How to Apply for Driving Licence in Mumbai

One of the important documents that we all carry with us at all times is a driving licence. Driving on Indian roads without a valid licence is an offence in our country. To drive a vehicle in India one should possess a valid driving licence. Though it is mandatory to have a DL, many fail to apply for one as the process of applying for a DL is time-consuming and tedious. However, that is not the case now. You can go online and apply for a driving licence yourself.

Eligibility for getting a driving Licence

Getting a driving licence in Mumbai is now easy and simple. The Maharashtra Transport Department has taken necessary steps to make the DL process easy. They have digitised and simplified the entire process to encourage Mumbaikars to apply for driving licence. In the city of Mumbai, a driving licence is issued to a person who meets the following eligibility criteria:

  • The applicant has a Learner’s Licence. A Learner’s Licence (LL) should be submitted while applying for a DL. An LL is a licence issued to an applicant for a temporary period of time during which the applicant should learn how to drive a motor vehicle. With a valid LL, a person cannot apply for a DL in Mumbai.
  • To apply for a two-wheeler ( with or without gears) an applicant should be 16 years of more. To apply for a four-wheeler, an applicant should be above 18 years of age.
  • Any Indian citizen can apply for an LL or DL in Mumbai.
  • If an applicant wants a DL for commercial purposes, he/she should be 20 years of age or above.

How to apply for a learner’s licence in Mumbai

Applying for a Learner’s Licence in India is a simple task. You do not have to apply through a driving school to expertise the process. You can just follow the below steps and apply for an LL online yourself.

  • You will have to fill a Learner’s Licence application form and submit it in the nearest RTO to apply for an LL.
  • You can download the form from the official Sarathi website.
  • Once you download the form, fill all the required details accurately.
  • Now, Visit the Maharashtra Motor Vehicle Department official website and book an appointment to visit the RTO.
  • On the appointment date, visit the concerned RTO with the duly-filed form and all the supporting documents.
  • All your documents will be verified by an Officer in the RTO after which you will be asked to give a written test.
  • The LL written test in Mumbai will have around 20 question regarding the rules and regulation of driving a motor vehicle.
  • Once you have submitted your test, the results will be declared on the same day.
  • If you have cleared the test, you can collect a copy of your LL on the same day.
  • If you do not clear the test, you will have to apply again after some time.
  • Please note that you cannot apply for a DL without having a valid LL.

How to apply for driving licence in Mumbai

  • Visit the Maharashtra Transport official website.
  • Download the “Application of Driving Licence” Form.
  • Once you have downloaded the form, the next step is to fill the Form.
  • Fill the required details. These include the applicant’s name, mobile number, email address, PAN number, type of motorcycle, permanent address, temporary address, birthplace, date of birth, educational qualification, identification marks, citizenship status, blood group, etc.
  • Upload the medical certificate (Form 1A), learner’s Licence, the certificate from the driving school, and any other supporting documents required.
  • Enter the captcha code and click on the “submit” button.
  • Once the application is submitted, you will get an “application reference number” and you will be allowed an appointment to visit the RTO.
  • On the appointment day, you will have to take the vehicle to the RTO. Note that the vehicle type has to be the same that was written at the time of filling the application.
  • During the driving test, you will be required to drive in front of the RTO Official.
  • The results are announced in a few hours. If you fail, you will have to take the DL test after a few days.
  • If you clear the driving test, the DL will be posted to your address in a few days.

Application for a duplicate driving licence

Did you know that you can apply for a duplicate driving licence in Mumbai? Yes. If your DL is stolen, tampered, or misplaced, you can request for a duplicate driving licence to be issued to you. All you have to do is file a First Information Report (FIR) with the police and visit the RTO with a copy of the FIR and other supporting documents like duly-filled LLD form, the damaged card is available, identity proof, address proof, and the fees for issuing duplicate DL. After successful verification, a duplicate driving licence will be issued to you.

Documents required to apply for driving licence in Mumbai

The documents required to apply for a driving licence in Mumbai are:

  • Duly-filled application form
  • Two passport size photo
  • A copy of the PAN card
  • A copy of the medical fitness certificate
  • A copy of the parent/guardian’s written consent with date and signature, if the applicant is a minor
  • A copy of the address proof (Passport/Life insurance policy/Voter ID/Ration card)
  • A copy of the birth certificate (School certificate/Birth certificate/Affidavit signed by the executive magistrate)
  • Copy of a valid Learner’s Licence
  • Challan stating DL fees paid

How to apply for renewal of permanent driving licence in Mumbai

A permanent driving licence is usually valid for 20 years or till the applicant reaches 50 years of age, whichever is earlier. An applicant should ideally apply for renewal 30 days before the expiry date of the DL.

The applicant can either visit the concerned RTO and apply for the renewal of DL or can do it online on the Maharashtra Transport website. You can download the application form for renewal of DL from the website, fill it accurately, and submit it in person in the concerned RTO. Upon verification of the documents, a renewed driving licence will be issued. Please note that a health clearance certificate from a certified medical practitioner stating that the candidate is fit to drive may be required while applying for renewal of licence.

Types of driving licence in Mumbai

The government of Maharashtra issues two types of driving Licences, which include:

  • Learner’s Licence: Before applying for the permanent driving Licence in Mumbai, an applicant has to get a learner’s Licence first. This is a temporary Licence which has a validity of 6 months and is issued when the applicant is in the process of learning a motor vehicle.
  • Permanent Licence: After 1 month of getting a learner’s Licence (i.e. from the date of issue), an applicant becomes eligible to apply for a permanent Licence.

Based on the type of the vehicle, Mumbai issues the following licences:

  • Licence for two wheeler with gears vehicles
  • Licence for two wheeler without gear vehicles
  • Licence for four wheeler both geared and automatic
  • Licence for commercial vehicles
  • Licence for transport vehicles

RTO Licence fees charged in Mumbai

The RTO office Mumbai charges a fixed fee for the services they offer. Some of the RTO licence-related fees and are as follows:

Service Charges
Learner’s Licence Rs.151 plus Rs.50 for the test
Permanent Driving Licence Rs.716
Renewal of Driving Licence Rs.416
Issuing duplicate DL Rs.216
International Driving Licence Permit Rs.1,000
Authorization to Drive Public Service Vehicle Rs.766
Duplicate Registration Certificate 50% of registration fee of particular class of vehicle
Duplicate Fitness Certificate Rs.100
Alteration in Vehicle Rs.50

How to apply for an International Driving Licence in Mumbai

While a driving licence issued in India is recognised by many countries, there are few countries that don’t. In these countries, you will require an International Driving Licence to operate a motorised vehicle. To apply for an International Driving Licence in Mumbai, you can visit the nearest RTO with the following documents:

  • Duly-filled application form for international driving licence
  • Valid Indian driving licence
  • Challan proving you paid the concerned fee
  • Medical clearance certificate
  • Identity proof
  • Proof of residence
  • Two passport size photographs

Now that you know how easy it is to possess a driving licence, go ahead and apply for a valid DL in Mumbai today.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How many days does it take for a learner’s licence to be issued in Mumbai?

    If the test has been cleared, the learner’s licence will be issued on the same day. However, if the test has not been cleared, a slot for another appointment can be booked for another day.

  2. How long after getting the learner’s licence in Mumbai can I take the driving test?

    You can take the driving test only one month after obtaining the learner’s licence.

  3. Is my driving licence in Mumbai valid in other states in the country?

    Yes, both a permanent driving licence in Mumbai and learner’s licence in Mumbai is valid in other states in India.

  4. If my driving license in Mumbai expired years ago, should I apply for a fresh new licence or renew the old driving licence?

    Renewal of driving licence in Mumbai can be done within 5 years of its expiry although you will have to pay a penalty for it (penalty is not charged if it is renewed within 30 days of expiry).

  5. How many hours of driving lessons should I take to get a driving licence in Mumbai?

    A driving school is supposed to provide at least 21 days of training (and 10 hours of instruction) for a driving licence for non-transport vehicles.

News About Driving Licecne in Mumbai

  • You can drive a goods tempo with a private car licence in Maharashtra

    Now, private car owners can also use a driving licence for operating goods transport vehicle. The rule has come into effect in Maharashtra after a circular had been issued by state transport commissioner, Avinash Dhakne. Earlier, licences had been issued for two categories—transport and non-transport. However, now will be perceived as licences for ‘class of vehicles’ which is light motor vehicle (LMV). For two-wheelers, if Mumbai begins bike-taxi services, no licences will actually be required. A two-wheeler licence with a permission/badge to operate passenger transport vehicles can suffice.

    01 February 2021

  • Mumbai Police to Cancel Licenses of 2,000 Riders Who Failed to Pay Traffic Challan Fine

    The department of Mumbai Traffic Police has found an innovative way to deal with those found violating traffic rules in the city and have failed to pay off their challans. As per a report, the department, recently, picked up 2,000 licenses of those riders who are yet to pay three or more challans. Further, the driving licenses of these riders will be cancelled by the Region Transport Offices (RTO) as per the orders by the traffic police department.

    The license holder will also have to provide a legitimate explanation for why s/he did not pay the challan amount. In case, the explanation is not satisfactory, the license of the person will be cancelled.

    16 December 2020

  • Mumbai Traffic Police sends 2,000 driving licences to RTO for suspension

    As many as 2,000 driving licenses were sent to the RTO by The Mumbai traffic police due to non-payment of challan. The RTO now has the right to suspend their licenses for a period of three to six months. In cases deemed serious, the licences can be even suspended permanently. The owners of the vehicles will now have to offer strong explanation as to to why their licences should not be permanently revoked.

    14 December 2020

  • Government will set up Driver Training Centres in tribal areas

    While citing the shortage of drivers in the country, the government is now trying to set up Driver Training Centres in tribal areas as well. This will include 115 poorest districts in India. The Union Minister, Nitin Gadkari had said that people from socially and economically backward societies can now benefit from the programme.

    5 November 2020

  • Driving licence of motorists not wearing helmets to be suspended for three months in Karnataka

    Bike riders riding without helmets in Karnataka will see their driving licence suspended for a period of three months, the state Transport department has said.

    According to a letter dated October 16, the Commissioner for Transport and Road Safety has ordered all the regional transport officers and assistant regional transport officers that henceforth the driving licence of the riders be suspended if they are found not wearing helmets as per the relevant sections of Motor Vehicle Act for three months.

    22 October 2020

  • Tests for driving licence and learner's licence in Bhubaneswar to begin soon

    In Bhubaneswar, the transport department of the state has decided to resume the tests for driving licences and learner’s licences soon. The government has asked the Transport Commissioner, Sanjeeb Panda to take a call on the date for resuming the services. This will be done only after issuing safety protocols due to COVID-19.

    The computerised test for the learner’s licence and driving skill test was previously suspended on 20 March 2020 due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Once the services are resumed, there will be safety protocols, social distancing rules, face masks and other guidelines to be followed.

    10 September 2020

  • 30 lakh women in Mumbai hold DL

    According to data from Mumbai City RTOs, of the 88 lakh driving license holders in the city, 34% of them are women. This means that close to 30 lakh women in Mumbai hold driving license for both cars and two-wheelers. The majority of women who are applying for driving license belong to the age group 18-20 years.

    According to the data released by City RTOs, out of 350-400 applicants who would appear for driving license test, nearly 150 applicants would be women. This data is for the year 2019-20.

    3 September 2020

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