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  • Road tax in West Bengal

    State charges various taxes on vehicles to earn resources for the state it is the key source of revenue for the state. When you are buying a vehicle you have to be aware of the two types of prices, the ex-showroom price and the on-road price. The on-road price always exceeds the ex-showroom price by 10%. On-road price in West Bengal (Capital City: Kolkata) is the manufacturer price along with the cost of registration and taxes due to the central and state government and the cost of vehicle insurance. The taxes charged on the vehicles in West Bengal is based on the provisions under Section 39 of the Motor Vehicle Act, 1988. This Section states the guidelines on how to calculate tax on the vehicles sold or registered in West Bengal.

    How is the Road Tax Calculated in West Bengal?

    Road tax in India is imposed by both the central as well as the state government. Road tax imposed is subject to the government rules, traffic regulation, etc. This is why road tax is different from state to state. When you are purchasing the vehicle, you will be charged the central excise duty, central sales tax and state VAT. The road tax is calculated on the engine capacity, seating capacity and cost price. Road tax is different for trucks, vans, cars, two wheelers, etc.

    Tax on 2 Wheelers:

    The tax charged on 2 wheelers is based on the cost of the vehicle and its age. The following is the rates for lifetime tax on motor cycle are as follows:

    Motor Cycle – New Up to One Year


    Up to 80 cc


    Above 80 cc


    Above 170 cc


    Above 250 cc


    Lifetime tax on the battery operated motorcycle are:

    Engine Capacity

    One Time Tax

    Beyond 2.5 km up to 0.35 km


    Beyond 0.35 km up to 0.50 km


    Beyond 0.50 km up to 0.75 km


    Beyond 0.75 km


    Rates for motor cycles not plying for hire:

    Engine Capacity

    Annual Tax

    Enquire capacity up to 80 cc


    Additional tax – 25% of the annual tax

    Enquire capacity up to 170 cc


    Enquire capacity up to 250 cc


    Enquire capacity above 250 cc


    Tax on 4 Wheelers:

    Tax on four wheeler is determined on the use of the vehicle and its classification. The following are the rates for motor vehicle owned by individual or societies under the West Bengal Societies Registration Act, 1961:

    Engine Capacity

    One Time Tax

    Special Fee for Air Conditioned Vehicles

    Up to 900 cc



    Beyond 900 cc up to 1490 cc



    Beyond 1490 cc up to 2000 cc



    Beyond 2000 cc up to 2500 cc



    Beyond 2500 cc



    Rate for motor car owned by others:

    Engine Capacity

    One Time Tax

    Up to 900 cc


    Up to 1490 cc


    Up to 2000 cc


    Up to 2500 cc


    Beyond 2500 cc


    Annual tax for motor car owned by Industrial or societies registered under the West Bengal Society Registration Act, 1961:


    Annual Tax

    Enquire capacity up to 900 cc


    Additional tax – 50% of the annual tax plan of Rs.1,000.

    Enquire capacity up to 1490 cc


    Enquire capacity above 2500 cc


    The rate for Omni bus registered as non-transport vehicle and that which completed 10 years are as follows:


    Annual Tax

    With seating capacity up to 10 persons


    Additional tax – 50% of tax plus Rs.100

    With seating capacity beyond 10 persons

    Rs.1,400 for 10 persons + Rs.150 for each additional seat beyond 10 persons.

    How to pay Road Tax in West Bengal?

    The road tax is to be paid to the Regional Transport Office when you are registering your vehicle. You will have to provide the registration documents of the vehicle and other supporting document. You can also pay the tax online at the official website of Motor Vehicle Department of West Bengal.

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