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    Top Performing Company Fixed Deposits 2018

    A company Fixed Deposit (FD) is a form of investment wherein non-banking financial companies or financial institutions accept deposits by investors and offer a fixed rate of return for their deposits for a stipulated period of time. The rate of return offered on these FDs are higher than bank offerings but the increase in profit comes with an increase in risk. Bank fixed deposits are secured deposits whereas company deposits are unsecured. This means that if the company were to default, the investor cannot sell the documents to recover the capital.

    Hence, investors always choose the credit rating of various companies before making a company deposit. Companies with a credit rating of AA or AAA indicate the minimum required strength of performance and usually companies with ratings below these indicate poor performance and high risk.

    Given below is a revised list of high-paying company FDs for 2018:

    Company Tenure Regular FD Interest Rates (per annum) Senior FD Interest Rates (per annum)
    HUDCO 1 year 9.15% 9.40%
    HUDCO 2 years to 3 years 9.00% 9.25%
    Kerala Transport Development Finance Corporation Ltd (KTFDC) 1 year 8.25% 8.50%
    Shriram City Union Finance 1 year 7.50% 7.75%
    LIC Housing Finance Ltd 1 year 7.30% 7.40%
    Sundaram Home Finance 3 years 7.25% 7.70%
    Mahindra Finance 3 years 7.80% 8.05%

    *Interest rates are subject to change and will be revised from time to time

    Top Company FD Rates Key Highlights

    • There are many companies and NBFCs that offer more than 9% p.a. on fixed deposits
    • For example, HUDCO offers the highest rate of interest on term deposits, which is 9.15% p.a. for 1 year and 9.00% p.a. for 2 years to 3 years in case of regular individuals
    • For senior citizen fixed deposits schemes, HUDCO offers an interest rate of 9.40% p.a. and 9.25%  p.a for 1 year, and 2 years to 3 years, respectively
    • Another company FD that offers a good rate of return is KTDFC, where the deposit rate is 8.25% p.a. for regular deposit holders and 8.50% p.a for senior citizens in case of 1 year FDs
    • The interest range offered for regular deposit holders ranges from 7.25% p.a. to 9.15% p.a.
    • Senior citizens investing in company time deposit schemes can expect interest rates that vary anywhere from 7% 9.40% p.a.

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    Must-know facts about company FDs

    • The applicant/depositor must be of Indian Nationality and must be above the age of 18 years. In case of minors, the guardians can open the account in the name of the minor.
    • The investment tenures vary from company to company but are usually in the range of 1 to 7 years.
    • The interest rate depends on the company or issuer and is affected by a host of factors including credit rating and tenure chosen
    • The account type can either be individual or a joint holding.
    • Company deposits allow for nomination as well as early withdrawals but does not provide any form of tax concession.
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