How to Get a Driving License in Gujarat

The Commissionerate of Transport, Government of Gujarat is responsible for ensuring an efficient public transportation system, issuance of computerized learner's licence and 4 KB SCOSTA-based smart-card driving licence in the state of Gujarat.

Overview of DL in Gujarat

The procedures related to acquiring a new driving license may vary for renewal of driving license or addition of another category in the existing driving license. The various categories are listed below:

  1. Acquiring a new driving license
  2. Change in particulars in driving license/acquiring a duplicate driving license
  3. Additional category in a driving license
  4. International driving license
  5. Renewal of driving license

Acquiring a New Driving License in Gujarat

An applicant who wishes to acquire a driving license in Gujarat has to apply in the prescribed form as per regulations of the government of Gujarat. Applicants have to clear both computer and driving tests to acquire a license.

Eligibility criteria for driving licence in Gujarat

The eligibility criteria for acquiring a new driving license in Gujarat is listed in the table below:

Minimum Age (Completed) Vehicle Particulars Additional Requirements
16 years Two wheelers without gear -
18 years Two wheelers with gear, tractor, car and non-transport vehicles -
20 years Transport vehicles
  • Passed Class 8
  • Experience of driving a light motor vehicle for at least one year

Documentation required for DL in Gujarat

The documents required for acquiring a new driving license in Gujarat are listed in the table below:

Type of documents Particulars
Age proof
  • Birth certificate
  • School leaving certificate
  • Pan card
  • L.I.C. policy
  • Certificate from a civil surgeon
  • Passport
Address proof
  • Passport
  • Electricity bill
  • Electoral Voter I-Card
  • L.I.C. policy
  • Telephone Bill
  • House Tax receipt

Procedure for acquiring a new driving license in Gujarat

An applicant should acquire a learning license to be eligible to apply for a new driving license. An applicant should fill out form No.2/4 along with the medical certificate in form No.1 (A). If an applicant wishes to acquire a driving license for any goods vehicle, he should log on to

The procedure for obtaining a driving license is as follows:

  • A learning license is valid for six months
  • An applicant may appear for a driving test after 30 days of receiving the learning license
  • Applicants should drive the same kind of vehicle at the test as mentioned in the application form
  • An applicant can book an appointment for driving test online at An applicant has to enter his learning license number and date of birth to get an appointment.

Fee structure of DL in Gujarat

The government of Gujarat charges Rs.200 for a smart card driving license. An additional Rs.50 is charged depending on the category of vehicle.

Change in Particulars in a Driving License and Acquiring a Duplicate Driving License

In order to make any changes in a driving license, an applicant should fill out form L.L.D mentioning all details of the original driving license. Applicants should pay Rs.200 along with the application. If an applicant does not remember the number of his original smart card, he can request for the same in an application with details of his address, name and date of birth. A fee of Rs.25 should be paid for the same. If an applicant wishes to change specific particulars in his driving license such as name and address, he can request for the same in an application along with a fee of Rs.200 and a NOC (no objection certificate) from the licensing authority.

Additional Category in a Driving License

  • There are various categories which can be added in a driving license as listed below:
    • Transport vehicle in L.M.V. license
    • Hazardous goods in transport driving license
    • Authorization for transport vehicle
    • Any other additional category for two wheelers
0.1 Transport Vehicle in L.M.V. License
  • Applicants should be aged 20 years or above, passed standard 8 and have at least one year of experience driving any light motor vehicle
  • Form no.8 should be filled out
  • Original driving license should be submitted
  • Certificate of training in form No.5 should be submitted
  • Rs.200 should be paid for a smart card
0.2 Hazardous Goods in Transport Driving License
  • An applicant should specify his particulars in an application
  • A certificate of training (three days) from any state/central government centre should be submitted
  • Rs.50 should be paid as fees
  • The endorsement is valid for one year
0.3 Authorization for Transport Vehicle
  • An application should be submitted in form T.V.A
  • A certificate of good conduct from a police station should be submitted
  • A training certificate should be be submitted in form no.5
  • Rs.50 should be paid as fees
0.4 Any Other Additional Category for Two Wheelers
  • An application request should be submitted in form-8
  • Original driving license should be attached
  • Rs.200 should be paid for a smart card driving license
  • Applicant may take the driving test 30 days after receiving the learner’s license.

International Driving License

  • International driving license is issued to Indian citizens who report to the RTO in person
  • Form 4 (A) and medical certificate in Form – 1 (A) should be filled out
  • Rs.500 should be paid as fees
  • Copies of visa, passport, 3 passport-size photographs and current driving license should be submitted
  • A driving permit is issued for one year or until the expiry of current driving license, whichever is earlier
  • Duplicate international driving permit is not renewed after expiry
  • The permit is delivered to an applicant in person

Renewal of Driving License

  • A 30-day grace period is allowed for the renewal of a driving license
  • In case an individual applies for renewal of license before 5 years of the expiry date, he need not take a test. The license, however, stands valid from the date of renewal
  • An application in form no. 9 should be filled out
  • Original driving license should be submitted
  • In case an applicant is aged 50 years or is applying for a renewal of license (transport), a medical certificate in form 1A should be submitted
  • Rs.50 in addition to Rs.200 as a smart card fee should be paid. For any delay, Rs.50 has to be paid
  • NOC (No Objection Certificate) of the concerned R.T.O. should be submitted

How to Get a Driving License in Gujarat FAQs

  1. Can I apply for an international driving license in Gujarat after getting my learner's licence?

    You can apply for an international driving licence only if you have a permanent driving licence.

  2. Is a smart card driving licence mandatory to get?

    Most states in India offer the driving licence in the smart card format when you apply for a new licence or renew your old one. A smart card driving licence is not mandatory even though it is more durable than a paper version of the driving licence.

  3. Where can I obtain the application forms for a driving licence in Gujarat?

    You can obtain the application forms for a driving licence in Gujarat by visiting your RTO. You can also download the application form from the official website of the transport department of the Gujarat state government.

  4. After how many years should the driving licence be renewed for a person who is above 50 years of age in Gujarat?

    For a person above the age of 50, the driving licence should be renewed every 5 years in Gujarat.

  5. After how many days should I apply for a permanent driving licence in Gujarat after obtaining my learner's licence?

    You are supposed to obtain a permanent driving licence within a maximum of 180 days and a minimum of 30 days after receiving your learner's licence.

  6. What is the procedure to check the status of the DL?

    In case you are applying for a DL in Gujarat, you can check the status on You can also visit the nearest RTO to check the status of the DL.

  7. How long is a learner’s license valid for in Gujarat?

    A learner’s license is valid for 6 months from the date it has been issued in Gujarat.

  8. How long is the DL valid for in Gujarat?

    A DL is valid for 20 years or till you attain the age of 50 years in Gujarat. In the case of transport vehicles, the DL is valid for 3 years.

  9. What is the fee that must be paid to apply for a DL in Gujarat?

    A fee of Rs.200 must be paid in order to obtain a DL in Gujarat. An additional fee of Rs.50 must be paid to take the driving test.

  10. How long does it take to receive the DL?

    It may take up to 6 weeks from the date you pass to test to receive the DL.



News about Driving License in Gujarat

  • Gujarat to get Accredited driving schools

    After the Union government’s directive, the state government of Gujarat had released guidelines to set up accredited driving schools. All students who are completing the course from these schools do not have to appear in driving tests that are conducted by the RTOs. According to these guidelines, the accredited driving schools will need their very own land and training institute.

    12 July 2021

  • Wait for DL in Ahmedabad to get longer

    Due to Covid-19 the RTO Ahmedabad is dealing with a huge number of backlogged applications for driving license due to which applicants will now have to wait for up to 50 days for a driving license. The transport officials are working extra hours to ease the situation The outbreak of pandemic has caused a huge backlog due to which there is a shortage of slot for the DL related processes to take place. Applicants with learner’s license who have failed the driving test in their first attempt have had to wait for over a month just to book their second driving test. According to the guidelines laid down by RTO, one has to get a regular driving license within six months of getting a learner’s license.

    However, The Union Ministry of Road Transport and Highways recently announced that documents issued under Central Motor Vehicle Rules and Motor Vehicles Act will be valid till December 31 across the country.

    28 August 2020

  • You can now lose your licence for rash or drunken driving

    Driving in Gujarat just got stricter. 

    You can now lose your driving licence for good if you are found drunk while behind the wheel. Moreover, if you are found driving rashly or even talking on the phone while driving, your licence will be withdrawn. 

    In fact, in 11 days leading up to June 24, the state transport department cancelled 60 licences. Of these, 43 licences were of drivers who were involved in fatal accidents, where they flouted norms, and it led to the death of those involved in the accident. 

    6 licences were also cancelled due to drunken driving and a few for talking on the cell phone while driving. 

    Revoking licences instead of suspending them is part of the state transport department’s zero-tolerance policy. 

    Drivers caught in such situations can appeal this decision though. The RTO before withdrawing the licence will give the offender a fair hearing. 

    3 July 2019

  • Kids driving without driving licence on the rise in Ahmedabad

    The Ahmedabad police conduct a drive in which policemen were stationed outside schools to catch children who were driving vehicles without a driving licence. The spots where the police would be was decided after proper examination and analysis of the spots in the city where the offenders could be found. In the drive, 223 children driving a vehicle without a driving licence were caught by the police. To get the vehicles back from the police which have been seized, the parents will have to pay the fine levied by visiting the district court.

    4 September 2018

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