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    BOI NRE / NRO / NRI / FCNR FD Rates

    Institution Name
    Deposit Amount Range
    Tenure Range
    Interest Rate
    Up to ₹1Cr
    7 Days to 10 Years
    4% - 7.6% Quarterly compounding
    Response Time Within 30 minutes
    NRI - FD
    Up to ₹1Cr
    1 Year to 10 Years
    7% - 7.1% Quarterly compounding
    Response Time Within 30 minutes

    Bank of India is a government owned commercial bank in India. It was founded in 1906 and is currently headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra. The bank has over 4828 branches including 56 offices outside India along with five subsidiaries, five representative offices and one joint venture. The bank provides cost effective financial products including deposit accounts, cards, loans, NRI services and much more. The bank also offers customised financial products to the rural sector and the corporate sector.

    Bank of India Fixed Deposit for NRIs

    Bank of India offers term deposits which are fixed deposits. The bank offers fixed deposits for flexible tenures and attractive rates of interest along with various other benefits. The interest for fixed deposit account will be calculated for the completed months and in case where the terminal month is incomplete, the interest will be calculated for the actual number of days on the basis of 365 days in a year. Even NRIs are allowed to open fixed deposit accounts with Bank of India and special rates on interest is provided for these fixed deposit accounts.

    Bank of India NRE FD Interest Rates

    Given below is the rate of interest for Bank of India NRE Fixed deposit account

    Maturity For deposits of amount less than Rs.1 crore For deposits of Rs.1 crore and above but less than Rs.10 crore
    For deposits of 1 year and above but less than 2 years 7.30% 7.00%
    For deposits of 2 years but less than 3 years 7.30% 7.00%
    For deposits of 3 years but less than 5 years 7.30% 7.00%
    For deposits of 5 years and above up to 10 years 7.25% 7.00%

    Bank of India FCNR ‘B’ FD Interest Rates

    FCNR deposits can be opened in 6 major currencies such as US Dollar, Sterling Pound, Canadian Dollar and other currencies. Given below is the FCNR FD interest rates offered by Bank of India.

    Above 1 year but under 2 years 1.52 0.95 0.33 0.51 1.53 2.29
    2 years but under 3 years 1.62 1.14 0.34 0.49 1.45 2.32
    3 years but below 4 years 1.70 1.21 0.40 0.48 1.50 2.40
    4 years but below 5 years 1.77 1.29 0.45 0.49 1.55 2.67
    5 years only 1.86 1.37 0.52 0.50 1.60 2.73

    The rates are as per 1st September, 2016. Interest rates are subject to change and the customer is advised to contact the bank for updated rates in case of rate change.

    Updated on 11 Dec 2016


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