• Hyundai Showroom in Bangalore

    One of the most popular South Korean multinational manufacturer companies, the Hyundai Motor Company offers a wide range of cars worldwide in various styles, comfort and budgets. Being the fourth largest vehicle manufacturer in the world, Hyundai has the capacity to sell about 1.6 million units every year. Hyundai cars are available in about 193 countries and operates from about 5,000 showrooms through dealerships. Hyundai Motor India Limited is the second largest auto exporter from India. Currently, there are 10 Hyundai cars with multiple variants under each model available in India. With petrol, diesel and LPG variants, Hyundai cars are some of the most sought-after cars in india.

    List of Hyundai Car Dealers in Bangalore

    Hyundai has several dealers across Bangalore. The company has 23 sales outlets, 29 sales and service centres and 1 rural sales office in and around Bangalore. Advaith Hyundai, Trident Hyundai, Lakshmi Hyundai and Blue Hyundai are the leading Hyundai dealers in Bangalore. For more information about each dealer, read on.

    Advaith Hyundai Car Dealer

    Established in the year 1998, Advaith Hyundai is one of the leading Hyundai Car dealers in Bangalore. With about 13 car showrooms, 24 fully equipped service centres and 2 used car showrooms across Karnataka, Advaith Hyundai is one of the most reliable Hyundai car dealers in Bangalore. Their sales outlets are located at:

    • Advaith Hyundai in Vasanth Nagar, Bangalore

      # 16/A, Millers' Tank Road, Vasanth Nagar, Bangalore- 560001.

      You can reach them at:

      Phone:080 22976187

      Email Id: salesmr[at]advaithhyundai[dot]com

    • Advaith Hyundai in Residency Road, Bangalore

      Opposite Gateway Hotel, # 32 ACR Towers, Bangalore-560025.

      You can reach them at:

      Phone:080 22976101-105

      Email Id: harish[at]advaithhyundai[dot]com

    • Advaith Hyundai in Bannerghatta Road

      # 1, Next to Spar Hyper Market, Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore-560076.

      You can reach them at:

      Phone:080 22966201-203

      Email Id: salesbr[at]advaithhyundai[dot]com

    • Advaith Hyundai in Outer Ring Road

      #41/2, Devarabeesanahalli, Varthur, Opp Intel Software Ltd.Bangalore-560037.

      You can reach them at:

      Phone: 080 25639051 - 058.


    Trident Hyundai Car Dealer

    Founded in the year 1998, Trident Hyundai is one of the authorized Hyundai Car dealers in Bangalore. They currently have 4 showrooms, 1 used car showroom and 11 service centres. With a motto “Drive Home a Relationship”, Trident Hyundai is one of the fast-growing Hyundai car dealers in the garden city, Bangalore. Their sales showrooms are located at:

    • Trident Hyundai in Sankey Road

      #1, Lower Palace Orchards, Sankey Road, Bangalore - 560003.

      Contact details:

      Phone:080 43433333 or 9844266876

    • Trident Hyundai in Indiranagar

      No.9, HAL Old Airport Main Road, Kodihalli,

      Next to Carlton Towers, Bangalore - 560038.

      Phone:080 43433111.

    • Trident Hyundai in Hosur Road

      No 46/4, Garvebhavipalya Begur Hobli, Bangalore - 560068.

      Phone:For sales enquiries call 080 43433222 or 9844266882

      For service enquiries call 080 4343 3222 or 9844504204

    • Trident Hyundai in Whitefield

      No.111, 124 and 125, B Narayanapura Village,

      Whitefield, Bangalore East Taluk, Bangalore - 560036.

      Phone:080 43433333 or 9964187952

    • Trident Hyundai Used Cars Showroom in West of Chord Road

      61/2, 10 th Main, West of chord Road,

      Shivanagar, Bangalore - 560010.


    Lakshmi Hyundai Car Dealer

    Lakshmi Hyundai is another leading Hyundai car dealer in Bangalore. Their main Hyundai sales showroom is located in Hebbal. You can visit Lakshmi Hyundai at:

    • Lakshmi Hyundai in Hebbal

      102/3 , Gm Arcade building , Bellary road , Hebbal, Bangalore - 560092.


    Blue Hyundai Car Dealer

    With a dedicated team of car specialists, Blue Hyundai is another leading Hyundai Car dealer in Bangalore. With their ever-expanding client database, they sell high units of Hyundai Cars every month. You can find Blue Hyundai showrooms at:

    • Blue Hyundai in Mysore Road

      # 108, 13th KM, Mysore Road, Near R.V.Engg. College, Bangalore - 560059.

      Phone:9591100001 or 080 2698 4000.

    • Blue Hyundai in Rajajinagar

      # 620, Dr.Rajkumar Road, 2nd Block, Near Rajajinagar RTO, Bangalore - 560010.


    • Blue Hyundai in Koramangala

      11 -17, 1st Cross, 20th Main, 8th Block, Opp. Bethany School, Near Koramangala Police Station, Koramangala, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560095.

      Phone:096860 99992.

    • Blue Hyundai in Basavanagudi

      # 82, Gandhi Bazaar Main Road Next To Mcdonald's, Bangalore - 560004.

      Phone:9591211118 and 9686115155.

    • Blue Hyundai in Vijayanagar(Used Cars Sales Showroom)

      No 324, Halston's Ind Compound, Near BHEL, Bangalore - 560039.

      Phone:080 - 26984000.

    List of Services Offered by Advaith Hyundai and other Hyundai Showrooms

    All leading Hyundai Car dealers offer a wide range of services at prices that won’t break the customer’s bank account. From selling new cars and re-selling old cars to car servicing and car repairs, they offer it all. Few of the services offered by official Hyundai Car dealers are as follows:

    • New car sales
    • Pre-owned car sales
    • Hyundai car servicing
    • Hyundai car repairs
    • Car remodelling
    • Hyundai Car accessories sales and more

    Types of cars sold at Hyundai Car showrooms

    Type of car Petrol Variant On-Road Price Diesel Variant On-Road Price LPG Variant On-Road Price
    Eon D Lite (S) Rs.3,93,995 Not Available Not Applicable Era + LPG (S) Rs.4,75,678
    D Lite (M) Rs.3,98,387 Era + LPG (M) Rs.4,80,074
    D Lite + (S) Rs.4,25,003 Era + (O) LPG (S) Rs.4,87,687
    D Lite + (M) Rs.4,29,395 Era + (O) LPG (M) Rs.4,92,084
    D lite + (O) (S) Rs.4,36,995 Magna + LPG (S) Rs.5,11,581
    D lite + (O) (M) Rs.4,41,386 Magna + LPG (M) Rs.5,15,980
    Era + (S) Rs.4,42,042
    Era + (M) Rs.4,46,433
    Era + (O) (S) Rs.4,54,033
    Era + (O) (M) Rs.4,58,425
    Magna + 0.8 L (S) Rs.4,79,544
    Magna + 0.8 L (M) Rs.4,83,935
    Magna + (O) (S) Rs.4,91,535
    Magna + (O) (M) Rs.4,95,926
    Magna (O) 1 L (S) Rs.5,31,004
    Magna (O) 1 L (M) Rs.5,35,395
    Magna (O) 1 L Optn (S) Rs.5,42,995
    Magna (O) 1 L Optn (M) Rs.5,47,387
    Sportz (S) Rs.5,13,883
    Sportz (M) Rs.5,18,274
    Type of car Petrol Variant On-Road Price Diesel Variant On-Road Price LPG Variant On-Road Price
    i10 Era (S) Rs.5,23,480 Not Available Not Applicable Sportz 1.1 LPG (S) Rs.6,28,936
    Era (M) Rs.5,27,903 Sportz 1.1 LPG (M) Rs.6,33,409
    Magna 1.1 (S) Rs.5,51,753
    Magna 1.1 (M) Rs.5,56,177
    Magna 1.1 S.E (S) Rs.5,70,860
    Magna 1.1 S.E (M) Rs.5,75,283
    Sportz 1.1 (S) Rs.5,87,197
    Sportz 1.1 (M) Rs.5,91,620
    Type of car Petrol Variant On-Road Price Diesel Variant On-Road Price
    Grand i10 Era 1.2 (S) Rs.6,03,052 Era 1.1 DSL (S) Rs.7,15,182
    Era 1.2 (M) Rs.6,07,518 Era 1.1 DSL (M) Rs.7,19,708
    Magna 1.2 (S) Rs.6,22,679 Magna 1.1 DSL (S) Rs.7,39,480
    Magna 1.2 (M) Rs.6,27,147 Magna 1.1 DSL (M) Rs.7,44,005
    Magna 1.2 ( W Airbag ) (S) Rs.6,36,319 Magna 1.1 DSL ( W Airbag ) (S) Rs.7,49,002
    Magna 1.2 ( W Airbag ) (M) Rs.6,40,787 Magna 1.1 DSL ( W Airbag ) (M) Rs.7,53,525
    Magna 1.2 AT (S) Rs.7,32,120 Sportz 1.1 DSL (S) Rs.7,88,584
    Magna 1.2 AT (M) Rs.7,36,585 Sportz 1.1 DSL (M) Rs.7,93,110
    Sportz 1.2 (S) Rs.6,57,707 Sportz 1.1 DSL ( W Airbag ) (S) Rs.8,04,734
    Sportz 1.2 (M) Rs.6,62,173 Sportz 1.1 DSL ( W Airbag ) (M) Rs.8,09,259
    Sportz 1.2 ( W Airbag ) (S) Rs.6,77,891 Sportz 1.1 DSL ( W Airbag ) S.E (S) Rs.8,16,738
    Sportz 1.2 ( W Airbag ) (M) Rs.6,82,356 Sportz 1.1 DSL ( W Airbag ) S.E (M) Rs.8,21,263
    Sportz 1.2 ( W Airbag ) S.E (S) Rs.6,89,892 Asta 1.1 DSL (S) Rs.8,22,420
    Sportz 1.2 ( W Airbag ) S.E (M) Rs.6,94,358 Asta 1.1 DSL (M) Rs.8,26,944
    Asta 1.2 (S) Rs.7,04,155 Asta (O) 1.1 DSL(S) Rs.8,62,113
    Asta 1.2 (M) Rs.7,08,620 Asta (O) 1.1 DSL(M) Rs.8,66,639
    Asta 1.2 AT (S) Rs.7,95,680
    Asta 1.2 AT (M) Rs.8,00,146
    Asta (O) 1.2 (S) Rs.7,47,393
    Asta (O) 1.2 (M) Rs.7,51,859
    Asta (O) AT (S) Rs.8,38,918
    Asta (O) AT (M) Rs.8,43,383
    Type of car Petrol Variant On-Road Price Diesel Variant On-Road Price
    Xcent VTVT (S) Rs.6,41,923 CRDI (S) Rs.7,55,337
    VTVT (M) Rs.6,46,388 CRDI (M) Rs.7,59,861
    VTVT_ABS (S) Rs.6,59,732 CRDI_ABS (S) Rs.7,73,381
    VTVT_ABS (M) Rs.6,64,197 CRDI_ABS (M) Rs.7,77,906
    VTVT S (S) Rs.7,33,779 CRDI S DSL (S) Rs.8,56,442
    VTVT S (M) Rs.7,38,244 CRDI S DSL (M) Rs.8,60,965
    VTVT S S.E (S) Rs.7,66,819 CRDI S DSL S.E (S) Rs.8,83,750
    VTVT S S.E (M) Rs.7,71,285 CRDI S DSL S.E (M) Rs.8,88,273
    VTVT S ( W Airbag ) (S) Rs.7,46,210 CRDI S DSL ( W Airbag ) (S) Rs.8,63,143
    VTVT S ( W Airbag ) (M) Rs.7,50,676 CRDI S DSL ( W Airbag ) (M) Rs.8,67,667
    VTVT S AT (S) Rs.8,33,553 CRDI SX (S) Rs.9,04,478
    VTVT S AT (M) Rs.8,38,018 CRDI SX (M) Rs.9,09,002
    VTVT SX (S) Rs.7,85,692 CRDI SX (O) DSL(S) Rs.9,89,083
    VTVT SX (M) Rs.7,90,158 CRDI SX (O) DSL(M) Rs.9,93,607
    VTVT SX (O) (S) Rs.8,69,206
    VTVT SX (O) (M) Rs.8,73,673
    VTVT SX (O) AT (S) Rs.9,52,307
    VTVT SX (O) AT (M) Rs.9,56,996
    Type of car Petrol Variant On-Road Price Diesel Variant On-Road Price
    The Elite i20 - SCA
    Asta (O) 1.2 Rs.9,47,088 Asta DSL (O) Rs.11,04,354
    The Elite i20 Era Rs.6,84,961 Era DSL Rs.8,37,834
    Magna Rs.7,55,880 Magna DSL Rs.9,10,003
    Sportz Rs.8,24,874 Sportz DSL Rs.9,80,215
    Asta Rs.8,84,419 Asta DSL Rs.10,40,866
    Asta (O) Rs.9,29,093 Asta DSL (O) Rs.10,86,125
    Type of car Petrol Variant On-Road Price Diesel Variant On-Road Price
    i20 Active - SCA VTVT SX Rs.10,16,545 CRDI SX Rs.11,88,660
    i20 Active VTVT Rs.8,19,277 CRDI Rs.9,89,161
    VTVT S Rs.9,06,969 CRDI S Rs.10,77,996
    VTVT SX with AVN Rs.9,98,551 CRDI SX with AVN Rs.11,70,517
    Type of car Petrol Variant Grand Total Price Diesel Variant Grand Total Price
    New Verna VTVT 1.4 Rs.9,72,019 CRDI 1.4 Rs.11,32,852
    VTVT1.6 S Rs.11,21,886 CRDi 1.6 S Rs.13,24,421
    VTVT1.6 S AT Rs.12,75,695 CRDi 1.6 S AT Rs.14,38,359
    VTVT 1.6 SX Rs.12,09,933 CRDi 1.6 SX Rs.14,15,647
    VTVT 1.6 SX AT Rs.13,57,800 CRDi 1.6 SX (O) Rs.15,75,300
    VTVT SX (O) 1.6 Rs.13,86,608 CRDI 1.6 SX (O) AT Rs.16,80,118
    Type of car Petrol Variant On-Road Price Diesel Variant On-Road Price
    Creta VTVT 1.6 Rs.11,28,817 CRDI 1.4 Rs.12,74,910
    VTVT 1.6 E + Rs.12,09,093 CRDI 1.4 S Rs.14,28,244
    VTVT 1.6 S Rs.13,10,093 CRDI 1.4 S+ Rs.15,42,184
    VTVT 1.6 SX + Rs.15,07,377 CRDI 1.6 SX Rs.15,81,161
    VTVT 1.6 SX + SE Rs.15,55,250 CRDI 1.6 SX+ Rs.17,06,868
    VTVT 1.6 SX + AT Rs.16,37,983 CRDI 1.6 SX+ SE Rs.17,54,742
    CRDI 1.6 S + AT Rs.17,33,889
    CRDI 1.6 SX+ AT Rs.18,50,942
    CRDI 1.6 SX(O) Rs.18,40,710
    Type of car Petrol Variant On-Road Price Diesel Variant On-Road Price
    Elantra VTVT S Rs.16,41,744 CRDI S Rs.18,68,231
    VTVT SX Rs.18,68,231 CRDI SX Rs.20,69,552
    VTVT SX AT Rs.20,06,640 CRDI SX (O) Rs.22,33,125
    VTVT SX (O) Rs.20,94,718 CRDI SX (O) AT Rs.24,21,865
    VTVT SX (O) AT Rs.22,70,873
    Type of car Petrol Variant On-Road Price Diesel Variant On-Road Price
    Santa Fe Not Available Not Applicable CRDI 2WD MT Rs.36,27,718
    CRDI 2WD AT Rs.37,87,214
    CRDI 4WD AT Rs.40,62,322

    Finance Options

    All leading Hyundai Dealers offer a wide range of finance options to their customers. Trident Hyundai, Lakshmi Hyundai, Blue Hyundai and Advaith Hyundai deal with most of the leading banks in Bangalore and offers attractive car loan offers. For more details on Hyundai Finance, fill the online finance enquiry form and one of the financial executive will get back to you. Simultaneously, you can also walk into any of the showrooms at the addresses given above and get a finance quote in person. If you prefer to approach the bank you currently transact with for car loans, they will be able to help as well. Finance options for both new cars and pre-owned cars are available. For more details, visit a Hyundai authorised dealer website or walk into a showroom today.

    Insurance for Hyundai cars

    Hyundai offers comprehensive car insurance called “Hyundai Car Insurance”. This insurance comes with a list of benefits like roadside assitance, wide coverage, cashless settlement, multiple garages, third-party liability cover, and engine protection coverage. You also get No Claim Bonus and Professional Discount under this insurance plan. Other leading insurance companies offering car insurance are:

    • L&T Insurance
    • IDBI Federal Life Insurance co Ltd
    • Star Insurance
    • Aegon Religare
    • Apollo Munich
    • Aviva
    • Bharti AXA General Insurance
    • IFFCO-Tokio
    • Cigna Health Insurance
    • Birla Sun Life
    • ICICI Lombard
    • IndiaFirst Insurance
    • LIC Insurance

    Types of Used Cars Sold in Hyundai Showrooms

    Hyundai has a certified used car showroom called “Advantage” in Advaith showroom or “H promise” worldwide. This platform sells Hyundai approved used cars. Hyundai has a dedicated team of engineers who use 147 checkpoints to refurbish pre-owned cars with genuine Hyundai parts. These Hyundai-approved cars comes with one year warranty and 2 free services. Customers who buy used cars from Hyundai pre-owned car showrooms can be sure of the quality, price and the documents received.

    Online services offered by the Hyundai dealers in Bangalore

    Hyundai dealers in Bangalore have an updated website and offer various online services to expertise the car buying process. Currently, the online services offered by the dealers are:

    • Online finance enquiries
    • Online insurance enquiries
    • Used car models availability list
    • Detailed information of all new cars
    • Download price list
    • Online test drive bookings
    • Car Loan EMI calculator
    • General car service booking
    • Driving, safety, and car maintenance tips
    • Online used car sales enquiry and more

    Many private websites also help you in comparing the features of Hyundai car loans like BankBazaar. BankBazaar is a neutral third-party website that lets you compare various car loan offers on Hyundai cars and helps you take a well-informed decision. This website also helps you get the best car prices in India. Visit BankBazaar.com and enter few details about yourself and get the most suitable car loan offer.

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