• Tata Mutual Fund

    Tata Mutual Fund has earned the trust of their investors with consistent performance and long term results aiming at the overall excellence while being transparent and taking rigorous risk control methods. Consistent results are maintained through the value based investing methods. Tata Mutual Fund offers operational flexibility is offered to cater to the specific needs of the customers. Considering the challenges faced by the investors, wide range of services are offered.

    Tata Mutual Fund manages around 26,968 crores worth of assets according to the first quarter from January to March 2015. The Tata Group has almost two-thirds of the equity in trusts which hosts institutions such as natural sciences, medical care, energy and arts. The trust grants endowment to individuals in areas of healthcare, education and social uplift.

    Types of mutual funds offered by Tata Mutual funds are:

    • Solution based:

      The solutions based approach is based on financial planning. It can be for education, wedding, buying a property or starting your own business or retirement plans which makes people’s lives financially secure. This has two plans to meet that purpose:

      • Child Savings Plan-

        As a parent, you wish to secure your child’s future it could be for their education or marriage.

        Tata Young Citizens’ Fund:

        • Will ensure you fulfil your child desires of studying abroad or having that dream wedding they always wanted.
        • This is an open-ended balanced scheme for children aged between 3 months and 18 years.
        • Investments are made in Equity and related instruments, Debt and related instruments and money market instruments.
      • Retirement Solution-

        Retirement is an important stage of life and one has to make proper investment to lead a comfortable retired life.

        Tata Retirement Saving Fund:

        It is structured to meet the needs of the investor based on their life stage and risk. There are 3 plans under this scheme:

        Progressive- Higher risk

        Moderate- Higher risk

        Conservative Plan- Medium risk

        With the Auto Switch feature, you can shift between the plans when you attain the certain age that is required for the switch. To Switch to Moderate you need to turn 45 years and you shift to Conservative plan when you are 60 years old.

    • Equity based:
      • Large cap: The funds are invested in large companies and are less volatile and ideal for low risk-takers. Tata Pure Equity Fund focus is on investing in strong and undervalued large companies.
      • Diversified:

        Investment is across small, medium and large companies. Suitable for investors who seek long term capital appreciation. There are 4 types of Funds:

        • Tata Equity P/E Fund: Minimum 70% is invested in equity and its instruments.
        • Tata Dividend Yield Fund: Stocks having dividend yield higher than that.
        • Tata Ethical Fund: Investments are made in equity and equity related instruments of Shariah principles compliant companies and the ones allowed under Shariah principle.
        • Tata Equity Opportunities Fund: invested in equity and its instruments of well researched value and growth related companies.
      • Mid cap:

        Investments are made in medium to small scale companies. Investor can invest in companies that is yet to be identified by the market that have potential growth. It is a high risk scheme and is suitable for investors seeking long term capital appreciation. Tata Mid Cap Growth Fund is an open ended equity fund.

      • Sectoral:

        Restricted to stocks of particular sector. Tata Infrastructure Fund is suitable for investors who seek long term capital appreciation. It is invested in equity or related instruments of companies in infrastructure sector in India. It is a high risk scheme.

      • ELSS

        Equity Linked Savings Scheme are tax saving schemes. They have the lowest lock-in period of three years. Investor can earn capital appreciation on medium to long term horizon while enjoying tax benefits. Tata Tax Saving Fund is a high risk scheme and invests in Equity and related instruments.

      • Index

        Attempts to reproduce the performance of BSE Sensex or NSE Nifty. Consists of stocks that constitute the index. The returns are less equivalent to that of the index. Tata Index Fund Nifty A mirrors NIFTY and invests in the stocks which comprises of CNX NIFTY Index. Tata Index Fund Sensex A reflects S&P BSE Sensex and invests in stock which comprises of that index. It is a high risk scheme.

    • Debt based:
      • Liquid:

        Investments are made in short term debt and money instruments. Ideal for people who want to invest in idle savings with liquidity and stability. There are three types of funds:

        • Tata Liquid Fund is ideal for investors who like to earn more than they do on their normal savings bank account.
        • Tata Liquidity Management Fund is ideal for investors who seek to get returns on the funds they have in their current and savings account.
        • Tata Money Market Fund is ideal for people who want minimum risk. The funds is invested in money market instruments.
      • Short term:

        Investments are made in short term debt instruments. There are three types:

        • Tata Floater Fund has lower risk and is ideal for investors seeking accrual returns.
        • Tata Short Term Bond Fund aim is to create liquid portfolio of debt and money market instruments. Ideal for those who are interested in earning accrual income.
        • Tata Treasury Manager Fund is predominant in money market and debt. Ideal for investors who want to invest in short term debt instruments and to those who want to avoid government securities.
      • Income

        The aim is to generate regular and steady income. The funds have higher average maturity. The funds under this scheme are:

        • Tata Income Fund is ideal for investors who want accrual returns. And those looking at longer investment and who don’t mind taking risk.
        • Tata Income Plus Fund is tax efficient and is ideal for those who are looking at capital appreciation opportunities.
      • Dynamic Bond

        The funds change their exposure in short and long term depending on the expected interest rate. Tata Dynamic Bond Fund manages maturities in the opinion of the fund manager. This is ideal for investors who are interested in active interest rate risk management and for those seeking accrual and capital appreciation income.

      • Gilt

        The funds are invested in government securities. They have least credit risk as the government back it. There are three types of funds:

        • Tata Gilt Mid Term Fund is ideal for those who want to take minimal risk and who look for capital appreciation in the medium term.
        • Tata Gilt Securities Fund is ideal for people who are looking at long term income and capital appreciation.
        • Tata Gilt Short Maturity Fund is ideal for those who are looking at short term accrual income with capital appreciation opportunity. It has a lower interest and credit risk.
      • Other funds
        • Tata Fixed Income Portfolio Fund is ideal for investors looking at investing in debt funds that have varying maturities and for those who want to keep investing in maturities on a regular basis.
        • Tata Floating Rate Fund- Long term Plan invests in floating rate securities or in money market. It is ideal for investors who want to invest in longer maturities with lower interest rate.
    • Hybrid:

      The funds are invested in both debt and equity instruments.

      • Equity oriented:

        At least 65% is invested in equity instruments and the rest in debt. This is ideal for investors who want to take moderate risk. Tata Balanced Fund is ideal for both equity and debt market in a single fund. The investor can enjoy the tax benefit of equity fund.

      • Debt oriented:

        Predominantly invested in debt instruments and the remaining in the equities. This is suitable for those who want to take less risk. There are two types:

        • Tata MIP Plus Fund provides regular monthly income with the capital appreciation.
        • Tata Monthly Income Fund is ideal for investors who seek regular accrual returns from debts investment.
    • Close ended:
      • Equity:

        It is ideal for long term wealth creation.

        Tata Infrastructure Tax Saving Fund is a close ended equity linked savings scheme for 10 years with a lock-in period of 3 years. Avail tax benefit under the section 80 C.

        Tata Tax Advantage Fund-1 is a 10 year ELSS and offers tax benefit under Section 80 C.

      • Debt

        Investments are mainly in debt and money market instruments. It is suitable for short to medium term goals. Investors who want regular income opt for this scheme.

      • Hybrid

        The funds are invested in equity and debt instruments. This is suitable for those who want the risky asset as well as safer debt instruments. Tata SIP Fund Series 3’s primary objective is to attain long term growth. It is subject to market trend.

      Why choose Tata Mutual Fund?

      • The brand enjoys high equity in the country.
      • The combination of expertise in fund management and service and trust makes it appealing to investors.
      • Investors get high returns though they take higher risk, they can be at peace knowing that the funds won’t be mismanaged.
      • Can avail tax benefits under Section 80 C.

    Other Products from TATA AIG

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    News About TATA Mutual Fund

    • Tata India Advantage Fund offer document filed with SEBI

      The offer document has been filed by Tata Mutual Fund to launch their new fund scheme, which will be a open ended equity oriented fund called Tata India Advantage Fund. The unit price in the new fund offer is Rs. 10. The minimum applicant is Rs. 5000 and in multiple id Re. 1. The entry load is nil and the exit load will be 1% if the redeemed before the expiry of 365 days from the date of allotment. The minimum target they hope to achieve with the Tata Mutual Fund is a sum of Rs. 10 crore, the scheme is a growth option.

      25 September 2015

    • TATA Mutual Fund to leverage on brand name to gain leadership position

      The asset management company of TATA Mutual Fund plans to leverage on the parent group, TATA’s, brand name in order to boost its position in the mutual fund industry. Currently ranked 12th among peers, TATA Mutual Fund hopes to enter the list of top 10 fund houses. The current assets under management (AUM) stand at Rs.28,405 crores. The fund house identified a gap between retail investors and the fund house brand. The fund house feels leveraging on an already successful brand i.e. TATA will promote investments in their schemes. TATA MF’s growth since March 2014 was below the average industry growth rate at 27.75%.

      2 September 2015

    GST rate of 18% applicable for all financial services effective July 1, 2017.

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