Road Tax in Manipur

Situated in the north-east of India, Manipur is one of the most beautiful and scenic states in which you can reside in India. Road tax is charged to all individuals who purchase and own their own vehicles in the state.

Manipur has been a central location to the Asian socio-economic developments since more than 2500 years. Located in the northeast region of India, it is a beautiful place to live and conduct trade and other activities. Manipur (Capital City: Imphal) encounters a stable yet steady increase of vehicle population owing to goods transport that happens across the borders of Burma. The cost of a new vehicle in Manipur is determined after adding a lifetime road tax on the showroom price, with the road tax being used to improve the roads and infrastructure facility in the state. The current road tax in Manipur falls under the purview of the state’s Motor Vehicles Taxation Act of 1998 (latest amendment of 2011).

Calculating the Road Tax in Manipur

Age of a vehicle, make and manufacturer, fuel type, length and width of vehicle, engine capacity, purpose (personal or commercial use), place of manufacture and many other factors come into play when the payable road tax in Manipur is calculated. It’s worthwhile to mention that seating capacity and number of wheels of a vehicle are also used to calculate road tax. The transport department levies a road tax equivalent to a certain percentage of the original vehicle cost, ensuring that taxation is standard across different vehicle categories.

Manipur Taxation on Vehicle Categories

The Motor Vehicles Act of 1998 (2011) specifically mentions certain guidelines that provide the taxation amounts of categories of vehicles. The taxation as per the recent amendment of 2001 are mentioned below.

For Personalised Two Wheeler or Three Wheeler Vehicle:

The taxation applied for personalised vehicles is mentioned in this section. The following table illustrates the same.

Vehicle Type and Engine Capacity (in c.c.) Annual/One Time Tax (in INR) Tax per 5 years after 15 years (in INR)
Motorcycles, scooters over 50 cc and <= 100 cc 150 or 1700 800
Motorcycles, scooters over 100 cc and < 200 cc 250 or 2700 1300
Motorcycles, scooters over 250 cc and <= 350 cc 300 or 3000 1500
Trailer/Sidecars of two wheelers 100 or 1100 500
Tricycle or three wheelers 300 or 3000 1500
Vehicles adapted and used for invalids 100 or not applicable Not applicable
Used vehicle registered for use from other states Onetime tax after deducting 10% depreciation Not applicable

For Personalised Four Wheelers:

As the first section dealt with personal two wheelers and three wheelers, this section deals with personal vehicles under the four wheeler category. The taxes mentioned will be dependent on if the vehicle is new or used.

Vehicle Description Onetime Tax till 15 years (in INR) Tax per 5 years after 15 years (in INR)
Original Cost <= INR 300000 3% of Original Cost 5000
Original Cost <= INR 600000 4% of Original Cost 8000
Original Cost <= INR 1000000 5% of Original Cost 10000
Original Cost <= INR 1500000 6% of Original Cost 15000
Original Cost <= INR 2000000 7% of Original Cost 20000
Original Cost > INR 2000000 8% of Original Cost 25000
Used vehicle registered for use from other states Onetime tax after deducting 10% depreciation Not applicable

For Used Vehicles:

This schedule deals with used motor vehicles plying in Manipur. The details of the tax borne by these vehicles are mentioned in the table below.

Comparison Simple interest Compound interest
Unloaded Weight of vehicle (in kilograms) Tax (in INR)
Less than or equal to 1000 Onetime tax after deducting 10% depreciation
More than 1000 and less than or equal to 1500 4500 + 2925 for every additional 1000 kilos
More than 1500 and less than or equal to 2000 4500 + 2925 for every additional 1000 kilos
More than 2250 4500 + 2925 for every additional 1000 kilos
Trailer with unloaded weight <= 1 metric tonne 250 annual or 2850 onetime
Trailer with unloaded weight > 1 metric tonne 450 annual or 5100 onetime

For Private Goods / Transport / Utility Vehicles:

Vehicles that operate as goods transport carriages for personal firms or organisations have the following taxes applicable for them –

Vehicle Type (Weight limits) Annual Tax (in INR)
Up to 1 tonne 800
Up to 3 tonnes 2080
Up to 5 tonnes 3360
Within 7.5 tonnes to 9 tonnes 5920
Up to 10 tonnes 6560
More than 10 tonnes 6560 plus 640 per additional tonne

In addition to that, trailers that are being used can have an annual tax of INR 720 for an unloaded weight of up to 2 metric tonnes and anything over and above that will attract an annual tax of INR 1200.

Tractors with laden weight of up to 2 metric tonnes will have an annual tax of INR 160, from a weight of above 2 metric tonnes to 4 metric tonnes, a tax of INR 320 will be levied and for weights over 4 metric tonnes, the annual tax will be INR 600. In case the tractor is used for commercial purposes (on hire) other than agricultural works, an additional tax of 15% over the rate of tax will be levied.

Mechanical cranes mounted on motor vehicles can attract a tax of INR 500 to INR 1000 for any range of unloaded weight. In case the crane is used for commercial purposes (on hire), an additional tax of 15% over the rate of tax will be levied. If the vehicle is authorised to be fitted with solid or semi-solid tyres, 50% additional tax will be levied.

Vehicles for Transport of Goods or Passengers:

This section deals with vehicles that ply on hire for transport of passengers or goods. The schedule of taxes are mentioned as below –

Vehicle Type (Passenger) Tax per year (in INR)
3 seater auto rickshaws 300
6 seater auto rickshaws 600
Small vans on school contracts 680
6 seater cabs 600
7 to 12 seater cabs 1200
More than 12 but less than 23 seats mini bus 2000
More than 23 but less than 34 seats medium bus 3000
More than 34 up to 50 seats regular bus 5000

Vehicle Type (Goods) Tax per year (in INR)
Petrol (smaller capacity) auto rickshaws 350
Petrol (larger capacity) auto rickshaws 700
Up to 1 tonne 1200
Up to 3 tonne 2480
Up to 5 tonne 3760
Within 7.5 tonne to 9 tonne 6320
Up to 10 tonne 6960
Above 10 tonne 6960 plus 640 per extra tonne

In case a vehicle is meant for carrying passengers and goods, the applicable rate plus INR 100 per quintal per year will be charged as tax.

In case of interstate plying, passenger buses will be charged 10% additional tax per year and the same additional tax is levied for interstate goods vehicles.

For Ambulances:

This section deals specifically with vehicles that are designated as ambulances meant for use as such. The taxation on such vehicles is mentioned in the following table –

Vehicle Type (Weight limits) Tax per year (in INR)
Light or unloaded weight > 7500 kilos 1000
Medium or unloaded weight within 7500 kilos to more than 12000 kilos 1500

Green Tax:

For all kinds of vehicles that are more than 15 years old, a green tax will be levied and the schedule of charges are as follows

  1. Heavy / Medium /Mini (Trucks or buses) will be paying INR 1000, INR 750, INR 500 respectively
  2. Large cabs / Cabs / Large diesel / Auto rickshaws will pay INR 500, INR 400, INR 300, INR 200 respectively
  3. Private LMVs and two wheelers will be paying INR 500 and INR 250 for 5 years respectively

How to pay Road Tax in Manipur?

Vehicle owners who wish to pay road tax can do so by visiting the Regional Transport Office in the particular city or the one which deals with the license and registration of their owned vehicle. Here they will have to fill up certain forms and pay the necessary amount as road tax, with the RTO providing an acknowledgement for the same.

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