Learning Licence in Karnataka

A learner’s license is a provisional licence to give you time to learn how to drive competently and obtain a permanent driving licence.

Types of Learner’s License in Karnataka

A person should apply for and get a learner’s license belonging to a certain class of vehicle before he/ she can get a permanent driving license.

When it comes to getting driving license in Karnataka, it is generally offered under the categories namely,

  • LMV or Light Motor Vehicles
  • Transport vehicles and
  • Two wheelers without gear
  • If you want to get a permanent driving license for transport vehicles in Karnataka, you are expected to first apply for a Learner License for Transport Vehicles while also having a valid driving license for light motor vehicles.
  • Please check out the age criteria mentioned in the Indian Motor Vehicles Act (IMV) and Karnataka Motor Vehicle (KMV) Guidelines:
    • To obtain a learner’s license for gearless two-wheelers, the applicant must be of at least age 16 and above.
    • To obtain a learner's license for transport vehicles, the applicant must be of age 20 and above and should already have a license light motor vehicles.
    • For all remaining classes of vehicles, the applicant must have compulsorily completed 18 years of age to apply for an LL.

Choosing a driving instructor

Many people prefer to learn driving in their own vehicle, taught by friend or family. Perhaps it is because it saves money and one feels comfortable with this person rather than an instructor. It could also be to escape from stringent timings of a driving school. But it is strongly recommended that you go for training from an approved motor driving training school and learn from a qualified instructor. As you will be taught in a dual-controlled car by the instructor, he/ she can take charge if things were to go out of control. This is a necessary safety measure and will not be possible if you are taught by a friend or family in your own car and might lead to unfortunate incidents. Also, roughing the car by learning to drive in it is never a good idea.

Documents Required for Learner’s License in Karnataka

As driving license is not only a permit to drive on roads, but also serves as a national identity card and residence proof, it is important that documentation when applying for a license should be 100 percent accurate.

When you apply for a learner’s license in Karnataka, you should all the papers mentioned below.

  • Duly filled application as given in Form 2
  • Age proof (as required for different class of vehicle) such as copy of your Ration Card, LIC Policy paper, passport, voter ID card, birth certificate or SSLC Book. It can also be certified by a medical practitioner.
  • Age certification as given by a registered medical practitioner
  • Application with the declaration regarding the physical fitness of the applicant as given in Form 1.
  • Any residence proof such as Aadhaar Card, voter ID, passport, ration card, latest utility bills or house tax receipt.
  • If you are not able to submit any of the aforementioned age proof or residence proof documents for any suitable reason, the licensing authority will also take a self-attested affidavit sworn before an Executive Magistrate, Notary Public or Judicial Magistrate.
  • For candidates applying for a transport license, submission of a medical certificate as specified in Form 1 A is mandatory.
  • Four recent passport sized (less than six months old) photos of the applicant.
  • If you are applying for a Learner License for Transport vehicle, you should produce your original driving license for Light Motor Vehicle (which you have been issued at least for a year).

How to apply online for a Learner’s License in Karnataka:

Online Learner’s License Application in Karnataka entails the following steps.

  • In Karnataka, you can only apply for learner’s license online for non-transport vehicles, only used for your personal use such as gearless motorcycle below 50cc, geared motorcycle, light motor vehicle non-transport vehicles (jeeps, cars etc.), light motor vehicle non-transport (auto rickshaw) and light motor vehicle (tractor/ trailer) and invalid carriage.
  • The candidate can put in an application for learner’s license for more than one class of vehicles (as mentioned above) in one go. He can pick one or more classes as required. The preliminary (written/ oral) test is the same for all applications.
  • Submit age proof, residence proof and fees as directed on the site. Once you clear the preliminary test, you will be issued the learner’s license, valid for six months.
  • The learner’s license registrations procedures can be found on the Karnataka RTO website, http://www.transport.karnataka.gov.in/

The details of filling up of online application for learner’s license are given below:

SL No Item How to fill up the info
1 RTO Branch Choose your nearest RTO Office in the given list.
2 Test Date Slot The open preliminary test dates will be listed. The candidate can choose any day listed 10 days ahead of availability.
3 Class of Vehicle Different vehicle groups are shown on the screen. You should select at least one.
4 Full Name Applicant's first name, last name or/ and initials must be entered. The name entered should be exactly the same as entered in your previous records (like SSLC Book).
5 Son/ Wife/ Daughter The name of Father or Husband as applicable must be entered.
6 Permanent Address The address of your residence or business or institution must be entered. The postal address must be complete in all aspects.
7 Temporary Address (Optional) You can also enter a temporary address such as your driving school, educational institute or office address, which is optional.
8 Residence Proof The residence proof must be selected out of the submitted papers. The document should be taken to the RTO office too.
9 Date of Birth You must pick the date from the box as directed.
10 Educational Qualification You have to enter all your educational certificates such as SSLC Book, Bachelors, or Masters among others.
11 Identification Marks (Optional) Identification marks such as mole, scar etc. on face or arms of the candidate can be mentioned, which is optional.
12 Blood Group & RH factor (Optional) If you are of Blood Group with RH factor, it can be mentioned here, which is purely optional.
13 I enclose 3 Passport Sized Photographs You have to clock on this column and then submit the same at your RTA office.
14 Fee Payment By The applicant is expected to specify the cash disbursement mode of the agreed fees (cash or demand draft). Fee is INR 30 for individual vehicle classes, which can also be given at the RTO cash counter. For example, if you wish to apply for both geared two wheelers and car, then you have to shell out INR 60.
15 DD No The whole Demand Draft number must be given.
16 DD Date The DD Date should be entered. The Day should be selected from the 'Day' list. The Month should be selected from 'Month' list. The Year should be entered in full in Year column (YYYY) Example 2002.
17 DD Bank Name Type in the complete name of the lender from which DD is drawn.
18 Medical Certificate Dated The Date when the Medical Certificate is issued must be entered. Select the day, month and year from the respective lists. The Medical Certificate in form CMV 1 and 1A must be taken to the RTO office. The form CMV 1 & 1A can be downloaded from the website, https://www.rto.kar.nic.in Note: The Medical Certificate is compulsory for the candidate aged 40 and above.
19 Name of the Doctor Please enter the full name of the doctor who issued you the medical certificate.
20 I have Enrolled in Driving School and Driving Certificate Dated If you have enrolled in Driving School, the Date of Driving Certificate must be typed in. Select the day, month and year from the respective lists.
21 Name of the Driving School The complete name of your enrolled Driving School must be given.
22 Address of the Driving School The complete address of your enrolled (if applicable) Driving School must be given.
23 Submission Prior to submitting your online learner's license application form, you must make sure that the info given is absolutely error free. Click on submit to take the registration forward.
24 Reset If the applicant wishes to cancels the entry of details he/she can select this option.

How to apply for a Learner’s License in Karnataka?

  • To apply for a learner's license by offline method, you have to collect an application form, fill it as directed and then submit it to your closest RTO.
  • All the documents specified above must be submitted along with the application form.
  • Disburse the prescribed fee, which is INR 30 per each class of vehicle.

Once the paperwork is complete, you will be given a date for a preliminary test (written/ verbal based on your qualification), which is basically to make sure that you are aware of traffic rules and regulations and what to do in a road emergency. Once you clear the test, you will be granted a learner's license from the RTO, which will be valid for six months. You have six months to practice on the ground and road before sitting for the practical test. It is mandatory that you practice at least for a month before going in for the test.

How to check LL Status in Karnataka?

Learner’s license is given to the applicant soon after he clears the preliminary test on the same day. There is no question of checking the learner’s license status. But yes, your learner’s license can get canceled if you flunk the practical thrice.

How to Make Corrections in Learner's License Online?

If you find any errors or need any correction to be made in your learner license copy after getting it, please follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Contact the RTO in Karnataka, where you have applied for the learner’s license. This cannot be done in any other branches. For instance, if you have received your learner’s license from the Yelahanka RTO, you cannot get it corrected from the Hebbal RTO.
  • Take the documents with the right information to make the required corrections. For instance for changing your name in the license after marriage, take the marriage certificate to the RTO.
  • You will have to show the original copy of your current learner’s license and a written request for the required corrections.
  • Once the RTO official reviews and approves the corrections, you will have to shell out a small fee and be given a receipt for the same, which can be used in lieu of original learner’s license until you get the new one via post/ courier.

How to change Address for My Learners License?

If you want the address in your learner’s license to be changed, you have to put in a written request for the same to the same RTO from where you obtained your existing learner’s license.

Please submit proof for your new address to take the request forward:

SL No Proofs (With the new address)
1 passport
2 LIC Policy
3 any recent utility bill
4 ration card
5 Caste Certificate (SC/ST, Backward Class and Minorities, etc.)
6 Income Certificate issued by your Tahasildar
7 Self-swearing Affidavit in front of an executive Magistrate or a First Class Judicial Magistrate or a Notary Public
  • If you are an overseas applicant, proof of lawful residential status in India is required.
  • Change of address can be filed and the new learner’s license can be given to you on the same day if issued in the same RTA office.
  • If applied in a different RTO, the new learner’s license with changed address will be sent in one month after due verification.
  • The applicant also has to disburse a nominal fee and be present to be photographed.

Test Procedure for Learner’s License in Karnataka:

You will be sat for a preliminary test and on clearing that you will be given the learners license on the very day itself (between 4.30 PM & 530 PM). A written test is usually held for all applicants who have completed SSLC or a comparable exam. You have to answer objective multiple choice queries related to road rules and regulations. For those who have not passed SSLC, a verbal test will be conducted. The tests are overlooked by an Inspector of Motor Vehicles. If you already have a license (for instance, a two wheeler license holder applying for a car license), you need not go in for a preliminary test. Learners License can be used to learn driving competently and is valid across India for six months.

Learner’s License Renewal in Karnataka:

  • As said before, learner’s license is valid only for six months, which is the window period for you to learn and hone your driving skills both on the ground as well as on the road.
  • You have to practice at least for a month before appearing for the practical.
  • On failing the ground test or road test, you will be given a new slot after a couple of weeks to practice more.
  • If you fail the practical test thrice in a row, you will have to apply for a new learner’s license.

How to apply for a Duplicate Learner’s License?

In case of loss or theft of your learner’s license, you can get a new LL without having to go through the hassle of reapplying with the same cumbersome documentation and sitting for the prelims.

Please follow the steps mentioned below to obtain a duplicate learner’s license.

  • Collect an application form in KMV-1 from your RTO.
  • Pay the nominal fee if INR 15 at the cashier.
  • Please provide the necessary proof that your learner’s license is lost/ stolen (FIR lodged at the local police station).
  • Two recent (less than six months old) passport sized photos.
  • You can collect the duplicate learner’s license on the same day from the RTO between 4.30 PM to 5.30 PM.

How to Get International License in Karnataka?

Obtaining an International Driving Permit (IDP) in Karnataka has been made simple and easy now. All you have to do is follow the steps below.

  • Step 1: Collect the IDP Application Form CMV 4-A from your nearest RTO or download the same from their online portal.
  • Step 2: Pay the IDP (International Driving Permit) charge of INR 500 to the RTO cashier or online using credit or debit card or net banking.
  • Step 3: Show your Original Valid Driving Licence, Visa, Passport and Air ticket and submit copies of each at the RTO.
  • Step 4: A medical certificate and fitness certificate in form CMV 1 & CMV 1A must be given with your duly filled application and three most recent passport sized pictures.
  • Step 5: To take the application forward, the applicant must be an Indian citizen and has to be present in the office at the time.
  • Step 6: If the driving licence given is within 90 days, the candidate must go for a re-test.
  • Step 7: The address given in the license application must be under the RTO dominion, where you are applying.
  • Step 8: Your International Driving Permit (IDP) is valid only for 12 months or until the driving licence expires, whichever is earlier.

FAQs on How to Apply LL in Karnataka

  1. I failed my test of driving competence. What is the next step?

    You will be given another date after a week, so that you get more time to practice and perfect your driving skills. You have to pay a fee of INR 50 to appear for retest.

  2. What all should I learn for the preliminary license test?

    The exam will be mainly based on traffic rules, signals, sigs and regulations of the state and country. You will also be asked about the emergency papers to carried all the time when driving and steps to be undertaken by the driver if involved in an accident.

  3. I have a two wheeler license. Do I have to gor for the whole LL process to get a learner's license for car?

    You will be exempted from the preliminary test. Other than that, all the procedures from getting a learner’s to going in for competency test are all the same.

  4. How can I get a fitness certificate for Transport Vehicle?

    Every transport vehicle must have a lawful fitness certificate to take on road. The owner has to apply for fitness certificate in form KMV 20 and pay the fee for it. The inspector will need to check the Registration Certificate (RC Book), Insurance papers, Pollution Under Control Certificate, Tax Card and Permit before deeming the vehicle fit. The vehicle itself will be checked thoroughly by a senior inspector of motor vehicle.

  5. What are the aspects under review when the inspector check the fitness of a transport vehicle?

    The factors to be checked by the inspector are:

    • Front axle and steering
    • Front spring
    • Fuel system
    • Engine performance
    • Electric system
    • Silencer
    • Rear springs
    • Transmission
    • Chassis frame
    • Tyres
    • Body
    • Brakes
    • Essential equipment
    • Necessary equipment
    • Cleanliness
    • Weighment of vehicle
    • Any other clarifications or flaws worth noting.

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News About Learning Licence

  • Those seeking for licence can book their slots the LLR tests

    The tests for Learner’s Licence (LLR) and also Fresh Driving Licence (FDL) had been stopped due to pandemic, and according to Deputy Transport Commissioner G.C. Raja Ratnam these are now being conducted again. People who had booked slots for the test in May and June, and could not attend the tests will be allowed to take the tests up to 15 July.

    13 July 2021

  • Operations resume at Pune Regional Transport Office

    The Pune regional transport office (RTO) is slowly getting back to work. The RTO has increased the daily quota of learning and permanent license tests. As per the regional transport officer, 350 tests for learner’s license and 180 tests for permanent license will be conducted in the day. Registration of vehicles will also start at the RTO with 50 percent of its staff. It needs to be mentioned here that due to the state-wide lockdown in the last two months, driving tests and other related works had been stopped.

    15 June 2021

  • Test for learners’ and permanent driving licence to be held every Saturday in March

    Tests for learner’s license and permanent driving license will be conducted by Pimpri-Chinchwad Sub Regional Transport Office every Saturday in March. The total quota for learners’ licence is 500 seats and for permanent licence is 350 seats. People appearing for the test will have to wear face masks and hand gloves.

    Applicants will also have to follow rules related to social distancing in a strict manner.

    5 March 2021

  • Changes made around learner's licence and permanent driving licence in various states

    In various states such as Madhya Pradesh, Jharkhand and Uttar Pradesh, getting a driving licence has been made easier. The learner’s licence will not be required to wait to be issued and the application for the licence can be printed online from any place. Apart from this, Madhya Pradesh has made additional changes surround the learner’s licence. If your issued learner’s licence is from another city, you can get a permanent driver’s licence by submitting your address proof in the current city you are living in.

    15 February 2021

  • Increased checks by Cyberabad traffic police for driving under the influence of alcohol

    Checks for those driving under the influence of alcohol have been increased by the Cyberabad police after an increase in the number of road accidents involving drivers who were drunk. More than 3,000 people were booked for driving under influence of alcohol in the month of December 2020 alone. More than 900 cases have been booked in the last 3 days of the month with people between the ages of 21 and 40 being the majority. The penalty is Rs.10,000 and/or imprisonment which can last up to six months if it is a first-time offence. For the second and subsequent offences, the penalty is Rs.15,000 and/or imprisonment which can go up to 2 years. Driving licences of such individuals will be seized and suspended by the respective RTOs as per Section 19 of the Motor Vehicles Act. Suspension of the driving licence will be for three months for first-time offenders. For second and subsequent offenders, the suspension will be permanent, which means the individual will not be eligible to drive a vehicle in India for the rest of their life.

    31 December 2020

  • Two-wheeler owners could see their DL suspended if the helmet is not worn in Karnataka

    The Transport Commissioner’s office has issued a direction to various joint commissioners of all divisions that riding a two-wheeled vehicle without a helmet would lead to the suspension of the driving licence. The rule which falls in line with the direction of the Supreme Court will be implemented with immediate effect and the driving licence will be suspended for a minimum of 3 months and a fine will also have to be paid.

    According to a senior official of the Transport Department, the rule has been implemented with immediate effect all over the state and both the rider and the pillion must wear a helmet. According to another senior official from the Bengaluru Traffic Police, riding without a helmet was the highest among all traffic violations in the city and have increased after the lockdown restrictions were lifted.

    21 October 2020

  • Expired DL valid till 31 December, announces Ministry of Road Transport and Highways

    The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has announced that driving license or vehicle fitness certificate which has expired will be valid till 31st December, 2020 due to the outbreak of Covid-19.

    Due to the outbreak of the virus, people are finding it difficult to renew their license due to which The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has decided to extend the date of validity for all the expired licenses in India. Earlier the date of extention was set at 30 September 2020.

    The drives who own a driving license can continue to ride their vehicles on Indian roads despite their driving license having been expired.

    27 August 2020

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