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DSP Equity Fund-Reg(G)

DSP Equity Fund-Reg(G)
Dividend Yearly
Equity - Multi Cap
52-week NAV high
40.20  (As on 31-08-2018)
52-week NAV low
32.86  (As on 23-10-2018)
2.17%  (As on 28-02-2019)


1 mnth 3 mnth 6 mnth 1 yr 2 yr 3 yr 4 yr 5 yr 10 yr
Fund Returns 9.24 4.38 2.16 5.46 9.42 15.53 8.03 16.56 -
Scheme Details
Fund Type
Open Ended
Investment Plan
Launch Date
Jun 07, 2007
Last Dividend
Minimum Investment

DSP Equity Fund - Regular Plan - Growth

DSP Mutual Fund - one of the most trusted names in the mutual fund space - was incepted as a partnership venture between DSP Group, a 150-year old financial service company based in India, and BlackRock, the largest investment management firm in the world. Backed by 20 years of experience providing top-notch investment solutions, DSP strives to offer investment excellence to its wide clientele in the long run. The financial organisation has a team of expert professionals with experience in domestic capital markets to help customers achieve their investment objective.

DSP Equity Fund is an open-ended equity scheme that essentially invests in equity and related securities of large, medium, and small-cap companies to generate long-term capital growth. There are two types of plans under this scheme based on the fact whether an investor wants to purchase units directly from the mutual fund company or through a distributor, advisor, or broker - Direct Plan and Regular Plan.

Under normal circumstances, DSP Equity Fund will allocate 90% to 100% of the total assets to equity and equity-related securities while investment of funds in debt and money market securities ranges between 0% and 10%. The investment options available under this scheme are Growth and Dividend. Furthermore, if an investor chooses the dividend option, he or she can further opt for the payout option or reinvestment option.

Investment Objective of DSP Equity Fund - Regular Plan - Growth

The primary objective of this investment plan is to generate capital growth in the long term by investing in a portfolio of diversified equity securities and equity-related securities of companies that are based in India with small-cap, mid-cap, and large-cap stocks. Additionally, this scheme can also invest in debt and money market securities which includes investment in securitised debts from time to time to meet the liquidity requirements of the scheme. Please note that DSP Mutual Fund does not offer any guarantee or assurance that this objective will be met during the investment period.

Key Features of DSP Equity Fund - Regular Plan - Growth

Before you choose to invest in the scheme, check out the important features of the DSP Equity Fund - Regular Plan - Growth mentioned in the following table:

Type of fund An open-ended, multi-cap equity fund
Plans available
  • Direct plan
  • Regular plan
Options under each plan
  • Growth
  • Dividend
    • Payout Dividend
    • Reinvestment Dividend
Please note that the growth investment option is the default option in this scheme.
Risk factor Moderately high risk
Systematic Investment Plan Available
Systematic Transfer Plan Available
Systematic Withdrawal Plan Available

Investment Amount for DSP Equity Fund - Regular Plan - Growth

Learn about the limitations imposed by DSP Mutual Fund in terms of investment amount mentioned in the table below:

Minimum application amount Rs.1,000 and in multiples of Re.1 thereof
Minimum additional investment Rs.1,000 and in multiples of Re.1 thereof
Minimum installment for Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) Rs.500
Minimum installment for Systematic Withdrawal Plan (SWP) Rs.500
Entry Load Not applicable
Exit Load
  • When the holding period from the date of allotment of units is less than 12 months - 1% of the applicable net asset value (NAV)
  • When the holding period from the date of allotment of units is more than 12 months – Nil
Please note that the investor will not be charged any exit load if he or she decides to switch the investment from Direct plan to Regular plan during the entire investment period or vice versa.

Asset Allocation for DSP Equity Fund - Regular Plan - Growth

Instruments Allocations (Percentage of total assets) Risk Profile
Equity and Equity-Related Securities 90% to 100% Medium to high
Debt and Money Market Securities Including Securitised Debts 0% to 10% Medium to high

Who can Invest in DSP Equity Fund - Regular Plan - Growth

  • Adult individuals who are residents of India can singly or jointly invest in this fund. It is to be noted that the number of co-applicants under this scheme should not be more than 3 in case of joint applications.
  • Parents and court-appointed legal guardians of minor individuals. In case of a court-appointed legal guardian, suitable documents should be provided as evidence to support the claim.
  • Non-resident Indians (NRIs) or persons of Indian origin (PIO) who are residing abroad on full repatriation or non-repatriation basis. However, this is subject to the approval of Reserve Bank of India (RBI).
  • Companies, public sector undertakings, corporate bodies
  • Societies that are registered under the Societies Registration Act, 1860 and that allow the purchase of mutual fund units
  • Foreign portfolio investors (FPIs) as outlined by Regulation 2(1) (h) of Securities and Exchange Board of India (Foreign Portfolio Investors) Regulations, 2014
  • Public Sector Undertakings (PSUs)
  • Incorporated and unincorporated associations of persons or bodies of individuals
  • Religious, charitable, and private trusts, under 11(5) of Income Tax Act, 1961 read with Rule 17C of Income Tax Rules, 1962. Please note that the eligibility of these entities is subject to the receipt of necessary approvals as ‘public securities’ whenever required.
  • Limited liability partnerships (LLPs) and partnership firms
  • Trustee of private trusts who are authorised under the trust deed to invest in mutual fund schemes
  • Karta of Hindu Undivided Families (HUFs)
  • Banks and other financial institutions including regional rural banks and co-operative banks
  • International multilateral agencies that are approved by the Indian Government
  • Non-government pension, provident, or gratuity funds subject to the permitted investment criteria
  • Air force, army, navy, and other paramilitary units and bodies that are created by such institutions
  • Industrial and scientific research organisations
  • Mutual funds registered under the SEBI (Mutual Funds) Regulations, 1996
  • Any scheme of DSP Mutual Fund, subject to the conditions and limits prescribed in SEBI (MF) Regulations and/or by the asset management company (AMC), trustee, or sponsors. It should be noted that the AMC is not liable to charge any additional fees on such investments.
  • Other investors who are permitted to invest in the scheme as outlined by their respective constitutions

NAV Disclosure and Benchmark for DSP Equity Fund - Regular Plan - Growth

NAV: The Net Asset Value (NAV) is calculated and published at the end of each business day except under special circumstances listed under Suspension of Sale and Redemption of Units as mentioned in the Statement of Additional Information (SAI) of the scheme. DSP Mutual Fund declares separate NAVs for the Regular Plan and Direct Plan of the investment scheme.

The monthly portfolio of DSP Equity Fund - Regular Plan - Growth will be available on the official website of the asset management company ( as well as at the official website of the Association of Mutual Funds in India ( Furthermore, the full portfolio will also be published in the newspapers within 1 month after every 6 months.

The NAV of the units of any particular scheme is calculated by dividing the net assets of the scheme by the number of outstanding units on the day of valuation. The calculated NAV is usually rounded off to 4 decimal places.

Liquidity: DSP Mutual Fund tries to dispatch the proceeds of a redemption within the next 3 working days starting from the date of acceptance of the request for redemption.

Benchmark: The benchmark index followed by this scheme is the Nifty 500 Index.

DSP Equity Fund - Regular Plan - Growth Fund Manager

The fund manager for DSP Equity Fund - Regular Plan - Growth is Mr. Atul Bhole. With a total work experience of 12 years, Bhole has been utilising his knowledge and expertise to manage this scheme since June 2016.

Investment Restrictions of DSP Equity Fund - Regular Plan - Growth

As per the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI), this scheme has a few restrictions that are applicable when an investment is made. While all investments made under this scheme will be in line with the asset allocation guidelines, investment objective, and other rules defined by the plan, they will also be subject to the SEBI (Mutual Funds) Regulations along with Schedule VII. Some of the restrictions are mentioned in the list below:

  • The investment made under this plan in debt instruments comprising money market instruments and non-money market instruments shall not exceed 10% of the NAV in debt including money market and non-money market instruments by a rated single issuer.
  • While this scheme will not invest more than 10% of its NAV in unrated debt instruments by an unrated single issuer, the total investments in such securities should not amount to more than 25% of the NAV of the investment plan.
  • This plan might choose to invest in another scheme other than a fund of funds scheme by the asset management company or any other mutual fund without any additional charges. However, for such an investment, it should be kept in mind that the combined inter-scheme investment by all the schemes under the same fund house or in schemes under any other asset management company should not be more than 5% of the NAV of the mutual fund scheme. Please note that this restriction is not applicable to investments in a mutual fund in foreign countries.
  • In case of a long-term investment in an instrument, the mutual fund should transfer or purchase the securities in the name of the mutual fund on account of the scheme.
  • This scheme will not be able to invest in a fund of funds scheme.
  • This scheme will not invest in any of the following:
    • Securities that have been issued by an individual or group company of sponsors through private placement
    • Securities by a group company of sponsors or an individual that are not listed
    • Listed securities of any group company of sponsors that amount to more than 25% of the net assets
  • The scheme can choose to enter short-selling transactions and may borrow or lend securities in accordance with the SEBI guidelines regarding lending and borrowing of securities as well as short-selling transactions.
  • The mutual fund will purchase or sell securities based on the deliveries. In case of a purchase, the scheme will accept delivery of the concerned securities and deliver the securities in cases of sale. The scheme might enter into a derivatives transaction only in a recognised stock exchange while complying with the framework outlined by SEBI for the same.

Dividend Policy of DSP Equity Fund - Regular Plan - Growth

When an investor opts for the growth option under this scheme, the dividend will not be declared by the mutual fund. Under this option, the income will remain invested in the concerned scheme and will continue to impact the NAV. This investment option is best suited for investors who do not want any immediate income, but are looking for capital appreciation over the entire investment period.

Furthermore, if an investor holds the units under this option as a capital asset for any period longer than 12 months from the date of allotment of units, he or she will be able to avail the benefits of long term capital gains tax.

On the other hand, if an investor chooses the dividend option under this scheme, he or she will get returns based on the dividend declared by the scheme. The dividend of such an option will consist of the net income along with the realised gains. This option can be further categorised into 2 sub-options:

  • Payout Dividend - In this investment sub-option, the dividend will be paid to the unit holders through cheque, direct payment through bank account, etc.
  • Reinvest Dividend - In case of this sub-option, the dividend will be reinvested on additional units of the scheme instead of being paid out to the unit holder.

Other Facilities Under DSP Equity Fund - Regular Plan - Growth

There are numerous facilities that an investor can benefit from under the DSP Equity Fund - Regular Plan - Growth scheme. The facilities that a unitholder can avail by investing in this scheme are:

  • Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) - By opting for this facility, an investor can invest a fixed amount on a particular date every month or quarter by purchasing units of the scheme at the cost applicable at the time the purchase is made.
  • SIP Top-Up Facility - With this facility, investors can increase the amount of SIP installment at any point of time during the entire investment tenure. Investors availing the monthly SIP facility can benefit from the SIP top-up facility every 6 or 12 months, while the frequency for availing this facility in case of quarterly SIP facility will be yearly.
  • Systematic Withdrawal Plan (SWP) - Through this facility, an investor will receive regular payments by withdrawing from the scheme on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, or yearly basis on specific dates selected by the investor beforehand.
  • Systematic Transfer Plan (STP) - In case of Systematic Transfer Plan, investors are eligible to transfer a fraction of their investment in the scheme to another scheme on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, or yearly basis on a specific date. The dates for the transfer under STP will be mentioned by the investor beforehand.
  • Daily STP Facility - By choosing this facility, investors can transfer a fixed amount of the investment from the source mutual fund scheme to the target scheme on a daily basis. Please note that this facility is subject to the exit load of the source scheme.
  • Flex Systematic Transfer Plan (Flex STP) - This facility allows the investor to transfer amounts systematically based on the amount already invested or transferred under this facility. The amount transfer will be carried out on the specific date of transfer at a predetermined interval from an open-ended ended transferor scheme to the growth option of another designated open-ended transferee scheme.
  • Value Systematic Transfer Plan (Value STP) - Under this facility, the investors can transfer amounts systematically from an open-ended transferor scheme to another open-ended transferee scheme at predetermined intervals. The amount of investment that can be transferred using this facility will be based on the amount already invested or transferred using this facility. Furthermore, this facility also offers the option for reverse transfer to help investors achieve the target market value of the transferee scheme.
  • Inter-Scheme Switching - With this facility, unit holders will have the option to switch their investment in one scheme in parts or entirety to any other scheme which is open for investment under the same mutual fund.
  • Inter-Plan Switching - This facility allows the investor to switch part or all of his or her investment from one plan of a scheme to the other plan of the same scheme.
  • Switch of Units From Regular Plan to Direct Plan Within the Same Scheme of the Fund - By opting for this facility, investors can choose to switch from the Regular Plan of a scheme to the Direct Plan of the same scheme or vice versa without having to pay any additional fees as exit load. However, please note that such kind of a switch might entail tax consequences.
  • Inter-Option Switching - When availing this facility, investors can choose to switch their investment in parts or entirety from one investment option of a scheme to the other option of the same scheme. The price of the units to be switched will be based on the applicable NAVs of both the schemes on the day the switching request is accepted.
  • Personal Identification Number (PIN) - The mutual fund might offer investors the facility of making transactions through various electronic modes such as through the internet or telephone subject to availability using a secured Personal Identification Number (PIN).
  • Pledge of Units for Loans - Using this facility, a unit holder can pledge the units he or she currently holds as security in order to raise loans. This benefit is subject to the rules and regulations prescribed by the trustee from time to time.
  • Dividend Transfer Plan (DTP) - By selecting the Dividend Transfer Plan, investors who have opted for the Regular/Direct Plan and Dividend Options of an open-ended scheme are eligible to transfer their dividend to any other option under the Regular/Direct Plan of all open-ended schemes under the same mutual fund. Please note that this facility cannot be availed by investors who have selected the Daily Dividend Reinvest sub-option.
  • My Target Value Savings Account Facility - This unique facility is available for the schemes in which the investor can outline a specific Target Value and invest in the scheme through SIP or by investing a lump sum amount in a unique ‘My Target Value Savings Account’. This account will specially be created for investments under this facility.
  • OTM – One Time Mandate Facility - The One Time Mandate facility allows investors under DSP Mutual Fund to make paperless transactions that are simple and convenient. With this facility, the unit holder will be able to authorise his or her bank to debit up to a specific limit per day by submitting the One Time Mandate registration form. This will allow the investor to transact without having to submit a cheque or fund transfer letter for every transaction. Please note that this facility can be availed only by unit holders who have received a folio number from the asset management company.

Why You Should Invest in DSP Equity Fund - Regular Plan - Growth

DSP Equity Fund - Regular Plan - Growth is a multi-cap open-ended scheme with moderately high risk. This scheme is ideal for those who are looking for capital appreciation in the long run by investing in equity and equity-related securities of small, medium, and large-cap stocks. The growth option under this scheme is well-suited for unit holders who want capital growth over the entire investment period.

With a team of investment professionals backed by the highest levels of expertise and years of experience, DSP strives to provide investment excellence in the long term. The company has 70 offices across 30 countries, and focuses on performing to its highest levels while putting the interests of the clients first at all times.

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