• Road Tax in Meghalaya

    Meghalaya is home to some of the most serene and picturesque spots in India. Located in the north-east of India, road tax in the state is applicable to all those who purchase a vehicle in the state and use it to get around from one point to another.

    With a name that symbolises the ‘abode of clouds’, Meghalaya is strewn with scenic spots all over. Located in the northeast region of India, it is a beautiful place to live and conduct trade and other activities. Meghalaya (Capital City: Shillong) has a nice system of roadways that serve for transport routes as well as connecting various tourist spots. The cost of a new vehicle in Meghalaya is determined after adding a lifetime road tax on the showroom price, with the road tax being used to improve the roads and infrastructure facility in the state. The current road tax in Meghalaya falls under the purview of the state’s Motor Vehicles Taxation Act.

    Calculating the Road Tax in Meghalaya:

    Age of a vehicle, make and manufacturer, fuel type, length and width of vehicle, engine capacity, purpose (personal or commercial use), place of manufacture and many other factors come into play when the payable road tax in Meghalaya is calculated. It’s worthwhile to mention that seating capacity and number of wheels of a vehicle are also used to calculate road tax. The transport department levies a road tax equivalent to a certain percentage of the original vehicle cost, ensuring that taxation is standard across different vehicle categories.

    Taxation on Vehicle Categories:

    The Motor Vehicles Act of 1998 (2011) specifically mentions certain guidelines that provide the taxation amounts of categories of vehicles. The taxation as per the recent amendment of 2001 are mentioned below.

    For Personalised Two Wheeler or Three Wheeler Vehicle:

    The taxation applied for personalised vehicles is mentioned in this section. The following table illustrates the same.

    Vehicle Type as per weight in kilos

    Onetime Tax (in INR)

    Tax per 5 years after 10 years (in INR)

    Two wheelers with unloaded weight < 65 kilos



    Two wheelers with unloaded weight 65 kilos to < 90 kilos



    Two wheelers with unloaded weight 90 kilos to < 135 kilos



    Two wheelers with unloaded weight > 135 kilos



    Tricycle or three wheelers



    For Personalised Four Wheelers:

    As the first section dealt with personal two wheelers and three wheelers, this section deals with personal vehicles under the four wheeler category. The taxes mentioned will be dependent on if the vehicle is new or used.

    Vehicle Description

    Onetime Tax till 15 years (in INR)

    Tax per 5 years after 10 years (in INR)

    Original Cost <= INR 300000

    2% of Original Cost


    Original Cost > INR 300000

    2.5% of Original Cost


    Original Cost > INR 1500000

    4.5% of Original Cost


    Original Cost > INR 2000000

    6.5% of Original Cost


    How to pay Road Tax in Meghalaya?

    Vehicle owners who wish to pay road tax can do so by visiting the Regional Transport Office in the particular city or the one which deals with the license and registration of their owned vehicle. Here they will have to fill up certain forms and pay the necessary amount as road tax, with the RTO providing an acknowledgement for the same.

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