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    Federal Bank Fixed Deposit Rates

    We found 3 Federal Bank Fixed Deposit Rates

    Institution Name
    Deposit Amount Range
    Tenure Range
    Interest Rate
    Up to ₹25L
    1 Year to 5 Years
    7.49% - 8.19% Monthly compounding
    Response Time Within 30 minutes
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    NRI - FD
    Up to ₹1Cr
    1 Year to 3 Years
    6.5% - 6.8% Monthly compounding
    Response Time Within 30 minutes
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    Up to ₹1Cr
    7 Days to 10 Years
    3.5% - 7.3% Monthly compounding
    Response Time Within 30 minutes
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    Federal Bank FD(Fixed Deposit) Interest Rates

    Federal bank is a major private sector bank operating throughout India. Established pre-independence in Kerala, Federal Bank currently ranks as the fourth largest bank in terms of capital base in India. The bank offers fixed deposit products of various tenors and interests, and are meant for all class of applicants.

    You can check the latest interest rates from Federal Bank in the table given above. Fixed deposit rates are highly dynamic figures that tend to change according to the market or company policies. As such, you should be sure you have the latest rates before applying for a fixed deposit account.

    The updated list of Federal Bank FD Rates, for Regular and Senior Citizen, is listed below:

    Tenure Regular FD Rates Senior Citizen FD Rates
    Upto Amount Rs. 1 Crore Rs. 1 Crore
    7 days to 14 days 3.50% 3.50%
    15 days to 29 days 4.00% 4.00%
    30 days to 45 days 4.25% 4.25%
    46 days to 60 days 4.50% 4.50%
    61 days to 90 days 4.50% 4.50%
    91 days to 135 days 4.75% 4.75%
    136 days to 200 days 5.00% 5.00%
    201 days to less than 1 year 5.00% 5.00%
    1 year 6.00% 6.00%
    1 year 1 day to 370 days 6.00% 6.00%
    371 days to 2 years 6.00% 6.00%
    Above 2 years to less than 3 years 6.00% 6.00%
    3 years 6.00% 6.00%
    Above 3 years to 5 years 6.00% 6.00%
    Above 5 years 6.00% 6.00%


    1. Federal Bank short term FD rates

      Interest rates on fixed deposits from Federal Bank start from 5% on a very short-term holdings of 7 - 45 days. Interest rates become more attractive at 7% on deposits held beyond 46 days to 59 days. This is enhanced by 0.5% to 7.5% for deposit periods between 60 days and 119 days. The highest rate on short-term holdings is offered on deposit tenures of 120 days at 8.5%. Between 121 days to a year, returns are offered at 0.75% less at 7.75% p.a.

    2. Federal Bank medium and long term FD rates

      For deposits held over a year, the bank offers a flat rate of 8.75% p.a.

    3. Federal Bank Senior citizen FD rates

      The bank offers senior citizens an additional 0.5% p.a. on card rates across all tenures. Short-term FD rates for seniors are in the range of 5.5% to 9% and medium to long-term holdings are at 9.25%.

    News About Federal Bank Fixed Deposit

    • Federal Bank Fixed Deposit Rates

      The Reserve Bank of India recently decided to cut repo rates, in a bid to help people gain more benefits from fixed deposits. Federal Bank, following the initiative, also revised its interest rates. For domestic term deposits of above 3 years, the rate of interest offered is 7.25%. The interest rate for resident term deposits will be effective from March 10, 2016, until further notice from the RBI.

      10th March 2016

    • Federal Bank Revises Fixed Deposit Rates

      Federal Bank has made a slight change in its Fixed Deposit (FD) rates with effect from March 1, 2016. The bank now offers 7.5 percent interest on an FD for 1 year and above.

      Earlier, Federal Bank offered fixed deposits above 1 year in two tenures – 1 year to less than 2 years, and 2 years and above. The interest rate for an FD of 1 year to less than 2 years was 7.6 percent and that of 2 years and above was 7.5 percent. This tenure has now been consolidated to 1 year and above.

      3rd March 2016

    • Federal Bank Fixed Deposits

      Federal Bank offers fixed deposit products of various tenors at attractive rates of interest, and are meant for all class of applicants. The interest rate of 61 days to less than 1 year have been revised and divided into two tenors.

      The interest rate for the tenure 61 days to 119 days is applicable at 6.50% per annum. For the duration of 120 days to less than one year, the rate of interest is charged at 7% per annum. The interest rate for the term deposit 46 days to 60 days has been slashed by 0.50% and is at 6%, as compared to the previous rate of 6.50%. All these revised rates of interest are applicable from December 01, 2015.

      9th December 2015

    • Fixed Deposits in Federal Bank see lower Interest Rates

      Following the directive by the Reserve Bank of India, many banks have slowly started to pass down the benefits of the repo rate cuts to their customers, but that has inadvertently brought down the base rate of banks and also the interest rates offered on fixed deposits. Federal Bank, the fourth largest bank in India in terms of capital base, has also slashed interest rates across a few tenures in its fixed deposit accounts.

      Interest rate for a period of 7-14 days has dropped to 3.50% from 5%, while the slot of 15-45 days still has an interest rate of 5%. The period of 60 days to less than a year saw a drop of 0.25% in the interest rate and is currently at 7.25%. All other intermediate tenures within a year have been removed. The highest rate of interest currently being offered on fixed deposits by the bank is 8.25% on a period of 18 months to less than 2 years.

      26th August 2015


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