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    IndusInd Bank Car Loan Status

    IndusInd Bank is one of the new-generation private banks in the India. The bank offers various banking solutions for its customers in different parts of the country. Among the loan products offered by the bank, personal loans, home loans, car loans, two wheeler loans, gold loans, etc. are commonly preferred by customers. The bank has a strong web presence that allows customers to access various information about various products.

    Car loan is one of the loan products offered by IndusInd Bank. If you are planning to buy a car, you can check out the car loan offered by the bank. Both existing account holders of IndusInd Bank and non account holders can access the bank’s loan product. The company’s official website offers detailed information about the loans offered by the bank. The hassle free application process ensures that customers can apply for the loan within minutes. The most preferred method of application in the recent days is to do it online in the company’s website. Online application also helps customers easily keep track of their IndusInd Bank car loan status.

    IndusInd Bank Car Loan

    Whether you are a salaried professional or a self-employed professional, you can get access to the car loan offered by the bank. According to the eligibility criteria provided in the bank’s official website, anyone over the age of 21 years can avail the car loan. The maximum age of salaried professionals must be 60 years, while it must be 65 years for self-employed individuals. Salaried professionals must also have a minimum income of Rs.2.5 lakh per annum, and self-employed professionals must earn at least Rs.2 lakh per annum.

    If you fit the above mentioned criteria, you can easily avail the car loan offered by the company. The bank promises many attractive features including faster processing time, flexible interest rate, speedy disbursement, easy online application, etc. During the application process, you may have to submit a range of documents including age proof, income proof, identity proof, address proof, etc.

    The bank requires individuals to be employed (or in business) for at least 3 continuous years. For self-employed individuals, a CIBIL score over 600 is essential to avail this loan facility. Once the application is over, you can keep track of your application with the help of your application reference number. The bank offers multiple ways in which you can keep track of the application. They can be discussed as follows.

    Check IndusInd Bank Car Loan Status Online

    In addition to providing various details about the car loan, the bank’s official website also helps applicants keep track of their loan status. The application reference number generated at the time of application may come in handy while tracking the status of your car loan. By checking the loan status online, you can keep yourself updated about the process and make your plans of vehicle purchase accordingly.

    How to Check IndusInd Bank Car Loan Status?

    The bank offers a few ways in which an applicant can track the status of a car loan application. The tracking tool in the company’s loan portal is the best way to check the status of your car loan without any hassles. This tool requires your application number and mobile number to match with the existing records. Applicants can also contact the IndusInd customer care to check the status of their car loans.

    Track IndusInd Bank Car Loan Status by Application Number and Mobile Number

    You can track the status of your IndusInd car loan with the help of your application number. IndusInd Bank has a separate portal for managing all loan products. This portal comes with a tracking tool where applicants can search for the status of their loans. The step-by-step process involved in the tracking process can be given as follows.

    Step 1: Visit the official website https://loan.indusind.com.

    Step 2: This portal displays a website where users can apply or manage all the loans from IndusInd Bank.

    Step 3: Click on ‘Track Application Status’ in the site.

    Step 4: Enter the ‘Application ID’ and ‘mobile number’ in the concerned boxes.

    Step 5: Click on ‘submit’ for the tool to fetch the results.

    Step 6: The resulting page will display the status of your car loan application from IndusInd Bank.

    If you have applied for multiple loan products (home loan, personal loan, etc.) with IndusInd Bank, you can create a login id in the website by clicking on ‘your applications’. This helps you manage the status of all your loan applications in IndusInd Bank. Every time you want to check the status of a specific loan application, you can simply login into the website and find all the loan products you have applied.

    Know IndusInd Bank Car Loan Status through Customer Care Numbers

    IndusInd Bank operates a friendly customer service centre that can clarify all your queries. If you want to know the status of your IndusInd Bank car loan, all you have to do is call the customer care number provided by the bank. The company’s website provides detailed information on the customer care numbers for specific purposes.

    • Dial the helpline numbers 1800 209 0061 or 022 44066666 anytime. Once you reach the customer service executive, you can provide your application number to check the status of your car loan.
    • If you are a premium banking customer of IndusInd Bank, you can reach the customer care through an exclusive number offered by the bank. You can dial 1860 267 7777 or 022 4220 7777 from your registered mobile number to access this service.

    You can also reach the company through the email - reachus@indusind.com. You will receive an acknowledgement instantly when the mail is received. However, getting a reply for the actual query may take a while

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