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  • UTI Mutual Fund

    UTI Mutual Fund

    About UTI

    UTI stands for Unit Trust of India, an Indian financial organization established under the UTI Act(1963.) passed by the Parliament of India. UTI was the only means of investing in the capital market by Indian citizens until Indian public sectors banks started offering mutual fund investments. Mutual funds offered by UTI provide medium to long term capital appreciation on your investments, and they come with fairly low risk of investment. The financial organization offers a balanced and well -diversified investment portfolio based on extensive market research to help you maintain a systematic asset allocation plan. UTI Mutual Fund has bagged many awards for offering innovative and steady return yielding mutual funds since its inception. In fact, UTI is the pioneer of the Indian mutual fund industry.

    UTI Mutual Funds

    Being the first mutual fund company in India, UTI offers some of the best types of mutual funds investing in which you can get assured returns on your investments. You can invest in UTI MFs at anytime from anywhere, and access your mutual fund account 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year via UTI’s website and keep you updated about your investments. UTI MFs are trusted and innovative wealth creators and they are designed to best suit your investment needs. Resident Indian individuals, HUFs, minors (under the guidance of guardian/parents and NRIs – they all can invest in UTI Mutual Funds.

    Types of Mutual Funds offered by UTI:

    UTI offers four different types of mutual funds which include Equity, Debt, Balanced and Speciality mutual funds:

    1. Equity Fund: It is a type of mutual fund that invests primarily in stocks is known as equity mutual fund. Under its Equity Funds, UTI offers Diversified Funds, Speciality / Theme Based Funds, Sector Funds, Tax Planning Funds, Arbitrage Fund, Pure Index Funds, Exchange Index Fund and ELSS.
    2. Debt Fund: Debt funds invest in fixed income instruments such as short or long-term bonds, securitized products etc. UTI MF offers the following debt funds - Segment Focused Funds, Liquid Funds, and Close Ended Funds.
    3. Balanced Fund: These are hybrid funds and they include stock and bond components in a single investment portfolio. Balanced Funds offered by UTI include Pure Balanced Funds, Segment Focused Funds, and Monthly Income Schemes.
    4. Speciality Fund: A speciality mutual fund invests primarily in the securities of a particular industry or geographical region. Under Speciality Mutual Funds, UTI offers only one scheme namely UTI - Gold Exchange Traded Fund.

    Why choose UTI Mutual Funds?

    Given the number of benefits associated with UTI Mutual Funds, investing in them can be a wise step on your part. UTI MFs come with the following benefits and features:

    • You can get tax benefits by investing in UTI Mutual Funds. UTI MFs offer a number of tax planning funds including UTI Equity Tax Savings Plan, UTI Equity Tax Savings Plan, UTI - Master Equity Plan Unit Scheme, UTI Long Term Advantage Series-I and UTI Long Term Advantage Series-II. The investment objective of these schemes is to provide medium to long term capital appreciation along with income tax benefits.
    • UTI MFs provide consistent and stable returns on your investments for both short and long tenures.
    • Scheme like UTI - Retirement Benefit Pension Fund Investment provides pension in the form of periodical income or cash flow to the scheme holders.
    • You can access your UTI MF account at any time by visiting UTI’s official website and get to know the recent status of your investments.

    News About UTI Mutual Fund

    • UTI Mutual Fund declares dividend of Rs. 0.50 under its Balanced Fund

      As per the record date of 21st September 2015, UTI announced the dividend of Rs. 0.50 for its Balanced Fund for the schemes UTI Balanced - D, UTI Balanced Direct - D, UTI SPrEAD- D, UTI SPrEAD Direct - D, UTI M Interval Fund Sr 1 Ret - D, UTI M Interval Fund Sr 1 Direct – D.

      The rate of dividend per unit for UTI Balanced - D and UTI Balanced Direct - D is Rs. 0.50, UTI SPrEAD- D and UTI SPrEAD Direct - D is Rs. 0.065, and the entire distributable surplus will be among the UTI M Interval Fund Sr 1 Ret - D, UTI M Interval Fund Sr 1 Direct – D.

      24th September 2015

    • UTI MF rolls out new income scheme ‘FTIF Series XXIII - III (1098 days)’

      UTI Mutual Fund rolled out a new scheme called the ‘FTIF Series XIII -III (1098 days)’, the NFO of which will stay open for purchase of units on Sept.10, 2015. Minimum initial investment in the scheme should be Rs.5,000.

      The scheme is close-ended and aims to invest in fixed income instruments with maturities matching or lower than the scheme’s maturity. Neither entry nor exit loads are applicable on the scheme.

      10th September 2015

    • UTI Mutual Fund aims for AUM of Rs.1.1 trillion by close of FY16

      UTI Mutual Fund which hit the Rs.1 trillion mark for (AUM) this July, plans to hit the Rs.1.1 trillion mark by end of the financial year i.e. by March 2016. The fund house, currently the 5th largest among peers, has assets under management of Rs.1,03,800 crores. UTI MF is aiming at the retail segment of its customer base to boost unit sales.

      The fund house has merged some of its products over the last 3 fiscals and plans to merge one more this fiscal viz. an energy fund and an infrastructure fund. The merger will occur once SEBI approves the same.

      UTI Mutual Fund also launched two new equity exchange traded funds (ETFs) and expects investments to flow in from the EPFO which has already invested in the SBI MF equity ETF.

      2nd September 2015

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