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    PNB Dugna Scheme

    The Punjab National Bank has been catering to the customer's financial need for over 120 years, provides a new deposit product called the PNB Dugna Fixed Deposit Scheme. The fixed deposit will double you money in 109 months with the interest being compounded quarterly.

    Eligibility Criteria for applying for Punjab National Bank - PNB Dugna Fixed Deposit Scheme

    Applicant who want to take up the PNB Lakhpati Scheme should meet the below mentioned criteria.

    1. The account can either be opened single account or a joint account by individuals.
    2. If the applicant is a minor, then the account can be opened in the name of the guardian, the minor should be below the age of 10, if the minor is over the age of 10 then additional proof must be submitted.
    3. The applicant can also be an NRI are also eligible to open NRO accounts under this scheme
    4. The accounts can also be opened by organisations such as small firms, charitable institutions, recreational clubs, Hindu Undivided Families, trusts of religious nature, panchayats, etc.
    5. A minimum deposit of Rs. 5000 should be maintained for the account to remain active.

    Features of Punjab National Bank - PNB Dugna Fixed Deposit Scheme

    Account Type



    The minimum amount for the recurring deposit can be from Rs. 5000 in multiples of Re. 1 and up to Rs. 1 crore per day per customer

    Rate of Interest

    The rate of interest will be 7.75% per annum compounded quarterly


    The tenure can be from a minimum of 99 months


    The bank will issue a TDS certificate for the tax deducted

    Loan against Punjab National Bank - PNB Dugna Fixed Deposit Scheme

    The Punjab National Bank - PNB Dugna Fixed Deposit Scheme offers the facility of a loan or overdraft facility available under this scheme.

    Nomination (if any)


    Auto Renewals

    This scheme will remain active until the amount is withdrawn from the bank.

    Period of Deposit

    The total periods for which this deposit is available under this scheme is a maximum 109 months

    Punjab National Bank - PNB Dugna Fixed Deposit Scheme interest rates as per December 2015


    Interest rate for senior citizens

    Interest rate for others

    1 year but less than 2 years

    7.75% + 0.50%


    More than 2 years but less than 5 years

    7.75% + 0.50%


    More than 5 years but less than 10 years

    7.75% + 0.50%


    * The interest rates mentioned are at the discretion of the bank and are subject to change


    Q. Are premature withdrawals permitted under this scheme?

    A. Yes, premature withdrawals are permitted under the PNB Lakhpati Scheme, unless specified otherwise

    Q. When will interest on this account be paid?

    A. The interest for this account will be paid either at a discounted value on a monthly basis or quarterly or on the date of maturity. You can choose the option under the scheme.

    Q. What are the documents one should submit to open an account under this scheme?

    A. The documents required for this scheme:

    • The bank will require to be introduction of the person’s opening the account by another person acceptable by the bank.
    • 2 passport sized photographs of the applicants.
    • The bank will require a PAN copy
    • Also the bank will require completion of KYC norms and submission of complete information as required.

    Q. Should a person be qualified in order to apply for this Fixed Deposit?

    A. PNB has facilities to allow those who are not qualified or educated to open and operate this account. It isn’t necessary for someone to be literate to open or handle this account.

    Useful Information on PNB Fixed Deposit

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