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    Axis Bank Fixed Deposit Rates

    We found 4 Axis Bank Fixed Deposit Rates

    Institution Name
    Deposit Amount Range
    Tenure Range
    Interest Rate
    Up to ₹25L
    1 Year to 5 Years
    7.49% - 8.19% Monthly compounding
    Response Time Within 30 minutes
    Good to Know
    Up to ₹25L
    1 Year to 5 Years
    7.75% - 8.5% Monthly compounding
    Response Time Within 30 minutes
    Good to Know
    Up to ₹1Cr
    7 Days to 10 Years
    3.5% - 7.6% Quarterly compounding
    Response Time Within 30 minutes
    Good to Know
    NRI - FD
    Up to ₹1Cr
    1 Year to 10 Years
    6.75% - 7.1% Quarterly compounding
    Response Time Within 30 minutes
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    Axis Bank FD (Fixed Deposit) Rates

    Axis bank is a private bank and the third largest in that sector. The bank commenced its operations in the year 1994. Axis bank was jointly promoted by Specified Undertaking of Unit Trust of India, Life Insurance Corporation of India, General Insurance Corporation of India, National Insurance Company Ltd., The New India Assurance Company Ltd., The Oriental Insurance Company Ltd. and United India Insurance Company Ltd. It offers higher rate of return on fixed deposit. The bank has overseas international offices and branches at Singapore, Hong Kong, Dubai International Financial Centre, Colombo and Shanghai and it is also the first Indian Bank to have set up its branch in China.

    The updated list of Axis Bank FD Rates, for Regular and Senior Citizen, is listed below:

    7 days to 14 days3.53.5
    15 days to 29 days3.53.5
    30 days to 45 days5.55.5
    46 days to 60 days66
    61 days < 3 months66
    3 months < 4 months6.256.25
    4 months < 5 months6.256.25
    5 months < 6 months6.256.25
    6 months < 7 months6.56.75
    7 months < 8 months6.56.75
    8 months < 9 months6.56.75
    9 months < 10 months6.757
    10 months < 11 months6.757
    11 months < 1 year6.757
    1 year < 13 months77.5
    13 months < 14 months77.5
    14 months < 15 months7.17.6
    15 months < 16 months77.5
    16 months < 17 months77.5
    17 months < 18 months77.5
    18 Months < 2 years77.5
    2 years < 30 months6.757.25
    30 months < 3 years6.757.25
    3 years < 5 years6.757.25
    5 years to 10 years6.757.25

    Axis Bank Short-term Fixed Deposit Rates

    Axis Bank allows you to take a fixed deposit for a short period of 7 days to 29 days at an interest rate of 3.50% per annum. Interest rate for 30 days is 5.50% per annum and for 4 months to less than 9 months the interest is 6.75% per annum and the interest rate for less than a year but above 9 months is 7.30% per annum for Indian citizens for deposits below Rs.1 crore.

    Axis Bank Medium and Long-term Fixed Deposit Rates

    Axis Bank offers medium and long term fixed deposits to the indian citizens, senior citizens, NRE and NROs. The Indian citizens are offered 7.50% per annum interest rate for deposits of less than Rs.1 crore made for 1 year to less than 2 years. The interest rate offered for 2 years to less than 5 years is stable at 7.50% per annum for the Indian citizen. For deposits above 5 years to 10 years, the interest offered to Indian citizen is 7.25% per annum.

    Axis Bank Senior Citizens FD rates

    Senior citizens get a higher interest rate than those of Indian citizens and NRE and NRO. They get an interest of 3.50% per annum for deposits of below Rs.1 crore kept for a period of 7 days to 29 days. The deposits kept from 9 months to less than a year attracts an interest of 7.55% for deposit of less Rs.1 crore. For deposits above 1 year till less than 2 years attracts the highest interest at 8.80% per annum. Deposits from 2 years to less than 5 years attracts interest of 8.00% per annum. Deposits above 5 years and less than 10 years get interest at 7.75% per annum.

    Axis Bank Fixed Deposit Plus Rates

    The Axis Bank Fixed Deposit Plus account is a newly-launched differential interest rates scheme. Axis Bank offers higher rate of return on fixed deposit plus as compared to regular fixed deposit rates. The fixed deposit plus is available to retail and corporate customers who wish to invest more than Rs.15 lakhs at one time. The Fixed Deposit Plus scheme is applicable for tenures including and above 1 year and less than 2 years.

    Premature withdrawal is not available under normal circumstances for this account. Customers can apply for preclosure of account only in the case of bankruptcy, winding up, deceased or directions from regulator/court/liquidator/receiver. In such cases, a premature withdrawal penalty will be applicable and the rate of interest will be as per the latest rates from the bank instead of the quoted rate at the time of account inception. Auto-renewal cannot be opted for this particular scheme.

    For the fixed deposits of 6 months and above, the interest is calculated on a quarterly basis. For the deposits below 6 months, interest is calculated at simple interest. There are different deposit types within this scheme including Short Term Deposits, Reinvestment Deposits, Quarterly and Monthly Payout Deposits.

    The following is the interest rate offered under Axis Bank Fixed Deposit plus for deposits up to Rs.1 crore:

    Period Regular FD Rates(Below 1 Crore) Senior Citizens FD Rates(Below 1 Crore)
    7 days to 14 days 3.5 3.5
    15 days to 29 days 3.5 3.5
    30 days to 45 days 5.5 5.5
    46 days to 60 days 6 6
    61 days < 3 months 6 6
    3 months < 4 months 6.25 6.25
    4 months < 5 months 6.25 6.25
    5 months < 6 months 6.25 6.25
    6 months < 7 months 6.5 6.75
    7 months < 8 months 6.5 6.75
    8 months < 9 months 6.5 6.75
    9 months < 10 months 6.75 7
    10 months < 11 months 6.75 7
    11 months < 1 year 6.75 7
    1 year < 13 months 7 7.5
    13 months < 14 months 7 7.5
    14 months < 15 months 7 7.5
    15 months < 16 months 7 7.5
    16 months < 17 months 7 7.5
    17 months < 18 months 7 7.5
    18 Months < 2 years 7 7.5
    2 years < 30 months 6.75 7.25
    30 months < 3 years 6.75 7.25
    3 years < 5 years 6.75 7.25
    5 years to 10 years 6.75 7.25

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    News About Axis Bank Fixed Deposit

    • Axis Bank Fixed Deposit Rates Revised on 8th April

      The bank offers interest rates that starts from 3.00% for the shortest tenure of 7 to 14 days, and increases to 5.60% for the next tenor slab of 15 to 30 days. Interest rates for tenors ranging 31 days up to 60 days and 61 days up to 90 days are offered at 6.25% and 6.75% respectively. For fixed deposits of 91-150 days, the rate of interest applicable is 7%. Between 151-187 days and 188-270 days, the highest rate of interest of 7.10% is applicable on short term fixed deposits. For the next slab, customers will get a 0.15% hike in interest rate.

      There are five different slabs for tenors between 271 days and 5 years - 271 to 365 days; 365 days to 2 years; 2 to 3 years; 3 to 4 years; 4 to less than 5 years; and 5 years. All of these slabs are currently available for fixed deposits 7.25%% rate of interest.

      26th April 2016

    • Axis Bank cuts rates by 0.25 percent on bulk deposits

      Axis Bank announced rate cuts on three different maturities. The rate cut is applicable on bulk deposits of over Rs.5 crore. Rates on deposits over 6 months but under 9 months has been revised down by 0.25 percent to 7.50 percent. For deposits for over one year but under two years has been cut 0.15 percent to 8 percent. Axis Bank’s bulk deposit accounts for 21 percent and retail term and demand deposits are at 79 percent. The rate cuts have been made after the declining trend in the interest rates as seen by Reserve Bank of India. Bankers have been complaining about low credit growth and excessive liquidity.

      27th July 2015

    • Axis Bank becomes first private bank to offer differential FD rates

      Axis bank has announced fixed deposits that will offer differential rates to customers. The scheme ‘Fixed Deposit Plus’ is targeted at both retail as well as corporate customers. The scheme requires customers to invest a minimum of Rs.15 lakh in a single go to enjoy a 10 bps higher rate than regular deposits. This deposit is currently available for a minimum period of 1 year and maximum deposit period of 2 years.

      In April this year RBI had allowed banks to offer differential rates on their deposit schemes. Axis bank is one of the first private banks to implement differential rates. Axis Bank is the third largest private sector bank of India.

      1st July 2015

    • Axis Bank Cuts Fixed Deposit Rate By 0.25%

      Axis Bank has cut the term deposit rate on maturities by up to 0.25% following the Reserve Bank of India’s decision to reduce the repo rate by 0.25 points from 7.5% to 7.25%. Banks were likely to pass on this change to the customer and this rate cut by Axis Bank means that the interest rate on a one year deposit reduces by 0.1% and the interest rate on a fixed deposit for a year falls to 8% from 8.25%. The rate cut will be effective from June 9, 2015.

      4th June 2015

    • Axis Bank Cuts Fixed Deposit Rates By 0.25%

      In the wake of the repo rates cuts announced by the Reserve Bank of India, Axis Bank is the first to cut fixed deposit interest rates by 0.25%. According to the new rates, fixed deposits held with the bank for periods ranging from 18 months to 3 years (36 months) will now earn 0.25% less interest, while those held for up to 18 months will offer interest rates that are 0.15% lesser than the earlier rates.

      Earlier HDFC bank had announced a cut of 0.25% in FD interest rates for deposits of Rs. 1 crore to Rs. 5 crore. Though banks are gearing up to cut interest rates for fixed deposits, the RBI has expressed displeasure at their reluctance in cutting the interest rates for loans. The banks, including SBI, have said that it takes time for these rate changes to be applied to loans and indicate that it will be difficult to do so till the end of March.

      20th March 2015


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