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    PNB Anupam Term Deposit Scheme

    Fixed deposits are great investment options for the ones with a traditional point of view of saving, but then there’s a constraint of not having liquidity options when financial needs suddenly crop up. Punjab National Bank (PNB) offers its customers an option to open a fixed deposit account that allows them to benefit from preferential interest rates and also allows premature cancellation of the deposit at any given point of time. This specific scheme is known as PNB Anupam Term Deposit.

    Eligibility Criteria for applying for PNB Anupam Term Deposit

    The basic eligibility criteria for opening an Anupam Term Deposit with Punjab National Bank are as follows –

    • Customer must be above 18 years of age
    • Customer must be either salaried or self-employed
    • Customer must have existing banking relationship with Punjab National Bank (PNB) or must come with proper introductions

    Apart from the above mentioned basic criteria, the bank might require additional conditions to be fulfilled, based on its discretion.

    Features of PNB Anupam Term Deposit

    Account Type

    Both individuals and non-individuals can apply. Hindu Undivided Families allowed. Accounts can be jointly held

    Deposit Amount

    Minimum starting deposit is INR 10000

    Minimum subsequent deposit is in multiples of INR 1000

    Maximum deposit will be INR 99,99,000

    Rate of Interest

    Anywhere between 7.25% per annum to 8.00% per annum


    Minimum duration – 6 months

    Maximum duration – 10 years


    TDS Certificate will be issued by the Bank

    Lock-in Period


    Tax Rebate Applicability


    Loan against PNB Anupam Term Deposit Scheme

    N/A (subject to change based on bank’s discretion)


    Nomination facility is available

    Auto Renewals

    The scheme is valid only for the period selected at initiation. Renewal for another year happens only if the deposit is continued

    PNB Anupam Term Deposit Scheme Interest Rates

    The interest rates offered on PNB Anupam Term Deposits are linked to the base rate of the bank. As of December 2015, the rates could be anywhere from 7.25% per annum to 7.50% per annum for the general populace. Senior citizens might get an additional rate over and above the advertised rates.

    Interest on the deposit made is payable at a discounted monthly value or quarterly. It could also be compounded quarterly (reinvested) or on the date of maturity, based upon the choice of the depositor during the initiation of the scheme. In case a deposit is overdue, interest might be payable but will be based on the discretion of the bank.

    All the above mentioned rates are dependent on the bank’s discretion and are liable to change anytime.

    PNB Anupam Term Deposit Scheme FAQs

    1. How to apply for an Anupam Term Deposit in Punjab National Bank (PNB)?

      One can apply for an Anupam Term Deposit with PNB through any of its official branches by furnishing the required documents and the minimum deposit amount.

    2. What are the documents required for opening an Anupam Term Deposit?

      One would require an introduction to the bank or should be an existing customer. Apart from that, two recent passport size photographs of the person(s) opening the account will be required. Government attested ID proof and declaration through Form 60 or 61 or PAN (Permanent Account Number) or GIR (General Index Register) needs to be provided.

    3. What is the interest rate applicable for an Anupam Term Deposit account?

      The interest rate could range from 7.25% per annum to 8.00% per annum. That would include any additional interest provided for senior citizens too.

    4. What is the maturity period of an Anupam Term Deposit?

      The minimum maturity period of an Anupam Term Deposit will be 6 months and the maximum would be 10 years.

    5. What is the lock-in period for an Anupam Term Deposit account?

      There are no applicable lock-in periods for this deposit and it can be prematurely cancelled at any time to obtain the principal and accrued interest.

    Useful Information on PNB Fixed Deposit

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