If you really think about it, it's easier getting a loan for a car than a loan for bus fare!

    Kotak Car Loan Interest Rates 20 Jun 2019

    6 June 2019 – RBI reduced the repo rate by 25 basis points to 5.75%

    Kotak Mahindra Bank offers car loans at attractive and flexible interest rates. The interest rates for your loan will depend on the car category, your income, credit score, etc.

    Kotak Mahindra Bank Car Loan

    Features New Car Loan Used Car Loan
    Loan tenure Up to 7 years Up to 7 years
    Processing fee - -
    Loan amount Up to 90% of the car’s price Up to 90% of the car’s price
    Prepayment charges 5.21% + tax 5.21% + tax

    Owned by Kotak Mahindra Bank, Kotak Mahindra Prime Ltd., (KMPL) offers the best financing solutions for all types of passenger vehicles. KMPL services and supports retail customers, dealers and car manufacturers. As one of the leading auto financing providers, KMPL provides loans for private cars, used cars and multi-utility vehicles. The company also offers infrastructure funding and inventory funding for car dealerships. With a robust network in place, Kotak Mahindra is the preferred financier for car manufacturers like Audi, General Motors, Skoda, Honda, Maruti, Hyundai, Volkswagen, Renault, Toyota, M&M, Ford and Nissan. Kotak Mahindra Prime Ltd., currently has a network of 77 branches with a supporting team of brokers, Direct Marketing Associates and agencies across the country.

    Kotak Mahindra Car Loan Interest Rates
    Kotak Mahindra Car Loan Interest Rates

    Kotak Mahindra Prime Limited (KMPL) offers new car loans at attractive interest rates, flexible tenure options and quick processing of applications. Customers opting for the KMPL car loan scheme can easily get their loans sanctioned within 48 hours, with no hassles related to documentation and processing. Kotak provides up to 90% of the ex-showroom price with flexible repayment tenures ranging from 12 to 60 months. Customers can choose from four different car loan schemes offered by Kotak Mahindra namely - Margin Money Scheme, Step Up Scheme, Low EMI - Balloon Scheme and the Advance EMI Scheme. KMPL also offers special schemes from tie-ups with various car manufacturers, personalised according to the customer’s requirements.

    How do you calculate Interest Rate for a Kotak Mahindra Car Loan?

    Customers can easily repay a Kotak Mahindra car loan through EMIs or equated monthly installments determined at the beginning of the loan. An equated monthly installment is the total repayment that has to be done by the borrower, every month to Kotak Mahindra Bank after availing a vehicle loan. The EMI amount totals up as the combined sum of the principal amount and the floating interest rate. When the car loan begins, borrowers will have to pay higher portions of the monthly installment amount dedicated towards the interest rate, with a small portion for the principal amount. As the car loan tenure advances, the principal amount that has to be repaid increases significantly, with the interest rate amount adequately reduced.

    The EMI for a Kotak Mahindra car loan can be calculated as follows -

    EMI (E) = [P x r x (1+r) ^n]/ [(1+r) ^n-1]


    P = The Principal Loan Amount

    R = The Interest rate charged per month. Kotak Mahindra charges a floating interest rate ranging from 11.50% to 13.50% for individual customers and companies. The floating interest rate is calculated as the sum of the base rate plus a particular percentage.

    N = Number of monthly installments i.e. the number of years opted for the repayment of loan.

    For a principal amount of Rs. 1, 00,000 given at an interest rate of 11.50% and a loan tenure of one year, an estimate of the total sum of EMIs that has to be paid by the borrower is Rs. 1, 05, 328, out of which the interest will be around Rs. 5328.

    In the following example, for a car loan amount of Rs. 4,00,000 to be repaid in 60 months at an interest rate of 11.50% from Kotak Mahindra (Calculations based on EMIs paid in advance):

    Year EMI Amount Interest Amount Principal Amount Balance Due
    2015 Rs. 26,141 Rs. 7,452 Rs. 18,689 Rs. 3,81,311
    2016 Rs. 1,04,562 Rs. 40,546 Rs. 64,016 Rs. 3,17,295
    2017 Rs. 1,04,562 Rs. 32,784 Rs. 71,779 Rs. 2,45,517
    2018 Rs. 1,04,562 Rs. 24,080 Rs. 80,482 Rs. 1,65,034
    2019 Rs. 1,04,562 Rs. 14,321 Rs. 90,242 Rs. 74,792
    2020 Rs. 78,422 Rs. 3,629 Rs. 74,792 Rs, 0

    The total interest to be paid towards a Kotak Mahindra Car Loan for an amount of Rs. 4, 00,000 would be Rs. 284073.

    Factors affecting Kotak Mahindra Car Loan Interest Rates

    Interest rates for a Kotak Mahindra car loan might be decided based on various factors and also on the applicant’s profile. Some of the major factors which might affect interest rates are as follows -

    Income - Every application is generally considered based on the applicant’s annual income criteria. Every lending institution mandates that applicants meet a certain income criteria to even be eligible. While considering this, banks also look into the income to decide on the interest rate to be given to that applicant. Debts, liabilities and other ongoing commitments along with the annual income will be taken into scrutiny. If the lender feels that the applicant meets the required criteria, then there is a possibility of getting lower interest rates.

    Down Payment - Every individual should try to make the maximum down payment possible. This helps customers lower their monthly installment amounts and also get a good deal on the interest rates. Further, they would be able to complete the car loan faster than they actually planned with a shorter loan tenure. The down payment amount in most cases helps influence the lender’s decision with regards to low interest rates. A bank will see an individual who makes a higher down payment as a reliable customer and will definitely give an attractive interest rate.

    Car Model - Selecting the right car model always makes a difference with regards to car loan interest rates. When a customer takes a car loan, hypothecation of the vehicle is always mandatory. This is done to ensure that the borrower repays back the loan within the stipulated timeframe. Otherwise the lender will seize the vehicle and sell it off to recover the loan amount. So, it is advisable to always choose a model that fits into the budget and is approved by the bank, thereby improving the chances to get better interest rates.

    Market Fluctuations - Interest rates tend to change along with market conditions. Inflation also plays a major part in determining the interest rates. If the inflation rate goes up, then rates might increase and if the inflation rate goes down, then car loan interest rates might decrease. Other market conditions might also affect interest rates offered by the lender from time to time. So customers should be completely aware of the prevailing market conditions when they opt for a car loan.

    How does CIBIL score affect Kotak Mahindra Car Loan Interest rates?

    The CIBIL score of an applicant is given more prominence, than any other factor, when car loan interest rates are decided. Individuals with good scores will get low interest rates, as they would be seen as dependable borrowers, due to their regular payment patterns, lesser liabilities and efficient money management strategies. Customers with low CIBIL scores, will not be able to get the best deals on interest rates and might have to face even rejections from any lending institution. As a general word of advice, individuals should always carry a good CIBIL score to easily procure car loans without any hassles.

    Key Pointers to know about Kotak Mahindra Car Loan Interest Rates

    • Different interest rates are offered to customers by Kotak Mahindra Bank depending on the car loan financing scheme chosen by the customer.
    • The interest rates given by Kotak Mahindra Bank are generally floating rates and determined depending on the prevailing base rate of the bank.
    • Kotak Mahindra Bank offers similar interest rates to all types of applicants, regardless of their professions.

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