portal, saw the of a notification on November 24, 2016, which confirms that candidates domiciled from Meghalaya, Assam, and Jammu & Kashmir, will be allowed to complete at the JEE 2017 registration without owning an Aadhar card. Other valid government identity cards such as ration card, passport, etc, will be acceptable at the city of examination for the above mentioned states only.

      1 December 2016

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