Driving Licence in West Bengal

A legal authorization issued by the Regional Transport Authority of the state government which grants you the license to drive a motor vehicle of a specific class on the basis of your application for it. DL as it's popularly known, is in the form of a smart card (in most cases) which contains your personal information along with details pertaining to the validity and the class of vehicle you can drive and operate.

The Driving License is issued after the applicant successfully clears various road and written tests held to examine the ability of the applicant to handle and operate the motor vehicle. In the state of WB, the provision of issuing Driving License is entrusted with the Motor Vehicles Department under the aegis of the Transport Department, Government of West Bengal.

DL in West Bengal

In WB, the Vahan e-services program lets you easily avail a DL at the jurisdictional RTO (Regional Transport Office). The issued DL authorizes you to operate and drive a specific class or classes of motor vehicle in any part of India. The following eligibility criteria should be kept in mind before applying for a DL.

  • Applicants between the age group of 16-18 years are allowed to drive a motor vehicle up to 50cc in the non-geared category.
  • Applicants aged 18 years and above will be allowed to drive any motor vehicle in the non-transport class for personal use.
  • People aged 20 years and above will be allowed to apply and obtain a license for all categories of vehicles which includes transport vehicle.

To be eligible for a DL, you will be required to obtain a Learners License first by taking up the written test if you fall into the relevant category. The test will be a combination of written and verbal portions, aimed to test your ability on road safety rules, regulations and general awareness of signs and signals.

After obtaining the LL, the holder can apply for a permanent license anytime after a month of holding the temporary license. The validity of this document is 6 months from the date of issue and cannot be renewed.

Documents Required in WB for DL

  • The required applicant form in the standard format, available at the front desk of the RTO. It can also be downloaded from the official website of the transport department.
  • Recent passport size photographs.
  • Age proof documents such as birth certificate, school leaving certificate etc.
  • ID proof documents such as voters id, aadhar card.
  • Supporting documents as address proof such as utility bills.
  • Medical fitness certificate issued by a certified doctor.

Fees & Charges for driving licence in WB

Fee Description Amount
Learners License Rs.30
Driving test (each class) Rs.50
Driving License Rs.200
Service fees Rs.20
D.L Renewal Rs.250
International Driving Permit Rs.4050

In addition to the above, there will be miscellaneous fees such as postal charges.

Procedure to Obtain Driving License

After the expiry of the cool off period of your Learner's License, you can approach the Regional Transport Office for a driving license. Depending on the class applied for, you will be required to undergo test on the track to prove your ability to drive and handle the vehicle in question. After clearing the test, you will be notified on the spot about your performance. If you clear, the license (card) will be despatched as per the timelines. Otherwise, you will be notified about further process which includes the next test date.

DL Renewal Procedure of DL in West Bengal

If your existing DL is due to expire, it's advised you apply for a renewal at least a month before it expires. Visit the jurisdictional RTO, fill the required form & pay the renewal fee at the counter (see the “Fees & Charges” table for further details). The renewed copy will be sent to you by post.

International Driving License in WB

If you’re holding a valid DL in the state of West Bengal, you can apply for an IDP (International driving permit) at the designated RTO by filling up the relevant form(s). You may also be required to provide a letter providing details of your travel such as names of visiting countries & duration of stay.


  1. What are the different types of driving licenses that are issued in West Bengal?

    The three different types of driving licenses that are issued in West Bengal are mentioned below:

    • For transport vehicles
    • For light motor vehicles
    • For motorcycles that come without gear
  2. How long is a Learner’s License valid for?

    A Learner’s License is valid for six months.

  3. How long is a Driving License valid for?

    A Driving License is valid for 20 years.

  4. Is it mandatory to provide an online test before providing the driving license test?

    Yes, it is mandatory to provide an online test before you take the driving license test.

  5. How long is a commercial driving license valid for?

    A commercial driving license is valid for 3 years.

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News About How to Get a Driving License in West Bengal

  • Be Prepared To Lose Your Driving Licence If You Are Talking on The Phone says West Bengal Government

    The West Bengal Transport Department announced that going forward they will suspend driving licences of those who are caught talking on the phone while driving. The Transport Department also spoke to psychologists who confirmed that a driver cannot concentrate while he is using his phone.

    This action was taken after an ill-fated bus accident which killed many innocent lives. The West Bengal Transport Department stated that public can go ahead and post pictures of drivers using the phone while driving and action will be taken.

    7 February 2018

  • Drivers Using Phones While Driving Can Lose Their Driving Licence

    Seeing a driver talking on the phone while driving is not a rare scene in India. In fact, it is a very common scenario. But, the Kolkata Traffic Police Department are not taking this issue lightly. Though most of us know that using phone while driving is violating traffic rules, we are guilty of doing it. To put an end to this, Mamata Banerjee, the Chief Minister of the state has advised Surajit Kar Purkayastha, the Director General of Police to go ahead cancel the driving licence of people caught using their phones while driving.

    The decision was made after 43 people died when a bus fell into the Bhairav river and the terrified survivors stated that the driver of the bus was talking on his cell phone when the accident took place. The driver did not disconnect the call even when the passengers requested him. This accident had broke many hearts in the country and the Government of Kolkata are taking all measures to make sure such a fatality doesn't happen again.

    2 February 2018

  • Know the rules before applying for a driving licence

    Kolkata: If you have learned driving and thinking of applying for a Driving Licence (DL), that is not enough to get you a DL. The government is introducing a new system under which an individual will require to pass the online test before advancing to the next round of actual driving test. One of the main causes for increasing number of accidents and traffic violation is due to the lack of knowledge of driving and traffic rules. By making sure that an individual gets his/her driving licence after completion of the knowledge test and actual driving test, the government is expecting to bring down the number of accidents and traffic violation on the road.

    04 April 2017

  • Mobile application in progress, claims to reduce numerous visits to vehicles department

    The West Bengal State Transport Department will be developing an application so that car fees and other taxes can be paid online through the mobile app. Subhendu Adhikari, the transport minister will start this exercise at the motor vehicles office in Kasba.

    This is one of many measures that has been taken by the government for reforming the transport sector in West Bengal. The minister will be initiating the process of maintaining digital proof for vehicle papers when driving, like tax coupon, insurance and driver’s licence. According to a senior official of the department of transport, the inauguration of the application will be done by Subhendu Adhikari. All payments that are related to vehicles can be done using the application.

    6 October 2016

  • Driving License Norms Should Be Strict, Says Kolkata Government

    Kolkata government recently conveyed a message to all driving schools and licensing officers in the state. Their message was simple - driving license is issued to drive an automobile not to kill. The government will implement stringent driving guidelines to reduce the number of road accidents in the state. Suvendu Adhikari, State Transport Minister stated that against each accident, the driving school and the licensing officer will be questioned along with the offender. The government has also looped in IIT- Kharagpur to create a standard training module that can be used by all driving schools. DG Bengal Police Surajit Kar Purkayastha added that an integrated database should be made available to the transport department and traffic police to successfully track the driving school and the licensing officer’s name once the offender’s name is entered.

    Alapan Bandyo Padhyay, Principal Secretary of Transport further stated that the government will closely monitor the state’s licensing system. Taking things in hand, Suvendu Adhikari transferred Burdwan, Regional Transport Officer who approved 2000 driving licenses out of 2050 applicants which is more than the allowed limit of licenses that can be approved by any officer.

    12 August 2016

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