• Aadhar Card Correction and Enrollment Form

    While enrolling for Aadhar is a simple process, it does require you to follow a certain procedure that cannot be skipped. This procedure starts with booking an appointment and culminates in the submission of your forms and other supporting documents. The forms that you will require for Aadhar come in two varieties. The first is the Aadhar enrolment form and the second one is the form that needs to be used in case you wish to change the information recorded. These forms will collect all the information needed to enroll you for the Aadhar program or the information that needs to be changed or corrected. Here is what you can expect from the forms.

    Aadhar Enrolment Form Online

    This the most important form to get the Aadhar card. It is the one that you will use for the first time when you register for Aadhar. The information that is collected using this form is:

    1. The basic information about your name, date of birth, address and contact information.
    2. It will also collect information about your parents but this is mandatory only when the person apply is below the age of 5 years.
    3. The following two sections are the places where you give UIDAI various permissions regarding your bank details, consent for inclusion in welfare schemes and linking bank accounts to Aadhar.
    4. Since enrolment into Aadhaar is based on documents that support the information being presented, the next section will be where you choose how you are going to verify that information.
    5. If you have documents then you will have to name them on the form, to indicate the ones you intend on submitting.
    6. If you don't have a proof of identity or address, you can use the services of an introducer or the head of your family.
    7. You will also have to attest the form, as will your introducer/HOF, if you don't have the required documents.

    Aadhar Card Correction Form

    The correction form, as the name suggests, is meant for you to indicate to the Aadhaar authorities the details have changed or need to be corrected. This form is used when you either don't have access to the online service for correcting/updating Aadhaar details or when you have lost, or are no longer using, the registered mobile number. The information that is provided using this form is:

    1. Indicating which piece of information needs to be changed.
    2. Details of the information that will need to be changed. For example if the name needs to be corrected then you will provide the name that it needs to be changed to.
    3. The form can also be filled in English and in your local language.
    4. Once again you will have to mention the documents that you intended on submitting as proof.
    5. The last thing to do will be to attest the form and send it to the addresses mentioned on the form.

    Instructions For Filling Up Aadhaar Form

    While the forms provided for enrolment and correction/updating Aadhar are quite simple to fill up, there are some key things you will need to keep in mind while filling them up. Here are some of those things.

    1. Remember to fill all the details in capital letters only.
    2. If you are apply for a correction of your date of birth, remember such corrections can only be made once in case of the date of birth.
    3. Entering the mobile number which you provided while registering is mandatory.
    4. The documents you mention as proof must be the same as those that you submit.
    5. In the case of corrections, mention only the new data, don't write the old information.

    Remember that just because the form is filled and supporting documents provided, it does not mean that the application, or the request for corrections, will be accepted since acceptance is based on successful verification of the documents you have provided.



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